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Thistle Tavern

Date: 10-31-10
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 1


They were told to hold off on the cargo of seafood to Kildare from Innis so all was held off for few weeks to see how things went but they would be running at least the one to Innis soon. Segan saw to his ship nonetheless that it was in top shape especially this time of the year. Waters were getting cold if one ended up in it. Once done, he headed for the Thistle to hopefully catch up with friends or family. He was soon found seated at the bar having a tankard of ale and giving Alex any news he had.

Like any storm, when there is lightening, there is thunder. One always seemed to follow the other. Same applied with the Quinn clan. So entered Segan...and next came Conor. Not planned, just that freak of nature no one could really explain.


Eion had been at the manor and instead of returning directly to the castle, he decided to stop at the Thistle first. It had been a few weeks and he wanted to see what, if any, news Alex had to share. As he made his way inside, he was surprised to see Segan there, as well as Conor.  So his news would come from them instead of Alex.

Better yet! Three Quinns for the price of one! What a bargain at that! "Well, isn't this just the cat's meow." Conor chuckled as he approached the bar, offering a thunk of shoulder to first one and then the other brother.

Speaking of bargains, as he turned on his stool, "did Dolly have her baby yet?" Like that was the first bit of greeting. Maybe Mary had been asking him like he would know.

What was that time of year? Conor had lost track of his pending unclehood. He shot a look to Eion.

He chuckled when he heard Conor, eyeing him a moment. "Been spending a lot of time with Gran?" Teasing as if that was where he picked up the expression used. He shook his head at Segan's question. "Not yet. Soon though. She's getting to the point where she wishes it done and over with."

"Best let Grandmama know when it is happening so she can be there. In fact, do you think you can convince her to move into the manor at least until the baby was born?" Then there would be no need for the questions.

"That's a grand idea! " If Dolly moved into the manor, that would work out so well. Giving the Grand Dame more to fuss over than what Conor could do to make their lives so much easier. "And aye, I have." He shot off a response to Eion, eyeing him up and down as if in reprimand. "And why haven't you?"

He had to chuckle at the two. "What makes you think I haven't?" More than likely, what made them think Herself hadn't already thought of that. He picked up this glass and took a long drink.

Conor took up a bottle which had conveniently found a place next to a glass on the counter, grinning as he began to pour. "Then set Gran on the task, it'll get done and she'll be moved in before she even realized it was suggested to her."

"Well?" was his response as Eion seemed to be beating around the bush.

He had been thinking of that himself since he wasn't sure what was going to happen in the next few weeks. Pointing at Conor, he grinned. "There's an idea. But I'm thinking it won't take much talking. I don't think any woman likes to be alone when she's due." He eyed Segan and chuckled. "Patience, little brother. I can't go wake her now but I'll see to it all tomorrow."

Well was more for his decision on the matter over action at this point. He raised his tankard, "here's to little feet running about the manor and Gram chasing after.."

Conor watched Eion with that toast, but raised his own class. "Aye, better than chasing after the likes of us with her broom!"

Did Eion just get a little pale? He raised his glass though. "Aye, and happier doing that kind of chasing than using the broom." This whole father thing was just starting to hit him.

"Exactly!" which he drank another for Conor's addition! Then one for Eion's.

"Damn." Conor muttered under his breath. He couldn't imagine being in Eion's shoes. Not that he ever could! But even more so now! He drank down a long swallow of potcheen, turning to take up the bottle and refill, even though the glass wasn't quite empty yet.

Which had Eion blinking at Conor. "Are you all right? Everything going well at the ranch?"  Quite a few questions for the youngest brother.

He hadn't seen much of Vanessa with all he'd been doing as he reflected there a moment. "How goes the leather business? Do you have time to make a saddle for me Conor, I will pay the going price." He had the money and wasn't going to expect favors. "You don't have a lass stowed away there you're not telling us about Conor?"

"Always, Segan, I have time for family first. And yes, yes you will." Conor chuckled, bringing up the glass to drink. "I've been busy, actually." This for both of them. "What with the holidays on the way, so no complaints here." As the glass raised to his lips, he caught himself just before he managed a drink, and a good thing considering Segan's final question. "Why the hell would I do that?" A grin, it was there in his eyes, and he finished the process of taking that drink.

"Why the hell not?" Certainly if he could find a willing pretty lass, although it was usually a ticket for trouble too, but what a way to go.

"Because I would want you to know?" Conor retorted. He wasn't asking why the hell would he have a lass, but why the hell would he not tell them if he did! "But, alas, I'm femaleless at the ranch."

"You are working too hard. Sounds like you need a vacation." He nudged Eion for he was far too quiet and still pale.

"But the holidays are coming up." He chuckled then looked at Segan when he was nudged. "And how is Vanessa?"

"Like the vacations you take?" Which were none, thank you! He tipped his glass toward Eion, then to Segan. Good question that. Better that the questions start firing off in Segan's direction!

"I'll be heading for a tropical island soon with a few days lay over." That counted for something! Sliding a glance back to Eion. "I am assuming she is all right because I've not heard otherwise.." In short he didn't really know yet having just gotten back then spending time getting his ship ready again.

"Aye, a tropical island? Island. That means, way to get there except by boat?" He chuckled and shook his head. "Doesn't sound like a relaxing time to me." He was mostly muttering to himself. He'd rather be working and working hard than bent over the rail of a ship, spewing what little he managed to even eat while on that rolling, pitching box of wood.

Well, you can take a boat but I'm going by ship." Certainly Conor had no love for the sea or more rolling around the deck of a sea faring vessel.

"Ah, I hadn't realized you hadn't seen her yet but it is late." He looked at Conor and laughed. "Maybe the getting there isn't for you, but once there? Wouldn't you find it relaxing then?"

"He'd probably like Keifer Douglas' Island." Which everyone knew about that island, well, the men did.

The glass was lifted and he checked the contents, then the other hand lifted the bottle, levels were similar. He seemed to weigh them as he looked at each of his brothers, lifting one up as the other was lowered down and then switched. "Boat...ship...six of one...half dozen of another.  No doubt, Segan, but they'd not much care for the likes of me, green with a foul stomach and reeking of vomit." Nope, he'd just keep his feet on solid ground and enjoy the local girls.

"You should try the medicine made for that. Ciaran did well on it."

"Word has it that Black Doom and Black Beard have surfaced. Hit a ship off the coast of Morocco. The third of the unholy Trinity was not spotted and it looks like they only have one ship."

"Okay then. If I ever had a neeeeeed to set foot on the deck of a ship again, I'll seek him and his remedy out." He jabbed a finger in Segan's direction. "Yet another reason to keep boots to earth."

"You're not headed to that area, are you?" Frowning, he looked at Segan . That would be all they'd need.

"I've no need to head to Spain. It is just some news I've heard. There are a few families here that would like to know of any of the three have emerged."

"I'd think any of the families with..." He looked to Segan, grinned and said just for the spite of it. "Boats."

Which only had him shake his head and laugh, "and you ride ponies.."

Conor laughed, nodding in agreement. "And Eion plays with butter knives."

"And Gran chases us with a single straw." He chuckles as he finished his drink. "I think it is time for me to return to the barracks and get some sleep. It is late and I've things to do tomorrow."

Which had Segan to eye Eion, "is that so.."

"Dang." He was still laughing as he finished off his whiskey and placed the glass on the counter with a "Thanks" to Alex.

"Are you headed for the manor, Conor?" Then he would go there, otherwise he would stay the night here in the Thistle.

"Aye, it's so." He clapped a hand to Segan's shoulder, then to Conor's. "Stay out of trouble, the both of you. I'll likely see you sometime during the day."

"Yes, told Gran I'd stone up that one side of her..." He stopped to offer Eion an uplift of chin. "See you soon enough, Eion. Enjoy puttering around with your knives." Then he looked back to Segan. "Her garden house where some critter had made a hole beneath and then moved out. I'll be doing that first thing, then heading back to the ranch."

"Aye Eion, catch you soon," while listening to Conor. "I'll help you out with that and any other job she needs doing before the cold winds blow." He got his share in when home and he didn't mind doing the work. He finished off his tankard, said his farewell and started out as it was getting that kind of late. Gran would be dragging them out of bed or sending the parrot in on them.

If anyone could find chores needing doing, it was Mary Quinn. There was always something to do, and since Conor enjoyed her cooking much too much, he was there a be told what needed to be done.

He nodded at his brothers, then saluted Alex before heading out the back. Best to take the shortcut to the castle from here.



Date: 11-16-10
Poster: Fearghus Frasier
Post # 2


Gus had been putting in long hours again, finishing up orders for Kildare, and now he was moving into the holiday season. There would be a bit of a break but it never lasted long. Truth be told, he liked being busy though it made it hard to see a certain exotic lass. He was going to make a trip to Ballicastle to deliver some bows and had decided to visit then. Tonight however, he had just finished a meal and was sitting in front of the fire, half dozing from being full and warm. His curly hair was wilder than usual but he was dressed neatly in a fisherman's weave sweater of gray, black pants and black boots.

One sleepy exotic lass was making her way down the steps, silks flowing and the lift of a delicate hand to cover up the yawn. The kind that signified one was waking rather than need of any more sleep. With the back of her hand pressed against her lips her steps ceased as she recognized the one in front of the hearth. Eyes brightened in that instance as she couldn't help the mischievous thoughts. Her steps so light he'd not hear as she traveled barefoot across the flooring. Sneaking up from behind, her arms slid around and down his shoulders as she leaned in. The warmth of a whisper to feather against his ear, "hello there handsome," of course the accent would most likely give her away and even more coupled with the rich scent of blue lotus. Her voice as sultry as the perfume she wore.

He might have thought he was dreaming at first. A smile appeared before his eyes opened fully and he breathed in that delicious scent. "If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up. If it's not, then it's even better." He turned his head slightly so he could see her. "Hello beautiful lady. I've missed you." This close he was tempted to kiss her and did brush his lips against hers. Though he knew she might pull back, especially if a guard was about.

"I missed you too," easing her arms as he moved, turning her way. There was a slight pout leaving her lips so inviting not far from his as she leaned to support her frame against the back of his chair. "You have been well Sahib Gus?" Which for some reason it sounded funny with such a short curt sounding name after it. The brush only tempted her more as she tried to catch that slide by, her arms entwining more again.

"You don't need to call me sahib anymore, Mirre." He murmured and then fell to the temptation himself. He slipped his arms around her and pulled her into his lap, pressing his lips to hers. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was afraid he was insulting her and her culture, but it was too sweet to resist.

She wasn't insulted, this was what her dreams had been made of. For a while she wondered if she was desirable enough to him. This was proving, finally, that she was. Ease of limb she maneuvered with little movement not to disturb the kiss as she managed from the back of the chair, around and into his lap. Arms still entwined about his neck as her lips gave willingly under his and took as well that fed her desires.

She was very desirable, but he had been uncertain of how to approach her. It didn't matter now though as she fit so well against him. The perfume surrounding him made him lightheaded and more easily lost in the feel of her lips, how her hair tickled his face, even the beat of her heart. Finally, reluctantly, he eased from the kiss, opening dark green eyes to meet her beautiful, depthless brown ones.

She looked like a woman that had just been well kissed, the way her lips seemed fuller, her eyes more luminous, her cheeks a darker shade of emotions that had been stirred. It took her a few moments to quietly catch her breath as dark eyes of warm almond held to his, "you look a man with many thoughts on his mind aside," pausing here with a smile, "more than the moment passing."

"I was wondering why I waited so long." He answered with a soft laugh as he reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I don't know how your traditions are, Mirre, and I don't want to do anything wrong. But, would you, I mean, I have to ask your brothers first, but I would like to court you, if that's how things are done in your homeland?" He was getting a little braver maybe?

"We can court. Things are easier in our traditions. Sometimes a woman moves in with her man and they are considered married. Sometimes they have a ceremony but, no matter, it will have to be asked of Yusuf and Anhur. They are our leaders. One of the People, One of the Spiritual." She wasn't sure how much of their culture he knew. "I wish to court you, Sahib Fearghus Frasier. My heart bursts when you are around."

"Best to follow the traditions then." He didn't want the disapproval of either family to follow them. "As does mine, Rahmirre al-Azhar, but you have to make me one promise." He couldn't help himself and he kissed her again after he spoke.

She was about to ask what the promise was but she was lost in the kiss before the question could leave her lips. What promise? All her mind could think of was how his kiss made her feel and how her body felt wonderful held by him. The passion was there and only growing the more they continued the kiss.

They were going to have to stop or he was not going to be a gentleman for much longer. With a touch of his tongue to her lower lip, he pulled back again, his eyes closed. "You heat my blood," he murmured, barely realizing what he said but then he opened his eyes and smiled. "You have to stop calling me Sahib if we're allowed to court."

She murmured something under her breath in Egyptian no less. "I will cease if that is your wish," she had only been using the title out of respect. A tip of her head held a curious glance upon him. "Is this the promise you wish of me? Will courting cease if I slip and say Sahib?"

He smiled and shook his head. "Nothing will stop our courting. If you don't use Sahib, it makes your using my name more intimate. More special." He touched her cheek gently. "The only thing that will stop my courting you is if you tell me to stop."

"Then I shall make your name more special to me, for it is most special." Her smile didn't waver as she remained on his lap, cherishing every minute, every second. With the last she reassured him, "then it will never stop." Fingers were playing with his hair and down along his jaw as she soaked in his features. "I am staying here some days for we need things for the winter. I go to the market and have things sent. I go to the stores next and will have things sent." The project would take more than a day, possibly a week as she decides what is best to have sent.

Gus was enjoying their time together, enough that he didn't want to get up. He tipped his head slightly and smiled. "Then we should spend as much as time as we can together. Would you mind company while you shop?" He wouldn't mind letting his apprentices take over for a time. And he could use some time off!

"I would like that very much," wiggling a little on his lap to get more comfortable. "You can help me pick things out and I would like to order a few bows." That was something on the list and why she volunteered to make the trip.

He blinked then cleared his throat. That ... was a dangerous move for the lass to make but he didn't want to call attention to it. "Who," another pause to clear his throat and he continued, "are the bows for? And what else do you have to buy?"

"The bows are for the men and some of the women that wish to train. This way we can forge for food in the winter better." It was often hard to get to one of the towns for such supplies when the snow came. "There is some furniture, household items, oils, candles, lanterns and so on. I will show you the list tomorrow."

"Do you make them yourself or have purchased them from another?" A voice spoke up had he entered the door didn't make any sound. He wore a gold and blue cloak which had a wing like pattern going on, and hooked under a long necklace he wore. His head was shaved his eyes stood out from dark liner which had a type of tail at the sides along with his brows which were darken with the same type of liner. the rest of his attire was hidden under the cape.

Startled, hearing another voice with no sound beforehand, she jumped to her feet as she swirled around. She and her family had this reaction for their past in being hounded by certain ones in Egypt. Almost forgetting herself as a hand flew up to her lips stilling any sound of surprise. Heart was thundering in her chest for a moment as she regained her composure. "Fair of eve, Sahib." Leaving Gus to answer that question as it seemed to be directed about the bows.

He was up as soon as Mirre stood, an arm going around her protectively. ""Evening, and I make them." He studied the man, eyes narrowing slightly. "Welcome to Heathfield. You're a stranger here." A statement, not a question.

He watched the woman's reaction tiling his head to the side before looking over to make eye contact with the man. "Yes... your correct sir... a stranger... to this place and other cold weathered land... I'm more use to the sand and eternal heat. Do you repair as well as make them sir?"


Leaving the two to talk business, she took up her glass and with the soft rustle of silks, made her way over to the bar. She was going to have a refill as she gave Gus a look to see if he wanted one too. Alex seeing to hers in the meantime.

He gave Mirre a smile and wink as she walked away then he nodded to the stranger. "That I do. I'm Fearghus Frasier and the lass is Rahmirre of House al-Azhar. The gent behind the bar is Alex." With the glance from Mirre, he gave a slight nod. A drink would be appreciated.

An arm was extended out from the cape. On his arm was an armlet , and a type of golden bracelet with a huge blue gold scarab. His hand had a ring with the same type of scarab only with wings. "The hand shake I hear is a custom of politeness, and apart of introduction I hear.. I am new to it, but I hear it is a mark for a ...success of good business with whomever you wish.. As for my name...It's.. Apep.. I've no last name Simply Apep..."

"Aye, it's a way of greeting, and sometimes a way of sealing a business arrangement." He returned the handshake firmly but not overly so. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Apep. If you've need of a meal or drink, you can have either or both at no cost, due to the generosity of the Crown. Rooms are also available. I take it you have a bow you wish repaired?"

She was listening as she kept quiet, a slant of a glance the stranger's way as she noticed the bracelet and ring. There then back as Alex set out a glass of the flavored potcheen punch for her and a shot of potcheen for Gus. These she collected and upon a silent step was back over to offer Gus his drink once the handshake was over. "It is pleasure, Apep." Her English far more polished than when they arrived although the Egyptian accent still clung, sometimes heavily.

Amusement came on his face just then hearing the woman. The same arm was offered to her. "It is a double hear one especially from where I come from say that...that is if that be a hint of Egyptian in that accent of yours.. Rahmirre is it?"

She had learned the custom of shaking hands since her arrival here, although some of them still bowed with hands pressed together. With the offered hand, hers slid into his, skin far softer in comparison and the grip gentle yet firm for those few seconds of the handshake. "It is Rahmirre, or Mirre," being they also found most shortened names. A pleasant smile as she went quiet to leave them to the business. "It is," referring to the accent as she realized that had been asked of her.

"Then it is a double pleasure" He looked back to Fearghus and nodded. "Yes.. an Egyptian bow... larger size different then the normal bows I've seen here and other places, but a bow nonetheless..though I admit I've been having trouble getting it repaired.. especially after a little incident which occurred with someone I've nicknamed grave robber..not only...offered to fix the bow, but decided to try and make a fortune from it...though he was put in his place... another place I should say."

He thanked Mirre quietly as she handed him his drink, taking a sip while she greeted, and spoke to, Apep. A brow lifting, he merely nodded at the man's comment. "I would have to see the bow first to know if it can be fixed properly before I could tell you a price. There is a possibility the damage can't be repaired." He smiled as he added, "and the price will be fair." He built his reputation on not only the quality of his bows, but the fairness of price.

"I have it outside I shall have it brought in to you to have a look if you can right now. That is...I wouldn't want to disturb you on your free time with any type of labor now..."

She knew when to remain quiet as Gus was offered a smile in return as he took his drink. She was curious to see the bow the man had and so waited on his retrieving it.

"I can take a look, though in order to fix it, I'd have to take it to my shop and wouldn't be able to work on it for a day or two." How long it took would depend on the damage of course.

He would move to the door opening it. a few minutes two figures entered inside. Both were staggering wearing layers of ragged looking clothes with wrappings and fabric covering their faces. They made sounds almost like reptilian type sounds as they came in with a red wooden box containing the bow, and setting it on the table. The two new figures opened the lid and headed back outside. He approached the box and pulled the wrapping off the old bow. It was made of fine wood with a casing of gold over it. The area where the string for the bow went was in the shape of snake heads with open mouths. The string had been snapped , and one of the heads was cracked while one was missing a ruby eye, the other was missing both eyes. There was a large piece of gold casing which was cracked and had fallen off revealing the wood of the bow underneath.

Gus approached the table, and motioned to the bow, holding out his hands? "May I?" He had already noted the nock being cracked . "The missing gold leaf will have to be replaced by a goldsmith I'm afraid. "He wouldn't touch the bow until permission was given.

Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back, as the saying went and she was full of curiosity as she managed to get close enough to get a look at the bow. Old and priceless, it would test Gus' abilities and he was right on the gold part.

"Of course...careful though, the fangs of the snakes tend to be sharp... like the real deal...maybe poisonous," he was joking of course.

With all things in her past, eyes went wide for such could be real. They had seen many odd things. Still she kept quiet as almond colored eyes turned from the man to Gus with just that tinge of fear there.

He smiled as he took up the bow, meaning to reassure Mirre. He had no concern of the man's companions. Studying the weapon, he ran his finger along the crack, dark green eyes taking on a distant look. "How old is this bow? I can fill the crack with a special mixture of sawdust and glue I make myself. It will be close the same color though a touch lighter. That will fade in time. Then enforce it was a metal ring that can be colored to blend in with the wood or you can have it covered when you have the gold leaf repaired. The crack doesn't run the length of the bow. As far as the stones in the eyes, I have no means to obtain such but if you may be able to find them at the jeweler's here and have her replace them or bring them to me. The string is no problem at all." He looked up then down at the bow again. "I would think two gold would cover it." Minor work all in all.

"Probably older then the first pharaoh of where I come from. This only a folk tale but they say the demon who owned it years ago forged it with its own venom... and its blood was an acid he forged it with a desecrated relic of Ra..on the day the head priest became possessed. Though it's just a folk tale... as you can see its inner shell is simply wood.. unless it's an illusion.."

The barmaid was around and about as usual. Maggie had been up on a stool, cleaning off the dust from the mantle which often got neglected, then polishing the wood to make it shine. Finished with the chore she tucked the stool away, wiping her hands off on her apron as she crossed the room. A bright smile was offered to those gathered. "Can I fetch anyone anything just now?"

It gave her the shivers for what it all implied. "I can hope it is only a tale passed on to make it seem more significant than its ornate looks." More mussed and a bright smile seeing Maggie come in, "it is good to see you again MamSahib Maggie."

