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06-30-10 KNIGHTING
On June 30th, in the garden of Heathfield Castle, Crown Princess Noirin McNeil, presided over a ceremony and knighted Gemma Morrigan Quinn and Rhiannon Siann Nailo.  Present were Crown Prince Andrew, Queen Honeee,  Maureen McLoughan,   Captain of the Order of Athena and  Maeve Ni Cas'Corach, Commander of the Order of Athena, members of the Quinn family, members of the Nailo family who traveled to Heathfield for the occasion,  as well as several of the knights of Heathfield and Innis Daingneach.   The two were also inducted into the Order of Athena, to serve the lands of Heathfield, and sworn to guard the Queen and all royal women of the court.

06-26-10 WEDDING
On the evening of a full Moon, red one rising on the horizon of the tropical island of Innis Daingneach, Conor Kavanaugh, Duke of Innis Daingneach, took Princess Elaina O'Neill for his wife. The ceremony was held on the beach from Conor's expansive mansion. In attendance was not only the O'Neill family and citizens of Innis but royalty from Heathfield, Tyremoor, Ballicastle and Kildare. Seafood was the fare of all kinds along with land lubber's plates or a mixture. Fireworks were shot off at midnight in celebration of the first royal wedding in decades.

05-02-10 CITIZEN
Beatrice McCarrin has become a citizen of Heathfield. She has been working for Lady Marcella McGuire doing embroidery. She will be taking up a permanent position under the Duchess of Dunmore in her Linen Shop which also features Baby Needs and all one's bedding needs. Please welcome her to the lands.
Unfortunately Beatrice has been called away on family matters and with regret needed to leave to help out family. She hopes to return once things straighten out. We are all wishing you well and hope to see you again soon.

05-01-10 WEDDING
On May Day, May 1st, under a May Pole in colorful ribbons, Alexander McDonough, aka Xander, married Elsmeralda Gibson. All the men were considered best men, including his twin sons Yas and Mat. Maurice and Joseph McDonough along with Draven MacShire all stood in witness of this union. Tara MacShire, Beth O'Sullivan, Maureen McLoughan and Kiana McDonough in support of the Bride. The reception was held at Xander's residence, Arcadia Manor with family and friends. The King and Queen of Heathfield also attended along with King Peter O'Neill.

Engagement bans are announced between Captain Segan Quinn of the Anaconda and Lady Vanessa Baltimore, proprietor of the Avian Gardens in Heathfield. Segan reunited with his family here in these lands less than a year ago. Lady Vanessa became a citizen last September. A date has not been set so far but they plan to marry within the year.

Engagement bans are announce between Sir Gabriel Vaughn and Lady Melantha Quinn. Sir Gabriel is a knight under King Peter O'Neill stationed within Heathfield lands. Lady Melantha is in charge of the Royal Barrett Stables seeing to their upkeep and training. They belong to Falkirk Downs. A date has not been set for the wedding but they figured within the year.

04-13-10 CITIZEN
Maggie Callahan has become a citizen of Heathfield after visiting for a couple of months and deciding to stay. She had taken up the position of Waitress under Alex Flaherty of the Thistle Tavern. Her residency will be within the tavern along with the other staff. Please welcome her to the lands.

04-08-10 BIRTH
April showers bring May flowers but this April day brought a beautiful daughter, Rosalind Victoria, to Malcolm and Georgette O'Shay Douglas. There was much celebration in the lands of Tyremoor as Duke Trevellyn got to see yet another grandchild born.

03-24-10 CITIZEN
Claire O'Reilly returns after years abroad to re-establish her citizenship within Heathfield. She is a gifted artist and has taken up the position of such within the Heathfield Castle Gallery under Rosemary MacNeils who is the proprietor. Please welcome her return. She will be taking up residence in one of the cottages of the lands.

03-21-10 BIRTH
Spring Equinox is the birth of a royal son, Prince Argyle Aaron MacNeil. Andrew and Noirin MacNeil the proud parents and in celebration there was a small feast open to all who wished to come in the Square. Argyle has an older brother Valandil (Andrew) who is thrilled with having a brother although can't wait for him to get older so they can do things together.

02-14-10 BIRTH
On Sweethearts day, Draven Galbraith MacShire was born to Draven and Tara Shawnesey MacShire. The bundle of joy was delivered with dozen red roses.

01-30-10 WEDDING
Prince of Heathfield as well Regent of Kildare Gaidan McLarkin and Corina Turlough of Heathfield take their marriage vows in Kildare. Many were in attendance of this joyous occasion. Royals and friends from Heathfield, Tyremoor, Ballicastle and Innis Daingneach. It was a day as well to mark the success of battles within the lands and the start of this new reign taking hold.

01-10-10 BIRTH
On a cold wintry night a son was born, ThomasWilliam to Thomas and Serafina Douglas. Luckily the midwife had the sense to move in a week before the child was due. Trevellyn made it through no matter the snowy conditions to see yet another grandchild born.

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