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We are a Medieval/Renaissance Fantasy Based Game with grounding in Realism.


The game of Heathfield  is Honeee, it is her background story created over a good many years. It is not something that can be taken over, copied, changed, or misused by anyone else. It is copyrighted to me. I will protect what I have spent years on.

To give one interested in joining an idea of what we are about: We are here to have fun. Unlike some I am not here to bash, trash, stalk or get nasty just because we have a difference of opinion. I do have to address situations as they come up because I run this game. It is not something to take personal as in some kind of an attack on you, although some are so thin skinned they think anything said their way in question is an attack. I can conduct myself properly, nicely, but some here cannot. Too many are like that here and what has gotten us to be cautious in who we let in. Even with that caution we still ended up with some base nasty minded people who cant conduct themselves any other way than lashing out even if things are interpreted wrong. It has gotten to that point with some so desperate to carry on their tradition of hate towards others to assume they are being wronged. Worse, some of these players come back under false names and pretenses just to do it all over again. Yet they have the nerve to call others liars when their whole circumstance is a lie.

It is for these reasons we need to have a criteria to have one to get in as a member. Though we will continue to roleplay with those coming into our public rooms to have fun without them needing to be a member. Becoming a member does have its benefits over not such as getting more involved in major storylines we have running.

Real Life is pretty harsh and coming here to write in the venue of playing characters, I do not feel I need to make their lives based on Real Life. This is not real life and not governed by Real Life. I happen to like Walt Disney, his ideas and ideals. Such is a nice escape from real life. Although if one likes to play as harsh as real life can be, to each his fancy but don't ditz another because they prefer not to as we wont ditz you. Really, there should be not ditzing at all -- that's the point. It boggles my mind with so many that are here just to be rotten to others. To act like they have the right to analyze and bash another for their own shortcomings. We do not feel our characters need to hook up to exist or they don't have a storyline. If you're coming with that purpose in mind, best find another place to play.

I play many characters here. I play more than one at a time if needed. The other main players do the same. I am not the only one. It is not something 'dirty', 'corrupt', or even a secret, so get over it for those who go whispering like it was doing something wrong. We play males and females no matter our gender. We are writers, we are not our characters. Some can't really tell the difference but consider their character a 'real' extension of themselves so it would be creepy to have your female opposite a male played by a female, like that would make you lesbian. Sorry, we are way past that simple minded outlook. If you are one that has trouble with others playing many characters or playing an opposite gender, playing more than one at a time, then don't come here. It's that simple. If you have trouble separating yourself from your written character, don't come here. If you need a lot of singular attention paid to you or only romance (as a goal not a byproduct of play if it happens), then don't come here.

We have mystical creatures here, kingdom of Light, Good, so characters of the Dark would not work here, if played correctly. Vampires, werewolves, evil monster types, slavers, machine types and anime types would not fit in here on the norm. We don't have cartoon characters here like kitty girl or fox boy. This doesn't mean we don't have our bad guys, fighting and so forth but they are not in the main rooms but in Storylines such as the Kildare one.

If you have no problems with the above mention and don't have an attitude problem, give it a try, you may well work out here. It is why we have a length of time for one to be around to see if it works for them and for us. From there it will be talking to you with two others here, out of character, to avoid out of character drama. We won't do it on you and we don't want it done on us. We're tired of the drama ones that came here - to them: don't come back.

Don't Come Here IF:

**You have trouble distinguishing between real life and playing a fictional character.
**Have a problem with female or male players playing the opposite gender. Most males played here are played by females as a heads up.
**Have a problem with players playing more than one character. This is writing, writers write more than one story or one character. We have no requirement on how many you can play or limited to. That is up to you and what you can handle.
**Only here to cause OOC drama not just IC where it belongs to a degree, like anything there is also overdosing.
**You are a Slacker - one who sits around doing nothing expecting others to create SLs and play for them. Need your hand held. ie: can't come up with any storylines of your own, needing others to have play or to be creative. A - what do you want me to do because I can't do anything or think on my own when it comes to writing attitude. We are not babysitters, join preschool instead.
**Needy - Need a lot of attention excluding everyone else. Sharing attention is normal. If you can't share, go back to kindergarten and learn.
**You are really only here to find a significant other for your character then play Private only with that person and never really seen from again, not even posting your sessions together to add to the overall game. Your character is not really here and you have hogged that other player's character to yours taking them from public and game play with others. Go away! That is not Group Playing. Balance once again is needed.
**Come here only to find romance as your first and foremost point of interest. Romance is a by-product here that happens along the way. Go open one of those rooms looking for PR IM play.
**Only want PR play though you started out in public play. Dishonest! Colors eventually show through. Learn what 'balance' means.
**Expects any player who gets a character with one of yours to play that character a lot with yours like it was real life. Iron that out first!
**Expect all the negative aspects in real life to be played out here in the fantasy to make it real here. This venue is not real, one can have a Utopia if they want.
**Expect any play you do be accepted when it goes against the wishes of another player. This is NOT a.. to play means consent environment, spoilt child attitude.
**Are you stalking a particular player for one on one play with that player alone and haven't been able to play like this under a different name/different game.  Stalkers are subject to being skewered with the hat of a garden gnome and then left in the sun to shrivel into dust and blow away.  Goodbye!
**Have you been here before and have caused drama and think that if you change screen names or give an ooc fictional name, you can have another chance to cause more problems or draw established players away with you this time around.  You need RL therapy!
**Are trying to establish a kingdom and have heard that Heathfield has devoted, talented writers and think you may be able to tempt them to join your kingdom instead or as well.  Don't bother for certainly your name will get around as one that does such.
**If you can't be here enough to get into the makings of an SL as they happen and/or expect us to track you down to get you involved. No Way! Play as a visitor when you have time. No expectations on us and none on you.
**If you are a TERD. A TERD is a person steeped in the negative that complains, argues and criticizes others constantly. A generally negative person that then feels they can psychoanalyze you as if qualified, nasty tearing apart when things don't go their way or so thin skinned they think people are criticizing them when not and so strike out. A real, qualified psychologist is trained to help people, not tear down so don't be fooled by one trying to sound intelligent when they are only being a TERD. TERDs are not welcome here. TERD=
Thin-skinned Egotistical Radical Dufus.

For those of you that are none of the above, you most likely will understand my point of view and the serious situations addressed with a bit 'o Irish Humor. If you fit any or even all of the above, you'll not like hearing it at all! And if the latter, you should realize I don't give a rat's ass about  you if you prove yourself thus. As another player here has coached me to say to such ones all full of drama and egotistical nasty minded writers that think they have the right to analyze and judge others on offenses they are guilty of: F'U and the goat you rode in on.

Come Here IF:

**You love writing and want all kinds of new challenges in writing, be it one character or expanding to a multiple of them to fit into SLs and situations. Willing to explore multi-facet ideas by others and contribute to them.
**Willing to be a contributing member/player which means opening rooms on your own, creating play on your own and with the others here as they come about.
**You realized that though romance is important, normal,  it is not the only aspect to life nor necessary for your character to exist.
**You understand this is all about writing, something for fun and that the characters are not the players behind them.
**Respect for the other players and in turn respected. Any differences to talk out maturely. At the worse, agree to disagree.
**You can take charge of having fun here in not needing others to provide it for you in expectations. A go-getter without stepping on toes.
**If no one is around you are capable of writing up posts for your character, work on a webpage or ideas and/or open the room while doing so to attract others to encourage play.
**You're a Team-Group Player. Willing to help out with Storylines run by others, offering Storylines to involve others, willing to play in public room just as easily as private and not just until you get a significant other then not seen or heard from that character again. Willing to welcome others that visit and kindly direct them to the rules if they fit any of the .. Don't Come Here IF list.
**You're willing to be around enough to make it worth your while and ours and easily getting into Storylines in the making.

Still Interested in becoming a member?

It is recommended you role-play in our live rooms with other members around to determine if you fit in and would like to become a functioning part. We do not actively recruit. You may be offered a link to our webpage and message board if your around and participating and don't have them, this is not to recruit but give you the guidelines and see what we are about. We have evolved into a writers group, not a guild, no forum. The structure is entirely my own. You should find all answers to your questions here. Our message board is 'proof' of the kind of imaginative writers that participate in this environment.

Another important aspect is to realize that trust is something earned as a writer here. Joining doesn't necessarily have you right in the main stream of things, your continual conduct and participation will have you gradually there...or not. Patience is a virtue and the kind of writer you are does prove itself over time. Many proved, in spite of their words to differ, they only here really to gain a 'mate' or cause trouble ooc. Actions do speak louder than words. You will find most here very cautious in that area for many reasons. This does not mean it can't happen, it does mean those here as the main writers don't just jump into relationships for their characters but will stick with them if they do.