"It's in extremely good shape for something so ancient." He looked up as Maggie spoke and shook his head. "No thank you, Maggie. This is Apep. He's a visitor here." The Druid Prince's wards would make sure no evil would happen so Gus wasn't too worried. He grinned outright at Apep. "I tend to take such tales with a touch of skepticism. Being it's such a valuable piece, if for no other reason than its age and history, you can bring it to my shop in the morning if you wish. Unless you wish to move on and find another bowyer who may be able fix it differently."



Date: 11-16-10
Poster: Fearghus Frasier 
Post # 3

The wind was getting colder with that edge of winter to it. The trees barren as the leaves laid upon the ground, browning and disintegrating into the soil. Brian paused upon the porch to turn a look out over the street knowing that in a couple months it would be white and the sound of Eion's invention moving about the streets to clear them. It was as if he could see it all now as he drew his focus back and turned making his way into the tavern. There was a barmaid he hoped to see as this was the first he could make it back since their date. "Good evening," pausing half way to the bar to greet all within. All but one recognized. The last sweep of eyes to rest on Maggie. "How have you been?" Continuing his way to the bar.

"Fair of eve Sahib Brian." Greeting him with a slight forward bow of her head in respect. Then to Maggie she moved closer. "I have drink, thank you." As she had gotten one just before her arrival along with Gus.

"Good to see you, too, Rahmirre," she replied with a warm smile. One which then turned over to Apep, "Well met sir." Then the door open and she turned towards it with a ready smile, one which became a bit pinched when she saw Brian come in through the door. There was a small sting of guilt as she realized she had not had the chance to speak to him after their outing... and break the news. In truth she had been so swept away by everything that happened with Matthew she had all but forgotten about anybody else... "Good evening, Brian, I've been well, how are you?"


"If I can stay here for several days business with you will be successful..either way I have no choice but to stay the night...I don't like the cold. I despise it so much it's close to a fear. They say Reptilians especially certain types of snakes are cold blood and tend to love the warm places. Though for me I'd say I am like a reptilian I'm so use to warm climates like my homelands... the cold is very foreign to me." A nod was given to the  bar maid.

A respectful nod was given Mirre as she moved closer to Maggie, his focus drawn there again although he was listening to the stranger's conversation of what he picked up so far. Something that was habitual. "I've been very well and even better now that I am here once more. Your brother is doing very well and advancing quickly." He was sure she'd like hearing that and it was truthful without padding up his words. Being a direct man, "I was hoping to see if you have any free time soon?"

"Evening, Brian." Introductions would have to wait since the Captain seemed to be a man with a mission. "Well, if you allow me, I'll take it with me when I leave tonight. And you'll find the rooms here very nice with fireplaces. You won't have to deal with the cold at all."

She did light up to hear that about her brother... something she knew already, but it was good hearing it from one of Richard's colleagues. "Good, good..." And then he was going on. Oh dear. "Ah, Brian... could we perhaps..." and she made a gesture with her hand to an empty table closer to the hearth, starting in that direction with a glance and slight smile over her shoulder.

"I hope the tavern will understand though I have my own bed. I am not use to the type of bedding I always carry it with me where I travel if I go too far from my latest home. You can go a head and take it sir...also..I will pay you if you can find me someone that can repair the parts of the bow which. you can't do."

"Of course," minute dip of his head to the others, "if you will excuse me." He would have asked for introductions but the stranger and Gus were in a business conversation and he had a mission, yes. Long assured stride took him quickly over the distance to the hearth where they could speak more privately.

Maggie slid into a chair and waited for Brian to take a chair opposite, smoothing her apron and skirts in her lap. There was no easy way to broach such a discussion and she was not the sort to mince around a topic, anyway. "So, Brian.." she leaned slightly forward over the table. "You deserve to know the truth, and I don't wish to mislead you. The truth is... I'm being courted by somebody else." She tilted her head slightly and hastened to go on. "It all happened quite suddenly, I mean, I've cared about him for a long time, but I did not realize he felt the same, when I agreed to go out with you. But.. he does.." there was a smile beginning to tease her lips but she kept it subdued, for Brian's sake. "..and I'm sorry."

"I'll attempt to do so." He rubbed at his chin thoughtfully. "Though the pricing will change with what they charge. Do you want the best quality?"

His other hand was tracing the scarab bracelet while he was listening to Fearghus, and nodded lightly. "When it's near complete with the gold people I have a method of my own that can handle the rest.. you though I want the best Quality possible...postpone other clients if needed... act as if your working on the reconstruction of a relic if you must."

A brow lifted again as Gus leaned back against the bar. "I'm sorry but are you telling me that you just need someone to do the gold? And not the eyes? As far as postponing other clients, it's not possible. They happen to be of the Royal Family." He smiled slightly. "I can work on it as I work on the other bows. But the glue needs time to dry."

He took up the seat near once she was seated. The next came as a surprise and his first question would have been when this had occurred but that was answered. "It would seem that as the saying goes, I am a day late and a coin short. I am not sorry for I had a wonderful time in what little time I was allowed." His words were meant even if disappointed. "Who is the lucky man?"

"I've the original eyes. there's already someone who I've requested to set them in... it would be too long to explain, and too unpleasant to hear.. Go ahead and take what time you need with the bow."

"I'm sorry, Brian," and she truly was. Maggie didn't like to make anybody feel badly... and Brian was a genuinely nice man who deserved a perfect match for himself. "I had a good time, too." The smile which came to her lips was warm and it deepened when he asked that question. "Matthew Myers... he's the handyman here." The dimples came to her cheeks and she glanced to her hands, then back to Brian. "You're a good man, Brian. I may not know you well yet, but I think you are kind, and a true gentleman. I know you'll find somebody perfect for yourself." Her smile was gentle.

She stood there much like a statue, drink in one hand as eyes moved between the two. She tried not to look Maggie and Brian's way for they seemed to wish privacy as much as a public place could afford.

The disappointment was subsiding as he was honestly happy for her. He, at least, had taken a step to take someone out without expectation. "Matthew is a good man, I appreciate your honesty too." Which had him pause as he tried to lighten the conversation in reassuring her too, "you wouldn't happen to have a sister?" Teasing, but something one would say in such circumstances.

"Ah, I understand now. I'll speak to the jeweler about the gold, and leave a message with Alex with the full price. As long as it doesn't rain, the glue should dry within a day or two once the crack is filled. And now, if our business if finished, you might like a hot meal to help you warm up." He smiled as he glanced at Mirre then back. "And since I'll be leaving soon, I have a conversation to continue. " He offered his hand again. "And this is to seal the deal." Not sure if the man would quite understand.

Her smile flickered a moment. "No... not here." It was the truth but not something she'd speak of beyond the joke, and her smile returned a second later. "He is a good man. But so are you. I hope you don't take this as anything against you, truly."

A light smirk and his hand extended out to take the other's in a good firm hand shake. "Nae I've already a had my meal.. all I need is my room I wish to turn in early.."

"Then all you need to do, is speak to Alex for a key. Have a good night's rest."

A nod and the man would walk away to start new business with this Alex for a key to a room.

If he caught anything from her tone, he didn't ask upon it being it gave him the impression of something personal, leaving it as the old joke instead. "Have you come out to watch your brother yet?" Deciding a change of topic was in order.

"No, not since that first day. I thought I'd let him settle in some before his little sister came to watch." She offered a smile, and then tilted her head again as if to study him. Maggie was relieved that he had taken it so well... but still felt a bit badly herself. "Let me get you a drink? What would you like?"

The bow was placed back in the box and then he was over to Mirre, leaning slightly as he spoke to her. "Are you all right?" She had seemed a touch unsure of the man or the bow for that matter.   He hadn't liked what the man had inferred about replacing the eyes, but should any evil magic be attempted in Heathfield...  Apep would be unpleasantly surprised.

"I think some potcheen would do well presently. I am off duty. You should come and see him train for you will not be seeing him fumble as he did in the beginning, being rusty. He is quick to get back on his feet."

"Yes," almost using Sahib but managed not to as per their earlier conversation. "The bow is most likely cursed. I would not touch it but it probably will not harm you not being of Egypt." If that made any sense and she would not speak of this in front of the man who obviously got his key and went upstairs. "His men have the smell of serpent as it also seems about him. He may not be totally human but possibly demon possessed. He did behave here and will pay you a good coin for your work on his bow."

That made her smile genuinely. She never got sick of hearing about her brother. "Ahh, glad I am to hear it. I always knew he was meant for more... meant for great things." Then she was up and over to the bar to get Brian a potcheen, asking Alex for a tiny dram of whiskey for herself as well. She could use it after the somewhat uncomfortable conversation.

"If he is, and he doesn't behave, he'll likely find himself out of the lands. I can see if someone will look at the bow to make sure. I wouldn't want Velvet MacShire touching it if that's the case." He wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a hug and if she allowed, held her that way for a moment or two. "So he could be older than the first Pharaoh himself?"

"Demons usually are older... or some kind of spirit force." She was thinking the worse but her past would have it so. She easily went into his arms as she needed that hug, that feeling of security to surround her.

He couldn't help but hear the conversation between Gus and Mirre as it caused a slight frown. How Gus reassured her was correct. "And if he is not demon spawn and caused problems then the Royal Guards would most likely be the ones to drag his sorry arse out of the lands." Or the knights or even the elementals if needed. "He seems an all right bloke to give him the benefit of the doubt."

Maggie sat back down at the table and slid Brian's potcheen over towards him, glancing between each of them as she joined the conversation. "Besides... isn't there a ward around these lands, to protect against anything truly evil that might try to get in?" She sometimes wondered if that was why the Ice Wizard hadn't come after her in person... though she believed he had simply been too much of a coward to leave his custom-made frozen hell.

He nodded then looked up at Brian and Maggie. "That's why I wasn't too concerned though you might want to keep an eye on him if he goes wandering. He spoke of a man who tried to cheat him and how he made him pay for his mistake." He released Mirre from the hug but kept one arm loosely around her waist so that she could turn to face Maggie and Brian.

"Aye, to both of yea." Taking up the glass as he took a good warm swallow. Potcheen had a nice smooth burn about it. "I will alert the guards." He had not been here to hear what he said on the fellow that cheated him. "What had he said?"

"I don't remember his exact words, but he said the one he had asked to fix the bow originally saw it as an opportunity to cheat him, and make more coin on the work. He said he made sure the man would not be cheating anyone again more or less." Gus had not reacted to the comment at the time.

"Perhaps he told you of this to warn you against cheating him, not that you would be. Maybe he is use to those that would try and cheat him?" Usually a person told a story for a reason.

"I'm sure it was told as a warning. I can understand not wanting to be cheated but his idea of being cheated may be different from mine." He shrugged slightly. "In any case, if he doesn't attempt to cause trouble, everything will be fine."

Maggie had been quiet but listening to all that was said, absently swirling around the liquid in her glass. Then she decided it was time, and lifted the glass to take the shot neatly, blowing out a breath when the liquid burned fiercely down her throat.

"You down that like a pro." He chuckled then looked at Mirre. "I should return to the shop and get some rest." Though he was reluctant to go.

"I would walk you home but that would mean I'd have to walk back here alone," and right now she was not sure about walking the streets alone. "I will see you tomorrow after breaking fast?"

Which had him chuckle hearing the comment and followed by kicking back the rest of his drink. "It is time for me to return to the castle. I will walk with you as far as your place, Gus. We will be needing to order some bows for the new recruits."

"I wouldn't want you to walk me back this late." He smiled and nodded. "Yes you will. And I'll escort you wherever you need to go." He kissed her before looking up at Brian. "Aye, we can discuss that on the way. Good night, Rahmirre. May your dreams be sweet ones." And not of reptilian demons. "Good night, Maggie. Your dreams be sweet as well."

Maggie smirked slightly and pushed the empty glass aside, leaning back in her chair. "Goodnight, Brian. I hope to see you again.." Which she meant, even if it was only as friends. She offered a smile then smiled to Gus as well. "Goodnight, and travel safe, both of you."

Friendship was good with him, something he never passed up with someone worth having as a friend. Maggie was worth having as one. "Good night Maggie, good night Mirre. Stay well and happy. I am sure you will see me again. Please stop by the training field in back of the spar hall," which he claimed for his men in the mornings and sometimes on the king's field. He set his glass on the bar in passing as he headed outside, giving Gus a few with Mirre as he lit up a cigarillo to enjoy as he waited.

She reveled in the kiss, letting it linger with eyes closed a few moments even after it ended. With Brian's farewells, she came back to reality with a smile his way. "Fair of night Sahib Brian. May Ra watch over you."

As Brian stepped outside, he looked back to Mirre. "When you return home, I'll escort you if that's all right." Then he'd speak to her brothers. "We'll talk more in the morning, aye?" And he just had to kiss her again. Sorry,Maggie! Then he finally was making his way toward the door, tripping over a chair when he looked back. She still had that affect on him! Laughing, he raised his hand and stepped on outside.

"Yes, that will be perfect," as it would take care of him speaking with both Yusuf and Anhur. This brought back her smile and finally letting go of the unease the other caused in her. He wanted her to swoon didn't he! The kiss returned with the same intense passion before it had to end. She would be daydreaming when parted from him.

It was all the fault of that perfume she wore! And her eyes. And her smile. Mentally shaking his head as he closed the door, he looked at Brian. "Now then, how many bows will you be needing?"

He was crushing out the cigarillo butt by the time Gus arrived outside. A grin started as he had caught all the kissing through the window. "Seems spring had come early to the lands," being Maggie was being courted and now Gus seemed to be in the same boat. "About a dozen," which the Crown would pay for so he knew there would be no problem getting his coin. He would be ordering swords too and a few other weapons. "Pretty lass," meaning Mirre in a complimentary way upon Gus as he was down the steps and started on their way.

"I suppose it has, at least where the heart is concerned." He grinned as he nodded agreement. "She is and took me long enough to get around to admitting how I feel. Then again, there are her brothers... " He trailed off then started to talk on the bows as they walked away.

Date: 11-21-10
Poster: Anhur al-Azhar
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A Friend's Return

The place was quiet tonight as Anhur made his way inside. Alex was here and either he missed everyone or it was one of those nights. "Fair of night, Alex," greeting the man respectfully as he 
 made his way over to the bar. The door having been closed behind him for the chill the night carried. It was mostly the wind that made it feel like it bit. He was wearing typical clothing of this realm. Baggy brown pants, boots that laced up and a thick cable sweater of mohair. Ecru hue with bits of many different colors. Alex set out a glass of the potcheen for if anything could warm a body up, it was that liquor.
Sadie had done all her pausing at the docks. It was strange to be back after four years away, certainly, but she still knew her way. With her pack slung over her shoulder and smelling of salt, she headed straight for the Thistle. Whatever there might have been of worry or guilt was well disguised by a breezy walk. It took her no time--and she didn't allow herself to look around--before she was dashing up the stairs and to the door. She didn't hesitate, but swung in, a heavy canvas bag at her shoulder and a few months of sea having set her golden skin to pink. She was slim and roguish as ever, wearing a pair of pants and a sailor's sweater.

The breeze that curled around his legs was not missed as he took up his drink. Eyes of that unreal blue turned upon the one coming in as if a breeze off the sea itself. "Fair of eve," he started in his greeting before the vision brought up recognition. "Sadie? Is that you or are you one that looks like one I knew long ago?" Stepping away from the bar with his glass in hand and now so very curious.

The hint of a smile bloomed, dimples immediately tucking into her cheeks. "Anhur?" Her laugh was quick and pleased as she headed straight for him. She dropped her bag when she was a few paces away and went in for a hug.

He managed to keep the glass in hand and not dump it on her either as he wrapped her up into a hug. "It is good to know you are alive and well." Assuming all was well, she was alive, in that he was correct. His English was a lot better but certainly the accent remained. He too had the hinted scent of the intoxicating blue lotus about him.

Aside from being back in the area where she had abandoned a man who she was going to marry, all was very well indeed. Her hair was long, curling a little wild from the sea-wind, brushed against his cheek as she held on for a moment. Taking a deep breath, carrying the lotus with her, she stepped back. "Oui. Alive and well. And aren't you looking better than well yourself." Her own accent was perhaps even more a mish-mash as she'd added four years of travel to the familiarly mangled French and Australian.

If she abandoned a man she was going to marry, Anhur would feel there had to be good reason for Sadie. "You look good," to the point without flattery as he held her at arms' length once the hug was done. Sight traveled over her features to delve a little deeper than superficial. Smile swept next, something rare as he was usually too serious. Much too serious. "I am well too." Hands releasing that hold as his arms came back down.

He certainly was, but wasn't she just the girl to make him forget all about that? It was hard to believe she was a doctor, even to her. One slim hand reached up, a fingertip touching just the corner of his smile. "Mon cherie, I hope you do that more than when last I was here. It suits you. And I, I always look good." She winked, then combed a hand through the tangle of gold hair. "Are you rushing off somewhere or can I keep you?"

The great majority of her afternoon was spent exploring the vast and glorious lands Heathfield had to offer. Just as tranquil was the wildlife and structures matched the citizens that fondly called this place home. Her chest flared with peace and satisfaction.. Only to lighten further as she rounded the bend and founded herself at the porch of the tavern.. She remembered the establishment from a few nights ago when she was fortunate enough to meet King Peter himself! Head tilted to the side and, with a small huff of breath she fisted her snow white gown and began the short climb.. Handle lifted and the tall Celt moved out of the shadows and into the dim candle lighting. Piercing blue eyes shifted about upon the patrons.

Which had him laughing next as she teased him. "This is Oui," imitating her expression for yes, "it is good to have you back to the lands. I am here for some days to help Mirre," but then he halted for her next statement. "I will be kept man then?" He obviously had learned the connection that it should be humorous. Eyes of sky blue on a clear day lifted from Sadie to one coming in. "Fair of night MamSiheb." Cordially greeting the one.

Yes, quite a change with him teasing her back--or understanding what was coming out of her mouth as it was always going faster than a racehorse. Sadie, exuberant, went up on her toes and gave his cheek a fast pass with her lips. "Wouldn't I be lucky?" The smile, all easy and bright, was turned on the woman Anhur greeted. She started to call out a greeting, as she would have in days gone by, but instead let the smile speak for her.

There was a kind air that moved about her.. Waffling the comfort of a nurturing aroma almost constantly. As she was noticed and politely welcomed by both a small hand waved gingerly upward.. In meek efforts of shunning away any real notice as it seemed the pair's conversation was of reunion and light hearted. To which her smile returned and the tall, five feet- eleven inch woman made her way slowly to the bar. "It's grand to see new faces.." 'New' to her at least but in retrospect she was the one who was very new to these lands. Leaning a hip upon the stool she sank within and offered Alex a broadened smile as he came with her cider.. "I'm already predictable aye?" She winked and toasted him and only then would she turn back to Anhur and Sadie.. "I'm Kirstean" She warmly offered.

"I would be lucky," he had learned humor, or a good step in that direction as he was tapping his other cheek being she graced one with her lips. "I am unbalanced.." right! "Cider is good here," noticing the drink being set out. "It is made by Draven MacShire." Just to add a little bit of information. "Well in meet," Sounding it out hopefully close to how she pronounced it.

Sadie's green eyes lit at his comment and she dutifully kissed his other cheek. "Wouldn't want you to tip over." Then her gaze tracked back to Kirstean. "It's a fine night to meet new people. I'm Sadie." It was also a fine night for her not to be leaving her duffel in the middle of the floor. She bent over to scoop it back onto her shoulder where she'd dropped it to attack the thankfully mellowed Anhur.

He duly added realizing he had forgotten to give his name. "I am Anhur." Which he took the duffel from her to set on a stool out of the way, "you will tip over."

Thin brows pinched together momentarily as small hands waved the mug upward for a brief inhale. A dainty sip was pulled and then she nodded as the tale was spoken.. "Mmm.. I should have to thank Lord MacShire for his great talent then." Porcelain cheeks flustered a soft crimson hue. "Well met, Sadie." She nodded with eagerness. Then, as the man attempted to pronounce her name a rather charmed grin touched the surface of her lips. "It's equally a pleasure to meet you, Anhur." He was of Egyptian decsent... She only assumed by the fine bronzen skin he bore.

After remaining in his rooms for days, he came down the stairs. He wasn't wearing his wing patterned cape so his attire was in full view. It was a white kilt with a type of white pleated material wrapped over his torso to look like a type of shirt. Around his waist was a gold belt with a dangling piece in the front. On his arms were two scarab style armlets, white ones. Wrist had a plain gold bracelet, the other had a slightly cracked scarab bracelet made of gold. The Scarab on top was blue gold. On his neck he wore a type of beaded necklace. His head was shaved of all its hair. Eyes that stood out from a type of liner scanned the room for a few faces he saw the first night he came in.


It certainly wasn't his eyes, even for another blue eyed race they were still different. Certainly stood out on an Egyptian even more. A respectful nod was given the one coming from upstairs if he wasn't mistaken.


He was more interested in finding that man who he gave his bow to repair to. Eyes fell upon the greeted and a nod was given as he descended the last stair and started looking about.

"It wouldn't be the first time. Thank you." She finally moved towards the barstool, catching a glimpse of white cloth as she angled a hip onto her seat. She patted the one next to her for Anhur. He was well and truly trapped. As the first familiar face she'd seen since arriving, she couldn't let him escape. Actually, after a few months on a Portuguese freighter, anyone within earshot was trapped.

