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Although we have assumed prices when selling up to this point, I have decided to instill a coin system. This is not being done in competition with any other coin system out there. Honestly, I don't care to get involved in a very elaborate system that would take up more time than it is worth and not getting to roleplay with others here for time eaten up by it. I already take care of a lot of things to keep this game running along with improvements. With working on Falkirk Downs, I know it has reached a point where a simple, yet workable, coin system is needed. Basically we will be a barter/trade/coin game. Ones who wish to just 'assume' a price are certainly welcome to continue playing it that way as well. This is about having fun and not so structured it takes away from it. That is why I've been taking time on a few matters in working them out to something I feel can benefit while not get us, or me, too bogged down in a monitory system. So far I have set up the Skill levels and games, as well many of the events we run. These coins are in-house coins (in-house meaning this game of Heathfield), those who have shops or monies from the QCC coin system, do not have to give those up and they can be used here as well for anyone that uses them. I am not regimenting this new idea to the exclusion of others.

Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Heads of Clans can assume a greater amount of money according to their level, although those under them (family members) will go by the system below. So if something big was to be purchased, it would need be by the head of the family. It is realistic in play that they would have a good amount of money without falling into the bogging down of particulars. Here again, it would be played on a realistic honorary system. It also is a way to keep money flowing out to others from those who don't have to count their coppers. The races have been tweaked to earn a descent amount of coin yet rarely ever own them. The idea more to get ones to participate and build up their coins over time.

The coin system will be simple Heathfield Coins

Now another point is this, considering the times: it is totally unrealistic to walk into a bar and plop down a bag of gold in payment for a drink. In today's world things cost 500 times or more than they did 50 years ago. For a few pennies you could buy a loaf of bread for instance. The time period roughly we are based in is quite a few centuries ago. Being we can here, I am going to get rid of inflation, give more value to the copper as well the silver. So keep this in mind when using coins and amounts you wish to charge for product or labor.

Every Citizen Character a player has here will start off with 1000 coins. This means that someone coming into the game (becoming a member) will start out with that amount when made a citizen.

Your money account will be kept track of by You (you will be responsible) either in your profile or on your webpage. I am not even going to attempt keeping some ultimate system in tracking all monies here. This is an honor system, each person will keep track, adding/subtracting coins that they have. Simple or elaborate record keeping is up to you. No one has to be fancy, easy enough to add/subtract as you conduct business from your profile.

This also does not mean the character is carrying all their money on them (for those out there that like to play thieves and think they can steal what they see in one's profile - which is blending anyway). You can use IOU/bank notes if you'd like instead, assuming the money is kept in a bank here (npc) or bring it when the merchandise is delivered.. etc. Basically what logically works without getting overly complicated or stuck on such details.

Guests in HF can have a complimentary 500 coins to use in play OR 840 coins to use for betting on the horses in the Falkirk Races: 30 coins each horse, 4 horses a race with 7 races.. A Guest is not one that just happens by, it is one that is staying at the Thistle with the idea of joining, seeing if they fit in here. Others are considered Visitors, you can work with however you want in bartering or assumed monies that don't get added in your profile as they would not be in-house but more outside-house monies.

Some examples in making money:

Direct selling/barter of your product
Time paid for in skill/profession
Winning money in events that will be held
Monthly bonuses for conducting such play.

Each month I will give bonus monies to those who show their shop/business/skills/etc as being played. Either directly in play or one that donates items for events and so forth. If there are two people or more in a shop and both show some promotion of their product in play then both will get the bonus. This is more than just a mention of said shop or product.