OCC Rules:

1. Obey the TOS terms of AOL above all else ~ see keyword TOS. Procedure: If you break these, aol can delete your account or at least warn you first if a lesser infraction.

2. No blending of OOC into IC. Do not assume your character knows things from a profile other than their looks or a character's thoughts that are written in the room, that is extremely poor roleplaying. Ask permission of any player if your character can use special abilities to know anything read in their profile. Do this before you jump ahead as if knowing or reap the consequences. Don't pout or cause trouble if they say no. Procedure: IF you find someone blending on your character, IM or email them to cease if their character would not know certain things IC you do not wish. IF you see a post where one's character says something about a character of yours that crosses that line to blending ooc knowledge and IC, then write them, point it out and warn them not to do it again. Send it to Lahoneee also so I am aware of the situation. IF they heed not and do it again then I will address them. Matters of blending on your characters should first be attempted in resolving by you directly. Some don't care, some care immensely over even minor infractions. There is no possible way I can know everything or even if there had been an infraction. If one heeds no warnings then they will be asked to leave.

3. Any character  you have here must be separate from any other games. It becomes a conflict of interest otherwise. They can have friends in other games, visit, and so forth but be played here most of the time and involved in this SL. Otherwise consider moving them out than having them here. Your choice but not both. This also includes having an active recruiting game under your character that is not a part of Heathfield. You can have an npc family or ones playing those members as being a part here in this Game, same as yours, but not recruiting players from here to play those which are really a separate game of yours. An Exception to this rule would be if a citizen here meets a citizen of allied lands and they marry, then both would be associated with both games -- there is no recruiting involved in this. --This does not mean that a player who has a character in HF, can't have characters in other games too, different characters. Their time here belongs to them. Although here too, if one is hardly ever around for taking on too much, and not involved with the castle play then it stands to reason to revoke the citizenship of their character.

4. All castle related email sent should be read even if you do not participate in event mailings. If I happen to notice castle mail being deleted continually, I will consider it as a statement of no longer  having an interest in the game and so will terminate that player's characters.

5. If you have trouble with another player's character in play, IM them to clarify anything to be certain first. 95% of the time it is a misunderstanding that can be cleared up. Talk to them first to resolve any issues instead of just complaining to me. I have most logs and you may not like how I see it. If I don't see it your way, that does not mean I am playing favoritism. To imply such then you are accusing me of being dishonest. If you feel that way, then I suggest you leave or I may insist that you do. If an issue cannot be resolved, or you are treated discourteously by the other player, then bring it to me. Most situations where characters don't get along it is best to avoid playing your character directly with the other character. I don't suggest you not play them out even if the other is there. You can be in the same room interacting with others and not have to directly with the one you have a problem with. IC problems should be kept IC, this is normal and acceptable, to bring it to ooc is blending and becoming a problem perpetrator. I do not take kindly to those that do.

6. There is no recruiting in Heathfield rooms for other games, IC or OOC. If I find out a player in HF is actively recruiting others from here to another game or their own separate game, they will be removed and banned from being around us at all. This also holds for anyone coming in from another game to befriend ones here with the real agenda of recruiting. If you, as a member have someone coming in that IMs you OOC about joining their game or plays it out IC enticing your character come to their lands in a recruiting way, please ask them to leave. Or if anyone from said other game then IMs (indirect recruiting as if one from here gave names/sns) players or prospect players in HF to attempt recruiting, in that case all characters from said other game will be banned from HF rooms (if they come in they are immediately ejected) and if I find out who the one in HF is doing this, they will be asked to leave. This is a deceitful means of recruiting and I loathe such deceit. If someone wants to recruit, go open up a room for recruiting under your other character and game to keep it separate.

7. We do not accept Slavers or Evil based Characters as a member. We are kingdoms of the light and freedom so evil based characters would be very uncomfortable here if play realistically. If your character is a slaver/slave then I suggest you bring in a different kind of character to continue play here. If your character is a citizen here and becomes a slave or enslaves someone , they will be removed from the Castle. Do not expect anything different. If a slaver with a slave visits then the slave is treated as 'free' within our lands. We do have Evil characters used in storylines but they are not citizens of the castle though belong to this game.

