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Enneas Y'Alla

House of


Also known as Bastet

          Egyptian cat goddess. A goddess of the home and of the domestic cat, although she sometimes took on the war-like aspect of a lioness. Daughter of the sun god Re, although sometimes regarded as the daughter of Amun. Wife of Ptah and mother of the lion-god Mihos. Bast was also associated with the 'eye of Re', acting as the instrument of the sun god's vengeance. She is also called 'Daughter of Re' or Eye of Re'. This is a title Bast shares with certain other female deities and it is from this association with the power and avenging wrath in the eye of the Sun god, that the link with the lion originated. The wrath in the Eye of Re takes the form of Bast when she, like a cat, slays. She was depicted as a cat or in human form with the head of a cat, often holding the sacred rattle known as the sistrum. As a sun goddess Bast was the goddess of plenty and the mistress of pleasure. The celebrations of her orgiastic festivals were renowned for being the most lavish of all the gods of Egypt. During these festivals it was forbidden to hunt lions for fear of suffering her wrath.