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*Names underscored are links to profiles for more information.*
* Color bkg denotes generation (not age) 1=lt blue, 2=med blue 3=dk blue, 4=purple, gray=deceased*

Kildare Castle

Royal Family and Attendants

Leoric McLarkin
King of Kildare

One Day

Queen of Kildare

Gaidan McLarkin
Regent of Kildare

Corina McLarkin
Wife of Gaidan

Vadoma C Ayers
Lady in Waiting

Diarine Fisher
Lady in Waiting (npc)

Aingeal Farrell

Lady in Waiting (npc)

Coreen Duffy

Lady in Waiting (npc)

Neassa O'Brien

Lady in Waiting (npc)

Knights of Kildare

Vincent S Hamilton

Simon B Marshall

Thane I Roberts


Citizens of Kildare

Niall S MacKinlay
Great Oaks

Cian D MacKinlay
Great Oaks

Brigid MacKinlay
Great Oaks

Charles Ackerman
Cottonwood Keep (npc)

Marina Ackerman
Cottonwood Keep


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