Vampires, constant back/forth shifters: as in a kitten on your male's lap becomes instantly a full grown female, animal types, slavers, totally modern characters, machine types, multi character sns, lost whining underage children, magic users of the presto kind -instant- not fit in our environment.

8. It is expected that members of this group welcome all newcomers and show respect, unless they earn otherwise by their role-play actions. Remember -- there are always guards around in such a castle environment, use them to rid the room of those deserving, play out the guards on human abilities or wards on non-human abilities and eject any troublemakers. Use good judgment, send any log of behavior if needed to Lahoneee.

9. Anyone who has joined and not heard from within two months, not here, nothing said, will be automatically removed. If they come back and wish to return then they can speak with me on it. Most will have to go through as they had when first starting and that trial period. I will not chase players down who are not around, their absence says it all. An Exception to this rule would be allowing a longer period of time for someone that had been here many years with significant contribution to this game.

10. Fighting Rules: NO fighting in the Castle, Thistle Tavern or Balli Hi Pub unless by permission for an SL, otherwise the characters will be ejected. We do not use dice for fighting-sparing on the norm. We are freeform based. Format for such is under the tournament section. Dice is only used for games of chance and in allied games we participate who use them. There are rooms where play can be more rough such as in the port area.

11. Rules on Businesses, Land, Buildings: No lands or buildings are sold outright to anyone. Not even my characters. All lands/buildings belong to the respective Kingdoms that are a part of the Heathfield Game (ie: Ballicastle, Innis Daingneach, Kildare). A player's character may own their own business/name and all equipment they bring in with it. I stake no claims on family/business names or what is made or sold. They become proprietors or owner of the business but not the land or building their business is conducted in. A tithing is paid each month, reasonable 'assumed' amount. This is a decision I made many years ago to avoid any headaches on ones leaving keeping lands/buildings in my game or selling them to others outside the game. Not leaving holes, as in many as ten years and growing could have, not leaving much of Heathfield left land wise. Certainly I could just put it as all reverts back if a player leaves but this way it avoids it from the root in any problems. IE: Bovee Shipping: Andre Bovee and Pierre Lafayette (partners) own the name Bovee Shipping. They own all their goods/products kept in storage in their warehouses and main building, all monies made from renting out warehouses are theirs, keeping them secured. They own their own ships for the shipping part of their business. The partners pay a modest/reasonable tithing according to their profits each month (assumed, something like 10% of profits, not a set amount as businesses vary). They do not own the actual buildings nor land the buildings are on. It is one reason why the Crown is willing to build any new homes/businesses as necessary. Being I don't care to spend my time here as an accountant, it is why monies are usually assumed in play. The only deviation from this is the Heathfield Coins that can be used: See Money Link.

*  Non-members can NOT assume a cottage or shop on Heathfield lands for their character to reside in, without being granted. Lands, shops, etc are granted to members only and with the stipulation if they leave such reverts back, more like leasing. It does not mean they can run npc tenders or guards as they wish or allude in a way as developing that npc's personality.

12. NPC characters here are mine to determine their personality beyond what is written on the web pages for tenders and guards. Guards would be stoic and efficient. NPC characters here are not for anyone's use as some confident knowing their whole life story. Beware, what the tenders are allowed to know of your character because then Honeee can know for they are loyal to her and the crown alone. There are other players here that have permission to run them by me, they are few and know who they are. The exceptions are npc characters here of other players' families or ones brought in by a visitor. Those too would have to be played by the rules set up here. Those npc characters belong to their creators. If in doubt, ask me first, this is always best. As far as npc characters on the webpages that are castle owned, they will be given out to players that are already part of the game, members here by invitation from me if they should like one to try.

*Please use the MAP in reference to distances and places. As in a visitor cannot come from a town just above Heathfield for no nonmembers live in the areas covered by the game of Heathfield. Ballicastle and and Tyremoor are directly above Heathfield, so the MAP is important to use in reference for your play. It is why it was made. Eventually more layouts will be made such as for the Thistle Tavern and the Commons.

