Dylann Cavendish and Segnat MacNeils

Dylann was hardly the kind of man to get jitters.  It was just anticipation that sang through his veins.  With the name called, the man stepped into the view of all and awaited his partner.

From the lost universe of Alteria, Segnat would represent her people. This was something new for Segnat as she stepped from the curtained side of the stage opposite of the one named Dylann. Hair was left free flowing, reaching way down past her shoulders to mid back. Strands of sparkling gold beads trailed down in the thickness of her hair. The sections at her temples were drawn back and looped into a short braid at the back, symbolic knot leaving the ends loose to mingle with the rest beneath. Dark eyes held that intelligent curious glint and a natural curve to the corners of her lips kept a perpetual smile to hint. Her attire was made of an alien gossamer silk, shimmering golden bronze mixed in with pastel peach panels. A corset of a dark brown brushed leather laced up in the front to just below her breasts curving up and around her shoulders with a ribbed edge. Sleeves were made of the same lacing down her arms three quarters' length. The cuffs consisting of the bronze gossamer in lacy folds from two to eight inches length around the backs of her wrists. The folds of the skirt whispered at her feet matching her natural drawn steps. Slippers of golden bronze fitted like a second skin beneath over her feet. The thickness of lash veiled the drawing look given over Dylann as she approached the man. She realized he was considered handsome so he initiated that curiosity to take a longer look adding him to that area of categorization to use in future reference. There were a few there already. Smile tipped a touch more before turning to face those gathered here this night and the walk to begin down the ramp at his escort.

Dylann made steps parallel to the lovely bronze goddess at his side.  Oh what a wicked gleam that touched in the brilliant color of his blue eyes.  Those confident strides moved along in a comfortable pace by her side.  The first pause was taken, stealing full advantage of the moment to turn his attention the crowd of women.  The devil was in him, and invisible horns that might not at all be seen.  He wore the traditional apparel of his homeland; Reidria.  The silvery green fabric -- much akin to a coarse linen or fine wool -- wrapped at his hips.  Low and showing the indentions of a tapered waist.  And up, if those eyes would travel so far, the loosely tied vest styled shirt matched in color.  It was open to reveal the sun golden chest, sculpted from years of training and warfare.  Scars, thin and pale in comparison, were evident even in the brisk walk that continued.  When finding the end of the runway, he stopped and turned on Segnat and wrapped those strong hands about her waist and turned her to the other side with a low dip before the Alterian was righted once more.  Not to forget the women in the crowd, that demon man gave a slow, sleek gyration of strong hips, supported by those equally solid thighs.

It seemed they stepped equally by the other's side and the flush of color dusted over the curve of her cheeks. Eyes held a touch of golden perhaps reflected from the golden boy at her side that was certainly a man to be reckoned with. That much came across a she flowed into the dip, unexpected but she was quick to respond with the graceful flow of her hand out and down as her body arched just so with the flow of gossamer around. The pose held seconds before she was straightened and on their way back up the ramp. Once more flowing back to the start a graceful sweep of hand went from chin to forehead and out with the bow of her head then around as swift steps took her once more behind the curtains.

As Dylann turned to move back up with the beauty at his side, those shoulders shrugged off his shirt with a roll.  It was to show the appeal of the bottom clothing, of course.  Or more.  Letting the lovely Segnat exit in front of him, he paused long enough to turn a look back with that wink to all and disappeared through the side curtain.

Caleb T Richards and Nicolette Kore Llatos

Caleb had never been one for dressing up, being more of a casual sort, and it showed in the clothing that he had chosen.  Black leather pants creaked softly from his movement as he made his way out. He paused at the intersection of the ramp to offer his hand to Nicolette, and then the pair would proceed.

