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The New Dictionary:
Newly added addition to this page - are words that were misspelled during the course of typing that we have given a new meaning to.

Borrom: When you can't quite get to the bottom after having taken a shortcut, leaving you at the borrom instead.
Sleam: When you try to sleep a dreamless night but get dragged into one anyway.


This page is for fun on classic typos that happen live. That word misspelled taking it to a whole new meaning from embarrassing to hilarious. Those in this game, if you have a classic typo, please submit it to Lahoneee if you wish it added to this page. Include enough text to show why it was a typo, be in a paragraph before or just one line if it can stand alone. Typo will be made bold to stand out.

In part of live play between Andrew MacNeil and Isabeau Quinn:

"I believe there was a play written on the taming of a shrew. I think the outcome most congenial with the method used." Was there a dare in the Prince's eyes that held the twist of humor with it? Certainly as they were indeed in a play of words and having fun doing so. Creatively.

"Do you mean to say I am shrew like, or have shrewish qualities?" She leaned then, trying hard not to laugh as she spoke and failing. She wished to look serious, but couldn't quite hold onto it. "Think you should use such methods, Your Grace?" Dark eyes lit, a slow change from black to silver that left to mind the moon easing from behind a cloud bank. "Or do you mean to imply that I might have to use such methods upon you?"

"I'd never imply you were a shrew only that the method used on one, according to the play, was efficient." He leaned closer as one arm braced against the arm of the chair. "If you had plans on becoming one I can make use of such enforcement. I am not sure if a male is considered a screw (shrew) but a scrooge if that be the case and if that be the case you would have to come haunt my dreams." What a smile spreading for now they were getting to his territory and haunting might prove a whole other reality on the dreamscape. There was something there in the ocean blue of his eyes that hinted he might know.

In part of live play between Moiread OGealach and PlainsDrifter:

"I do all that I can for those who ask something of me. What dream to you seek to come to fruition? Money? Fame? Success?" Moire's tone was light, and yet she knew these not be the things he wished. "I can not grant you love, nor force it upon another. I can give you the illusion of love in a dream ... but such things are hollow and I detest such things asked of me. The past I can grant you, for that is another of my ... talents. What do you seek, Jacob?"

"The past is not something I wish to revisit for certain things cannot be changed. All is as it should in building one's future be they things done right or things done wrong and learned." He leaned in closer to drink of her scent again. "It reminds me of childhood dreams of liver (life) forever being happy like a Christmas morning where even old badger Martinez down the street cracked a smile that day. The night before you can't sleep at all wondering if Ole Kris Kringle remembered to bring the pair of shoes you desperately needed so your feet no longer had sores on them from the holes worn."

In part of live play between Kelsi B Drummond and Athalia Doe:

"You should find him a girlfriend, Lia. That would get his attention off of you for a while." Glass was raised for a drink, and then lowered again.

"My brothers have no trouble finding girlfiends. (girlfriends) It's wives they need but not yet." She shrugged as she finished one braid, then worked on the other. "Pleasure to meet you both."

In part of live play between LeoricIMcLarkin and  Imogen Llweth:

Smile held that dashing quality but something else born of the mischief. It could be that inherit curl to the edges of his lips or that twinkle that surfaced in slate blue eyes. "Leoric and you would be?" Drawing glance took in her features like an artist would see every curve and flow of line before seeing it as one in the whole. He took his time being they were speaking with one another.

She too glanced her fill, rather secretively under a thick fringe of glasses (lashes). "I'm Claire. It's a pleasure to meet you." The smile bloomed into a half grin as she turned towards him, a hand flying back to absently curl a lock behind her ear.

 In part of live play DevonNWinters wrote:

Devon turned slightly to pull up her bare feet, having taken off her shoes earlier, and now rubbed a crap (cramp) out of one as she sat listening. jasper moved off slightly to go into the grass to roll around and relieve an itch on his back she didn't think he was flirting now... it just was also one of those things she wasn't good at and didn't quite get.

 In part of live play JuliaATraugott wrote:

It was her usual that Alex set out, peach brandy that was taken up as delicate fingers held the glass. One turn and a bright smile offered Gerrard. "So good to see you again Gerrard, handsome as ever." Straying gland (glance) from him to Vincent as he was noted before the lift of her snifter had her taking a taste.

In part of live play Allan OLeary wrote:

At first he didn't notice being he was leaning in to inhale the scent. Smelled good. Real good. Evan might know but he didn't know and with a prank that went awry there was a lot of irony here too. A fork dung (dug) in to break off a chuck of this cheesy concoction. Blue eyes lifted to meet those of Evan. "She's your sister, she beat it into you." Straying glance to his own with a wink before he shoved that morsel in.

In part of live play MariahSMcCromick wrote:

She was discrete about it. It did seem a little childish, but as in another minds, better that previous things. Those eyes of amber-green trailed over the scrawled writing and she fought back that bright smile. Instead, she folded the paper and pissed (pushed) it aside, to take up her drink of tea.

In part of live play Aislyn OLeary wrote:

Mun (Mug) in hand, she retreated to one of those wingbacked chairs and plopped down.