She did notice the uniqueness within the brilliance of his eyes. So, watery blue and unlike any she had seen before. It was, for a moment or two the soul reason why she felt compelled to stare at the man.. As awkward as that might have been for all sides.. Then came, Sadie as she wiggled herself upon the stool beside her and Kirstean blinked out of the trance and shifted her focus back upon the other woman. "The cider is very good." Lips quietly smacked and then she turned her gaze upon the other man who came from the rooms above.. "Fair, eve." Head bowed out of respect.. For all she knew he could have been another royal!

"Ferguson" He wasn't sure if he had it right but he spoke the name. "Does anyone know someone by that name?" He nodded toward the woman who greeted him his gaze looking over the crowd again.


If she stared, he didn't seem to notice, possibly he was use to it? There was a reason for the color of his eyes but only those who became close found out why. He took up the stool next to Sadie. "You are going to stay a while?" She knew the rooms were free here, as well food and drink. He wondered if Hazel was working in the kitchen too making the food. He shook his head with the name, for he knew not anyone by the name of Ferguson. Sadie was a sandwich now.

The journey had been rough. But, the seas, be they stormy or calm brought Athena's own soul to be at ease, as if she had fins and could swim. But she was a mortal. One with two legs and feet that moved with gentle strides down the path of a land she had come to see as one filled with beauty and light. Athens was on the ship, for she was afraid how some would take a wolf being her pet, but her friend as well. Thus did she move on feet held by the black cloth of slippers, but soles that were sturdy for one that walked more then she would ride a horse. Eyes of bright silver were hidden by the hood of her crimson cloak. Lips of red shadowed by the material as well. She was not one of mystery, only one that had been judged so often in her past, she had grown tired of it. Was this land like many she had seen in her past, or perhaps, just perhaps.. one that was different? Anthea did not know, but standing and looking to the building would not answer her questions. She would have to step forward and find out.

Bottom lip sucked inward while teeth briefly chewed upon the gum to contain words from falling out of her mouth without thought. She was the very last person to ask if someone is looking for another.. With such she tilted her head she eyed Anhur and then Sadie with a casual shrug. "I suppose I shall stay here for the night.." She had nowhere else to go. When her friend ordered the cider Kirstean issued her a wink and then chuckled.

"Sorry, mate. Straight off the boat." She shrugged, the over-sized sweater slipping over a shoulder. She hadn't gone aboard the ship prepared for winter. Glancing at Kirstean, she decided to mimic the order, "and a cider here too please." She lifted a hand to push back her hair and brushed the silver chain that disappeared into the sweater. "I think I will." A sandwich was Sadie's favorite thing to be. Sadie winked back, then settled a fast smile on everyone coming in. She'd missed this, being surrounded by people, this sense of home.


Gus came to the tavern with the intentions of leaving the box with Alex. He had gained another order, a large one, and wouldn't have time to wait around. Heading up the steps, he moved inside, pausing when he saw Apep there. "Ah,  just the man I wanted to see. Your bow is complete, down to the gold flake. Evening Anhur, ladies."

He saw the man he wanted to see and approached him the moment he walked in and spoke towards him. "I've been waiting to see the work you've done Mr. Fraiser ..Pleasure." His arm moved out motioning toward the nearest table. "Let's have a look."

Indeed.. This did feel like home.. Yet that was perhaps cliche for her since she could honestly not remember where she really came from. The sea had taken her and she never once looked back. A dreadful thing yet she was a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.. Then others began to flush in and with it a smile was directed toward the man.. Fearghus.. Perhaps this new face who entered was the man of the hour indeed.

The box was placed on the table before he opened it. The bow was wrapped in the same cloth as before and he lifted it carefully, unwrapping it and handing it to the man. There was no trace of the crack and the gold leaf matched perfectly. All he'd need to do is place the rubies in the eyes, though if the ritual he spoke of held evil, it would have to be done beyond the borders of the realm. The wards of the Druid Prince allowed no evil here.

Black gloves sparkled by the moonlight, as she moved leather covered fingers to lift her cloak lightly, showing only a glimpse of her black gown, and a nod given to any she might see as she moved within, wishing only to quench her thirst after weeks of rotten tea. Crunch of her nose with thoughts of the tea, was like drinking salt water for weeks.

"Good evening Gus. You have met Sadie and Kirrr.. steeean.." He was getting closer with her name.

He smirked and took the bow in both hands looking over the bow with great amusement. He brought close to his face looking over the Egyptian bow with the snake heads on both ends where the string came out. He moved toward the table to set it down carefully. "You do not know how much I've needed this nor how grateful I am Mr. Fraiser." He reached for one of his bracelets and opened one of the gems which really was a type of carrier containing several gems inside which he pulled out and placed in the eye sockets. "Remind me how much I owe you?"

A brow arched and she smiled widely toward Anhur.. She was clearly proud of his rapid success. But, to make it a little more fluid she spoke up.. "Kirstean.. It's a pleasure to meet you" Her smile and words were deep with sincerity.

Sadie took the cider when it was delivered, wrapping her fingers firmly around the mug. She shot that smile, all white teeth and dimples, to Gus. She wanted to ask Anhur about his family and the hospital and a million other things, but instead she just gave him a nudge. "Can't have done, can he? We're brand new. Well, she is. I'm like a bad ha'penny."

A table was spotted easily, the seat took with feminine ease. And she to remain quiet. Not to study or be nosey, only to rest and be happy she was finally on solid ground and not the rocky ship.

"Nice to meet you both." He waved a hand in their general direction, distracted as always when it came to business. "I believe I had told you two gold. With the gold flake, it's five. Three will go to the goldsmith, two for the goldflake, one for her work."

"Can't have done... what?" He was distracted watching the proceedings of Gus and the man with the bow. Turning a look back her way, "penny of hay. You are copper and good luck with your face turned to the sky." Sadie knew that it was a short trip to confuse Anhur with certain expressions.

She absolutely could not withhold her chuckle as Sadie exploited her as being the newest member.. Not that it was a secret by any means but because.. In all actuality she was not expecting that.. Mental note made.. Sadie is boisterous! Actually, in Kirstean's case this was a very good thing! Since she was shy and far more timid. A hand waved in return and then she eased back to enjoy her cider. Anhur's words confused her and such a quizzical glance was shifted toward him.. Yet she would remain silent.


Right. Still had to be a little clearer, didn't she? But it was hard to get her tongue to keep up with her head and for either of them to be working in synch. Sadie laughed. "Only if someone picks me up, cher."

"You may tell them that I am deeply impressed, and they, along with yourself, can consider me a returning client if I should need your's and their aids in something like a.... like a bow in fact.. you may tell the gold smith and gold flaker I would like to meet her. I have another project she may like that ....allows her to show off her art skills if she is the type that likes to have a lot of freedom in her clients work."

"Fair of night, MamSiheb," greeting the latest addition to the room. "Food and drink are free if you have hunger or thirst."

"We recommend the cider." Sadie tilted her head to indicate Kristean and then herself, of course, as she twisted to add on to Anhur's greeting.


Was this man speaking to her? She gazed toward the voice, slowly to remove the hood of her cloak, and the ringlets of black to cascade down her back. "If you speak to me, Sir.. I thank you for the kindness.." A friendly smile was given to the man, and then the woman as well.."Merci madame, I shall rest for a bit.. but again, I thank you both for the kindness.." Finally friendly faces.

Hard to miss eyes of water and blue of the sky looking right at her.

Blues shifted toward the woman who entered and she offered her a light smile of welcome. But her attention was distracted by Sadie, "didn't you order a sandwich?" She could have been day dreaming. "Aye.. The cider is remarkable." Left hand extended outward in offering for Anhur to take the hot mug.

"You can join us here at the bar if you wish conversation. Sadie is very good at conversation." Saying it with a straight face too and not looking her way. "She is going to tell of the time she has been gone from these lands for certain they were filled with adventure."

"That would be lovely.. thank you.." She rose from the chair the held her comfort for only a brief moment or two.. moving with images of the man's eyes, but also of the woman's kind face, both women.."I am Anthea.. a pleasure to  meet you all.." Her words held the accent of her homeland, but twisted with her adoptive land as well.

"Welcome home, Sadie!" She widely smiled when the news of her return was made.



Date: 11-21-10
Poster: Anhur al-Azhar 
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"Thank you. I'll be sure to pass the word along to Lady MacShire, though I can't give you her answer of course." He smiled as he continued. "And of course, I'd be glad to accept another commission though to be truthful, I've just had an order placed by the Royal Guards so it'll take time."

"Sadie is sandwich," it was a joke and none ordered that he knew of. He took the mug that was offered.

"It's nice to meet you, Anthea.. I'm Kirstean.. This is Sadie" She lightly nudged her friend.

"Greetings, Kirstean and Sadie.." Soft was the smile that appeared along her lips.

"Well in the meet, MamSiheb Anthea," he had an easier time with her name being it was a bit shorter. "I am Anhur," with Kirstean adding her and Sadie's name, he didn't need to.

Sadie turned slowly towards Anhur. "Oh, you have come a long way, haven't you?" She didn't quite suppress her grin. "Well, I did break a man's legs while I was gone." Then she looked back to Anthea, grateful that Kirstean had made the introductions while she was considering Anhur's new gifts. "Indeed, welcome to the bar and tales of cholera." Then she chuckled at Anhur's sandwich remark.

"MamSiheb?" She eased near them, with her eyes to finally gaze about before they landed on the small group. "Well meet Anhur.." She then chuckle at the woman's words, indeed this was a refreshing change of what she had seen 
in other lands.

She couldn't remember the last time she had smiled this much during long intervals.. Truly she had missed it. Hand eased back onto her lap as Anhur accepted her beverage. "Where do you hail from. Anthea?" She did not remember seeing her lovely face during her own ventures through the lands. Though, when Sadie spoke of breaking a man's legs she couldn't help but laugh and study the woman beside her once more.. "Remind me never to get on your bad side!"

Some faces held the look of those that occupied her lands, but she knew they were not of her enemies, so she would speak the truth and nay lie.."My homeland is Greece, my adoptive homeland Scotland.. " Nay once did the smile waver from her lips. She had to chuckle. The conversation was so lovely, and she had not chuckled in so long, it did her soul good.

"You broke a man's legs. Did he deserve to have his legs broken?" Such was how he saw things.

"Ah..Scotland. I come from Ireland" They were neighbors it seemed!

"Well, I'm not entirely certain. I was the second person to do it." She paused, sipped her cider. Then explained, "They'd set crooked and so I was fixing them." But she turned a sly look to Kirstean, "Oh, I'm much worse if you get there, but it's rare anyone does."

"I understand, and I understand also about the Royal Guards... how long will it take for their needs to be satisfied? The next commision should you accept them sicne there's several I was thinking of giving you free flow with it... Much of my weaponry need repair, updation, and improvement... for special reasons. mainly protection and defense but hunting also."

"Ahhh Ireland.. ye hail from a bonny land." Twitch of a grin. But then to speak without the accent once more. "I have never seen Ireland, but was told by many how lovely it is.."

"Aye.. It tis.. There be nothin like m'ome land.. Yet I fear I lost me brogue a while back.. I spent many years at sea." There was tender thought passing within the willowy depths of piercing blue in that moment. "Seems we find our paths 'ere in these lovely lands." Words unspoken... And fine friends along the way! In particular she eyed Anhur and Sadie. "I'm happy to hear that, Sadie.. I like m'legs intact." She teased.

"So it was easier, the legs already cracked? If you have friends here besides me, you can ask and I will tell you what I know." He knew Sadie had a few friends here and he'd been here long enough to know a lot more.

"There are bows at my shop though I won't be in it much. As far as the commission, several months. I'm a bit of a perfectionist about my work. As far as other weapons, you'll have to speak to others here. Bows, arrows are all I
do, I'm afraid."

"The sea can be lovely at times. I do hope your travels upon Posiedon's home was calm and nay so much storms?" Silver orbs of knowing gazed to the woman briefly, but then to look to Sadie, was her name, at the tale and she to listen with a smile.

Sadie slid the silver chain through her fingers, listening to their familiar accents with a faint quirk to her lips. Maybe they'd talk more about Greece, an easy place to enjoy. She laughed at Kirstean, "Most do." And then to answer Anthea, "Well, in four years you'll have a bit of both, but it was well enough. Your own?" She hadn't missed Anhur's offer to tell her about those she'd missed, she just had a sudden twinge of guilt about the manner in which she'd departed. Or fled. In the middle of the night. Without a word to anyone. The smile, though, remained alarmingly cheerful.

"Then I'll leave the arrow work to you then. We can discuss the type im looking for when you're fully availible.. I will remain here for several more days but if...for some reason I'm froce to return to my home is there any way I could send for you?"

Considering her career at sea, slender shoulders arched upward into a casual shrug.. "Fer t'most part, aye.. The sea was forgiving.. But at times it spat us back like an old, unwanted habit." Now came the true Irelander in her!  They tell tall stories. "It's comforting to be a land lubber now." Instantly she looked at Anhur and smiled.

Who remembered? He hadn't.

"I won't leave Heathfield to do work." A brow lifted but if you wish to speak to me here, you can leave a message with Alex. At any rate, I need to leave. I'm due in Ballicastle tonight, for a family gathering in the morning." He waited to be paid then lifted a hand to Anhur. "Anhur, when I return, I'd like to speak to you, and if possible, Yusuf." He knew the eldest Egyptian was courting Draven MacShire's daughter.

She was Greek, more so then Scottish, but her reasons for that were her own. "The sea can spit back, but only if Poseidon is really angered.. but then again, if you endured harsh waves, you can endure anything." She smiled at the words, yes land was lovely, but the ocean was part of her as well.

For which she would eternally adore him. Well, that and those blue eyes. Needing just a moment because she hadn't forgotten, Sadie slipped from the stool, "I'm just going to find a room, drop my bag, maybe wash some sea salt off my face. But I'll be right back down." She tipped her head to their little group and moved around Anhur to get her bag.

"I shall make a point tae visit yer, Scotland.. Lady Anthea" She winked toward her new friend.. "Could we get you anything to drink?" She couldn't remember if the poor lass had been served.

He was sitting there struggling with the visual of the sea spitting Kirstean out like an old unwanted habit? Sadie might recognize that captured expression on his features.

She was afraid to drink liquid, afraid the same thing would happen again. But, for now she would try.."Perhaps, but I wish not to take you from your own drink or friends." Smile was gifted to all three.

Instantly. She was smiling when she leaned over his shoulder, put her lips close to his ear to whisper, "Not literal. Just rough seas."

Head tilted and she noticed the confusion upon Anhur's face.. Though charming she only blushed and chuckled a bit as her attention was given to the women surrounding her. "Nonsense! We are all friends here.. " She shifted to allow room for Anthea to sit.. " Sadie and I recommend the cider."

"Pity... I always enjoy showing my collection to those who...earn my trust. Your payment is in my room if you'd like to wait here I shall get it for you or if you will follow me I will give it to you be better that you did several items for the gold smith and gold flaker are upstairs. You can pass the description of the project I have for her on what it is to her."

"Cider sounds lovely, merci Kirstean.." Soft were the words as she found comfort in the seat. Adjusting her cloth, with a downward stroke of leathered, covered fingers, before gazing about once again.

His mouth formed into a O as the visual was shattered by her words and he was back to reality.

Sadie went about procuring her room, then touched a hand to Anhur's arm as she murmured, "I'll just be a moment." With her bag over her shoulder she headed up the stairs.

"I really don't have time, as he saw one of his apprentices at the window. His brother must have arrived. "And truly, I'm not a go-between." He lifted a hand again to those here and headed for the door. It didn't do to make the Duke wait.

He gave a light smirk and he set the bow back into the box that it was brought in and re-wrapping it he closed the lid onto it and looked over the remaining people in the tavern. It was late so he picked up the box and headed back up the stairs to his room.

The cider had arrived, and Anthea gazed into the cup, as if the weight of the world was in the liquid. With a breath taken, she took hold of the cup with leather gloves, and closed her eyes to take a soft sip.


That would mean she was taking the world by the horns. Not a bad symbolism. "Do you have family, Anthea?"

"Yes, my Lord.. a mother, who still lives in Greece. And you? Do you have family?" She did not mean to pry, but she had to ignore the cider that was now ice. But she easily pushed it away with silver eyes to gaze at his own, so different then most.

"I am not Lord," gently correcting her, "I am high priest of Amun-Ra of the house of alAzhar. I have family and will be uncle soon. We have manor in the lands of Ballicastle along with the family of alDawla."

"Please forgive my ignorance, Anhur... and congratulations on becoming a Uncle.. I am sure it will bring your family much happiness." His voice sounded so much like those in her lands, but again, she knew he was nothing like them? "Ballicastle? There is more then this land.. goodness, you are lucky to live in such a place."

Sadie didn't do much looking at her room, just dumped her bag on the bed. She'd called the Thistle home for quite a long time when she was here last. Right up until she'd moved onto the hospital grounds, in fact. She'd have to visit it soon. Pushing her hands through her hair she headed back out of the room and jogged down the stairs.

Which had him tuck his chin some, "you are not of ignorance, you did not know." Now she did so if she used Lord again then it would be of ignorance! "It will, Desh is very dear to all of us. She married a good man in Isaac alDawla."

"Congratulations to Desh and Isaac.. it is good to have family surround you.. " She would make a mental note.. no my Lording him, only Anhur. With a smile she lifted the frozen cider.. "To your future nephew or nice.." Smile came with ease, and then she set the cup down with a smile to the sound of one coming down the stairs.


"There are Five sister castles including the lands of Luneberg where the king of these lands is from." Technically Heathfield had become an empire but the monarchy didn't claim the title. "Thank you," lifting his glass in salute before drinking down its contents. "Welcome back Sadie."

Sadie's stride hitched as she re-entered the main tap room. "Anhur, what did you do?" Her voice was accusing, but her mouth was twitching as she indicated the emptied space.

"Very impressive, Anhur.. Your royals must be proud, not only the lands, but kind people as yourself, Sadie and Kirstean.." Her voice came with a soft tone, not one of sadness, only envy that she never held such a family as he did. But then Sadie did return, and she smiled with her own welcome .. not in words, but a smile that came with warmth.

"I let out a smelly one and she ran away?" Was that a good answer?

She giggled, and then coughed to stop the noise that was rare to her lips.

"I have small family compared to the man that was in here. Frasiers are everywhere but the Quinns might soon have them beat. Of course there is the McAndrews. Ten brothers and the oldest alone has ten sons."

Did she gawk? Yes, and quickly shut her mouth before something flew in. "Goodness.. that is a huge family." Shaking her head, she was amazed, for she had never known anyone with more then two children.

Sadie's laugh was big and it stopped her in her tracks. While they continued with their serious conversation she tried to compose herself, only standing near them when she'd eased into a grin.

"So, you do not ask on ones that you called friends here before, Sadie?" Now who was teasing a reprimand? Giving a nod in agreement to Anthea too, there were some large families here.

She turned to Sadie with a wink. She was not always serious, but amazed at the huge families he was speaking of. Goodness, the poor mother that had to pop each one out. She quickly closed her legs at the thought of it.

Green eyes focused on him. "How is your family, Anhur?"

"They are very well. Desh has married Isaac and has child on its way. Yusuf is to marry Autumn MacShire. The others are all single." Which he added on a smile at the end.

"Oh, that's lovely." She reached out to find his hand, give it a congratulatory squeeze. "Except, the part about you being single. I thought that would have been taken care of." Payback. Sadie looked at Anthea. "The women used to stand several feet away and sigh over him. I thought in four years they would have gotten the courage to speak to him."


Chuckle came with ease. Words as well.."Well, I can see why.. he is handsome.." Then with a grin she turned to sip at the cider now unfrozen.

Which had his brows lifting with that explanation. "Then they should have said something than standing there sighing." Hand wrapped around hers as he pulled her into a hug as he stood. "You have been missed Sadie but now I need sleep or I will be using you as my pillow." Still practicing his teasing as he wrapped her up in that hug then planted a kiss to each cheek before releasing her.

Shaking her head, she took another sip of the cider. Leaving the two in their conversation, but thinking she was happy to have walked in here tonight. All she met had been wonderful.

She tucked her head for a nice long inhale of lotus, eyes closing. This was a good smell to go to sleep with. When she was released she was smiling, "Not that I'd mind." Then, turning slightly, "It was so nice to meet you, Anthea, but I'll need some sleep. Have to get the rest of my things from the ship at sunrise."

"You sleep here tonight, it is too late to go anywhere," this to Anthea with a warmed smile her way.

A pleasure to have met you both." She knew she had to get back to her ship, perhaps tomorrow she could find a home on land, but for now.. Athens would worry about her. " Thank you Anhur.. I shall take you up on that.. " Smile soft and returned.

Alex would see to any key needed and the chambermaids to their rooms if they needed anything upstairs. Luckily they didn't know about the Boggart in the Attic!

Boggart? Ok, maybe she needs Athens.

So, he escorted them both upstairs as he was taking a room here tonight too.



Date: 11-22-10
Poster: Liam Quinn
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Colder Nights

Liam had the whole place to himself presently. Feet kicked up on the low table in front of the wing back chairs, of which he occupied one. Derby was turned over as he set to flipping cards, getting most of them in with a few misses. A glass of potcheen sat on the table next to his right elbow. Attire consisting of a woolen vest of dark gray over an off white homespun shirt. Pants matching the vest and black boots.

The day had been a busy one what with it starting at dawn. The Portugeuse sailors had only docked here to drop off their doctor and hopefully hire on a new one. Sadie'd had a bit of help with two large trunks, then spent the day visiting old haunts. Although she hadn't made it to the hospital, she was saving that--or avoiding it. Two hours ago she'd come in, giving up on any further looking around, because the air had turned bitter. At least bitter to a girl who'd been living in warmer climes. Now, heated through with a hot bath, she came lightly down the stairs from her room hoping for a hearty meal that wouldn't be taken alone.

