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Heathfield - Queen Honeee von Rundstedt; Ballicastle - King Chadrick McAndrews; Tyremoor - Duke  Trevellyn Douglas; Innis Daingneach - King Peter O'Neill and Kildare - King Leoric McLarkin;  Luneberg - Karl Gerd von Rundstedt, Regent Claude von Rundstedt

     Heathfield Castle lies on the Southern shores, a good distance down from the lands known as Rhydin. Between Heathfield, Ballicastle and Tyremoor there is formed the power of three families: Barrett of Heathfield, McAndrews of Ballicastle and Douglas of Tyremoor. Kildare has been added to this power as they come into their own.  Outside of this triangle and a part is the Fortress Island of Innis Daingneach. O'Neill family ruling there. Luneberg is where Karl is from. All six kingdoms have pledged their fidelity to Heathfield. Each of the castles have dual fortress walls. The inner most covering a few acres of plush gardens and small lakes (most too small to show on this map). Between the inner fortress wall and outer wall, lie the commons, marketplace, village, cottages and businesses. Each fortress wall has a gate and guards station as well as battalions posted strategically. There are patrols sent out to guard the lands outside of the castle walls for a few miles, from there the Rangers take over. Some of the castles have a moat around the inner most wall with a drawbridge. Being peaceful lands the drawbridge is down unless specified it has been drawn up. Kingsmen, Knights, Royal Guards and Guards deal with most human encounters that require such, wherein the real protection of the lands is set in the Wards placed by Andrew MacNeil, Druid Prince and heir to the throne of Heathfield.

     Andrew has the Crystal Cave whose entrance can only be open by his hand (vibrations), his mother, his wife Noir, his sister Lah and his assistance Myles. Outside the fortress walls are various villages, manor homes  and individual cottages. Many have their own walls of protection that are guarded. You will find established families such as: Rhett and Maggie Shawnesey of Dunshire, Ian  McCormick of McCormick Sheep Ranch, Maurice and Joe McDonough of McDonough Cattle Ranch, Darren McCullen of McCullen Vineyards, Michael McAndrews of Sakura VineyardsRavanna farmlands of Draven MacShire, Jon, and Joe McAndrews of -- McAndrews Lumber and Mining, Ailbhe along with the Alterian family of Genesis Manor, Frasiers of Falkirk Manor, Barrach Manor of Malcolm Douglas and his brother Thomas Douglas of Tangelwood Manor. AmunRa Manor of the Egyptian families al-Azhar and al-Dawla, Summerdale Manor of Gates Barrington who also heads Barrington Hospital. Ashford Manor and Island unoccupied presently, Dunmore Manor under Duchess Marcy McGuire, Golden Dawn Manor under the Cleary Family, NorthStar Dairy under Allan Cleary, Whispering Pines under the Callihan Family as well as Montrose Keep in Kildare, Birchwood Manor under the Sir Trevor Cairns, Davin Byrne being the Keeper of the Lighthouse, Adrian Frasier and Adam Callihan - West and East Harbor Port Masters. Clearview Manor under the Quinn Family. Teaghlach Manor under the Cunningham Family and GleannTaise under the MacKay Family.


Flowers: Lisette McTiel Frasier, Heathfield Commons.
Lumber: Jon McAndrews Lumber Mill, Ballicastle.
Wines: Mike McAndrews Vineyards, Heathfield;  Darren McCullen Vineyards, Ballicastle.
Leather, Beef:  Maurice and Joseph McDonough, McDonough Ranch Heathfield.
Stables:  Rory and Kia McDonough, McDonough Ranch Heathfield.
Wool, Yarn & Cloth: McCormick Sheep Ranch, Heathfield.
Cider, Flour, Grains, Apples, Milk, Eggs, Vegetables: Draven MacShire, Ravanna of Heathfield.
Potcheen: Sean DeBurgh, Rhett Shawnesey, Dunshire of Heathfield.
Baked Goods: Teri's Sweets Shoppe, Heathfield and Ballicastle.
Trips by Sea: Rhett Shawnesey Senior, Heathfield
Shipping Goods: Bovee Shipping, Heathfield.
Kennels: Meadowland Kennels, Patrick and Edward McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Shipwrights: Collin McAndrews, Keifer and Thomas Douglas, Heathfield Port.
Exotic Imports: Xandar McDonough and Garath MacShire, Heathfield Port.
Linen and Lingerie: Marcy McGuire, Heathfield Commons.
Candles and Crystals: Kathleen Cleary Frasier and Samantha Golden, Ballicastle
Tea House: Iwakura Sachiko, Heathfield Commons.
Barrington Hospital: Gates Barrington, Sara Devonshire, Heathfield.
Clocks - Aleric and Niklas Traugott, Heathfield Commons.
Blacksmiths- Forgers: Lochlan Kearney & Brian McAndrews, Ballicastle. Rhett Shawnesey, Heathfield Commons
Leatherwork and Sheaths: Moncha McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Surveyor: Robert Frasier, Ballicastle.
Herbs Shop: Sara Devonshire, Barrington Hospital Lobby.
Book Shop: Mariah and Carisa McCormick, Heathfield Commons.
Orphanage: Henna Suex, Heathfield.
Apothecary: Sara Devonshires, Barrington Hospital, Heathfield.
Raw Ores: Joseph McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Smelter - Eddie McAndrews, Ballicastle.
Private Investigators: Joseph McDonough, Jacob Anderson, Mercy LaCorte and Clark Davis, Heathfield, Burgeous Northam
Furniture: Sean MacGrath.
Veterinarians: Donovan and Lizabet McKnight.
Frasier Signs: Kyle Frasier, Heathfield Commons and Ballicastle.
Sweet and Sassy Candy Shop: Carienn and Corina Turlough, Heathfield Commons.
Certain Somethings Shop: Sorcha Beirne, Heathfield Commons.
Leather Goods:  Jaelysa, Kildare * Conor Quinn McDonough Ranch Heathfield
Dairy Products: NorthStar Dairy run by Allan Cleary
Blue Marlin Inn and Tavern: Marlana Cherill Proprietor, Barrett's Bay
Ceol m'anama (Music is my soul) Music Shop: Lorelei Barre, Heathfield Commons
MacKay Leather Shop - Trevet and Kynan MacKay
Casino:  Brogan Frasier, Heathfield Commons.
Falkirk Downs Race Tracks:  Patrick Frasier, Ballicastle.
Bowyer - Fearghus Frasier, Heathfield Commons
Interior Decorating - Angel O'Banain, McGrath Furniture, Heathfield Commons

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