Was held Friday January 20th at 8:30 pm est.

Changes in couples to accommodate that evening in a scheduling change, ending in Eight couples instead of Ten.

Descriptions of Attire for the Couples

        As snow falls over the lands of Heathfield those within the comfort of their homes, enjoy the warmth of the hearth, of food, of drink and of friends. This day, however, brings the Queens of the varying lands together in a growing rapport, friendship, for a taste of spring in a Fashion Show to be conducted within the smaller Ball Room of Heathfield castle. Oriental rugs spread over parquet flooring of a highly polished oak. The chandelier hangs high above the large room below that has been set up with a stage walkway of ten feet. T- formation with curtains on either side of the backstage area. 

        Guards stationed outside were ready to escort the queens along with their guests to the Ball Room as they arrived. Stable boys on hand to see to carriages and the horses. Music played in quiet tones as a backdrop. Chairs and tables were set up parallel to the platform so all had a good view of the fashions. Tables were laden with a variety foods; from small finger sandwiches to various fruits including grapes and black olives. Sweets of éclairs, filled vanilla pudding and topped off in thick fudge chocolate. Bowls of cashews. Vegetable platters along with dip. Wine, brandy, cider, water and Bailey's Irish cream are also offered with the fare.

Money pouches are provided to bid on the costume of  your choice to keep (delivered later), either for that special man in our life or one for yourself. The monies will be donated to the Orphanages throughout the participating kingdoms, equally shared. Anyone attending wishing to contribute their own funds are welcome to do so.

At the end of the show there will be a Voting on the Cutest Couple. The couple will get to share a romantic dinner at Sibio's Restaurant along with other varying gifts befitting the two involved.

There will be Ten Couples that will take turns walking down the platform set up. A description of their attire given in detail.

Andrew James MacNeil and Isabeau Quinn

           Brody McCarrin and             Athelia Doe Edan

       Caleb T Richards and        Nicolette Kore Llatos

         Kegan McAhearne and            Kelsi Brae Drummond  

      Blake Finncannon and       Sekhmirre J'Atar

        Dylann Cavendish and          Segnat MacNeils

      Michael Cunningham and        Soleil Cusack

          Enneas Y'Alla and            Deshataru J'Atar

Cesare A MacGlen and    Meaghan E O'Leary

          Demitri Krylova and            Isabella S'Forza

All descriptions are done by the respective players of the characters in the show. No claims are made upon the pictures used.