And there was Nicolette Llatos wearing what is known as the Himation. A single, rectangle shaped length of the lightest fabric.  Silk woven into a loose weave. After taking Caleb's hand with her own, Colette started down that long stage, hitched by a fragment of reserve, but the Athenian Priestess was also meant to offer the knowledge of her homelands dressage.  It was a brilliant jewel toned red, accented with golden thread work. She wore essential summer fashion with a grace and ease with not only the design, but her femininity. With the drapes covering that which is essential, but leaving skin to breath at the thighs. It also had the forward dip of a 'risky' neckline that plunged down toward her navel.  As she reached the end of the walk, the Grecian woman stopped and positioned herself to show the parting of material to show Apollo darkened legs, from sandal laced ankles to the top of her hips. Then with a lift of her arms up, Colette showed the slats on either side -- waist to shoulders were bared.  Nothing was done is poor taste or to reveal.  The cascade of one silk red panel was shifted to the side to show the golden chain, set low on her hips.  Each chain link had an adornment upon it.  Bloodstones, called such for their dark red color and polished to a shine, and opals suspended from the links and offered that dramatic effect.  On each arm, wrapping slim biceps, were golden cuffs.  Each portrayed a scene from tales from the Pantheon.  There were four total in depicting the chronicles.  The final touch was always the hair.  Though not something that could taken home tonight, it was the greatest mantel on a woman from her lands.  Those auburn locks were twisted up and pinned at the top of her head.  A golden headband, bejeweled with more of those opals and bloodstones, wrapped like a crown.  With such, springy coils fell about her face and the nap of her neck in a poised and precise arrangement.

Second nature, flirt that he was, grins and winks were instantly being tossed to the crowd like candy during a parade.  A black linen shirt had been paired with the leather pants, and was left partially open to reveal the tanned chest beneath.  The look was completed by the black boots that he wore, and the red rose that he carried in his hand.  As he reached the end of the aisle, he crouched down to offer the rose to Queen Victoria of Devonshires, and then stood again, tossing that boyish grin into the crowd and reaching for Nicolette's hand again, to twirl her in front of the others so that they might see the beauty that walked at his side more fully.

The show for her concluded, she turned with a soft smile to all and made her way back to exit in the determined direction with her partner.

And he followed her out, giving one last grin and wink to the crowd before disappearing.

Keagan McAhearne and Kelsi Brae Drummond

Kegan Úistean McAhearne dressed in the elegant clothing of a young nobleman escorting Kelsi.  Kegan stepped out and smiled at Kelsi before turning to face the Queens and their guests.  His smile faded briefly but returned as he offered his hand to Kelsi.

Scotland personified, Kelsi Brae Drummond emerged from behind the curtain to make her way to the place where she would meet with Kegan for the walk down the center aisle. She slipped her hand within his own, and winked at him, trying to make him smile again as well.

His long cloak was made of black twill, lined with a lightweight crimson satin. Celtic knots embroidered in gold decorated the outer hem of the cloak.  Held by a silver brooch, it was thrown back over his shoulders to allow his garb to be seen.  He winked at Kelsi as he lead her forward.  Kegan wore a poet's shirt of light blue lawn beneath a brown leather vest vest itself was a work of art with cut designs to show off the scarlet lining beneath.  At the shoulders were rolled padding, decorating with stripes of darker brown.  He wore soft buckskin breeches dyed a deep rich black that fit well and showed off his muscular legs.  They tucked into fringed boots of leather that matched the vest.  Brown gloves were folded neatly and tucked into the belt at his waist.

Her outer skirt was of a dark green cotton, and hitched up on the side to show the skirt beneath, that of a deep berry color.  Brown leather boots peeked out from beneath the layers as she walked confidentially down the center aisle.  The tartan of Clan Drummond rested in a sash over her right shoulder, pinned at the left side of her waist with a golden thistle cloak pin, the colors of her skirts neatly matching the green and white of the Drummond clan tartan of the Perth area.

As they came to the end of the ramp, he turned to face Kelsi and twirled her in a slow turn so that all could see how the skirt flowed.  With a grin, he then turned and gave a courtly bow to the audience and stepped back so that they could once more view the lovely lass at his side.

When she had reached the end of the aisle, Kegan twirled her, letting the skirts flair, and then, hand in hand, they made their way back down the aisle.

Kegan flashed her a smile. "You did very well."  He whispered before releasing her hand. Hand over his heart, Kegan bowed slightly from the waist. Then with a turn, he headed off the stage. Done!  Appearance finished without a trip or mistake to mar the performance!

As they reached the end and Kegan bowed to her, she followed with a graceful curtsey, placed a kiss to his cheek, and then with a wave, exited through the curtains again.

Blake Finncannon and Sekhmirre J'Atar

Making his way into view of the audience from the left, Blake Finncannon cut a striking picture.  Black breeches were paired with a black vest and black Hessian boots. Beneath the vest was a tawny gold colored silk shirt, placing emphasis on hazel eyes.  His stride was not arrogant or cocky, but rather assured as he met with Sehkmirre to begin the walk down the middle.  Hand outstretched, he awaited the beautiful woman he had been paired with for the evening.

