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* Color bkg denotes generation (not age) 1=lt blue, 2=med blue 3=dk blue, 4=purple, gray=deceased*

Genesis Manor

Alterian Members

In his world Ailbhe was sovereign of the lands known as Alteria. It was not of the plane called Earth but parallel to another that paralleled its existence. It was here that Ailbhe found Argyle of the MacNeils in his quest to preserve his people and something even more valuable.

If one spoke of ancient, they would speak of time, and time had ceased to exist here in the way others were ruled by it. Time was a concept derived by the biological and the decay of matter. Alteria's race had long since evolved from the concept of time. They were not however, immune from the fabric of creation, that which would be, that which had been set forth in the beginning.

The Alterians existed on a plane influenced by the occurrences on the other planes, like the ripple on a pond gradually reaching to the far ends. Time was a vacuum, slowly sucking tears, rifts, in the delicate fabric woven between the different planes as they started to be exposed to the others. Parallel universes unfolding over another becoming part. Evil traveled through these doorways that faded in and out.

The stage was Earth for the Great Confrontation which was being set and many the player that would contribute. The pieces of the puzzle on their own lent to confusion, most never seeing the Creator that guided into place. Choices would be made and destinies locked, there was a final death that transcended that of just matter. The very fabric that Alteria existed on was disintegrating, fading and Ailbhe knew he had to preserve his People. His own destiny written long ago in the annals of the Universal Library. They were a mere novelty, most though non-existent in a world of Evil. They were the Light Walkers.

Alteria could best be described as Silvery Blue.  Crystal waterfalls held a silvery light as they cascaded down mountainsides, leaving lush land in foliage. Streams flowed about a city holding the quality of a silver blue crystal. Alloys unrecognizable by most for they were fabricated by the congenial thoughts of the People. Ailbhe stood on the bridge of the crystal waters, his thoughts searching, seeking the answer he knew was out there. It was a new era for never had he needed to seek another's help, an Outsider. It was then he touched upon the one learning from the Universal Library, he was the initial chosen but there would be another to come after him. With their help they would be able to move to the Gathering to prepare for the last Days of the Beginning.

Ailbhe was a tall man, muscle toned but not muscular, his strength laid in the abilities of his Mind as did all his People. Silver streaked blue eyes held a wizened quality far transcending the physical. Disease nor decay could no longer touch them, but their physical aspect still could see destruction, just not easily. That aspect was challenged on a whole if they didn't leave Alteria now. He had observed the studious MacNeil in the Library before he finally manifested to greet him. The sharing of ideas and explanations commenced in the education of this man in the ways of the Walk of Light. As always it was for this MacNeil to choose in the face of truth that which he sought, now with an educated mind he could. Ailbhe had always found it hard to understand why it was so hard for certain races not to see the truth when it was right there in front of them. This fact was noted and he just worked with it when needed. It was needed now and even more so in the future.

The day of reckoning was to come fast as one third of Alteria disappeared in a major disturbance that racked his own plane. When he sought Argyle out and found him gone along with the plane that had connected them through the Library,  he then knew what had happened. Not all was lost as he found him in yet another Library connected through the planes of the Universal Library.  This one was in the lands and plane of Heathfield Castle. In their discussion as he once more manifested to meet him, they exchanged places so that he might learn this new plane of existence along with its customs. Argyle to teach his People in the meantime to prepare them as they were granted welcome to come here to these lands.

Here he learned that not only would he have to learn of these new races but the fabric itself of this plane had its effect. Although he retained unearthly abilities he now had to deal with emotions long ago forgotten in a Time that would calculate to 1000 years. Time itself now had its influence as he would age starting where he had left off, like a pause had been taken. Life on Alteria had been so different, there where no more children born and all were as sisters and brothers sharing all their thoughts. There were no lies and nothing needed hiding. The effects of this new plane would vary with his People now, he could only hope the unity that they had continued through these trials and errors.

 Another quake in the fabric of his realm had a desperate attempt to bring his People here, ready or not time was not going to stand still as it had interwoven in the fabric of Alteria. Most made it through the portal leading to Heathfield's Library but a small group ended up trapped caught between planes as the portal closed. Argyle was amongst them. His people had never had a surname which was one of the customs here and so Ailbhe took on the surname for them of MacNeils in honor of the bravery of his friend. Argyle and the others would have to seek a new door and hopefully it would lead them to the same plane. Ailbhe and his people were given refuge in the West Wing of Heathfield Castle. Some emerged to embrace this new life and others still remained uncertain waiting in the west wings until they were ready. Their group totaled eleven now.

Eventually they were granted lands by the Queen to build their own manor and in time Genesis Manor was completed, they now had a new home along with a new beginning. There were a hundred bedrooms as the mansion was quite large, as big as a smaller castle itself. Besides the bedrooms there was a ballroom, dining room, kitchen and pantry, main hall, art gallery and the solarium. Secret passageways insured an escape to safety if ever in need. In the process and all the help and kindness shown to him and his people by Queen Lahoneee, he pledged his loyalty and that of his People to the lands of Heathfield and their allies.

Although the Alterians are of One Mind, Kin in Spirit they are not blood related. Now under the influence of this realm their aging process picked up where it was left off. Each will have to deal with emotions that were dormant to now coming alive again. Each would deal with them differently. As once before on Alteria they never blocked each other for lack of need, some areas now might see some of them separating in that way. The question would be could they adjust to new influenced within themselves and still keep hold of the thousand years of closeness? They had not lacked in affection, the hug, the caring, the love when in Alteria. Now things were different in how affection could be expressed, new emotions added new meanings to actions. They were different in how society, propriety, might look upon certain actions that were pure before. There was far more for them to learn about themselves again besides those that resided on this plane.


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