Important Note: For these guideline rules, each case is different and I CAN bend some of these rules accordingly for those who have contributed over many years in helping this game to grow. This might be considered favoritism but it is an earned rewarding for that contribution. This still will not apply to major basic rules such as recruiting other players here to another game. I also have the right to add or change rules as time goes on, as I have as this game grew. This does not mean I wont be fair to everyone, it means I will be more generous to ones that deserve it for their actions and deeds in helping me over time. In short, I will be fair in dealing with situations that come up accordingly with all background information, much of which is not privy to all players, so don't assume all things are equal. If you have been here a year, don't expect to get some of the same privileges as one that has been here five years and a contributing player to the whole of the game. Contributing means, creating SLs that many can get involved in, not just a personal one. It means one willing to help play out a major SLs created, adding ideas, supporting cast. It also means asking. I am always willing to add another player to a major SL if they have logical cause for their character getting involved. It also means asking me about running a major SL, needing help or seeing if the other players find it interesting enough. I will never pressure or try to force one to do any SL they do not wish to.

Those who come into our rooms and engage in play are considered permission granted to be left in any logs posted on our Message Board. Members of HF who play elsewhere and wish to post the play will ask permission of those involved and if not granted either be summarized or left out. All play ones becomes engaged in becomes a part of that character's history, which can be summarized as the other player(s) have the right not for you to use their writing even if the experiences are your character's to keep.

Castle Owned Characters:

Barrett, deBurgh, McAndrews, Frasier, O'Neill, Alterians - MacNeils, McDonough, MacShire, Cunningham, McCormick, Shawnesey, Kearney, MacKinlay, Traugott, alAzhar, alDawla, Sibio, Cleary, Valdez, Callihan, Quinn, Edan. Those of the family of Lahoneee and Amberlette of Heathfield, along with the family of Ballicastle and Innis Daingneach are characters and basic Storylines owned by me (player of Lahoneee). Those given out to players to play are not 'kept' as their own if they leave (sns are not 'owned'). This is why if one player leaves and another is given the character to take over the new link to the correct character will be on the webpages and noted in their profile.

 Those of the Douglas family, Kingsmen - Four horsemen - Garath Lyons, Vincent deBeauvais, Trevor Cairns, Lazare Carno and Dana deVimeure. are owned by the player of King Karl.

Summary on Castle Owned Characters -- To clarify, these characters given out --on loan-- to others are created as part of the game here (Heathfield, Ballicastle, Innis Daingneach, Tyremoor and Kildare). This entails that if they should get involved with others in other game environments -- they cannot join another game, they cannot be moved in residence into another game even if they marry another from that game. Their residence is to remain in this game where and for which they were created. They can visit other places, they can share time there but their participation should be 80% here, in the very least within this game and SLs should be posted within this game MB also. They are to be played with their family members if needed. They are not loners (not played with their family). Otherwise it defeats the purpose of setting up these family characters as part of this game. If you find you wish to join another game environment, make a new sn for that game. It is a falsehood in the accusation that I begrudge players to play elsewhere, I do begrudge a castle owned character to be taken elsewhere that do not 'belong' to that player as their own character creation would. There are drawbacks to playing a castle owned character, so take this into consideration before taking one on. Otherwise, there are just as many pluses too in playing one.

If a castle owned character should marry and have children within this game genre, they reserve the right to keep any children born to them within this game if the other person should leave, divorce or in short, characters separate. It is still under the ideal of keeping that which came of this game within the game.

Notes: There may be families within Heathfield that are not my property nor do I take care of their webpages or selecting of players. They are expected to follow the rules set up here in due respect.

There are other games such as Devonshires, Moors and Telarus which we have a Association of Nations Treaty with, file under News. This setup is different from the other listed above as it is a game of its own entirety. One that is not linked into Heathfield but friendly relations established for social events and the like.

Writings, Characters and Ownership Clarification:

I do not claim any kind of ownership of writings done by others within the Heathfield group posted on our message board or otherwise. Writings belong to their writers. The only ownership I claim are my own and the characters belonging to families I developed or were given to me by their writers. In the same light, none of my writing under any character, be it one for another family played on loan, can be used without my permission for any kind of profit, as in a book. If one comes in with a character they developed it is theirs plus their writings even if they leave. I do not make claims to them unless given permission. This applies to families developed within this group if they should leave, they are theirs to take wherever they want. The ones claimed are listed above although another playing one of those characters I would make no claims to writings done under them as my own. Another player coming in to take over an abandoned character can refer to things done as a history of that character if they so choose or just wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.