Sekhmirre, wearing the customary clothes of her country, Egypt was partner with Blake in the fashion show this night. Almond hued eyes were wide as she stepped from the one side of the stage. Steps that were light, silently falling beneath bare feet as she made her way across the stage to meet up with Blake at the center. A shy smile was given as she turned at his side ready to proceed down the ramp like they instructed. Smokey grey silks took on a silvery tone offset in shiny gold woven brocade. Whisper soft, the shades would turn to topaz then blues as she walked. Planes floating like feathers on a breeze. They were layered and the bodice of a darker tarnished gold left the flat of her stomach exposed before the weaving edge of the skirts formed over the shape of her hips. Long panels fitted perfectly to have them swirl around her feet, never quite touching the floor with hints of bronzed shapely legs beneath when in motion. The length of curling hair was down up in pearly strands of beads interwoven and offset by a sheer panel of topaz to cover the bottom portion of her face. Topaz and gold bracelets adorn her wrists and upper arms. The light muted sound sequence woven into the panels hinted of distant music when she walked. A walk that held a natural sway befitting her attire. She placed her hand in his with a quick smile up his way awaiting his lead down that walkway that seemed to be a mile now.

A pause a third of the way down the ramp had him twirling Sehkmirre so that all could see the way that skirts floated on the breeze, and the look of his own attire.  A wink and a grin, the devil's own, was passed to the crowd, and he continued leading her down towards the end of the ramp.  When he reached the end, he twirled her again, this time in the opposite direction, moving around her so that those on the end would have a good view as well.  A wiggle of clack-clad hips was thrown in for good measure as well.  Blake was in rare form this evening!

It was a sight to behold as tawny bronze silks floated around in a mini whirlwind only to fall back into place moving like drifting clouds. As was her custom she would bow her head and lower her eyes when they stopped the moment to allow the guests to get a better look of the outfits. Onward again as a giggle was muffled as he wiggled and she added one too that came with the chimes of the sequences.

A matching wiggle!  Blake pulled her into his arms, and then waltzed her in a tight circle against his chest with that devil's grin on his face before releasing all but her hand to lead her back the way they had come, pausing twice more to let the crowd admire them (ahem! Their clothing!).   When they reached the curtain, he kissed her hand, released it, and then bowed before vanishing through the curtain.

Once back to the top portion she bowed low but kept her hand in his. The kiss brought a blush luckily too distance now to be noted against bronze. She vanished with him in the next moment.

Michael Cunningham and Soleil Cusack

Michael Cunningham came from the left, a smile on his face as he surveyed the lovely Queens and their guests.  He was dressed as the dashing Captain of a sailing ship.  He held his hand out as his lovely companion stepped from the other side.

Soleil, the forest spirit in all her nymphal antics and earthy splendor, stepped out to compliment at Mike's side.  As they stepped down the feline stretch, those slim legs made strides that landed her walk in a natural hip swaying tribal beat.  Layers of blue, green, and yellow billowed on the rush of air's movement; thin and near sheer muslin that rivaled the weightless appearance of any silk.  The edges around those legs were tapered and left her sun bronzed legs bare, down to uncovered feet.  It was one nonstop piece that clasped at her shoulders with thin ivy vines wrapping them in place and letting the foliage cling around her waist in turn, like a bodice.  The same fabric that compromised the dress, was made to wrap about her biceps in long straps.  And when her arms were held out while she rolled her torso before hips followed in a sensual turn at the end of the walkway, she looked like she owned a pair of multihued wings.

His coat was cut in military style, in royal blue velvet with black collar and cuffs.  Double rolls of silver buttons held the coat closed against the most fierce of winds but was left open to show off the ruffles of his shirt of white lawn. He also wore a vest of black and gray brocade with mother of pearl buttons.  His breeches were of butter soft black leather that molded to muscular legs and tucked into finely tooled black leather boots.  His sun-streaked hair was pulled back with a black ribbon to complete the look of  the most dashing Captain for many leagues.  He followed Soleil with a glint in green-gray eyes, a devilish smile on his face.  He stopped and bowed elegantly to the Lady Fair, a perfect bow that would be the envy of many a dandy.

On that final twirl, she paused and gave that impish smile up to Michael and wink before snagging the breast of his jacket and began walking backward, guiding him toward the exit.  Once there, she stopped long enough to make a strut around him, back to back before she bucked for a rump to rump bump.  A sudden glance to all of the audience and her hand moving fast to cover her lips in a look of pure and sheer teasing innocence before she grinned and darted through the exit with a giggle left in her wake.