The light sound of steps gradually penetrated an otherwise occupied mind. Mindless stuff actually that one drift through when nothing else to do. Brows lifted with a glance over his shoulder and certainly dipping to take in the whole of the one advancing into the room. Smile was swift of a kind that reached dark eyes in a pleasant way. "Good evening lass. Quiet night. I'm Liam," card that was posed in his hand was slipped back into the deck held by the other and set aside to the table at his right. He even discreetly uncrossed booted feet at the ankles and brought them back down to the flooring as he sat up.

Sadie was looking more or less tidy. Her curly hair, still damp at the edges, had been swept up. She wore light brown boots, a grass green skirt, and a pale cream top that didn't have much in the way of sleeves. Her only jewelry was a silver chain that stood out sharply against the sun-gold skin. She was 5'10 inches of inappropriately dressed, but charmingly smiling female. "Bonjour, Liam. I'm Sadie. Oh," her brows dipped as she realized what he was about, "don't get uncomfortable on my account." She waved a slim hand as she neared his table. "Boots up and cravats undone, that's my motto."

Luckily he was no fashion judge and most of the time inappropriately attired in only pants as he boxed or taught the boxing. Some considered it more street fighting as it was done with fists and no gloves. "A pleasure Sadie, come make yourself comfortable by the fire," the sleight of hand indicating all the empty seats near him as he stood appropriately with a lady present.

That was Sadie's kind of spectator sport. Dimples appeared with the deepening of her smile. "Oh, that does sound good. I didn't come prepared for winter." She slid into the seat, green eyes moving over the empty tables beyond. "It is quiet. I feel the need to warn you, I rarely am, so if you were enjoying the peace I'll apologize in advance."

The ones the Scrapper left lying on the ground usually needed the attention of a doctor. Not that he would brag but his brothers might! "Winter will be upon us fast enough. I would suggest warmer clothing especially if you are to leave the confines of this fine establishment." Giving a wink before adding,"until then there is spare clothing in the first room down that hall to your right that might have something usable in your size." He retook his seat once she was seated then realized she had not a drink, "would you like something to drink?" Half rising with his question.

Rory made it as far at the porch as he waited on his brothers. More like hopefully they would be coming as he had left word where he was headed. It was easy to see within as he took up a perching lean against the rail and fiddled around in his breast pocket until he found the rest of a cigarillo he had tried smoking the other day. Probably a little stale but he'd not know the difference. Next was to light it as he tried the stick matches. One flared to life as it was struck against the rail but was blown out just as he brought it to the tip of the cig.

"I'd blocked the Heathfield winters from my memory, I think." Sadie smiled at his suggestion. Yes, the light summer garb that had seen her through in northern Australia wasn't going to help her much when the snow started falling. "Merci, mate," the French and Australian rarely made such a clash as that. "I'll have to shop tomorrow. Oh, I can get my own." Gentleman. She'd forgotten that too. Her Portugeuse patients hadn't had a great deal of manners. They did have a great deal of stomach ailments. "In fact, I'm thinking something with whiskey."

She'd been curious, only wanting to see the lands which had been mentioned from a previous meeting with the McAndrews. The black beast trotted along the path, it was a lazy movement, Tor was in no hurry. Neither was she in perfect honesty. Winter-white strands were pulled back away from the bronzed skin of her face, a headpiece of mahogany cloth fell from her crown. It fluttered in the gentle breeze created by the trot of the steed beneath her. A golden coin danced upon her brow, just above the almond shape of molten silver gaze. That same mahogany was embroidered into the bronzed attire settled on that frame which seemed much too skin-bearing for the oncoming winter. Fingers curled loosely into Tor's mane, nudging him onwards.

"There is a punch made with potcheen," which was a good smooth whiskey. "Many of the ladies favor it. Do you have a preference to flavor? Cherry, blackberry, raspberry, peach?" To give a few examples. He stood willing to get her drink if she wanted but she had said something about getting it herself? See him hesitate not being certain.

There was a muttered curse as the same thing happened with the next match. He was obviously not use to smoking at all, let alone trying to light a match in the wind, not even a strong wind. Finally he cupped the weed held between the clamp of his teeth, the flame almost wavered out but he got the tip lit before he let wind do its trick. With a flick of fingers it went out over the rail to the ground below. A soft grey billow was soon being swept by that very breeze with a hint of French Vanilla.

Sadie stood, reaching out to touch his arm as a way of reassuring him she was fine to fend for herself. Potcheen. She had certainly not forgotten that. "I think I'll have it straight. Would you care for anything?"

The slight variety of bands around her wrists jingled softly, tipping from side to side with her guidance on Tor. The skirt of the fabric fell well past her sandaled feet, both legs set to the side of the beast and crossed in a lady-like manner. Thick lashes dipped as she looked along the horizon- head canting to the side at the establishment in view ahead. Finally. Her backside was beginning to get sore from riding. Sighing softly, she nudged Tor in the flank... and all she got in return was a snort. "Stubborn beast...." Muttered softly beneath her breath.

"I already have a glass but might as well bring the bottle back with you." They could do refills. He retook his seat for good this time, leaving her to take care of herself. Women were not helpless or should not be. A woman that drank potcheen straight up, now that was something to think on. He would wait for her return before plying her with conversation.

Rory recognized Liam but he didn't recognize the woman within. Her attire almost made him shiver for her as another gust of icy cold swept by. It made the tip glow on his cig even more as a bit of a cough came with the next exhale. More like a clearing of his throat or more, like even any that got past the interior of his mouth made him cough. It came out in a grey puff.

Sadie loved a gentleman, but also had a need to do for herself as well as move almost constantly. Getting her own drink took care of her twitches. "A fine plan." Smiling to herself she crossed to the bar and leaned while giving Alex her order. A head tilt had her peeking out the window, all chilly and smoky and male as the view was she shivered herself. Alex, stoic that he was, was also quick with the bottle and her glass. Within a minute she was striding back to the fire with her spoils.

"Come now. I wish to sit somewhere comfortably for a bit, and perhaps get you some oats?" She coo'ed into his ear. As his ear twitched, his head picked up and he picked up a bit of speed. A soft chuckle passed her lips as she shook her head. Just like a man to think of his stomach. Her brother was the same way. As they closed the distance, she spied the porch and the figure upon it. Lips pursed briefly, pulling in closer to the building. "Seems a fair bit friendly place, does it not, Tor?" Nicker heard from beneath her. With her free hand she scritched behind an ear of his.


Idle way he watched her as he took a drink from his glass. Potcheen had a smooth burn that was appreciated by many here. Made by one of the high princes no less. Had to be good. Once back his glass lowered as he spoke up. "So tell me a little about yourself, Sadie. Have you been this way before? Are you passing through or thinking about staying on a while?" Three questions were more than sufficient to start.

Something caught out of the corner of his eyes had him drawing his focus from the two in the room to the one on horseback. Recognition set in, at least what he could see, could it be? He was quick up from his lean with a swallowed cough that had some smoke caught unexpectedly as he dropped what was left of the cig to crush out beneath the heel of his boot. Quick glances from his task to the one approaching. He remained silent presently not being totally sure in the dim light and only the rising moon to give off some.

Sadie settled the glass on the table and settled herself in the chair. She took her first drink of potcheen in over four years and hummed at the pleasurable burn. With her lids half-closed she nodded in answer. "I lived here once." Had helped build the hospital, in fact. But she wasn't one to brag. Actually, she was. "And thinking of doing so again. It's been four years and I've missed it. And you, Liam, newcomer or just a man I hadn't met?" She'd known more of the farmers and crofters and bakers and candlestick makers.

Closing in, she began to dismoun, it was a flurry of bronze and mahogany cloth in the movement. The horse lowered his head, nibbling along the side of her face which caused her to laugh. It was a light-hearted... tinkling sound much like icicles clinking together. She adjusted the cloth on her head, drawing the fabric to rest over her shoulders in appropriate fashion. One hand cradling the beasts neck, leaning against him as she walked the remaining distance towards the porch. "Think you can mind your own- for a bit, Tor? Behave?" She tilted her head back, that icy stare locking on the beasts black eyes.

"Really?" Held the edge of being impressed as he settled back comfortably into the cushions of the chair. "It must have been before my arrival for I would have remembered you. Always room for another lady here." They wouldn't find Liam complaining! No sireee, not at all. "My family is fairly new here, last summer. The cousin Quinn family arriving over a year ago in a rough estimate. What others do you know here, perhaps we know some mutually then."

"Korea? Is that you?" He had moved from the rail area to where the light from the outside lanterns illuminated enough of his features to be recognized. Or it could be Charles for that matter as she had met him too. She looked cold, but maybe she was one of those that had an unearthly resistance. Which had him recall the icy touch. Yup. That was it.

Sadie's grin flashed across her mouth, lit up the mint eyes. "I find myself not surprised by the sentiment." Then she cocked her head, curls slipping out of the hasty upsweep. "Anhur." She didn't suppose such a first name required the last, "and several of his family members." He was first to her lips as she'd spent several hours with him only last night.

She blinked at the sound of her name. Her eyes moving away from her mount and towards the body on the porch. Rory? Charles? Not many from these lands knew whom she was or what she was for that matter. Brows furrowed a bit patting Tor on the side. "Stay." Murmured. She stepped lightly, turning on the ball of her foot to skip up the porch steps. Attention flashed once more over the McAndrews male. Arms slowly came to cross over her stomach, slightly hesitant.

"Aye, I've met the reclusive Egyptian man, Anhur. It's been a while since I've seen him but I'm to the understanding they live on Ballicastle lands. Much like the Frasiers. Do you know any of the Frasiers? A few of them have businesses here in the commons. Like Brogan and Gus. Patrick runs a racetrack that one can bet on the horses once a month." Well, he was rattling on and so stopped that she could respond to what he'd already said. Taking the moment to have more of his potcheen.

"Well, best we not stand here out in the cold." He could be wrong about her having any resistance to the cold. She was crossing her arms like one did to get warm. He was over to the door to open it up wide that she might pass through and then he would behind her. He was appropriately attired with a lined cloak over a fisherman's cable sweater, black pants and boots.

Rattling was fine by her, while he did she sipped the potcheen. She curled into the chair, tucking her legs under the light weight skirt. "Patrick I knew a bit. And betting's always a fine and fun thing to do." Speaking of fine and fun, "Do you know a Sinead NiAhearne?"

The name didn't ring a bell as he shook his head. "Patrick I know but not this Sinead. She must have been before my time here." Which had him pause, "just how long ago were you here?" Then another pause before adding, "welcome home."

It was home and so she nodded at that. "Thank you. It is good to be back. It was over four years ago that I left." She shrugged, touched a hand to the silver necklace that disappeared in her shirt. "Well, I'm sure I'll find those who have stayed. But, on to you. What is it you do, Liam?"

As Korea seemed to forget something and rushed back down the steps of the porch, he came in, leaving her to whatever she needed to see to. Alex would have his head if he stood there much longer with the door open.

When excitement wains, weariness sets in, but not before that anxious, need-to-do-something edge pricks the nerves. Without Rina around, Tykir had no one to help ease that antsy feeling so he headed straight away to the Thistle with the hopes that some diversion could be found. He entered from the side door, the alley entry he always preferred and, yes indeedy, he was pleased to find the place had drawn several others that might just help out.

"Ah, long before my time here. I was probably off in street fights or some other mischief with me brothers." Chuckling in reflection as the lot of them tended to find trouble easily. "I'm head of me part of the family," which said a lot in responsibility that now weighed on his shoulders, "since me Da died shortly before we came here. What I do on the side is boxing, got a lease on a part of a warehouse from Maurice McDonough and set up a ring there. Me brother Ciaran is going to be me manager and once ready we'll start up some matches. I also am training ones interested in the art." Which many didn't consider street fighting any form of art but a way to gamble. With the gust of cold air he was up with a turn, first eyeing the blond at the front door then the dark haired one at the side door. "Welcome lads. I be Liam Quinn and this be the lady Sadie."

Rory quickly noticed the other male about his age and then the wings. Blink. Well, there was one that fitted the image. "I'm Rory McAndrews," offhandedly to Liam and the woman as focus remained on the other male a moment longer before swept their way. Next he was heading to the bar to gain a glass of potcheen even if he knew he'd be limited for his age, at least Alex allowed them some.

If the potcheen weren't keeping her warm, Sadie might have backed Alex up on that. As it was, she had goosebumps on her bare arms. She was smiling at Liam's description of his family. She'd known a boxer once herself, but she'd never asked him this, "and would you take a woman for a student?" She offered up a smile, that turned on the two men who entered. She raised her glass in welcome and then paused with it midair. Wings. Her anatomy books had never included wings. She slowly pulled her arm in and peered into her glass before whispering, "This is still my first, oui?"

There was no mistaking a McAndrews though. Blonde of head, broad of shoulders and that certain air. Rory smiled to himself. "Evening all." His wings were tucked tight to his back, as always when indoors, and he joined the McAndrews prince at the bar. "Rory...Tykir Riktafir." A nod to the royal and then to Alex as he took up a glass the man had set out for him while placing one for Rory. He turned and braced his side to the bar edge. "Tykir." He announced, lest he be thought rude for not introducing himself to the others. The dark prince wasn't unaware of the reaction the woman had, but he wasn't unused to it, so he shrugged his shoulder ever so faintly and looked back to Rory. "How do the McAndrews fair?"


"If the woman was serious, aye, but don't ask me to box her." His reputation was too good. The distraction of the two had him shifting focus there. "Tykir and Rory, welcome this evening." With them at the bar, he was back comfortably situated in his chair.


Sadie was momentarily running through the bones in the back in her head. Since she still couldn't work in wings, she tossed back the rest of her glass and poured another. "Bonjour, gentleman," her peculiarly accented voice husky from the whiskey. When the glass was poured, she grinned again at Liam, "I am and I wouldn't want to take you on." Part of her was still wondering if she could convince Tykir to let her examine him. Wings.


There was no mistaking one of the royals here. "I've heard about you, good to finally meet you." Although the same age, Rory probably towered over Tykir already, at least by a head. Hand shot out to shake.



Date: 11-22-10
Poster: Liam Quinn 
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He noticed the confusion, "Tykir's father was of an aviary race but not too far from human anatomy." He had asked and got discreet answers. Words were low and encouraging.

Tykir might just let her examine anything she asked of him! Someday. He accepted the hand and the shake of introduction. Rory did measure a good head above Tykir while standing, but outside, Rory would be looking up to Tykir in no time.

Sadie leaned forward, opened her mouth to ask another question, and shut it. If he heard her, she'd never get the opportunity. So instead she mouthed "Thank you" without sound. "When do you open? I think, if you'll be providing me with patients, I ought to learn how they get hurt in the first place." She paused. "I'm a physician." Oh, Tykir might find himself talked into it sooner than he imagined. That's what she did: talk. A lot.

Which he was taking a good look at those wings impressed as the handshake commenced and ended soon enough. "What is it like to fly?" Maybe a little envious there as some were envious of his height.

Tykir had a sister by the name of Rina. He was used to girls who talked....a lot! "Where's the rest of the clan?" He asked of Rory. If every McAndrews brother showed, this place would be crammed with blonde Ballicastle Gods!

Then Charlie would have to pull guard duty at the door, because every female in the realm would be drooling after them ..

Their questions overlapped and Tykir chuckled. "What's it like to fly?" He felt the muscles in his wings twitch, an automatic thing when the thought of flying came into his mind. "Not much different than walking, just faster."

She had opted to stay outside for a moment, the nickering from Tor had her moving to the beast. Once he was settled- she would make her way inside. A slight exhale from the snow flake, the door snapping shut behind her. She smoothed down the slight wrinkles in the skirt, eyes narrowed as she glanced back at the closed door. Stubborn beast. She could imagine him braying in protest like Miss Charlie's mule had. The image caused a twitch in her lips and with a quick glance around the Tavern she found herself falling still just inside the entrance. At least she had the senses to move to the side of the door. She no doubt was a sore thumb in the room, dressed in traditional Indian attire. The veil on the back of her head rippling down against the back of her legs.

"I'm unofficially open already. We've been sparring, I've been teaching mostly so the lads don't get too hurt if they are out matched. You'll be tending some good bruises, sometimes a broken nose or dislocated finger or shoulder." The usual for street fighting except in this more organized way, anything goes except after it is clear who the better fighter is.

He brought up his glass but paused it before his lips, grinning over it as he looked at the others in the room too.

"I'm not sure where they are, me two brothers are about somewhere. They might be down at the port finding a game of cards,' which meant they were probably finding trouble without him! As the door snapped shut, so did his head snap in that direction wondering if speaking on his brothers, the devils would show. Oh! Oh.. much finer looking than the other two, which meant him as well of his mirror images. "Korea, this is Tykir, Liam and Sadie," introducing her to all the others. Then back to Tykir to show that he heard, "faster and a lot higher."

Tykir's gaze shot to the door too. He cleared his throat as the female struggled with her entrance and drank to wash that sound down. He offered her an uplift of his glass as he finished that swallow, his form of greeting to begin with.

Sadie knew those injuries well. Bread and butter, they might be called. "When could I start taking lessons?" Again, her head turned at the door and the introduction, if the green eyes skimmed Tykir again, it was really professional curiosity. Probably. "Bonjour."

Those almond shaped eyes of molten silver flitted to each person in turn as they were introduced. One hand lifting, bracelets of mahogany and gold jingling as she tucked a stray half curl of white-snow behind her ear. The light of the tavern glinting off the gold coin just above her eyes. She gave a small nod to each one- and then to Sadie. "Hello." Neither boisterous nor shy, more of a mellow tone. She turned slowly, moving closer to Rory or was it Charles? She'd test it out. "Did you like the gift?"

Tykir grinned to Rory. "That too! Though you would know about height!" He gave the McAndrews a look over and a laugh before returning his attention to the others. Gift? Well now...dark brows lifted with curiosity and amusement and he slanted a look Rory's way. "Excuse me." He offered to both of them, laughter no doubt twinkling in his eyes as he moved away toward the hearth. He let a low whistle escape and shook his head, those McAndrews...daaaaang.

"Come by some time this week then. Watch first.. there is padding to wear during practice." He took precautions and especially for a lady they would be insisted upon. He took the moment to refill their glasses.

He was watching her every move as certainly it was a sight. Color him stupid at the moment as 'gift' being mentioned the first thing that came to mind was something wrapped up and sent. "What gift?" Had he missed it?"

The whistle from Tykir caught her attention. Not that kind of gift! Blink blink. She moistened her lips slightly, and she smiled slightly. "I mistook you for your brother, my apologies."

Which had the immediate question to follow, "which one?"


"I... thought you were Rory."

"I am Rory." Which had him glance down like maybe he had changed but then he did look exactly like two of his brothers born the same day. Smile swept with dimples to show, then it dawned on him what she may have meant, "oh! Yes, that gift, yes." Quick nod with a glance past here hoping the others missed his faux pas.

Sadie took her third glass of potcheen and made mental note to ease up. Well, she hadn't been drinking with the Portuguese. Mostly they had been a trustworthy group, but one or two had been a little shifty-eyed and sea mad. "I look forward to it. Anything in particular I should avoid wearing? Jewelry, but anything else?" She smiled as Tykir neared their seats by the hearth. "Join us?"

He nodded toward the hearth. "Thought the hearth might be a bit cooler than the heat at the bar at present." He was in good spirits, and the contents of his glass were helping with that even more. He didn't sit too close to the two chatting, but chose a chair close enough not to be rude.

"A doctor you say? Have you been to the Barrington Memorial Hospital yet? Doctor Gates Barrington heads it along with the help of a lass, Sara Devonshire. You may find it of interest." Then to answer her question while motioning to Tykir to join them too. "No jewelry or anything that could get you cut, including any metal belt buckle. Comfortable clothing use a sash for a belt if needed. No dresses."

" .... " Oh she could have hit him. Lightly at least. And with her embarrassment came the soft flush of heat to those bronzed cheekbones. She gave a tip of her chin. "It is a decent weapon should you ever come to battle.." She traced her upper teeth with her tongue and shifted over to settle down on a bar stool. Her eyes skimming over the others once more. "These lands are beautiful.."

It wouldn't be the first time for Rory to get slapped or the last either most likely. But avoiding slaps was far finer. Actually he was thinking of the kiss as the gift, second thing that came to mind but it was the weapon which he at least had not verbally stumbled out. He definitely needed that drink as he took up the tumbler of potcheen and kicked it all back. HOLY HELL on FIRE, his eyes watered immediately as he blinked back the sensation. He had never drank such an amount all at once before.

"They do?" The pleasure was immediate and warm. They were still there. Sadie glanced at the bar, then winked at Tykir. "No need to get singed." Then back to Liam with a serious nod. "This should be fun." Odd girl.

The mention of a hospital caused Tykir's grin to falter just a bit, but he fought it back into place. He listened to the crackle of the fire, the drone of voices in conversation. He saw the wink, offered a nod of agreement and settled back in the soft chair cushion. He was missing Rina already, but he'd never admit it to anyone. Not even himself.

" ... Rory? Is everything alright? " She watched him take a pull from the tumbler. Lips pursed in question but she otherwise remained silent

"Nice to meet you Korea," having given the young lady a few as she was in conversation with Rory and the introductions moving around in response.