See also: AOL Policies and U.S. Copyright Office

This is what I got out of the AOL Policies stated in legal terms: Copyright belongs to the individual writers but AOL reserves the right to use anything posted, say in advertising or such, as they wish. Not saying AOL claims ownership as in copyrights of works written by its members.

Role Play Levels (RPL#s) This system been developed to ensure the rights of writers/players and their characters. They are indicated in your profile as one of these: RPL#1, RPL#2, RPL#3 or RPL#4. The definitions listed below: Normal/regular interaction should not be a problem, the problems arise when a player of a character starts to like another player's character romantically.

= I play character to character in intimate role-play, the gender of the writer is not a criteria. Although I do not care about gender I may care about whom the player is if  I find its one that has stalked my characters or myself  before, or any form of harassment OOC.

RPL#2 = I want to know if the player is the opposite gender of the character played even if it wouldn't stop me from being with them in an intimate role-play. Or, I may care about whom the player is if its one that has stalked my characters or myself  before, or any form of harassment OOC.

RPL#3 = I do wish to know because I would feel uncomfortable knowing the player of the char was not the same gender of the character and would not want to play opposite them in an intimate way. Or, I may care about whom the player is if its one that has stalked my characters or myself  before, or any form of harassment OOC.

RPL#4 = I don't role-play out the intimate in explicit but will all up to that point if a couple, the rest implied. It does not matter the gender of the other character's player.

RPL#5 = I don't role-play intimate, in general or in explicit. Please don't attempt such on my char.

Also indicate your age as: Minor, 18+, 21+. 30+ etc. so we know at "least" of what age you are and so minors won't be exploited. This is also to protect the writer's rights in roleplay.

Joining/Application: We do not actively recruit as in IM and Email solicitations. If you have a friend looking for a place, you can direct them here. There is a difference in being asked and directing them here over  going out and asking others from other games to come to your game or one you're in from this game. We do not recruit players from other castles with that in mind. If one approaches us then that is different. It's all in how something is done that makes the difference. If you have gotten this far, below is the link for the application of interest.

Heathfield Application of Interest in Joining.

Unfriendly Guilds/Kingdoms/SN's

As a roleplaying group, Heathfield does have reservations on certain groups and individuals to interact with due to their unprofessional conduct in the roleplaying world, crossing of chars, blending, moding, flaming, stalking and harassing at times. There are logs to support these decisions on ones that are avoided. A few in particular we will not even roleplay with at all, in short they are ignored completely because their conduct is that bad. This is only for my group (Heathfield) in dealing with an individual or a group,. Anyone can make their own judgments/decisions who they roleplay with or not. I do not go around trying to get others against an individual or group - only Heathfield's standing. I will say, if asked, Heathfield on the whole will not be involve with said individual and/or group due to their conduct here in roleplay. If you have a character in Heathfield and wish to write with one that is avoided, do not bring that roleplay here, or use another character outside of Heathfield. Castle owned characters are not allowed at all, in that case write with said other(s) under a different character. Everyone, group or individual, has the right not to associate with someone else here for their conduct, far better to just ignore them, block them if necessary as AOL suggests with even the means to do so.

Please bolt-eject from our rooms the following sns:
JBBourgeoislsu, XNitefallex, VElusiveFlamev and Kai Thosin.

If any member here has a question of why these sns are on this list, contact me and I'll tell you why. They fall under such categories as: stalking, totally nasty skitzo-maniac, imposter and recruiting/luring players from our rooms.



Heathfield Members/Guests Guidelines:

1. Put Heathfield somewhere in your character's profile. Add any part such as Ballicastle or a Manor home along with it.

2. Reasons for removal:
    a. Not being around for a period of time without just cause. Two months missing without contact your character(s) will be removed.
    b. Giving out information that is to be kept within the castle to outsiders. Blending ooc and ic. Harassing ooc to the point members wish to leave or avoid using the rooms.
    c. Consistent breaking of rules (above) ~ first probation then dismissal.
    d. Showing lack of respect. Heathfield/Ballicastle/Tyremoor are monarchies. As much as the Rulers will be fair, some things go beyond normal rules that you could be dismissed for at my discretion (ie: drastic constant conflict of personalities to the point where it affects the game and the flow of the roleplay in the room.). Actively recruiting players in Heathfield to your own or other games you are in. That is totally rude and plain wrong. This is "my" game and you an invited guest into it. Luckily these situations have been rare.

     e: Note: Those considered minors (under 18) should not get involved in sexual situations with adults even in writing as such is against real laws. It is considered corruption of minors even if in today's society minors seem to know far too much. The law had been made to protect innocence (few are innocent even young anymore) now there are more cases where the adults need to be protected from the minors exploiting them in an environment one can lie. Adults here should prevent such if you know. If one is caught lying about their age so they can engage in sexual written situations they will be told to leave this game. The adult who was lied to, will not be asked to leave.