An expected surprise that had him laughing as he walked back with her, eyes on her face, the Captain captured by the beauty of the Nymph. He watched her walk around him,  the smile growing ever wider as she bumped him.  His laughter rumbled from his chest as, instead of moving in the other direction, he ran after her.

Enneas Y'Alla and Deshataru J'Atar

Enneas wore the Egyptian Priest attire while joining Desh as her escort. Dark eyes traveled over the crowd as he stepped from the opposite side of the upper platform from behind the curtain on that side. It was here he faltered only a moment when noting all the Queens and their guests. He swallowed the lump that formed in his throat before turning his focus on Desh instead. Her beauty won out over his nervousness as he headed across the way to meet up with her. His attire was sparse compared to others for the heat of their arid homeland. Egypt. A pectoral was worn of tiger stripes in highly polished gold and onyx panels forming a starburst. In the center was a large, cat shaped Cat's eye stone. It contrasted well against bronze skin of well toned muscles aesthetically. A leopard skin in honor of Bast was worn draped over one shoulder fastened to the top of the pectoral around the back of his neck. A headdress, called a nemes, of black and gold striped cloth shaped like a wig of hair reaching down to his shoulders was worn with the cobra in front for the Lower Nile area. The white kilt made of linen formed crisscrossing panels like lotus petals fanning down to his knees. A thicker black satin sash wrapped just over his hips along the waist of the kilt. The ends paneled down with gold fringe to hang at his side. Gold bands adorn his biceps with the etchings of cat eyes along with other Egyptian symbols. He too was bare footed. He waited for her to join him before proceeding down the ramp.

Deshratu was also wearing traditional garb of her homeland of Egypt.  She stepped from her side of the curtain, chin held up, her training and natural grace keeping her from showing any nervousness.  Desh was dressed in a long diaphanous gown of pleated white linen with a shawl-like top, held at the waist with a wide sash of gold embroidered red silk.  At her neck was a wide collar called a wesekh, made of electrum and inlaid with turquoise, lapis lazuli and carnelian, with matching cuff bracelets and long earrings.  On her head the young Egyptian maiden wore the traditional headdress of the vulture goddess, Nekhbet, symbol of Upper Egypt: Made of gold, copper and carnelian, it sparkled in the torchlight.  She smiled at Enneas as the beads of turquoise and lapis decorating the ends of her many tiny braids clicked softly. Bare feet made no sound as she walked beside Enneas, her walk an effort of elegant perfection.  She wore kohl on her eyes, red ochre on her lips and her fingernails were colored with henna.  Desh did not color her cheeks and indeed, with the sight of so many, she did not need it as a soft rose touched the bronze of her cheeks.  She smiled up at Enneas before looking out at the Queens and their guests.

He couldn't help taking in her attire with the hinted smile forming as he turned to escort her down the ramp. Words came under his breath in Egyptian he knew she would hear. "You look beautiful, Deshataru." Taking her hand in his as he continued down the ramp, stopping in front of the queens with a forward bow of his head. He stood proud at Desh's side in compliment with his own dark looks matching hers. Smile was eventually breaking free as he brought her around in a spin like the others had at the end of the ramp, showing off her beauty before making his way back up with her at his side again.

Blush touched her cheeks even more at the compliment and she smiled prettily.  Laughter bubbled with the spin, the beads clicking again merrily.  A hint of bronze could been seen as they returned to the curtain.

Meaghan E O'Leary and Demitri Krylova

Righting his apparel with a nervous flair that was unlike him in the slightest, the Russian stepped out before the gathering.  He stopped to offer a nod to the woman he would escort and made motion with his hands for her to begin.

It was with a nervous smile that Meaghan stepped from behind the curtain onto the walkway.   Hers was the clothing of English fashion this night, an icy blue gown with silver trimming. It fitted the slender lass like a second skin for the fitting of the bodice beneath, the neckline dipping gently in the sweetheart fashion. The sleeves were puffed at the shoulders, but tightened as they went down the arm to end in a flair of silvery white lace at her wrists.  Silver thread had been sewn into the material in the shapes of leaves and vines, giving the gown an overall shimmering effect, which only deepened the color of her sea-blue eyes.   Strawberry locks were braided back and threaded with silver and blue ribbons to complete the effect.  She reached for Dimitri's hand to begin the walk down the ramp.