He went to speak in reassuring her he was fine but there was no voice just a gravely sort of sound. It took a clearing of his throat and a quick nodding, "aye," finally somewhat croaked out. He set the tumbler on the bar and to his amazement Alex refilled it. Maybe he knew the lad could use a wee bit more but the look almost said, slower boy.

It was to Rory's friend Tykir's gaze drifted when Liam spoke to her.
She pivoted her head, gazing over to the fireplace as her name was mentioned. She gave a polite dip of her chin observing the man a moment. "A pleasure- Liam." Small, but curt smile cast in his direction. A flittering look of concern to Rory, shaking her head a moment before looking back to the group by the hearth. By the fire. She kept her attention off the flames, and instead locked those molten eyes on Tykir.

Hospitals were a place of pure pleasure for Sadie, particularly Barrington Memorial. She hoped they'd need a hand, especially if it was for making house calls. She'd need to buy a horse. And mostly she needed to rein in her plans. Sipping the potcheen, although her throat was pleasantly numb by now, she let the drink stifle her more rambling tendencies.


Smile swept in a nonchalant, almost lazy way as dark eyes met upon hers then back to the young prince and lady returned. "So, tell me Tykir, how is your family doing and have you any adventures? I hear there was some excitement on Ashford Island near Hallow's Eve." Also heard it was many of the older teens that had gone, as well his brother Evan with Mariah.

Which caused the dark prince to blink in response. He was often in the company of one, Sir Vincent de Beauvias, and none could send a heated look with more expertise than he. Still, what he saw there caused him to hesitate pulling his gaze away until Liam spoke to him. Then, slowly, he shifted his attention to the two he sat near. "I was detained and unable to go, but it was quite the time of it from what Rina told me."

He saw her staring at Tykir as brows rose a fraction. "You wish to join the others at the hearth?" He had taken the next drink in hand and started that way. It was the polite thing to do.

"The King has returned to full health, as I'm sure you've heard, and my mother is quite...well, my mother." He smiled. There were no words for Honeee. All who knew her, loved her and all that didn't love her could go straight to hades and Tykir would see them flown there himself. Since the return trip to Ashford was not common knowledge, he wasn't sure he could discuss it. So, he didn't. And let it go at that, returning to the first trip over. "Quite the adventure I hear tell, with all sorts of mayhem taking place."

Her eyes were like liquid silver, and they shimmered in the movement of the light. She didn't draw back until he did so first. Her head slowly turning back to glance at Rory. Seemed the color was coming back to his face which was healthy. Fingers shifted, rolling the tips along the silk cloth of the head piece.

Well, royalty. Maybe she wouldn't be talking him into lettering her examine those wings. No, kid or royalty or anything, she really just had to know. She listened with her head cocked, fingers of her right hand sliding over the silver chain while she tried to work out the science of it. Sela would have been wanting to sculpt it, Sadie just wanted to figure it out. She was, thankfully, staring at her glass and not the boy while she half-listened and half solved.

"My sister was attacked by a large, angry bird, she says. Though the bird probably feels much the same!" He couldn't help smiling when he spoke of his sister. Don't bring it to his attention though.

"Aye, good news travels as fast as bad in these lands. There was a lot of rejoicing for the People respect and admire their King and Queen." By his answer he added the question, "then you were not one of the ones to be there that night? Your sister, she is all right then?"

Tykir shook his head, lowering his gaze to his near empty glass, disappointment maybe, which had thus far been well hidden, before he looked back up to Liam. "Unfortunately no. I was ..." He paused, then a nod followed, and he didn't finish his original response. "Oh, quite well. The fowl, I believe, got the worst of it. Rina is not easily ... overcome. She had some pretty impressive marks though, but Andrew..." He slanted a look toward the bar, smiled to himself, then looked back to Liam. "Well, Andrew." Was all that needed to be said.

"Maybe you'd like to get a drink first? They have the best cider in the lands and they have a light punch made with whiskey, water and flavoring." He wasn't sure if she imbibed or not. He was listening to the other conversation too. Too bad he and his brothers had not come earlier and joined in on the mayhem of Ashford Island.

"Cider, would be lovely. Thank you." A pause. She furrowed her brow at him and canted her head questioningly to the side. "First? What had you in mind?" Brow arched beneath the headdress. Her eyes flickering faintly as she chanced a glance to the trio by the hearth. Lips pursed a moment, before attention lowered down to the hand in her lap.

Then it occurred to him that the two here may not know Andrew as he knew Andrew. "Have you met my brother, Andrew?"

Sadie nodded. "Yes, he's a very good man. He looked after my sister once as well." Looked after was quite the understatement. He did things Sadie, with years of books and training, couldn't conceive.

Granted, the Crown Prince did not often make an appearance, but surely word of Andrew's greatness would be heard. If not, they'd hear it from Tykir who knew his brother could walk on water and order the constellations to change their location if he so desired it to be! Tykir wagged a finger Sadie's way. "Ah, then." The smile had returned in sincerity with the discussion of Andrew.

Alex was already putting a tall cool glass of cider in front of her. Fresh made on the local farm. "Before we head over to the hearth?" Coming out like a question for her expression.

" .... " The hearth? A mild look of alarm, which diminished just as quickly as it set on. She lifted her free hand to curl around that glass of cider, before smiling up at him. "You go ahead, Rory. I think I'd like to.. contemplate some things." With that, she glanced away from him, taking a slow sip of the cool cider.

"I've yet to meet your bother Andrew and certainly will be honored when that day comes. I hear there is a salve that works wonders with wounds. I should get some to have handy at the boxing ring. I'm also pleased to hear on your sister, feisty little warrior."


Now that had Tykir's attention. "Your sister is a warrior?" Or was Liam referring to Sadie? Either way ...

"Your sister.. she got the best of the bird?" So he thought he had said.

Well, that would not do leaving her there by herself to contemplate and he could join in being the place was not crowded, so he stayed where he stood presently a few steps away from the bar towards the hearth. "If you're hungry there is some really good food served here. Hazel is an excellent cook."


Absolutely, ah then. "Mine?" Sadie laughed that loud, brash laugh. "I think he meant yours. My sister is an artist." She nodded as she echoed Liam.


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"... I am presently not hungry, but thank you. I'd some dried meat on my travels..." Speaking of travels, she'd wished she'd worn her traveling clothes. Tongue swept along paled lips slowly, a small shiver rolling down her spine. "But if you hunger, you're welcome to feast without me." She cast him a rather... small smile.

Oh! Oh! Guess Tykir never really thought of his sister as a warrior! Oh! "Oh!" He finally said the very word that kept repeating in his brain. "Rina? Yes...I can only image that she did. She is Rina afterall. Though she didn't say." Rina the warrior. Now there was a rather amusing image for Tykir! He would have replayed that whole conversation in his head again, the mention of Andrew helping Sadie's sister, the addition of salve for the boxers, then the mention of the feisty warrior...even now he struggled not to chuckle. Rina...feisty warrior! Poor Bannon.

"I ate already up at the castle with me brother Rick. He's the oldest and crown prince." Not even thinking twice of what that revealed. "There is extra clothing in a spare room here, let me get you something," which he was off and on his way to see if there was a warm shawl at least. Wasn't far and got him to move about too.

".... You." She paused as he slipped off, her eyes cast back to the trio by the hearth. She wasn't cold, far from it... in a sense. Her eyes fell half lidded as she listened to the lull of the three talking. Another sip taken of cider.

Rory was on the move and Tykir looked over to him, then shifted his look to Korea. "Your sister is an artist, Miss?" He pulled his gaze back over to Sadie. "Does she reside here still then?"

Well, that was all straightened out. He took to silence in listening as Tykir plied Sadie with a question this round. His drink was calling to him as he partook of the brew.

"A sculptor, oui." Sadie was shaking her head to the next question. "No, we have trouble with staying in one place it seems. Her last letter was from Barcelona."

Wasn't too long and he was back out carrying a rather nice shawl made of a silvery blue yarn. Felt warm too as he was over to slide it around Korea's shoulders. Nice enough to look descent with her skimpy outfit. "There you go, you can keep it too if you like it for it will keep you warm." Glass still in his other hand as he stepped away giving back her personal space.

Her head lifted to the sound of steps closing in on where she was sitting. A smile of thanks cast up to Rory as he slipped the shawl around her shoulders. She wouldn't tell him she didn't need it, that would be ungrateful. "Thank you, Rory.." Her eyes followed his movements, and the smile faltered. Was he worried of the chill? No doubt in her mind. She lifted a hand, drawing the pads of her fingers across the shawls material. "It's lovely, but I will only need it during my stay here... Another may need it later on, no?"

"Barcelona?" Well now. "If I could not stay in one place being Heathfield, Barcelona may be a good second choice." He lifted his glass, but lowered it back to rest on his leg, he had more to say first. "So, you will not be staying here? " He glanced to Liam, then back to her.

"It's a favorite of mine as well." But what wasn't? "For now I am." She followed his glance to Liam, then back. She'd learned her lesson. Last time she said she wouldn't leave. Then, she'd panicked and jumped a ship without knowing it's destination. So, for now was about as committed as she was willing to be. "You've done a lot of traveling, then?"

"Aye, as you wish. I'm sure it will get used again as the other ones in there will too." It was up to her being six to one and half a dozen to the other.

There was that shrug again. "Some. But not enough. I probably do more reading about places than traveling to them." The glass started up. "Yet." And he drank the last of what was in it.

He gave a shrug when they both looked his way. "That would be up to the lady. Certainly I'm sure others she knows would like to see her again, have her back."

His words sent a little charge along her spine. There was a great possibility that it was just the opposite. "Good luck with that. There's nothing better than a new city and a new language." She paused. "Just don't travel with Portuguese sailors." An important travel tip that he, with wings, probably did not need.

Tykir waved away Liam's comment. "What are others to be pleased when Heathfield holds such good acquaintances." He chuckled softly then pushed up against the arm of the chair to stand. "I need to bring this back to Alex and see if it gets refilled or washed." He had started away but Sadie's comment caused him to turn, walk a few steps backwards with another laugh, then with a nod of accepting what must be good advice, turned to join Alex at the bar.

"You going to show me how you fly sometime, Tykir?" Being he had come back to the bar where he was basically standing.

"I think it's time I head upstairs. Three glasses of potcheen are quite enough." Sadie's smile was sharp as ever, but the room to her seemed a hint blurry. She really should have eaten. She dropped her feet to the floor and stood, happily steady.

"No need to take that which is not truly needed." She picked up her glass of cider again, liquid gaze fleeting upwards as Tykir came to the bar. Attention traipsing between the two before she set her attention on what remained in her glass.

He rose as she was going to take her leave. "Thank you for the pleasant company tonight Sadie, a pleasure meeting you." He stepped away to see to the cards strewn on the table to stack them back with the rest of the deck and collect his derby.

Tykir handed over his glass, and with great surprise and almost as much delight, saw that Alex refilled it for him. "You don't need that, Rory. A few glasses of pure ... who needs wings?" He hooked an elbow to the counter, slipping a look Sadie's way. "Good night to you, Miss. Hope you don't move on ... too soon." He offered her a nod of goodnight as well before looking back to Rory with a grin.

Which had him laugh. "I should show you a trick Eddie taught me," which was one of his nine uncles. He took up one of the candles on the counter and then took a drink of the potcheen and blew a breath while moving the candle near its path, it lit out the whoosh of air like a quick flare.

"Same to you, mon ami. I'm looking forward to that first lesson." Sadie turned to toss a wave to the three at the bare. "Good night." Then up to bed and a hopefully guiltless sleep courtesy of the potcheen.

"Holy Freak'n Crap!" Tykir gasped as Rory breathed fire! "More like my cousin Sean!"

THUD! The sudden jet of flame, which was MUCH too close for comfort from Rory made her fall off her stool and onto the floor. A gasp of air taken inwards as hands reached up to grasp the bottom of the stool. Bronzed skin seemed a hint paler then usual. Timid, no. Cautious, yes.

Then, he blanched, offering the timid Korea a sheepish grin.

Surprised even him and possibly singed his brows, "holy crap," echoing Tykir as he was quick then to set both glass and candle to the counter and help Korea up.

She grit her teeth a moment, hands moving to Rory's chest, thankfully he was wearing a shirt.. and gently pushed him back. "I am fine... really... excuse me... sorry..." She stepped back from the pair... hands upright, much like Rory was the night they'd met warding off demons. She offered a small smile. "... Which way... to the wash rooms?"

But down she went and that brought on another spew of "Holy freakin' cr..." But he caught it this time, starting forward to help her up and praying he didn't laugh in the process. Luckily, Rory stepped forward first and offered the hand. You see, Tykir had a sister, and ... well...

"Sleep well, Sadie," watching her leave before amusement twinkled in dark eyes as Rory became a dragon.

"It's right over there in that hall, where I got the shawl from, next one down." There was a privy in there.

"... Thank you.." And despite the fact she was shaking, she fled in that direction.

He wasn't sure exactly what happened but she seemed more shook up than he expected as he watched her retreat.

Tykir watched her dart off, then looked to Rory. "Sorry, Man. Didn't mean to mess up your evening." With a glance to the hallway, then back to the McAndrews. "Not so sure if it was me...or your breath of fire that did her in." He leaned closer to the blonde prince. "Think she messed herself?" And he nearly snorted out a laugh, but kept it contained, just barely. He straightened away, grinning still. "I know I almost did."

She leaned against the closed door of the privy. Her eyes shut tight, palms flat against the door. That flame... had been much too close, she could still feel the heat of it. After a few moments of composing herself... she leaned forward and opened the door. Stepping out carefully and moving back towards the bar. The shawl was now neatly folded in her hands and gingerly placed on the counter.

Which had brows lifting as he turned a look back to Tykir. "How's that? My evening is going just fine and I finally got to meet you. Da was saying we should when we came this way for a bit of time." Which when the words registered he had to laugh at first then nearly choked on it as she returned. It was not something that needed an answer. "Everything fine now, Korea?"

"Nah, Rory, I was talking about the lassss...ah! Welcome back." He changed the topic real quick as the girl returned.

"Yes. Was a bit startled, s'all." Her eyes moved between the two boys, as if she knew what they had been discussing. She didn't, because she'd been elsewhere but she had that look. Molten gaze lifting to Tykir. "Thank you."

He caught that look in her eyes, slow glance from her then to Tykir. Love at first sight or something like that? Had him wondering. Tykir might catch that grin his way.

Which almost caused the darker of the two princes to take a step back. Almost. He stood his ground though the wings against his back pressed tighter to his spine in response. "No..." He struggled here, catching that look from Rory didn't help and if the female wasn't so close to see, he would have let the McAndrews have a solid punch to the shoulder for it. "Thank you." And thank the Gods that Rina was a country away! Tykir didn't take that look the same as Rory had! No, he felt more of a defensive reaction to it, she was warning him off. But, the dark prince was never really good at warnings.

Hardly. Korea didn't believe in love for personal reasons. And at her young age, doubted there would be anything to change her mind on the topic. Besides, she was not one of those sappy fickle females which crawled from man to man. Keen to observation, eyes slid along the sudden twitch of Tykir's wings. Lips a firm and solid line, before she looked away from the pair. She leaned against the bar, lips parting slightly and expelling a soft breath of frigid air. The flicker of flame on the candle went out and she proceeded to drink the remainder of her cider. "Fair trick, Rory."

Perhaps it was Tykir's reaction that had him reevaluating the look. Hell if he knew them all and certainly hers was different. "Well," breaking the moment no matter, "I need to get back and I hope you stay the night 
 in the least, rooms are comfortable, food is excellent and there is no cost for the monarchy owns the place and set it up that way. Oh, it all works out from all the tithing earned of many businesses throughout the lands."

Leaving the teens to their moments, discussions, looks and whatnot, Liam placed the derby on his head, and the cards in a vest pocket. Next he left the glass on the bar counter, "good night," low as to not interrupt their conversation as he was over to collect his cloak then on his way by way of the front door. The soft click left in his wake.

"Night, Liam. Safe journey out and about."

"Aye, night Liam," offered in the man's wake. He was quick.

"Goodnight, Liam. A pleasure meeting you." Spoken just as the door clicked shut. Attention weaving back to the boys, augh. Boys could be so immature. "... You're leaving." It wasn't a question but a statement. She tipped her chin. "Take care then, Rory."

"Rory, it's a good ways back to Balli, why don't you stay at the castle tonight?" He cast a look from Rory to Korea to Rory. "Plenty of room, and you can be on your way in the morning if you want, or we could get some time in on the field. The Four haven't left yet, you might see them in action." Would that be enough to convince the man?

Which had him laugh outright, "that is where I planned to stay. Rick is there and my brothers," identical ones. "You have met Rick?" Certainly Rick had met Tykir at least? "I'm here for a duration to learn from those here and time on the field would be excellent. All four of us."

Brow arched at Tykir sounded like that lad was nervous. Attention returned, pitted between the two.

"It was good to see you again Korea, I do hope you stay the night." He was getting the very distinct impression she did what she wanted when she wanted, a bit of a stubborn streak which was far better than the simpering kinds that couldn't do a thing for themselves.

"I should be returning to Duat- if only for a brief visit..." She lifted and lowered a shoulder, the glass slid towards Alex. "But I could find myself visiting these lands again, they are most beautiful as I said earlier. I am sure it... is breath taking as the winter rolls in."

Well, heck, where had Tykir been that he didn't know that!? You'd think he had his mind on something else! Like Ashford? Kildare? Odd little molten eyed lasses? "Well, I hope you travel safely and return soon." He offered Korea a brief, quick smile. Though he started for the side door, he stopped and looked back to Rory. "Are you mounted or did you walk?" If he walked Tykir would walk with him. Otherwise, he had his own means of returning to the castle.

"Then I hope our paths cross yet again and perhaps you will get to meet my other brothers." Least the ones here otherwise it would be very confusing with ten of them in the place. Then he turned a question to Tykir, "where is your winged sister?"

Well. The winged Prince should be content with that facts that, a) the little icicle wasn't flirting with him. and b) that she wasn't looking at him like she'd literally like to eat his heart out. She nodded her head to the pair and allowed them their leave-making due with one of her own. Out the front door and to the wretched black beast known as Tor. She patted his muzzle. "... We should visit the arctic, Tor. Or somewhere just as toasty and cold.." She eased up onto his bare back, fingers of right hand loosely curling into the pitch black mane. "... Time to head back to the Empire, Tir. " There was a loud whinny- more like a whine. "... Just for a visit with Mother, then we'll return to Aunt Catanya's." That seemed to settle the beast for now. He turned, tail flicking as he galloped towards the port and in their movement... she couldn't help but look back over her shoulder.

Sore subject, thanks for bringing it up! "Kildare." Was that a pouted response? Get over it, Tykir! He would be there soon enough himself! Was the winged prince ever content? Why would he be tonight?

"I walked from the castle to here." He didn't think it far enough to ride like he had to that notorious tavern north of the lands. "Ah, I heard there is a lot going on in Kildare.." starting off with that subject and the rumors, beasts in the forests to the north and into the wild lands. Maybe Tykir could fill him in on more of the details. He waved as Korea galloped off, perhaps just at that moment she looked over her shoulder.

They would discuss Kildare, no doubt about that. As they made their way down the steps of the Thistle, he looked to the departing girl on horseback. "Interesting." He said, mostly to himself, then he gave a thud of hand to Rory's shoulder and started along down the walk. "Seems there is much to be dealt with in Kildare..." He started...

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Teen Brigade

Top of the world! After the discussion with Karl, Tykir felt he could conquer any foe which crossed his path. Of course, the King had a way that made a man feel that way. Still, it was Tykir's turn to feel that way thanks to von Rundstedt and he entered the tavern from the side alley, a whistled tune and a light step.

There was another feeling on top of the world, having been accepted as a squire. Sure it was the lowly status but one had to start somewhere! There were all kinds of scenarios dancing through his thoughts as he realized someone was just up ahead of him having come from the stables himself. One with wings, he caught that much! Steps quickened as he near got in the tavern on the other's heels. "Hey Tykir," started off his greeting, "how's things?" Which left that door way open, things covered a lot of.. things.

Molly had been running errands for Mary Scarlett and decided to have dinner at the Thistle. She was just finishing up when two lads came in. One with wings! There was only one that she knew of and the second lad had just confirmed that. She wiped her mouth and stood, then carried her tray to the bar. And did a quick check to make sure there was nothing in her teeth. Feeling a touch shy, she kept her eyes on Alex while she asked for a cup of tea.

"Things are going good, how about for you?" Tykir replied, turning and walking with his back to the room, facing Shaun for now for a several of his steps. He finally turned before he tumbled over a misplaced chair or an table in his path. And what to his wandering eyes should appear? No, not eight tiny reindeer. "Good eve, Miss." He offered to the petite lass by the bar. He lifted a hand in greeting to Alex who had seen to the female's tea and was setting out drinks for the lads.

"Going good, got to be a Squire under Sir Cole," a hand reaching out to halt Tykir as he walked facing him, same pace but he turned just in time. His hand falling back to his side as he noticed the lass. "Good even Miss," citing the same as the intensity of blue eyes turned there then to Alex who set out a tumbler for him. He didn't have to ask this time. Said a lot to him. "Thanks, Sir." Respectfully.

"Cole? Niiiiiice." Tykir said, drawing out that work with a whistle and a wag of hand to follow to show how impressed he really was. He sided up to the bar. "Thanks, Alex." He collected his tankard and rested his elbow on the counter top, his hand dangling from the edge as the other lifted that glass for a drink.

