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* Color bkg denotes generation (not age) 1=lt blue, 2=med blue 3=dk blue, 4=purple, gray=deceased*

Tyremoor Keep

Peace Once Again Reigned

Douglas Family

It had not always been thus...

Trevellyn Douglas, Duke of Ashford, had lost much in the war brought about by "The Pretender", Rath. Without hesitation, his sons were rallied behind their King, fighting along with their liege's sons.. hand to hand, shoulder to shoulder, back to back. He had watched the heir to the throne go down, then through the melee caught his own son block and dispatch the one that would have seen an end to the younger Chad's days. There would be no denying that Chad would see the deed repaid, in like manner, for such was the way of battle. The war had been hard fought, and long. Trevellyn had lost a son in the fighting. Sean, who had dove to take the claymore's blow in his father's stead. Stephen coming to send that one to join the devil while Trevellyn attempted to hold the deadly gash together, knowing even then, it was for naught. He held his son until Sean slipped from this life to the next.

It was with a vengeance then that Trevellyn fought. Blinded to the pain of each slice of blade, caring only to see tenfold fall for the life of his son. Had he but known, the even as the battled shifted closer to Tyremoor, that his love and life, Tara, and gathered up the three remaining youngsters and was skirting them away to the safety of her family's holdings. A journey she would never complete.

That Danielle resembled her mother so completely, the lass the only one who inherited Tara's soft, pale features, the lads all sporting their father's dark looks, all the more he pampered the lass. He allowed her liberties that the child's governesses would whine and complain about. He would have given her anything.. and did. Even to the point of the freedom to scrounge around as a lad with her brothers.

While his children grew, Trevellyn worked to build Tyremoor back to its previous state of power and splendor. He had no time for any of them. They were all.. given free reign. When Danielle reached a proper age, he did see her sent off to a finishing school. Upon her return, what greeted him as she stepped from the carriage back onto Tyremoor land and lifted her gaze to her father, almost sent the aging man to his knees. For emerging from the carriage's confines was.. Tara.. such beauty and grace the poor man's heart stopped its much needed beating. Later when she journeyed to her cousin's to visit, he did insist that she sojourn at Ballicastle. For the ladies there may prove to be an example for his sometimes mischievous daughter.

He also saw that Malcolm knew his obligations to his clan - his family and the people protected by Tyremoor Castle. Malcolm was sent to Europe and returned the man that Trevellyn knew he would be. A man who could step in for Trevellyn once the time came, and run Tyremoor wit the same strong and fair hand which had seen it so prosperous for so many years.

Tyremoor Castle had been strategically built into the side of a craggy and insurmountable mountain. The vantage point obvious from any who approached, for Tyremoor would always have knowledge of any arrival prior to the formidable building fully reached from below it. To the left led to Heathfield and the Queen Honeee's holding, to the right, King Chadrick McAndrews, The Douglas' Liege Lord's, Ballicastle. Such completed the triangle of power and protection.

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