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*Names underscored are links to profiles for more information.*
* Color bkg denotes generation (not age) 1=lt blue, 2=med blue 3=dk blue, 4=purple, gray=deceased*


Duke of Ashford
Laird of Tyremoor


Duchess died bravely protecting her children.

Malcolm Douglas
Heir to Tyremoor

Georgette O'Shey Douglas
Wife of Malcolm

Alexander M
Son of Malcolm
Twin (npc)

Ailish Tara
Daughter of Malcolm
Twin (npc)

Rosalind Victoria
Daughter of Malcolm
& Georgette (npc)

Sean Robert
Deceased - Died heroically in battle

Stephen Nicholas
"Fierce Warrior"
Third Son

Teri McKenzie Douglas
Coffee & Sweets Shop

Heather Irene
Daughter of Nick and Teri (npc)

Nicholas Stephen
Son of Nick and Teri (npc)

Sean Alexander
Son of Nick and Teri (npc)

Thomas Keegan 
"Haunted by dreams"
Married Serafina

Serafina Lorenzo Douglas
Wife of Thomas

Tara Rose
Daughter of Thomas and Serafina (npc)

Thomas William
Son of Thomas and Serafina (npc)


Known as the pirate

"Hawk" upon the seas

Quinten Sloan &

Remains at Home

Danielle Douglas McAndrews
Queen of Ballicastle

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