(All of our dinners are served with a fresh salad, bread and butter)


Spaghetti or Ziti with Tomato Sauce 20
Spaghetti w/Marinara Sauce 20
Fettuccine Alfredo - cheese, butter, cream sauce 20
Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil 30
Spaghetti:  w/ Clam Sauce (red or white), w/Meat Sauce, w/Meatball, w/Sausage, w/Mushrooms 40
Linguine with white or red baby clam sauce 40
Calamari Marinara over Spaghetti 50
Calamari ala Posillipo over Spaghetti 50
Spaghetti Pescatore - Combination of Clams, Calamari & Shrimp served Red or White 60
Shrimp Marinara over Spaghetti 60

(all of our pasta is sautéed with butter and grated cheese)

Veal Marsala - milk fed veal sautéed in olive oil, butter and wine with fresh mushrooms 2 copper
Baked Manicotti 2 copper
Stuffed Shells (cheese) 2 copper
Gnocchi 2 copper
Eggplant or Veal  Parmigiana with a side order of spaghetti 3 copper
Baked Lasagna 3 copper
Baked Ziti - oven baked with mozzarella, ricotta and grated cheese or Ziti Sorrentina 3 copper
Cheese, Beef or Spinach Ravoli 3 copper
Hot Turkey or Roast Beef -served with mashed potatoes and broccoli 3 copper
Chicken Breast or Veal Parmigaina - tender breast of chicken or veal baked in our delicious Italian sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese served with a side order of spaghetti 4 copper
Chicken Breast or Veal - sautéed in wine with peppers and onions, delicious Italian sauce over spaghetti 4 copper
Chicken Breast Cacciatore - served with a side order of spaghetti 4 copper
Baked Ziti - Sicilian Style 4 copper
Gnocchi Sorrentina - oven baked with Mozzarella cheese 4 copper


Fish and Chips or Shrimp in the Basket 2 copper
Seafood Combo 3 copper
Scallops 4 copper
Lobster (small) 5 copper
Lobster (medium) 6 copper
Lobster (large) 7 copper


Spumoni - Flavors: rum, pistachio, strawberry and chocolate. Special whip cream center studded with nuts, candied melon and maraschino cherries. 1 copper
Gelato:  Bisque of Tortoni - High quality premium ice cream with a European blend of rum, crushed almond macaroons and topped with a maraschino cherry. French Vanilla - High quality premium ice cream with a European blend of pure vanilla flavors. 1 copper
Granita - Italian Fruit Sorbet, Granita is the distinct difference between sherbet and water ice with a true fruit flavor, extremely refreshing - lemon, black raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and orange. 1 copper
Tiramisu Cheese Cake - Made with mascarpone cheese. 2 copper
Cheese Cake - Baked first layer cream cheese with a graham cracker crust then baked and then second layer sour cream and baked again. 2 copper
Cannoli Cake - Yellow sponge cake with two layers of refined sweetened and flavored ricotta cheese, with chocolate chips and butter cream frosting. 2 copper
Cannoli - Crisp delicately fried pastry shell filled with authentic Sicilian recipe that calls for only the finest ingredients - pure ricotta cheeses, whole eggs, enriched flour, imported flavoring, chocolate chips and complemented with pistachios. 3 copper
Rum Cake - yellow sponge cake soaked with rum, with two layers of chocolate custard and butter cream frosting. 3 copper


Champagnes & Sparkling wines

Giulio Ferrari Riserva Del Fondatore,    Prosesecco di Conegliano,    Cartizze,    Zardetto   1 Silver
Brut Rose,     Ferrari or Ferrari Brut,    Ca del Bosco Franciacorta,    Extra Brut,     Antinori 20 copper
Prosecco di Conegliano,    Zardetto,     Asti Spumante,    Francia 10 copper
White Wines
Planeta Chardonnay,    Chardonnay,    Regaleali   2 Silver
Rosato Regaleali   8 copper
Red Wines
Duca Enrico    2 Silver
Planeta Merlot,    Planeta Cabernet Sauvignon,    Planeta SantaCecilia Nero D'avola   1 Silver
Corleone Cabernet Sauvignon 15 copper
Corleone Nero D'Avola 10 copper
Dessert Wines
Mantonico Le Passule,     Librandi (Calabria),    Torcolato, Maculan (Veneto),    Recioto Giovanni Allegrini (Veneto)    4 copper
Vin Santo,   Castellare (Tuscany),    Recioto di Soave I Capitelli Anselmi (Veneto)   3 copper
Nivole Moscato D'Asti,    Michele Chiarlo (Piedmont),    Malvasia Delle Lipari,    Carlo Hauner (Sicily),    Masvasia Delle Lipari,    Colosi (Sicily)   2 copper