"Evening to you both." She peeked up at them through her lashes, then relaxed a touch. They were talking about being squires and knights so she would be fine just listening. Taking a careful sip of the tea, she went over the list in her head. Nope, hadn't forgotten anything. Though a few things would have to wait until tomorrow.  Then everything would be delivered.

"Aye, hopefully he will be back from the adventure before him so I can start training. If I'm real lucky, he'll take me with him. Me brother fought in Kildare before." He wondered if he might get the same opportunity. "I've been practicing the joust. Do you joust?" Curious as ever for if he did, then maybe they could joust against each other in practice. Steadfast gaze on Tyrkir slightly shifted to the other as he found his manners. Well, mostly. "Who are you?" Direct and to the point wasn't he! "I'm Shaun and this is Tykir."

Kildare? Spark! Interest piqued. But he didn't say anything yet, not even to answer Shaun's question since he had finished with a question to the lass. He'd hold his tongue until she spoke. And to do that, he brought up his tankard for another swallow.

She had left her hair loose today, instead of in braids and though she wore black pants tucked into brown boots, she wore a pretty peasant blouse of dark green trimmed with embroidery along the neckline. "I'm Molly Tremaine.  It's nice to meet you both though ... " She bit at her lower lip then continued. "Should I curtsey to you both?" Manners were not easy to remember!

"You can curtsy to Tykir if you want," grin flash bringing out a dimple. "I'm nobody royal." Well, he was son of an Earl but that didn't compare to the son of a Queen. He took up his drink and kicked half back, then cradled the glass in his hand. "Have you been to Kildare, Tykir?"

Her question had both dark brows shooting up. "Here?" Tykir grinned, setting his tankard on the counter. "Nah. We're pretty informal here in the tavern." A flicker of gaze touched on Alex who didn't seem to be listening at all.  But, then, he never seemed to be listening, but everyone knew there was little if anything that Alex missed in the tavern. "And it's nice to meet you Molly, sans-curtsy."  Shaun was addressed next. "And no, not ever to Kildare, but soon I'll be traveling up with the Kings of Heathfield and Innis along with their men." Okay, they had no idea he was going, but going he was all the same! After all, his sister was already there and Tykir could NOT allow his sister to have all the Kildare adventure. "And I've only just requested to start training on the jousting field. So no, I haven't had that honor yet. King feels I need to get used to the weapons first, and build up more strength of body." Karl had actually mentioned building up strength and character, but Tykir didn't feel that last part was needed.

"So, you'll be going up when Sir Cole goes. If I get to go, being his squire, then we will be traveling together." He could hope! He liked the idea for it meant some adventure even if only to see the lands he's heard so much about but had never seen. Yet. "I did the joust for the first time last night. It's makes your heart pump strong even without an opponent!" The whole idea of it and getting use to the tin suit alone while managing a lance and riding at the same time. "I think I like it. Didn't do too badly either. Hey, I can sword practice with you. Me Da taught all us well."

"Okay." Happily and she went back to her drink though she paused. "I thought you were the Prince." Then they were back to talking about boy stuff and she grew quiet again. While they talked, she studied them both.

He was nodding to Shaun when he heard Molly. And to her he chuckled. "Ah, yes, most seem to think that." He glanced down into his tankard just to check the liquid level then looked back over to her. "Are you from around here? I don't think I've ever seen you about before." Not that he had been out in the main of Heathfield much. For the most part he was within the castle perimeters, slipping out once in a while when he could. So, she might very well be a regular here and Tykir would have no idea.

He wasn't sure if she was talking to him or Tykir as he exclaimed, "he's the prince, not I." If she wasn't clear on that point. Then he quieted as Tykir asked her questions, blue eyes turning there for the answers.

She smiled at them both and nodded. "Aye, I am. Though mostly from around Barrett's Bay.. I live with my brother and work sometimes at the Mercantile. I've just recently been allowed to wander on my own and I was doing errands so I came here to eat." And she was babbling so she shut up.

Tykir was the younger brother of Solarina Riktafir! He was the survivor of the Queen of Babblers. This girl had nothing on Rina when it came to long winded answers or comments. "Which Mercantile?" He'd never been to Barrett's Bay. Sounded like a good place to start his next adventure after Kildare!

"That mercantile run by the Sea Wolf?" Oh, he heard his nickname when hanging down around his father's ships. Hearing that nickname stuck for it was different.

"Sea Wolf?" Daaaaang, now they were talking! He looked between Shaun and Molly.

"Aye, that one. Hollow Wood's Inn and Mercantile. He means Lorcan O'Domhnaill. He's partners with my brother, Dorian, Mack and Captain Solitaire. They call him that because he sweeps in quiet like and bam, attacks!" She laughed as she added the sound effect. "Though he's in port more lately with winter."

"So you've got an IN with the Sea Wolf," which he preferred calling him and the last name a tongue twister anyway. "I hear he has his own island that's not charted out in the ocean somewhere where it is warm." So he would find out if there as any truth to that.

Tykir needed to come up with a cool-as-crap name. All the great men had them. The Black Griffon. The Dragon. The Sea Wolf. And then the evil ones. Black Doom. Black Beard. The Scourge. Yea, Tykir needed a kick-butt name. He didn't say anything, just listened for now.

"He does. It's a real paradise and warm all year around." She smiled again, showing a dimple. "We go there sometimes just to get away from the cold." And do a little exploring each time, but never too far away from safety.

"Well, that's just ... perfect." Tykir chimed in, thinking of the chance to escape the colder days on a tropical island. Not that he'd get to any time soon but in a year he'd have his - wings - turning eighteen and he could choose to venture off to an island for the winter months. Just like a bird, flying to warmer climes once the winter threatened.

He needed one too now that he was a Squire under a Knight. He certainly wasn't going to go by his initials! Something that when heard, one stood up and took notice. "I hear most of it is wild." Which sounded like a d v e n t u r e to him!

Trouble was on its way as the front door flew open and a grin on the tall teen brought out his dimples. "Anyone see my brothers?" The two were fuddy duds and not living up to their name. He saw Alex's look and quickly shut the door over and on his way to the bar. The look eased as he had done the right thing. "Hello Tykir, Shaun, Missy." Wondering if she was another that would cling to her name and not give it out.

"Not me!" Tykir called to Rory. "Rory McAndrews." He offered a bit more quietly to Molly. "Ya' don't need to curtsy to him either." Then he offered her a faint wink as confirmation to his comment.  She wouldn't need to. He was Honeee's son. "Rory, this is Molly Tremaine."

"Eve'in Rory. I haven't seen your brothers either." Leaving Ty to issue introductions as he worked on the rest of his drink.

Tykir made her giggle before she looked at Rory. Yes, she knew the McAndrews name at least. "Pleased to meet you, Rory. I haven't seen your brothers either." Not realizing they were triplets!

He had quite a few of them too. Too bad they didn't show up often. "Nice to meet you lady Tremaine," sweeping smile brought the dimples back as he also collected a tumbler of the pure from Alex.

"So you're in town running errands. How many errands do you have left? Will you be in town for long?"

"It's nice to meet you, but better to call me Molly. I won't know who you're talking about." Blue eyes shifted from Rory to Tykir. "I'm about done, but I'll probably come back tomorrow. I saw a lot of things here I want to get for Yule presents and I have my own money." And she had seen a few things she wouldn't mind for herself.

Tykir was curious why she felt the need to mention she had her own money, but he didn't comment on it. Just squinted an eye at her, then smiled with a nod, bringing his glass back up to drink some more.

All because of her past. It still amazed her that she could earn her own but of course, she didn't explain that!  Hopefully she didn't sound ditzy.

She'd have no reason to. The teens fell quiet for a while. Each with their own thoughts, and enjoying their drinks.

"Miss Molly it is," toasting her with the lift of his glass then to kick it back. He set it on the bar counter where he was in a lean by this point and wondered if Alex would fill it again. Alex seemed to consider it but most of the McAndrews could hold quite a bit, size and all, and so the tumbler was filled again.

"Have you been down to the fishing village down along the harbor coast? Or that new one that went up almost overnight a little further down?" Mostly addressed to Tykir but anyone in general.

Heck, rumor had it that McAndrews were nursed on potcheen. The very reason they could put away so much of it and still sing on key. "Not me." Tykir offered first. "Though I've heard of it quite a bit recently." For the most part, he had been confined to the castle lands. Studies, training, duties ... unless a prince snuck out sometimes, there wasn't time for much else. At least he was the middle child. Less was demanded of him than those older than him. The very reason Rina and he could find so much 'trouble', even if mostly found in the castle itself.  "Have you Shaun?"

Miss Molly. She crossed her eyes at Rory then grinned. "I haven't. " Boy, she had a lot of catching up to do. Or was that learning?

"Well, what say you we go down and investigate when we both have time?" He was as curious as they got.

"I say, yes. You two in?" He looked from Rory to Molly. "I have at least until we head to Kildare."

"Do either of you have much time?" Now she was curious. "I mean, with training and all the studying?" She smiled at Tykir and nodded. "Sure. If you don't mind me tagging along."

Tagging along? He wouldn't consider it tagging along. It was only natural for a girl to want to join, wasn't it? Rina would demand it! "Not much time, but time enough." He laughed a bit, knowing he'd have to come up with some sort of manipulation for his instructors.

"They say if you do that enough, Miss Molly, that your eyes will stay that way." Grinning, dimples dipping before he was listening in on the conversation. "If you don't mind another 'cause my brothers are hermits."

"I have until I'm called too." Which he would leave a note at to where he was just in case Sir Cole decided he wanted him present.. then another squire would be sent to go find him.

"Besides." Tykir continued, setting his tankard on the counter for Alex. "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't think it would be a good time of it. One we could all enjoy."

She just laughed at Rory's comment then looked at Tykir. "I haven't done much exploring beyond the city. I think it'll be grand fun. Is it far? Can we walk there or will we ride?"

"It's up the coast, would take us a while to walk so if we ride we'll get there much faster and can walk about once our destination is reached. Easy to get from that destination to the next from there."

Funny she should ask. He hadn't thought about that. He thought to just, well, fly. Guess he couldn't be doing that like he usually did when he and Rina set off on fun. And there she had it, so Tykir nodded Shaun's way. "Do you ride, Molly?"

Being Molly was focused on Tykir, he checked her out, slight lean to get a glance of her back and backside before grinning as he collected his drink again.

"Aye, I do. At least well enough not to fall off the horse." She didn't get the opportunity as much as she'd like. And if she would have noticed Rory, she would have slugged him one.

"Well then, might get a few more to go too. I'm friends with Josh and I think he would like to go. Possibly me brothers," but he gave a shrug of his shoulder to that.

He'd probably only laugh. But it wasn't done in mockery but natural curiosity. "I'll see if any of my brothers want to go on an excursion too."

Tykir saw him, since he was facing Molly, and he tried not to let his expression change. Although there was a faint twitch at the corner of his eyes and at his lips as he fought a smile. "Well, the more the merrier it seems. You're okay with a gang of lads, Molly?"

All boys except for her? Well, she didn't care for other girls much. They tended to be squeamish, or giggle at the wrong time. "Do you all have big families?" Well, Tykir did and she knew the McAndrews were a large clan but she wasn't sure how many were actually Rory's brothers. "Oh aye. I won't have any trouble keeping up."

"Well, I'll see of any other lasses we know that might want to go too." That way she would not be the only one.

"Good deal." He grinned.  He didn't bother answering Molly's question. She may not know him well enough to know his family but it was better if she didn't, that it stay that way. Sad thing was, all too soon his secret was no longer his own. After all...he had certain damning features about his person that gave him away. So if she did know or didn't, either way, he didn't feel the need to answer that question. Instead, he looked to Shaun, because, heck, EVERYone who knew anything knew a person with the last name McAndrews came from a large (in more than one way) family.



Date: 11-24-10
Poster: Shaun Shawnesey 
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"Hopefully the villages won't think they're being invaded." She grinned at the three. And yes, she knew who Tykir was but if he didn't want to answer, or Rory didn't, or even Shaun, that was fine with her.

Tykir laughed. "But in truth, they will be ... being!"

Brows lifted as eyes turned on him, "my family is small compared to most of yours. I've got me two brothers and two sisters." That was it, nothing like nine or more.

"I'm a McAndrews, what I don't have in brothers, I have in cousins." Dimples dipped again with the remark as he kicked back what was in his tumbler and set it to the bar. Mostly to see if Alex would fill it again.

"There's just me and my brother, though the rest are kind of like an extended family." She finished her tea then looked from one to the other. "Course, I'm going to look like a peanut standing with you all."

"Just as well, you'll have to be a bit of a nut to dare go anywhere with the likes of us." How he wished his sister was here.

Only a quick discreet sliding glance when he noticed Alex filled his glass again. This was the most he ever filled it for him without hours going by. He didn't reach for it yet either, playing it cool.

She would have enjoyed meeting Rina too. She gave Tykir an impish look. "I guess that makes me a bit of one then."

Good ole Alex! He knew how to treat those in his tavern well. He even added a bit more to Tykir's glass. "Which is a good thing, yes?"

"Aye, it is. More fun than being stuck at home twiddling my thumbs." She couldn't help wondering if they'd end up drunk but then most here drank potcheen in some form or another.

"Is that what you do at home?" He was trying to imagine that and figured it was b o r i n g!

"No, I read or draw. Sometimes I write. And of course, there are chores to do. And when they need me at the store, I work there."

He finally took up his glass once Tykir got more too. Ty would see the quick grin before he was taking a bit, nurse this one as he'd not push Alex in wanting more and there was a limit. "Another place we can adventure to is the northern tavern. It's pretty much deserted and in need of a cleaning. Lots of.." well, he realized he'd be saying it in front of Alex, who had ears even if he was turned from them and just made the motion of drinking.

Which is why Tykir cleared his throat, to cover up any words he thought were coming but Rory was wise enough to pause his comment.

He was wearing the gifted scimitar at his left hip which once he set down his drink he pulled it from its sheathe. "A lass gave me this when we were up there." The blade was made of pure crystal with a hilt made of silver, finely crafted and inlaid with crystal dust. It was a unique and probably one of a kind, priceless, weapon that was given him for a kiss.. he didn't add that but hell, he must have kissed good for his first one!

"They give you gifts for going?" Tykir laughed, leaning in to take a good look at it. "That is definitely the place to go!"

She wasn't sure she'd be allowed to tag along to that place but she had a perfect solution. She wouldn't ask!

Exactly. That was always Tykir's and Rina's solution. What was the saying? Easier to ask forgiveness than permission?

That worked for Molly!

The old, I had no idea you'd disapprove!  Certainly if all his uncles and his father hung out there in their younger days, then what could they say? He learned that much from Charlie. But Da, Charlie said you all hung out there with a trail of whores and love lorn females that she had to install a tank to drown them in! Shuddup boy before your mother hears! Grumbling something about having a talk with Charlie, could be only one!

Andrew used to hang out there...had to be a decent place at some point.

At which time, it would start the cycle again, and can you imagine the laughter that would be created with the older ones together again ..

Once again the teens grew quiet, comfortable with each others' company enough to not say anything, just be in each others presence. Tykir had even begun to hope that word didn't come too soon from Kildare so that he'd have the chance to experience these places.

When it got this quiet for too long though, Molly was tempted to giggle, or burp or make some kind of noise. Still, it was nice and one of them would pop up with something else.

*POP* "So I'm thinking, sometime in the next week maybe? If you all think you can get away." The more he thought of it, the more he started to worry Kildare would send for them and he'd be left out. Just like at Ashford.

Just when the youths thought it was safe to sit and think or act like adult, there came a familiar braying, a mule announcing the arrival of trouble, well not always, but close, feet could be heard treading over the porch to the door.

It was in that direction that Tykir looked, a smile already starting to form.

The door swung open, revealing the heavy bear cloaked figure, walking inside, the large cloak shaking, "it is COLD," and most knew that Charlie hated the cold ..

"That sounds good to me." Oh, this was going to be fun. Then the door opened with a blast of cold air and a Charlie. Though Molly didn't know her. Yet.

"Chaaaaarlie." Tykir called, lifting a hand in greeting and his smile coming into full view when the familiar face made itself known.

Adjusting her hood back she surveyed the Tavern, smiling widely as she ambled forward, "well what have we here? As I live and breath a who who." She chuckled, "salutations my friend .." making her way to the bar for a hot cider.  She looked to each one, nodding her head including the young miss in the midst of the boys, probably a girl that Charlie would like, not afraid of the company she kept ... "how is every one this evening?" aside from COLD...

Only needed a few more houses and all of Heathfield's major families would be represented for sure! "Doing quite well actually. Glad you ventured out in the cold."

Charlie smiled at Alex, inclining her head as she took up the hot cider, twisting to rest her back to the bar. "Oh I am always out in the cold," tipping her head, "I have not seen you since summer past Tykir have you been?" mused lightly, she had heard a lot of things about many, though keeping up was the hard part with all the new younglings ...

"Evening. I'm Molly." Being she likely knew everyone else. And then she asked for a glass of potcheen punch to see if she could get away with it. Just a little one.

"Well, busy it seems if I haven't had the honor of your company. Though, if you'd swing by the castle a bit, I'd not be the only one to be pleased to see you." He probably didn't need to tell her that some of their bedtime stories from their mother had involved Charlie. Although, he had no idea how much they had been altered for 'young' ears. He blinked, looking to Molly. "Yes, I'm sorry. Molly Tremaine, this is Charlie, Charlie One Time. Good friend of Heathfield, Ballicastle and most all of those in their realm."  Protector of the Males, Befriender of the Females, Rider of the Mule...

"Charlie of the One Time!" Greeting her as she'd been there with him to the north, "tell Shaun and Tykir how it was up there, in that old notorious tavern.."

Charlie smiled, "my pleasure Molly..." chuckling as she considered the ole tavern, "well considering its glory days, that old tavern needs new blood, ..but let me tell you, when your parents were going there, we had a lot of wild adventures," nodding her head, always seemed to be a Charlie when needed by those of the realm...

"Hello Charlie," giving a smile her way as he'd become quiet indeed.

"What are we?" He looked to his friends, bringing his tankard up halfway. "New blood for the place, I'd say." And he tilted it to the whole of them in a toast before bringing it to his lips.

Smiling to Shaun, "it is a good evening true," nodding to Tykir, "mm but can you make as much mischief as your parents?" she teased, knowing that she had been the root of a few adventures ....

He swallowed and his smile was back in place as the tankard lowered away. "Only one way to find out is how I reckon."

"I'll bet they can." As if someone would actually take her up on that.

Josh had been out late and ended up at the Thistle. Seemed there were a few about as he headed inside via the side door. Grin was infectious that reached green eyes. "Hey'lo everyone." Well, he knew all but one. "How's me uncle doing Charlie?" Closing the door before he was right over to join them at the bar.

Wasn't just his parents but his older siblings as well. Tykir and Rory and Shaun had the blood of MT champions in their veins! Bring on the tavern!

"Oh I would say he is chin deep in the furs by now." Kenneth worked hard and earned his rest, at least till she returned to the vardo, then he suffered the mischief that came with her ....

Yea, I bet he suffered.

"Aye, I think we can and if I could find a lass there like me Da found me Mother.. it would be worth going there."

Charlie nodded to Shaun, "everything in it own time ..enjoy your youth," grinned over her glass, of course her thoughts strayed to her sleeping gypsy, that grin getting wider ...

"I'd say your father got lucky, venturing out of Heathfield, for the best lasses are to be found here to my way of thinking." Really, what did Tykir know? He hadn't until recently even started taking notice. "Wouldn't you say, Molly? Being from Heathfield and all now?"

"Good to hear, he got a few days off or week I hear tell." Something like that for his uncle worked hard for his father. He had something for Charlie as he took out an owl he carved, very minute detail of one that would fit in palm of her hand. A totem type one, could be strung on a leather strap and worn around the neck if one wanted. "This is for you.."

"I would." She grinned at Tykir, then tipped her head slightly as she added. "Besides, if the tavern is deserted, it would be hard to find a lass there."

Tykir's attention diverted to the gift. Nice. But he let Charlie to her present and looked back to Molly. Though Maggie and Rhett Shawnesey were quite the story to hear, she was of Heathfield now, which just made Tykir's comment all the more true.

She curled her fingers around the owl smiling at him, "why thank you Joshua ..I will have Kenneth string it for me so I can wear it I always wanted a whoo who," of course she throated, "look just right eh?" and it would too ..did, "it is beautiful," she turned her hand hold it at her throat.

He turned a dimpled grin on Molly as she was put on the spot. "We'll need a few more for one would not be able to handle so many..."

"Oh not to worry about people Molly being at the MT only take one or two to draw out the rest," as the other night have proven ...

There was that wasn't there! The short reign of the whooo whooos whoo. He was pleased she liked it before he gave a double take seeing the lass there. Shy smile as he introduced himself, "I'm Josh."

She was still trying to figure out what Rory meant though she smiled at Joshua. "I'm Molly. Nice to meet you Josh. And sure, it be nice to have some other lasses along." As long as they didn't get into a competition type deal.

"Nice to meet you Molly, where are you from?" He'd not seen her before so that was the natural question to follow. Alex set out a tumbler of the pure for him which he collected.

Charlie sipped her hot cider, observing the interaction, poor Molly would not be at a loss for attention, that amused her for some reason ..perhaps shades of her own past, when she had known the Hottest catches in the realm, and had not noticed how handsome they all were, too much personality to consider the exterior, though there had been one or two, that made Charlie gaga ....