Demitri was uncomfortable.  This much was evident in the tight walk that he portrayed in just starting down the long walk.  Even in this case, he had the motions of any snake; that ever noticed totem.  The clothing he wore was not special to him.  Other could agree or disagree at their own whim.  It was Russia's burly version of simple finery.  Silken threads that were taken in the muted red shirt.  It was loose and expertly tailored to hide what lay beneath.  Reasons his own in that department.  The neckline was stern and short cropped, blocked with gold threading to give a slight embellishment.  Pants were tighter, polished leather that shined like metal and formed like a second skin to his powerful lower physique.  The woman that accompanied him was noted and nodded too as they reached each stop. He made his round quick and simple.  No flair; just the man with that closed-book air.

Meaghan followed suit, matching his every move and stop with one of her own.   As she reached the end of the ramp, she twirled, relaxed enough to smile to the crowd, and then waited for Dimitri before making her way back up the ramp again.

Pleasantries were given in a firm, solid nod of his head to the women that were watching all that walked this stage.  It was finished and turned on his heel and started for the exit.  Done and through the curtain side.

With Meaghan following immediately after, a wave offered to the crowd, and a blown kiss as she vanished.

Andrew James MacNeil and Athelia Doe Edan

Last but never least Andrew would be escorting the lovely Lia this night with the slight change in plans. Once Meaghan and Demitri were finished, he stepped from the opposite side of the stage with a minute bow of his head to those attending. The pierce of blue eyes unmistakable as each was touched upon. Briefly, before heading to center stage to meet up with Lia. Attired in commemoration of his Elvin heritage, he wore the robes of a Sylvan Elf King. Tunic was of a lustrous midnight blue that highlighted lighter shades as the lighting caught the small folds. A coiling silver dragon in flight was embroidered on the front that glimmered in a way one could wonder if it moved. A silver satin sash fitted over his hips with the extended material of the tunic to reach six inches below in squared off panels. Shoulders were thickly corded and cuffed with the flow of a silken shirt sleeves to billow. The wide gold bands could been seen beneath the sheer material. A cape of black lined in blue satin matching the tunic's coloration, folded back over each shoulder and was held by a silver chain attached to a broach of his status at his right. Tights were of a thickly woven silver blue that had a metallic cast. A material not common or even known to most. Black suede boots laced up to just below his knees with about four inches turned over in a cuff, leather straps to hang down in a fringe. The long blond thin braids were left to hang freely to his waist while the rest was bond back into a warrior's knot with some in braids and some left loose. A sliver band encircled his forehead with an onyx moonstone in the middle. He offered Lia the bend of his arm once met and turned to face their guests ready to lead her down the walkway.

Lia smiled shyly as she stepped up beside Andrew, her blue eyes studying the women before lifting to the Prince.  The petite Rom was almost overwhelmed not only by being a part of this, but because Andrew was her partner. Her outfit consisted of chemise and skirt, with a waist cincher and fringed shawl.  Athalia's chemise was made of purple crepe satin.  A scooped neck with laces allowed her to wear it just off the shoulder instead of on. Her full circle skirt was made of the same material in black and purple, and was worn over layers of black and purple net petticoats.  The waist cincher was made of a light black leather that ended just below the bust. It had silver eyelets and laces and made her waist seem tinier than it was..  Lia's shawl was a delicate black silk and cotton mix, embroidered with ivory roses and decorated with tiny jet beads. The fringes swayed  prettily with her walk.  She wore a double strand of jet beads and amethyst beads as a choker around her swanlike neck, matching drop earrings and several silver bracelets on her right wrist.  In her dark hair, left to flow free down her back, Lia wore several purple dendrobium orchids. In her dark hair, which fell down her back, Lia wore several sweet-smelling purple dendrobium orchids.   She was suddenly less nervous as she slid her hand into the crook of his elbow, her smile nearly brilliant as they began their walk down the ramp.

A misty haze seemed to follow their steps that fell silently as he guided her down to face the queens and their guests. His mother and Henna got a wink and the hint of a smile to trace. The flow of tranquility uniquely his and shared with all as he moved within the outskirts of their auras. Druid Prince, he couldn't get away from natural gifts. His arm lowering as he took up her hand to lift in a kiss bestowed across her knuckles, then once more to face the audience before leading her back up to the start. There to turn in a flourished bow, hand to splay flat against his stomach as the other glided out then back as he straightened. Once she was done he led her offstage leaving it to the announcer.

Lia blushed as Andrew took her hand in his.  She made sure to turn so that the skirts flared out to show the petticoats beneath as well as dainty embroidered slippers.  While Andrew bowed, Lia dipped into a graceful curtsey before nearly floating off the stage.

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