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*Names underscored are links to profiles for more information.*
* Color bkg denotes generation (not age) 1=lt blue, 2=med blue 3=dk blue, 4=purple, gray=deceased*

Antonio Sibio

Franko Sibio

Salvatore Sibio

Samuel Sibio
Head Chef

Francesca Ricco


     Sibio's Bistro and Pub is now located in the commons of Heathfield. The restaurant was a good size, one quarter held a well stocked bar mostly geared for wines but ale and other such drinks could be purchased there. The other side was partially partition off in a wrought iron design of scrolling arcs, allowing one to see through but giving the illusion of making the eating area separate. This area had the largest section with many tables ranging in size to accommodate just about any sized party. Smaller alcoves along the two walls held tables for smaller intimate parties, not totally enclosed but enough to give such privacy. There were eight, four of which were smaller with a table for two setup while the other four had tables to accommodate four. Any larger party would find seating out in the main part of the room. The tablecloths were of a dusty rose Italian lace and the centerpiece was one of the rustic, more rounded, wine bottles holding fresh roses set on a crystal plate with rose petals. Brass scones in an intricate design adorn the walls evenly spaced to give off a low glow setting more a romantic mood. The larger area more lighted than the smaller alcoves.

     The Sibio brothers, Antonio, Franko, Salvatore and Samuel wore tuxes, black with a muted gray pinstripe that would only be noticed upon close inspection of the material. White shirts had a small ruffle and the cummerbund a deep wine color. Serafina is the Matre'd, her tasks numerous with helping the brothers ~ ranging from hiring to keeping the brothers themselves in line. The waitresses', Serafina and Francesca, wear dresses that are the same deep wine color, coming up just under the bust line and straps that were scalloped laid along the edges of a lacy white peasant type top with a sloping neckline also trimmed in a scalloped lace. Sleeves were three quarters length with three openings tied off in the same material with the last being a bow at the edging. The brothers took care of the greeting of patrons, seating and dispensing of the wines while the waitresses saw to the orders of the meals and them being brought to the customers. The young man, Cory, manned the bar most of the time in the other section that was more casual. He wore plain black pants, white shirt and a black vest over that button up the front.

Located in the Heathfield Commons

Menu ~ Food and Wines


     Murder and a mix up soon had their father shipping off his two sons, Antonio and Salvatore, so they didn't become the next statistics of the dispute between "Families". Franko, in the meantime, had been badly wounded and was Sammy sent to seek out his brothers to tell them of the news. Until there they needed they were to bide their time in Rhydin for a while until the right moment.

     While waiting in these lands, Sammy purchased a restaurant and eventually got them all involved in it. This project was set aside when it came time to go back home to Sicily and settle that 'family dispute' that had been going on. The other family was soon taken care of via the foursome brothers. Franko having recovered in the interim came back with them to help with the restaurant. Now the restaurant was open for business and a higher class setting was decided upon. They hired a few waitresses they felt they could trust along with Tony's fiancée as part of the force.

     The restaurant had done well over the year or so, but the area fell to lacking in clientele gradually for their kind of service -- higher class -- that was offered. As luck would have it Sammy met Maurice McDonough at his tavern in Gavin's port ~ Gulliver's Travels. The two got along well and a long conversation ensured. Sammy learning about the lands the other was from and the kind of people that lived there. A proposition made by Maurice was discussed by the Family and a decision made to move their restaurant there.

     Things back home in Sicily had calmed some, not as many Family disputes, but they were warned that their whereabouts had become known. All circumstances put together it was time for them to move and this proved the perfect opportunity until matters at home were once and for all resolved. Their proposal being accepted through the ruling Heathfield Royals, they moved in to set up their restaurant in the commons there. One of the larger buildings selected. Their arrival went without due attention, almost nil as they preferred. Their arrival would be noticed when the sign was set to hang, the day they opened.

Family and Employees

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