"I spend most of my time around Barrett's Bay, though I'm glad I ventured out today. I'm making new friends." Which was always a good thing. "I like that necklace on you, Charlie."

Charlie winked and nodded her head, "me too, Joshua is very skilled as you can see," the details of the owl lacked only one thing, life, but as a totem, it had life of a different kind. "It will add to my collection."

"Aye, sometimes it takes getting up the nerve and go do it. I get out a lot but have been helping me Da on the ranch lately. He hopes that I will take it over some day but wants me to be sure that it is something I would like doing." He wanted to be an agent for the crown as he eventually discovered his father was one even if it was like pulling teeth to get any information out of Joe. He would, he was going to show him he had skills, was practicing in his spare time so had not been around. "I got more, if you'd like one, Molly. What animal or bird do you prefer?"

"So, Charlie, this tavern, is it someplace we may want to venture to tonight?" He slanted a look toward Alex and caught the pause in the man's wiping of a glass. Still, nothing said by the tender was a good thing. There was hope.

Charlie knew that Joe had sowed his wild oats too before settling into the ranch and his work for the crown, all in due time Josh would do the same thing, his father was a patient man and knew his children well ...

He noticed the exchange between Tykir and Alex and held his breath a short pause. One could have hope if they were not stopped, Alex would be letting someone know.

"Well I suppose we could ..though better to plan ahead and then head there ... last I saw it was dirty and needed a lot of attention .." she grinned ...

"I like cardinals." She decided after a moment then she looked hopefully at Charlie and Tykir.

"There's none of us here unable to apply some elbow grease." He looked to the others. "Right?"

Joe was still sowing his oats as well his brother Maurice.. whenever they could with discretion. The two needed wives, that would settle them down.  "Right, even bring some tools like a hammer and nails." Giving a nod to that thought, they could go well prepared.

Within the hour, Charlie knew that every parent and then some would know of the adventure to the tavern, she could imagine the hidden smile, and then the stern aught not be there sermons that would evolve ...eventually ...

"And some ... er ... something to drink. If Alex would be so kind." And in the midst of it, would be Charlie One Time...just like old times.

That might be their saving grace, she was known to thwart trouble, and cause an equal amount ..all in the same breath ...

"Right." Pleased she hadn't worn a gown. She wouldn't have to worry about getting it messed up.

He slapped a hand to the side of his leg. "I say, let's do it. What say you all?" No better time than the present, considering he didn't know what tomorrow held. But did any of them?

Charlie knew, but that was for them to learn and explore ..

We'll need horses," as he was up from his lean, "I'll go get them while you all get things to clean with." All could be attached to the saddles or saddlebags. So, he was out to get those and would meet them around front.


(continued in the 'Other Lands' Folder Posts 12-14)

Date: 11-27-10
Poster: Ellyn Royce
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Talk on the Northern Tavern

Since her return from the school in Scotland, Ellyn had the itch to get out and see more of the lands and sister lands she had lived in near her whole life. It was a time to explore now that she was back. A time to make up time she had missed out in her years away. Not that they were many in comparison but they were many to a young woman for being what was termed the formative years. She rode in on a perk black mare she had named Satin for the shine of her coat reminded one of such. She was lightly packed as one intending to stay a while. There was exploring and there was shopping to be done for the upcoming holiday. She didn't ride side saddle so wore riding gear of butter soft leather in the darker shades of tan, a brown leather vest over a cream color blouse, boots that laced up over her calves and a lined cloak over all for the dip in temperature that found this day with those light snowflakes floating all around. Once booted feet touched upon solid ground she made sure the saddle straps were secured, all the while speaking with her one friend and companion thus far.

With the freedom of a certain means of transport also came the restriction of just how often you did so in plain view. Tykir's favorite entrance was the one from the alley because, for the most part, it afforded him the privacy he desired. As he entered, he threw up a hand in greeting for Alex, using the heel of his boot to close the door behind him. He cast a look behind just to make sure it clicked and then continued on the where a tankard waited for him on the counter. "So I guess you heard about Ashford, eh Alex?" His backside claimed a stool and he crossed an arm over the countertop. "Pretty darn awesome, don't you think?" There wasn't much that Alex didn't know about Heathfield so Tykir was pretty dang sure he was made aware of this as well.

She hadn't entered the tavern proper immediately for there were a few things that would take a few minutes to see to first. The bag was next to be detached from the saddle and the strap over her shoulder. She was about to tie off the reins as Satin was not helping matters by nudging her for reassurance of affection and knocking the overnight bag from her shoulder which she kept adjusting while trying to appease her companion. It was then a lad named Tommy came over to assist, telling her of the stables in back and he'd see to the mare. She noticed the red coloring creeping up his neck as she smiled for the assistance. She handed over Satin and almost stepped away when she realized a coin would be required which she produced from a small pouch that was kept in her pocket as she turned back to the one to offer it. The lad refused turning even more red before hurrying off with her equine. She stood there and blinked before she was heading up the steps while tucking the coin away. The porch would be an inviting place were it the summer months as she gave it a passing glance before opening up the front door with a press of shoulder and body as it gave way and headed within.

The braying as always reached the tavern before the rider and mule did, not that Charlie wanted to be announced, but Ears had his own mind and sounded off quite frequently .... Cloaked like his mistress or because of her, the huge draft mule plodded along to the hitching post, enjoying the extra covering in the chill of the day.. Charlie didn't worry about reins and such, since Ears knew where he was going, staying on, or not was the question, she slide forward, then hitched her leg to slid off leaving behind the extra cloak over the mule's wither, "quit fussing you ole ass .." she mumbled adjusting the covering, "one of us is old," as he lipped at her bear skin cloak.. turning for the porch ..

She noted the other woman that had arrived, hard to miss the braying of the mule so she didn't quite close the door over so it would be easier for her to come right on in if that was her intention. The shift of green eyes from the outside to inside as the door closed over enough not to let a draft in had her blink again. Wings? She was seeing wings on the young man there? "Hello," almost cautiously spoken as she continued to the bar and the man she would find there named Alex, but here too she blinked. So many surprises, "Allan?" Alex chuckled and shook his head as he told her Allan was his twin, the tender of Balli Hi tavern in Ballicastle.

"Thank you miss," she grinned, hurrying, wanting to stay as warm as possible.. "HEY a whoo who" waving to Tykir as she slipped on past the lady, her fur cloak rustling, as she moved towards the bar, "hot cider Alex and a cinna stick if you please," propping herself right there at the bar ..

Tykir stopped mid conversation with Alex to look to the door and the girl entering. "Hello to you too." He grinned, turning slightly so that the dark wings pressed tightly to his back were not as obvious. He wasn't ashamed of his heritage, but why push things. He didn't keep his attention on the stranger long since Charlie stole the show! "HEY to you, Charlie!" Now there was the sunshine on a cold, gray day. He had wondered where it had been! It had been mounted and bobbing on the back of a mule named Ears! He pitched forward a bit toward Ellyn. "This is Charlie." Since if this lass wanted to know anyone who was anyone, then that anyone was one to know.

Charlie grinned, taking the drink set before her, "how are you Tykir?" Smiling warmly.. "hello Miss ..Charlie One Time," not adding that she was trouble and mischief, that would be learned soon enough..

"I'm better than a stinkbug in a box on a warm August day." Which definitely wasn't today! "How're you?" Then to the girl. "And you?"

"Cold as always," she grinned, sipping the tea looking to the lady, waiting for response, probably scared the bejesus out of her ...

"Well, 'tis the season for that." And with each passing day, cold became more and more the season. He nodded to her as she sipped her tea and then looked to the green-eyed girl waiting for her response. If...she could talk.

There was relief in the fact the winged one spoke. So he was real! Or it was another situation like with her father speaking to her mother. Her smile wavered, tucked at the corners before spreading fully. From Tykir to the tea sipping Charlie. "Hello, pleasure to meet you," as she held out a hand to shake. She was still mulling over the stinkbug comment by the young man. Then back to him as her smile remained steadfast, "Who are you and are those wings real?" So her curiosity got the better of her. She had not connected the fact the Queen of these lands had two winged children. Which had her realizing she'd not given her name in her quest of knowledge, "I'm Ellyn Royce, from Falkirk Manor."

Charlie grinned, waggling her brows of course the tea was hot, so she paused to let it cool, glancing to Tykir..

Although Charlie had hooted out his name, he was just about to introduce himself but the young woman spoke to Charlie. He waited, but didn't need to wait long before she came right out and demanded he do so. As a subconscious defense, his wings flattened tighter to his back. "Well, Ellyn Royce, I'm Tykir Riktafir..." He paused a moment, realizing her distinction of Falkirk marked her ancestry, "from Heathfield." Was all he added to his name. "And yes, the last I checked, they were rooted firm and flew me here even this day." He brought around his tankard. "But for the most part, I pretend they aren't even there." Twitch of a dark brow to her, and a smile, then he brought up his tankard to his lips to drink.
Clasping the offered hand with a smile, "my pleasure Miss ..I have heard of Falkirk," and she had too ..

It was an unusual name, for all she knew when Charlie hooted it out, it was some other word in a language she didn't know as a greeting! A touch of color rose to her cheeks, "the prince Tykir," which now it all formulated into a coherent thought she felt a little long in the taking, hence her slight embarrassment. "They are wonderful, your wings," as she held out her hand then corrected herself with a quick curtsey. Oh, she was feeling a little awkward.

Tykir should know one never escaped their pedigree, lifting her drink to sip, listening to the pair.. Oh yeah that had her chuckling, trying to remember if she ever bowed to any one, oh yeah Victor..

As Ellyn corrected and overcorrected, Tykir watched with a smile. "Just Tykir, actually." A quick glance to Charlie as he struggled not to laugh, then back to Ellyn. "Ah, yes, I tend to think so most days." He decided to change the subject since this one seemed to cause the young Miss a bit of awkwardness. "So, Ellyn, you live at Falkirk but I've never seen you around here...those uncles of yours keeping you locked up tight to protect you from dark-winged princes?" Frasier family pride was a well-known fact and all in these lands respected the Duke and his clan. AND...those green wonder!

Ok, deep breath, release slowly and get your bearings. She talked to herself mentally. Maybe there was a bit of her father in her. "I have heard of you Charlie," that came out too as she stepped aside to get a better look at those wings he was tucking so tight behind him. A hand started to naturally lift almost to the point of touching before she remembered her manners, "can I touch them?"

"Oh lordie, I do hope that it was good," she mused, her hand rising to palm her face, knowing the way she behaved most of the time, anything was possible ...

The thief slipped from the blue roan stallion, having ridden up to the road and discovered the tavern. She had been in Heathfield once before, on a night long past, a party where she had been introduced to the queen of the place. What a night that had been. The surreal of it still had her shaking her head. Who, if they had known it, would ever introduce a *thief* to a queen?? A couple years and more back now, that had been. Likely she was well forgotten by this time, and all the better that was. It was much more comfortable to be a fly on the wall, an unimportant personage who disappeared into the crowd. She much preferred that, when all was said and done. Once Killian was tied up, and given a loving pat and bit of quiet chatting, she headed for the door of the place and then through it, her booted feet making no sound, though the wood beneath her may have announced her presence, light of weight though she was. She pushed inside and then paused to let her eyes adjust, the wool cape lined in deep sable flaring open wide enough to show the dark leathers she wore beneath it. Over her left shoulder an arming sword pommel was poised, ready for easy gripping, and twin daggers graced her thighs.

His questions to be answered politely, "yes, I live at Falkirk but I've been away since fifteen to now. A way of getting a more worldly education in Scotland, original home of my family. It is beautiful there but not anymore than it is here. Since my return, I wish to explore the lands and sister lands that I know as home." The dark winged prince image had those green eyes light up almost devilishly but she decided better not to comment not knowing him that well.

What the....he blinked at her question. It was the first anyone, ANYone had ever asked to touch his wings. Wasn't that like asking to touch a body part? But he turned slowly, exposing more of his back to her. "Well now, Charlie, this is what every man would dream of, no? A pretty lass asking to touch them at first meeting?"

Charlie grinned nodding her head at Tykir, "indeed it is ..but they are beautiful wings too " she mused, glancing to the door, "GEM" and dash to hug the elf her friend and fellow trouble maker ...

He looked past the two ladies there with him to the door. "Greetings! Come on in and get warm." And speaking of warm, looked like Charlie had one extra warm hello for the stranger.

Well, it was a body part but at least one covered. In feathers. The lift of his wing exposed more of those beautiful feathers as fingers slid down making the barbs move beneath then back. "Beautiful," murmured under her breath just at the moment another came in. Blink. Concentration shifting with a quick glance up in that direction. "Hello.." seemed Charlie knew the one as she hooted again.

She did not expect to see a friend, and let alone such a good one, let alone to be rushed at and hugged. The thief, well known for her shying away from touch, particularly with males, backed up a step before she quite realized who it was, but then she grabbed up Charlie, or tried to. Little as she was, that was an impossible task. "Charlie One Time!! Grinning broadly, heart-shaped lips spread in gladness. "Oh, such a sight you are." A nod, polite and a bit distant, was given to the male, and then a warmer smile to the unknown female.

Charlie was good at Hooting, "my friend .. you are a sight for sore eyes ..come in, lady Ellyn of Falkirk and Tykir of Heathfield," she introduced. "And Alex the beloved bar keep," she chuckled, giving Gem a bouncing hug, turning her to the people ..

She was a little elf, standing an inch shorter than five feet, but she was in boots with a bit of heel, so she crested that five foot mark now, at least. Silver hair of the wavy variety was bound in a braid that fell to her calves behind her. She looked far too frail and fragile to be handling weapons, and yet there she was, armed to the teeth. And beyond. She smiled at the others, including Alex the barkeep, and nodded once more. "Grand to meet you."

Felt kind of good to have those feathers stroked, but he slowly drew them back against his back. "They come in handy." He offered to Ellyn before acknowledging the introduction. "Hello again." He picked up her name from Charlie's exclamation but didn't use it yet. "Welcome to Heathfield." He added, lifting his tankard to the room before bringing it to his lips. He swallowed, then once more looked to Ellyn. "So you're back for good now, Ellyn?"

At least this time she picked up on the word hooted that was the woman's name. "Hello Gem, nice to meet you," and her smile held the warmth of her words. Tykir was relieved of her impertinence as her hand fell away with the turn in meeting these others. She was widening her horizons by leaps and bounds today. Stepping back to the bar as she ordered a punch as they were called, sweet peach flavored, then answered Tykir's question. "Yes, I am home for good and honestly, very happy to be so with family again. To travel is nice, to see other places but there is no place like home to come back to."


She looked again to Charlie, after the greetings, and then gave the woman another of her lightning fast hugs, there and gone again. "Do they serve hot buttered rum in this place, Charlie?"

"I am sure that Alex can make it, and the rum is excellent here," told Gem, moving to the bar to collect her tea, "what brings you to Heathfield?" queried...

"Well, actually....funny thing was.....I was passing by the old place yesterday. You know, the old tavern we used to hang out in. Someone was in there! Place was all lit up and looked like someone was trying to refresh the place." She paused to order a hot buttered rum from Alex, with a soft smile, and then pushed across a gold to pay for it.

"Ah yes the MT .. some of the young ones from here have taken an interest in the place, since many of their parents created adventures there," naturally Charlie went along for the memories, and enjoyed the company of those there. "It is good you found them there," because it brought a good friend to the tavern...



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"I imagine your family is pleased to have you back." If the tales of the Frasiers were true. The MT? Tykir grinned but didn't say anything at present, since he was one of the ones up there scrubbing down the bar counter.

She was quite mystified when Alex pushed the gold back. Blinking, she tried to push it back towards him, but he shook his head and turned around to get her drink. ".....Uh..Charlie..?" Whispered. "Why won't he take my money?"

"I believe they are very happy and after a week home, I felt this need to see more of the lands I grew up in. Couldn't wander far when young." It had just been the way of it, "so here I am to see Heathfield first and to do some shopping." Her words faltering as she picked up on the other conversation, slight distraction there as even she heard such stories from that place. Her uncle Danny had met Shiloh there and whisked her away from a future time to this time and were happily married with kids.

"It's free," she mused sliding the gold piece back to Gem. "The Queen has ordered it so," she mused, "save it for another time," She could donate to the orphanage or something ...

Another round of blinking, then. "Well, but how in all the nine hells can a tavern make enough money to stay ahead of the sharks?"

Charlie smiled, "well WELL ..there are no sharks here," she cackled, recalling a conversation just the other evening about sharks and such ...Yes and Charlie missed her friend Shiloh, they had great mischief together in the MT ...

She gave Charlie a very dubious look. No sharks? There were sharks *everywhere*...just they sometimes wore disguises. "Hmm. Well, anyhow...I met two chaps there. One named Maurice..something, something...and another named Patrick." There *may* have been a slight bit more emphasis on that last name. Wow...Shiloh. A name from a history very much missed.


"Charlie nodded her head smiling." Ice and Patrick .. both good men," she chuckled, "I am sure that they were checking the tavern since the youngins probably rattled their cages with stories of being there."

Forgive him, Ellyn, he was a bit intrigued with the conversation about the MT.

She knew something about that being it was the same for the Balli Hi pub in Ballicastle's commons. "They are paid for by the tithing of many businesses, ranches, farms and so on. A way of giving back to the people that no one would ever go hungry or need to sleep out in the cold."

Charlie winked to Tykir, Gem use to go the MT and such trouble they made, of course it was Charlie's middle name ...

Tykir was more than eager to hear of the tavern where his brothers and even mother used to frequent.

She didn't mean to be a distraction to anyone's conversation! If she had realized it, she would have altered it, truly. As she didn't, though, she went on. "They were most interesting. Ice, huh? I don't think he called himself tha..." she paused as Ellyn spoke to her, and then she absorbed the words. "...Tithing..?" A wary look filled her eyes, " in...a religious sort of dealio?"

A nod to Ellyn, who was right of course, though Charlie never questioned it, since she and Lahoneee use to roam together.. and "no as in taxes." Charlie grinned, "religion is a matter of choice here or not."

Gem's version of common was fraught with many different mixed and matched lingos that blended or clashed together, as the case may be. She, having been in Rhydin for the last 8 years, had a hodge-podge collection of such phrases that had an often unfortunate effect on her reception by others, at times. "Ohhhhh.." Nodding in relief to Charlie, and then smiling at Ellyn. "I am relieved to know it. First time a place gets all gungho about forcing stuff down a body's throat, it seems to start with religion, and then it is time to hit the road for a better place, you know?"

"I don't think there is any one established religion here. Although there are many druids about and Fae, Elves or mixtures." Most of the rangers were Elves, so she was told. She was trying to add to the conversation with hopefully useful information to Gem and possibly Charlie but the latter seemed to know quite a bit about the lands. "I would say, most have the attitude of live and let live here. Long as you can respect another that has different beliefs or ideas, so then will yours be respected in turn. It works out well."

Charlie nodded her head to what Ellyn was saying, having encountered just about every one at least once or twice in the years she had come to Heathfield. "This is a good place, as is Ballicastle and Falkirk, there are many walks of people here that get along .." which was one of the reason she kept coming back .. "indeed it does, very well, I have always been welcome here since I can remember," agreeing, "a safer place too, then where we use to hang out."

Gem gave a delighted smile to Ellyn, for her words, and then took the steaming mug that Alex handed her with a smile. "Thank you, sir. And thank you, Ellyn. I am glad to know it. It is good to know a place like this exists."

She then turned to Tykir as he had become quiet with a curious question. "I hear rumors of Kildare, do you know of these?" As in was there any truth to them.

"Safer?" Her eyes lit up, as she looked at Charlie. Gem...had a lot of enemies. And reasons to be interested in "safer" But then she hushed to listen to what Tykir's answer to Ellyn may be. Gem was turning over these new names in her mind, Ballicastle, Falk..something, and now Kildare. Lovely name, that.

Charlie had heard of Kildare, but couldn't recall going there, then again half the places she went she could not recall. Life was lived fast.. Heathfield was Charlie's safe place, here she lived with Kenneth in a vardo, and chased the locals about with sticks and did insane things that people talked about forever, and then some ...

Kildare? How did she hear of Kildare? Where did the rumors come from. "Well, uh, which rumors have you heard, Ellyn?" Better to make sure before he started spouting out all sorts of information. He cut a look to Alex in question, not knowing how much was allowed to be divulged.

Gem caught that look to Alex, and filed away that the young Tykir looked to that barkeep for advice on what to say to whom. Interesting.

Charlie smiled to Gem, "there are rooms available, if you are of a mind to stay .." meaning upstairs of course, "I stay with Kenneth in the vardo, though I suppose we should get a house or something, ..." not that it ever occurred to her that they needed too, the vardo had all the comforts of home, and Kenneth, that was all that mattered ...

She turned to smile at Charlie, before taking a sip of her steaming buttered rum. "How is Kenneth, then? I have not seen him since you introduced me to him, years agone now, at the Tonk."

This particular barkeep had the ear of the King and Queen and Tykir found enough trouble on his own without just jumping in both feet in front of someone who might keep him from it.

The staff, kitchen maids, chambermaids, the scully maids. Mostly the maids! "That there are beasts in the forest and that the king is your brother, handsome, with a twin that is identical," although those were maids with dreams as was normal when there was a handsome king that was single. "That there are wild lands there, uprisings of which there have been some battles."

"He is doing well, a few days off from the ranch, between wood chopping and chores, I keep him crazy," and he loved it ..

