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Fantasy Medieval/Renaissance/Colonial Ideal Type Setting - Roleplaying Writer's Group
Weaponry: Swords mostly, knives, spears, arrows, staffs, up to flintlock (unpredictable-unreliable, one shot and tend to stay away from.)


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This is a fictional online (AOL) Role Playing game using chat rooms and a Message Board (text, no graphics). Heathfield is not a guild and therefore we do not recruit as our rooms are open to all adhering to the rules set forth. Heathfield is a writer's group. The players do not use dice on the norm (see Rules for more information.)

The characters and businesses associated are all fictional, not real.

This webpage is considered our Roster of citizens/members, not just visitor/guest status. Becoming a member is based on participation and fitting in as a player in this environment. An application will be sent to ones who pass this trial period and wish to join as a full member. One can have visitor/guest status if they wish to participate now and then but not commit a character(s) to the setting fully. This can be listed in their profile but only as a guest/visitor to the lands. Same rules apply in conduct or the privilege will be taken away. Those that are members should have Heathfield in their profile, along with the two links (webpage and message board) and particular area such as Ballicastle, Innis Danigneach, Kildare and/or Tyremoor.

Heathfield and Castles involved are based more in production -- businesses, ranches, farmlands, merchants, ships. There are guards that patrol the castles which have two fortress walls, inner (castle) and outer (commons). There are also armies and naval fleets to be used as needed.

Some of the photos used are from McHugh Graphics such as the Ashford Castle, Ireland, above.


Barrett Family History


As you're walking along a shoreline path taking you along the ocean's edge,  you notice that the sun has gone behind the clouds giving you a few moments of relief from the heat. You continue onward down this path that gradually climbs steeper before you finally look up again noticing that it was not the clouds that blocked the sun but a massive cliff. As your attention is drawn up the cliff you soon note a formidable Castle stretching high into the sky. Towers emerge from a few low lying clouds then seemingly melt away into another dense ivory mass.. just hinting at the Castle's impressive height. Your observation of the Castle is suddenly broken as a group of Knights, adorning gold polished plate mail armor, pass by you on horseback. Their royal purple cloaks billowing slightly behind them in the wind. You catch sight of the intricate Golden Dragon emblem, one curled around a white cross that has thistle entwined, woven into the material that they all bear on the backs of their cloaks. Their travels almost coming to an end as they pass over a lowered bridge, the sounds of hooves notably changing before they pass through a raised portcullis showing the ocean side entrance that is carved right into the cliffs themselves. Catching your interest,  you begin to move onward following in their wake. Your steps touching down upon the wooden drawbridge before changing to granite as you now pass through this secondary entrance you saw the Knights ride through.

As you continue onward you notice that you are gradually ascending up a wide spiraling hall, with odd tiny holes in the ceiling and parts of the rather smooth walls sticking out about a foot or so. You smile as you pass over the noticeable scrapes along the floor realizing what those protruding walls were. The warmth of the sun's rays gently touch upon your face again as you emerge from the hall and onto a clearing that looks like a vast marketplace. Villagers and peddlers roam about adding to the bustle of the small make-shift shops. Houses of the villagers can be seen down the winding streets along with a few taverns. Just casting your gaze over the marketplace would not reveal all of which resides within the Castle's unconventional walls of solid stone. Beyond the marketplace the High Spiraled Keep visibly rises upwards from the granite rock with no apparent foundation. Edging closer to the Gatekeep you  observe that not only is it a formidable structure but a work of art as well. Vines, roses, and depicted scenes of the Castle's history find themselves worked masterfully into the stone. Stone Gargoyles perched along the Spires of the Castle scan the Castle's surroundings vigilantly.

Guards keep a watchful eye on you as you pass through the fortified Gatekeep into a lush beautifully kept courtyard, resembling more of a garden then what it should be. A lone gardener, once an Arch Druid, meticulously keeps the varying array of flowers.. trees, and shrubs of all kinds. Off to both sides of the garden are two statues.. the first one to catch your eye is of a beautifully sculpted lady, her eyes bringing a warmth to your heart as she looks across the garden to the other statue of a Knight on horse back.. his visage of intenseness and his eyes bearing an equal warmth for the statue of the lady. Birds flutter about singing joyfully as you climb the semi-circular steps to the Grand Entrance of the castle itself, the huge oaken doors left wide open for visitors. Making your way in you stop immediately to stare at the grandeur of the Great Hall. Skillfully woven tapestries line the walls... Royal Members of the Court banners hang with pride from the rafters.

Some of my Original Artwork
My Standings as a writer here and Rumors Page     For fun TYPO Page

© Copyright 1998 and Onward. All rights reserved: Individuals or groups cannot use that which has been written on the HeathfieldCastle©,  Ballicastle© Alterians© Innis Daingneach© MessageBoard, Heathfield/Ballicaste webpages, profiles, pertaining to this written creation of the player of Lahoneee, any writings done by me, in part or on the whole, nor writings done under individual characters without explicit permission of the player of that character. Heathfield Castle is a roleplaying group of creative writers. The characters (sn's) depicted herein are fictional as characters would be in a book. Not to be confused with real life persons, nor the one (player) behind the character as being the character depicted in personality. Thumbnails of pictures representing the different characters are ones from their profiles... some are copyrighted as noted in individual profiles. They are used only as a reference here as how a character might look (visual). No rights are claimed to these unless stated.


I have learned there is an sn of Lahonee (only 2 'e') on a game called Second Life. This is not me in case anyone comes across this character/toon. If it is just the use of the similar name (- one e) and not using anything in reference to this game nor me, then there is no copyright infringement. If they claim to be me or the same Lahoneee as here, then there is a big problem that will be addressed. I do have two sn of Lahonee (only 2 'e') on WoW realms Turalyon and Moon Guard if you come across them.

IC=in character, SN=screen name, OOC=out of character, Mun/player=real person behind the character.

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