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O'Neill Family



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Innis Daingneach


Island Fortress

Island Fortress of the O'Neill Clan. It had been fortified with high walls around its perimeter. They were a warrior people and heavily devoted their energies in the training of such. It was natural for them to develop a fleet of war ships in the process. The ports were where the money was made. Exporting, importing and mercantile businesses sprung up. The lands became wealthy over time. Their reputation preceded them especially on the high seas. The Kavanaugh family had come with the O'Neills and were one of the major founding families. Their own history was written right alongside the ruling family.

It was a good size Isle with a few mountain ranges and even one dormant volcano. Legend had it that one day the sleeping giant would awaken as a dragon that had been place under a spell. There had not been even a rumble in the centuries it had been inhabited by this offshoot of the O'Neills of Tyrone. Lush tropical lands produced a harvest of citrus fruits but even in the mountain ranges there was mining for precious gems. Fish and seafood was another big commodity and fresh daily catches were smoked to keep them longer. Others were kept in tanks on special ships for exporting.

O'Neill   The name is the same in Irish as in English and for 1,000 years O'Neill has been one of the most prestigious of Irish families. Niall means "champion" and was first used by Domhnall, grandson of Nial Glun Dubh (black knee), King of Ireland, killed in 890 by Norseman. The O'Neills go further back, claiming descent from the legendary Niall of the Nine Hostages. They were very strong in Ulster, and to curb their power Queen Elizabeth had the Tullahogue inaugurated stone broken up. In the 14th century they separated into two main branches; the senior branch were Princes of Tyrone while the junior branch were the Clanaboys of Antrim and Down.

The ruling family consists of the former King James O'Neill, sons: King Peter James, Jerome and daughter Elaina. Noble family of Connor Kavanaugh resides here. Knights are stationed in Heathfield were Peter spends a good deal of his time.

James O'Neill 
Former King (npc)

  Peter James O'Neill

Jerome O'Neill

Elaina Kavanaugh
Duchess of Voiriey

Connor Kavanaugh
Duke of Voiriey

Norma Fitzgerald
Lady in Waiting (npc)

  Cara Thompson
Lady in Waiting

Nycole Nolan
Lady in Waiting

Emily A Stewart
  Lady in Waiting (npc)

Calhoun Quinlan

Lancely Caster

Aiden Collins

Gabriel Vaughn

Cole Lachian

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