3. If lands-shops-etc, are issued to members, these are returned to Heathfield if the member leaves for whatever reason. Heathfield lands cannot be taken from Heathfield or sold. Lands with any structures upon them or built, business buildings, etc. are leased with a tithing paid, they always remain owned by the monarchy. These lands/businesses can, however, be passed down to inheritances of the one they were originally given to, as long as that person(s) becomes or is a member of Heathfield.

4. If a *Castle Owned*character is given to one to play, there are restrictions that, if not followed, can result in the character being taken back (i.e. conduct not befitting the character, taking the character out of Heathfield on their own, not an approved SL, not playing them with the group but elsewhere). In short, if Honeee has a child, that child is a "Castle Owned" character of hers and Heathfield's. The McAndrews, MacNeils, Frasiers, O'Neill, Kingsmen-Four Horsemen and Douglas are some of the castle owned ones. See below under Castle owned characters.

The procedure of Heathfield on non-members who come in with roleplay of their own here:

   a. Use your good judgment in accepting roleplay of people you don't know. I do suggest you never accept "forced roleplay" where they determine the fate of your character. *This is a game and not real life. We do have control.*

    b. Never accept roleplay of another which would jeopardize your character or Heathfield/Ballicastle/Tyremoor/Innis Daingneach. Never act hastily. You are in the right here, not them, when they come onto our game lands (member rooms). If you accept a roleplay that might involve others, ask them first (the others it would affect). I may not accept a roleplay for myself that you would, and thus an SL might not be accepted for the whole of Heathfield. I have run into a situation where one had an SL and brought it into HF that I could not accept for reasons of my own. They could do the SL of course, but just not in Heathfield. I will not dictate to others what they can engage in for roleplay but I can dictate what can be brought into my game or not. Courtesy is a two way street, it is why respect of other players is encouraged and advised especially on a questionable SL you have or wish to develop.

    c. Roleplayers who come in here obviously to just harass and disrupt our room(s), Eject them or put them on ignore. If bad enough, I suggest you send them to TOS with a note they upset you and the room you were in. I do suggest in ALL cases you don't get yourself drawn into this poor roleplay for when you do it is a form of accepting it and saying to that person, "I recognize your roleplay as being legitimate even if I don't like it." If you can't stand what they do and can't seem to find the fortitude to TOS them, there is always the "ignore" button if they can't be ejected, and never let them harass you ooc, even worse! In all cases, use your common sense. If in doubt, ask yourself "Do I like what is going on here?" Your instincts are usually a good clue to the right answer, and you can always get hold of me or one of the "uppers" in Heathfield to find out what we think. 

    d. Good etiquette. I suggest as roleplayers you always take into consideration the other roleplayers you roleplay with in what you do that would affect their character. Although it is said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it is irritating if one comes in with a mirror copy of another's character, actions, setup, talents and so forth. I personally find it to be rude to do such without asking permission of that player or making the character unique enough from the other. It shows lack of creativeness on a player's part to be copying others' ideas, not just expounding on them.

Note: A player may IM newcomers to the room with links to the message board and website. Some ic information will also be provided for ease of transition to a new player. There might be times when the designated player is away or busy, please allow for a moment or two to receive said information.

Example IM:

Welcome to Heathfield. Are you aware of the setting and rules of this game? If not a link can be provided.

--If they are not then provide the link to the webpage only suggesting to read the rules foremost. If they show further interest you can provide them with MB link in that it speaks for itself in the kind of writers here. We are not just a MB or live play game but a combination of both. I tend not to just hit someone coming in the room with links and such for a few reasons -- Some might feel its harassing to IM them with links. We also do not actively recruit so do not want it to seem it is more that than information. Many are aware of the game and its rules even if we don't recognize the sn. I do not ask, nor is it required, for anyone IMing with this information to get into an ooc chat with the individual beyond the information of the game or answering such questions.--

(These rules may be modified-updated as necessary)