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Heathfield Application of Interest

This is to submit a written interest in becoming a member of Heathfield. By filling this form out does not mean you will be automatically accepted in. There is a procedure to be followed as laid out in the Rules section in the interest of both parties. It is expected you have read the Rules and have already role-played with us a number of times in our rooms over a few weeks. Like six or more. That is why there will be no need for an example of your writing in play. There will be no excuse for not knowing them if interested in joining. One does not need to join to play in our rooms even on a continual basis so this is the reason for this Application of Interest to become more involved than passing through so that we are made aware of your wishes being we do not actively recruit. The whole of the application is expected to be filled in. If you have trouble with any part, please state that in the box so we know this as well.

* Must be 18 or older to apply
* Has been playing in our rooms at least six weeks/5 times a week or more weeks then.

Your real first name: If you wish not to give your real name we respect such privacy and would rather one not give a name at all than make up a fictional one as many do we discovered. We usually find out eventually and then a strike knowing the person lied. Put 'private' in the box otherwise. I will give mine if you wish to know it after writing with us a few times. I will not give a list of all characters I play but I may in conversation say some of the ones your character has met, if I feel like it. I will, however, tell another if my character and theirs start to have an interest that I play that character. I do believe that under those circumstances the other player should know.

Your Character's name: Characters url (sn):

How long (approximately) have you been role playing?: If a new player, this is not held against you!
Do you belong to other games? Y/N: This is not held against a player, more in that - can you handle many interests and give each their due to take into consideration. We don't need to know the names of the other games where you play. That is considered personal information. If you wish to tell us, then that is your prerogative as well.

We do use dice for certain games such as the Gauntlet. I have devised a setup to try and balance the pros and cons of dice usage under Skills-Games (above). Do you have a problem using dice for games? Y/N: If in doubt, read over some posts in the SparHall Field folder on our message board for an idea, the dice are not shown but were used.

In a short summary please indicate what brings you to Heathfield and your interest in joining:

In a short summary please tell us what are you looking to achieve in this venue of writing called role-playing?  Indicate any goals, aspirations and even expectations. These are important in finding the right kind of writing environment.

If there is a position you have in mind for your character, please indicate it below. Or state that it be addressed later through the roleplay what would best suit your character. We are no longer a regimented 'castle' setup, though such positions are still available as in a Lady in Waiting or Knight in Training. If you wish to talk it over, indicate that as well.

To have a better understanding of your outlook in play, please respond to the multiple choice questions selecting only ONE choice from the drop down menu closest to your outlook. There are no 'wrong' answers as everyone is different. If none apply put in how you would respond in 'Other"

Although you have visited the tavern a few times you show up, or even come down from upstairs if you have been offered and taken a room, to find complete strangers there. There are three males that know each other just by the way grouped down at the end of the bar, they also appear to be ones of the lands. There are two ladies at the bar talking that seem to be visitors by their conversation. There is Alex tending. Do you:


The Thistle is open but the characters in the room are male and female. Neither are ones your character has interacted with before.  Do you:


The Thistle is opened and there are several characters in the room in a relaxed group talking, including one of the opposite gender you've met and conversed with several times before.  After being greeted, you notice that though you're included in general conversation, the one you know from before is in a discussion with another.  Do you:


If I am granted citizenship and become a member of the Heathfield Group, I understand:
*I am to put a link of the Website and Message Board in my profile.
* I am to provide a picture of my character: no anime acceptable, either a real person or realistic artwork (not cartoon). Poser images are acceptable. If an actor/actress, please check those used or at least different enough pictures of the same actor/actress.
* I am to be an active member, promoting Storylines or getting involved in others by live play or contacting the player with expressed interest, or post sessions on the MB (send post to Lahoneee to be placed as per MB setup) under your character.
* No Multi-character profiles.
*No one under Eighteen as this is a Mature Group of Writers

*Out in the rooms live more than private. *Helpful to new people that come in that might possibly fit into this game, not ignoring them but giving them the same chance you had wanted when first arriving. Helping them out to an extent but not being used either. *That even if your character gets with another character, it should not be the last we see of them or in the least, see of you playing another character out live with the group. I personally have many characters set up as couples and play them when both I and the other player wish. You will find me and the other player out live under other characters instead, be they brothers, sisters, buddies, comrades or even parents than only our couples. The point being: I and they are out live more often than not with others here, all playing together no matter what the capacity. I should not have to IM any member of this group to get them to play, provide them with an SL or have to tell them a room is open. That is just lazy and not an active, constructive team player of a group. You, as a member, should be opening a room or going into one that is open. You can do this by keeping track of your BL of who is on and where, or checking the Rooms Listing to see if any HF rooms are open.

 I do not give out busy-work nor have such expectations on players because if our time here becomes more work than play, then it has lost its purpose. There is more than enough work in Real Life to spend most of it working here too. It is why there is no requirement to recruit, nor write up weekly reports. About the only requirement is that you be around to play enough that you can get into storylines. That comes with participation and the willingness to be a group/team player. All the more power to you if you put in more for your characters such as a website for their business or some kind of journal to share with the other readers (even if other characters will not know unless told IC).

I am here to answer any and all legitimate questions you have, short of one just being a pest as my time is valuable as anyone else's.

This is the prototype of a new kind of application where we had none available online by choice. So I am sure it will be amended as needed. If you have any questions or constructive comments to offer, please submit them in the box below. Once we receive this application of interest, I and two others will meet with you ooc to discuss any points at a convenient time for us all. This process may take a few days to a week or so depending on time schedules.