In part of live play Sinead A Frasier wrote:

She barely had time to break from character before his lips were down in a torrid plunder. Drawn up flush against him, her arms found their instinct in wrapping about his beck. (neck) She didn't shy away from the delight her husband rained down on her. Instead, she fed the flames with her own passion and gloried in it.

In part of live play between Joseph McDonough and Delia Sandrine on seeing to a bet she lost and had to kiss him:

He closed his eyes briefly as her lips touched his in a soft kiss that suited the bet before opening. His well cushioned to absorb that light press before it was gone. He remained close as that glint in his eyes turned that touch wicked she probably had seen before. Maybe not quite as it was now. He pressed his lips together as if tasting what remained. "Nice. But.." leaving that pause to hang another second. "I think, considering what we went through for this bed (bet). Bruises and cuts, it should be like this.." which he leaned back in as the response of his lips were given this time around. Fitting over hers perfectly to consume. For it was consuming in the way they played coaxing hers to respond to something far more heated, far more completed.

In a conversation between XNitefallex and Adelaide Swanns:

She smiled at Adelaide, "I'm not quite so old that a few days on the road debilitate me."

"But I worked (walk) only three streets...not miles upon miles..." she glanced towards Douglas and smiled. Well, she'd offered at least.

In a conversation in the Thistle Diane S Cleary wrote:

Once the mug was in her hair (hand), Diane chose a chair within easy listening and speaking range. It was almost like reorienting herself to human interaction, and as far as her brothers and sister were concerned, probably long overdue.

In a conversation between Gemma M Quinn and l Cole Lachian l, Cole wrote:

"Concessa!"  She was laughing as she motioned toward Cole.  "Only one problem with that, Cole hasn't accepted."  And she used his first name.

The fact that Gemma had brought up that very true fact had him cutting a look in her direction.  "I doubt I will be available to see to my end of the bed (bet) should I fail, if this be the wager."

 TroublingOfAStar (Karina) out with others in the Thistle:

Karina released her breath on a long sigh of relief, giving Segan half a glance over her shoulder and a crooked smile in greeting. She sat hunched on the edge of her chair still, cap snug on her head in her damp wool sweater and dress underneath. Probably she ought to take off the sweater to dry too alongside her coat but she didn't just yet. Instead she held her mug tightly in her still-cold fingers and took another ship. (sip)

TroublingOfAStar (Karina) out with others in the Avian Gardens:

Karina wasn't eaten by goblins in the kitchen, really.... she was just giving the lovebirds some private time. But a few minutes later she headed out from the kitchen with mug of tree (tea) in hand. Glancing between the two of them and the tree, she was curious just to see how much decorating they had done already!
"You deserved it." She answered matter-of-factly, turning away from her boy o' toys (bag o' toys) and going back to the tree. She started looking through all the ornaments, deciding which to put on first. "Why do people decorate trees, anyway?" Ever the curious one, it occurred to her to ask it.

Gemma Quinn wrote: ...walk from the manor to enjoy it so by the time she reached the tavern, her nose and cheeks were red from the cold. She was dressed warmly in a cloak of lined wood (wool) over pants of leather and one of her brothers wool sweaters.

In a conversation between RhettShawneseyJr and KarinaStreetborn, Karina wrote:

Which maybe he picked up on as he leaned close enough to have their foreheads meet and to be able to nudge his nose with hers. "Let's go take a walk while it is still nice enough. We can go to my place or yours."

At least he dropped the subject, for now. That nuzzle won a smile back to her face, and she playfully nipped her teeth towards his nose without actually biting. Reaching up to brush his teeth (cheek) before nodding and pushing back from the table. "A walk sounds real nice."

In a conversation between Bannon Zimmer, Thane Roberts and Solarina Riktafir, Bannon wrote:

"I've begun to learn to joust. I'm finding it not easy to hold the lance and guild (guide) the horse but Sir Vincent wants me to be well rounded."

Maggie Callahan wrote:

Maggie was bustling about as per her usual; like a dragonfly she was, never standing still for long, and tonight she was dressed as bright as a dragonfly's wing. An emerald green gown hugged her features (figure), simply but becoming as always, the rich color unadorned except for a cream-white ribbon around the waist.

Fearghus Frasier wrote:

His curly hair was wilder than usual but he was dressed nearly (neatly) in a fisherman's weave sweater of gray, black pants and black boots. (Does that mean he wasn't really dressed at all?)

Charlie One Time wrote:

"Cold as always," she grinned, sipping the teat (tea) looking to the lady, waiting for response, probably scared the bejesus out of her ...

Rhett Shawnesey Jr wrote:

Such were his thoughts when he opened up the Thistle door, figuring on eating a better male (meal) than he could prepare for himself.

Liam Quinn wrote:

Of course it would escalate from there and the two coming in like abdominal (big tummies? abominable) snowmen.

Deirdre Callihan wrote:

Full body (bodied) hair as some would say that went down pretty long in waves. Certainly it all spilled out about her shoulders as she removed her cloak to hang to a peg. She simple dark green gown edged in cream eyelet lace.