It was not a bad thing that Tykir did, but it meant that the barkeep was rather more than he might seem to be, and that he had the confidence of Tykir. She did not know who Tykir was, so it was all just a bit of interesting notes to her, for now. Gem liked to know people, and what made them tick. What motivated them. She was a people watcher, she was. Well. Make that...she hadn't known. Now she did, or rather, wondered if he was. She looked from Ellyn to the lad, and sipped again.

She chuckled and leaned a bit to Gem, "don't worry they put their pants on the same way we do," which meant they were normal despite their titles and such ...

"I am glad he is doing so well, and that he is wise enough to have you to drive him crazy." She paused at Charlie's words, and nodded. Gem was not generally reverent of royalty or the aristocracy. She had been that night of the party, though, for she had not expected to meet the queen.

Charlie nodded her head, "he is a good man, I am most fortunate that I found him," or he found her, all that mattered was that she loved him, and it was mutual ..

"There is that." He replied with a smile, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the bar. How he would have liked to boast that he was planning on going North to Kildare with the King and the infamous Four Horsemen. But, because his journey was, well, not approved by those powerful men, and he would have to figure out a way to join them, he didn't say a word to that. No. He just said. "Did you hear that Kar...the King of Heathfield has just recovered from a run-in with those very beasts, him and three of the Four Horsemen. Pretty rough territory up there. But Leoric and Gaidan will see it all straightened out. I've no doubt about that." Especially since their discreet war would consist of Karl and Peter's men as well! Oh, Tykir wouldn't miss this if he had to give his right wing to be there! Afterall! His sister was already there and that just didn't sit well with the adventure seeking prince.

Oh boy Charlie could tell tales about the King and Horsemen and a few knights, but in due time, she would rattle them all with the past, listening and sipping her drink ..

Eyes slightly narrowed as he crossed his arms in such a way she felt there was far more than he had to say. Only agreeing. A glance slid from him to the ever meticulous tender who was busy about seeing to bar as if he was not paying attention at all. If he was like his brother Allan, he was all ears and hearing everything! There and back with the question. "I heard that his return was celebrated not only here but in all the sister lands." She didn't know of the details other than the king had been missing for a while after it all came out. Wow, was her expression as he told of the King's encounter with the beasts. "Then the rumors are true. How exciting." And scary too but she didn't add that word. "I'm sure they will be slain with your brother as king and the other as regent of the lands."

Charlie could?! Too bad Tykir didn't know that!

Hmm Kildare sounded like a fun place, with the battles and what not, she might even find a new Whoo who to play with and torment, listen and absorbing it all ..

So much information. She sought to process and file it all, sipping her hot buttered rum and leaning against Charlie's arm, basking in a renewed friendship and fond memories. Kildare sounded a wild place, and one fraught with dangers. She wondered if the pickings were good for a cat burglar.

It had been a tense time, not knowing about the King, but it was welcomed that he was able to return, Charlie liked Karl. He was good for Lahoneee, who knows maybe Lahoneee would have another bread loaf in the oven, one never could tell about such things ...

"Yes, the beasts will." He made sure to clarify. And he would be part of that beast slaying. That last thought had his head dipping and a chance look sliding Alex's way, as if the man could read his mind. He couldn't though, thank the stars and he brought around his tankard. "This Maurice, Charlie, that Gem spoke of...would that be Maurice McDonough? Did you say?"

A beast, maybe they could tame it and give it a name, and make a pet of it, or it kind any way, anything was possible, she would have to check out this place Kildare and see what it was .. "it would be yes," nodding to Tykir, only one Maurice in the realm she knew ...

Gem pointed a finger at Tykir as he said the name. "That is it! That was his name. Very nice man." She nodded and smiled.

"Ice is sexy," nodding her head, nevermind her, she was remembering some half brained adventure from the MT ..

Gem gave a wry look to Charlie at that comment.

Which that name brought up another area of adventure. "I hear Laird McDonough has a cluster of islands, more tropical in climate than here and almost all of them unexplored." She needed some practice with her weapons as it had been a while, the lady's finishing school didn't encourage, in fact discouraged, a woman using weapons. They just didn't understand so that was held off until she got back.

Silver brows went up as she learned that bit about Maurice. Islands. Tropical. Unexplored. Nice for the man. Sounded like he had his hands full, there.

He ... er... really wouldn't know about the ranch owner being ... sexy. "I was thinking more that, with his history you think he might help fix it up?"

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Oh yes she remembered an island, it had been great fun exploring it with the brothers. Certain that there was more to see, but she rarely caught the brothers on their adventures... "the MT ..." she shrugged, "he went there often, and was the prize of the tavern," damn he drew the women like mad bumble bees ... "you could ask him," like it never occurred to her to do so ..

Gem studied the prince..or was he a duke, being brother to the king? Gem was not up on her knowledge of titles, really. She pondered telling him what she had heard the two men saying about their intentions for the tavern, but held her tongue, for really, it was not her place to say.

Neither would she as that would be looking upon a much older man, near father image for her, as sexy? She wasn't one attracted to older men in that way. Not that much older anyway.

"I was hoping that you would." He ventured, following that statement with a shrug much like hers had been.

Surprisingly, Charlie saw them as they were, and just never reacted to what they were, well with exception of two, who flummoxed her greatly, it was how she befriended most in the realm, accepting them for what they were. "I suppose I could," nodding her head, "though he might be tickled by your interest in the old place."

Tickled? Now there was a reaction he wouldn't have tagged to the Laird of the McDonoughs. "Could instigate tales of adventures there?" The there where Tykir meant to start his own adventures once he returned from Kildare.


Can you imagine her going to ranch and throwing open the door, with her usual hi honey I am home, and start naming names of those interested in the tavern being restored to its glory. Ice would probably chuckle after he had a drink ... or three .. "I shall do so," nodding her head, certain that it would be a good laugh, and get a lot of the old timers out of their comfy chairs after a long day .. " did you want it to remain a Nexus?"

Especially considering the ones that had begun the restoration. The son of the former respected tender, the prince of Heathfield, the prince of Balli and yet another McDonough! "Do I get to decide?" That had him laughing to himself. "The way I hear it, it just morphs into what it is..."

"....Wait..wait..." One little hand held up. "How ....could he change the fact that the nexus is there....?" A very confused elf, there.

And from what Gem had said, sounded like a few of the 'old timers' were already wandering back in. He couldn't wait to tell the others that Ice and this Patrick fellow had wandered in. He had to wonder if Andrew or even his mother knew that Patrick.

"Well that is true, it is a strange place," she agreed, "but it was a good place to meet people from different ways and realms," without killing each other ..

He titled his tankard toward Gem. "Exactly..."

Okay, she was relieved, because ....if he could contain or control the nexus, then he was one very powerful lad. She smiled at him, because he wasn't.

"Ah well I am sure Ice will be interested one way or another," knowing that it would be well known that she was there quite often with the youngins ...

Yup, just your everyday, dark-winged, prince this one.

She sipped her cooling rum, finishing it off with a little shudder, for it was a potent brew. The heat of it settling in her belly was like a small explosion, and she sighed in pleasure.

"I suppose any of the Druids here could keep the nexus from working if they were there."

Charlie smiled at Gem, glad that her friend was relaxing, and that she had found the realm itself, there were enough adventures to go around ...

"Thanks, Charlie..." And he meant it. These teenagers had quite the shoes to fill when it came to the MT. The sigh was quite attention stealing which had dark brows shooting up as he looked to Gem and grinned.

"True, but it is place of learning, despite being a bar, so maybe best to leave it as it is," she mused, never having given much thought, it just was ...

"If need be, Ellyn. But sometimes, the differences in people..." Wings flattening tighter. "Makes for more of an adventure." And Tykir was his mother's son. By himself, with his sister, or with others...this young man was all about the next adventure!

Charlie could tell him life was an adventure, but he would find that out himself ...

Oh, he was finding it out, though he wouldn't think the day to day of studies, training, and duties were an adventure. It was after he snuck away that the adventure could be found! THAT was what life was about for the young man who was at the perfect line of royalty. Too young to have much demanded of him and older than the youngest ones that couldn't do much at all! Closing off the vortex wouldn't be happening with Tykir around. He was perhaps naively excited of coming in contact with different times and people.

Catching that look from Tykir, she gave him a polite smile, not sure what had occasioned the look. She listened to them talking about the MT and that bit about the druids had her wondering if it was possibly true. She had many friends who were from other places and think of them cut off from Rhydin was disturbing to her.

"I would like to see this northern tavern sometime." So she mussed out loud before taking her first drink of the punch made. It was warm going down.

"Oh indeed, it is not hard to find," nodding her head, "though a bit dark and dusty at the moment, I am sure Tykir and the boys and young miss will have it cleaned up in no time."

"Sometime?" Tykir laughed, finishing off his tankard. "From this day forward that word is banished from your vocabulary. At least in my company!" So he was pulling and playing that prince card! But in truth, he was laughing and it showed in his eyes. He nodded toward Charlie. "We've been cleaning it up, yes...and you're welcome to join us. And we can go anytime you want!" As long as he wasn't in the midst of demands made by the station of his title.

She had been only making a possible suggestion if the consensus was to keep the nexus closed. She had no problem meeting oddities that made for adventures.

Gem gave a cautious look to Ellyn. "Miss......erm.....listen. I don't mean to be at all presumptuous...but if you go, please, please be careful. There are...many types....dangerous types...that used to frequent the place. Like vampires...weres.....demons."

"I will be sure to go with others, not alone." She was not that insane, well, not usually.

Which was the usual princely chores, nodding at what Gem said, it was a place to watch oneself, even when the local were friendly enough ..

Gem's words brought about a wide-eyed look from Tykir since when they ventured there, the most dangerous things they encountered were dust bunnies and well, the mice in the kitchen.

Gem smiled in relief, and nodded. "Good. I am glad. I don't know if you are able to fight, but...well. Even if you are, the place is dangerous." She noted that look from Tykir. "I have seen cold blooded murder happen in that place. Kidnappings, enslavement....I myself have had to kill there." Said very quietly.

"And don't forget the Naga," fondly thinking of Jessup, though few would consider him any thing but a bastard of the worst kind ..

She looked at Charlie, and could not help but think of Jessup, that rude, exasperating, entirely obnoxious but strangely charming male of that species. "Hah."

What the...? Gem? "Holy Crapfilled crapes.." He muttered, glancing to Ellyn then back to Gem.

Nodding to what Gem said, though Charlie never really gave any of that much thought, she just went in and enjoyed herself, and always came out unscathed ..

Charlie was good at that. Gem was not so good at that.

Unscathed...that was good. That was preferred.

Pardon her, she was snickering over what Tykir said. Holy crapfilled crepes? Bahahahaah!

Charlie was good at that sort of thing, if you cant dazzle with brilliance, baffle them with bull poo, and she could load it on thick when she wanted to ...

And Charlie is a rhyming poet...poo...too...

Who would have ever thunk it of Charlie!

Yep she is at that, cant see what she is saying cause her tongue is over her eye teeth as she is saying it ..

Stick around, Gem, Tykir had a habit of slipping out with those comments that often got him in trouble!

"Sometime soon," she amended with a light laugh to follow. She was obviously up for adventure. Any kind she could find and get herself into.

"Then we agree Nexus is the way to fly," nodding her head and finishing up her drink, gonna stick with cider next time yes she was ...

Tykir nodded once toward Ellyn. She caught on quick! "The next we go up, you're coming." And they would be careful! Who could harm a Riktafir, a McAndrews, a Shawnesey and a McDonough?

It was good that Tykir had not asked that of Gem. But then, she had had more than her fair share of the bad side of things. Like that insane priest, Grant. Did Charlie recall that one? Whooo boy.

Only the said parents of those mentioned, and with in good reasons ....Yes Charlie remembered that, she was getting good at recounting past memories, which of course always seemed to end with mischief...

Ellyn was a bit wide eyed at the descriptions but she was taking all warnings to heart. She would not go without a weapon and she knew how to use them. "Yes!" Agreeing quick and fast to Tykir's invitation. It was time to live life a little (or even a lot) on the edge.

Man'o'Man...did they ever teetered on that edge!

Charlie let her thoughts ramble, maybe Ice and a few others would come around, that way she would not feel like she was leading the brat pack, but still they were the children of their parents that she knew, and it would be fun, she was always game for adventure and laughter...

So, he was a lad who had more pride than brains! Life would teach him the difference, and probably all too quickly at the MT.

The thief quietly asked Alex for one more hot buttered rum, but that would have to turn to cider, after the second, lest she be dancing on the tables or something horrific like that. She smiled in thanks as he passed it over to her, and then she took a sip, chuckling at herself and Charlie, giving words of warning to younger folks, about the MT. "I am so glad it is opening up again. It was a sad day when I found it closed down." Wild as it was, she loved the people there.

"Hm, I thought that too, when I went and there was no one there," seemed odd, when it had been so vibrant. "Guess the modern folks could not handle it well or something," seemed logical to her ..

"I think a lot of unprincipled fools got to misbehaving in silly ways, and I think that the Watch just closed it down. Or something like that. I am sure there are as many rumors as there are bellybuttons in the city, though."


Date: 11-27-10
Poster: Ellyn Royce
Post # 14

She chuckled softly. "I think you are right about that ... still I recall many years of wandering there," and drinking and sliding down the banisters and such ..
"The Watch?" He glanced to Ellyn. They had a lot to learn about Rhydin. Sheltered as he had been at the castle, he was all about learning more of the ... other side.

Charlie nodded at Tykir, not sure how to describe that too him, but it was there and effective enough at times, "trouble in another way I suppose .."

Gem turned to smile at Tykir, and nodded slowly. "Well...there is the Watch...they *try* to keep order in the place, but for the most part, they are ineffective. Many simply laugh at them, though they are quick enough to yell for them and at them, when some thief or other takes their goods or ruins their fine plans." She chuckled quietly. "They can also be pompous, arrogant idiots who are power mad, so one has to be careful which sector of the city one runs into them. Some are quite decent chaps, only out to keep order and promote Good. Some are ruffians who think they should have all bow before them. Sometimes the Watch can be as dangerous as the villains." A long sip taken.

There was a mischievous twinkle to his dark eyes with the mention of a 'watch' as he looked at Ellyn. When the explanations started, his returned his attention to the ladies. And whooooah, he wasn't quite sure of how Gem felt about them exactly!

"The thing to remember about Rhydin and its many dens of iniquity, such as the MT, is that it is an unregulated, very dangerous place that has a rich history and a lovely set of people...who may also slit your throat for a copper 

Ellyn had finally taken up a lean, back pressed against the edge of the bar as she sipped the punch, green eyes shifting between Charlie and Gem as they talked. She was soaking it all in. She had not heard of the Watch either as her drink was lowered, sparing a glance to Tykir at the same moment that had the slight smile more to her eyes that then shifted back to the ladies.

Poor Charlie never realized it was so dangerous, she must have had blinders on, she just enjoyed the differences found there, and never once took a weapon there, fear no evil was her motto ...

Tykir grinned. "Then I'll just make sure I never have a copper piece on me." Nod. Easy enough. But his nod to her was evidence that he respected her advice and would follow it. He sure as the devil he didn't want his throat slit or any that was with him.

She felt she had quantified it fairly well there, and fell silent, watching the others. A light laugh slipped from her at Tykir's remark.

Grinning, "gee I must have missed all that," which was most likely, she had a mind set that evil was only different, not bad per se ..

"Charlie, you could get along with an angel and a devil, all in the same conversation, and hand out halos and pitchforks, while sipping cider and telling jokes." She looked in admiration at her friend.

No one touched the Charlie?

And Alex was getting an earful to relay back to the parents or the Queen herself, anything was possible, Charlie snickered, "I think I have at least once or twice .." though at the time it never occurred to her ..

Tykir respected and admired Charlie as well. Tales of her Trouble-Getting echoed through Heathfied from every lip over twenty-one.

"Me, I seem to have a sign on my forehead that says Come and get me". A sad, very frustrated sigh left her, and she shook her head.

Oh Patoopey! He was so into the conversation he forgot about Alex! Not that the tender didn't know of the dangers of Heathfield, or that each generation had taken their turn there. Just that this next generation was a bit green to
be floundering about up there. Time would tell.

She studied the lad and lass quietly as she sipped her rum. Many thoughts colliding and speeding on through her silver head, there. Finally, she offered up something. "If you two..either of you...should be in need of aid there.. you have only to give me a yell. I am very happy to aid thee should trouble arise."

Tykir might find his wings clipped and his bedroom door locked from the outside if Honeee found out he was going up at his age unescorted and cocky as a rooster. The dark-winged prince wasn't one to turn down back-up. He knew better than to think he may never need help, just that he never had to so far. "And the same for you, Gem." Incase she ever needed his assistance. RIGHT! "Thanks."

She smiled at the lad, and for some reason, thought of an incident from the past, with someone she had rather associated with this place. "Is there a....female ship captain? her name? Capt Black...hmm. And thank you, Tykir, that is most kind of you."

"Thank you Gem, hopefully we'll not be yelling your name so loud we wake up all of Rhydin from the doors of its tavern." Something one could picture too!

She looked briefly alarmed at the prospect of her name ringing in the streets of Rhydin, but chuckled at the image she painted. She looked enquiringly at Tykir for his answer to her query.

If they were fortunate, Charlie or Gem would be about when they were looking up the MT ..

Ignorance was bliss. Tykir looked forward to the next venture north and if Charlie or Gem were there all the better, but he really couldn't think they would neeed them there. "I've heard of Captain Black, some time back though.

Charlie's ears perked, recalling such a name, though not exactly where, listening since her mind had wandered greatly ...

"Haven't heard much of her lately. Have you, Charlie?" And even as he asked the Woman Who Knew Who, What, Where, When, he shifted a look Alex's way too for at least a head gesture.

"I have heard of Captain Black ...cant recall if I met that one or not," shaking her head, she knew so many people, she stopped trying to figure out who was who ...

"Ah...well, I hope she fares well." She chuckled. "An intriguing woman, very bold, very brave, and very unique." A long sip taken of her rum. "I recall getting shot by someone after her, once...he came right through a window and let fire his pistols. What a topsy turvy moment that was." A faint chuckle.

"I think there was a long time ago but she moved on." She was trying to recall some of the stories told.

That was Charlie, the years had involved so many events, it took time to sort them all out ...

"Oh, really? Ah, I see. Well, then, I suppose the past is past, there." A little much was lost with time. She was still dealing with that.

"Really?" Now THAT was too cool for words! Bullets flying? Daaaaaaang.

Charlie winked at Gem, "don't worry I feel my age every now and again," like trying to remember such things on the spur of the moment, "other times I forget ... I was always dodging Dillon when he was shooting up things." Remembering the star ranger or what ever he was ..

Gem chuckled at both Tykir...gods, but he was young....and then at Charlie. "I hear that, lass. I hear that." For all she appeared to be, and was, actually, the equivalent of an 18 year old in human years, she was actually 135 years, and of that time, had lived and done more unpleasant things than most elves did in 1500 years. "He is right, Charlie."

"Charlie, you are ageless, timeless." She was as much a fixture to this generation as she was to the ones before.

"It is this place that keeps me so," she mused, though sometimes she wondered for sure ...

"Ohhh, Dillon! He is at the Red Dragon now and then. I saw him just a week or two ago. He retired from being a lawman."

"HE DID .. what is he now? merc for hire?" She asked, since that seemed what he was best at ..

Intrigued! Completely! If he wasn't careful, his mouth would actually drop open. So much so enthralled that he failed to remember what he was supposed to be doing and lingered here instead. He looked from Charlie to Gem to Charlie to Gem...Merc for hire? Mesmerized.

"No...." She squinted her eyes in thought, savoring another sip of her buttered rum. She was feeling quite relaxed and easy at the moment. "He does research, I believe, and handles ....things like....what to do with this airship and that bomb..thingie." Handflutter. "I am not up on all that he deals with, but he works hard and a lot, and mostly in a vault."

Gem to Charlie, Charlie to Gem, Gem to Alex...and Alex arched a brow at the boy. Blink. In response both brows finally shot up as realization set in. His ear stretched to Gem, how he wanted to hear what she was saying. He grumbled under his breath then surrendered to his responsibilities. "No more talking until next we meet." He grinned. In truth, he was NOT happy he had to go but go he had to. "Good to meet you, Gem. Ellyn...soon." Then he offered Charlie a snapped salute and click of heels. "Always grand to share time with you, Charlie!" Alex cleared his throat, Tykir groaned. Yes. Yes. "Good evening to you all." He handed his tankard over to Alex, offered the man a nod of thanks. For the drink and for the reminder, afterall, he wouldn't want to disappoint Karl and the man was expecting him some, holy hairy armpits! fifteen minutes ago!

There was one thing by all this talk of that place, that was becoming certain, they would not get out of there without an adventure if any of these characters showed up from the nexus.

She was speaking loud enough for Tykir to hear her...she wasn't trying to keep him or Ellyn out, certainly. She smiled at the both of them. What she was saying was what Dillon himself would say, so it was all okay. She smiled and tipped her head to him, a warm look in her amethyst eyes. "It was lovely to meet you, too, Tykir. Be safe. Sweet dreams and light laughter to you."

Charlie nodded her head, "seems right, he was always a lot of fun ..." she grinned, and always in trouble at some time or another ... TO say that they knew all kind was understatement. "Be safe Tykir," chuckling at his salute , tell your mama I said hello," she mused, just for grins of course ...

"I should get my things up to my room. Maybe see you later, Tykir. A pleasure to meet you Charlie and of you, Gem." Her smile said it all in the way it lit up her face, words ringing true as she was that kind. Her bag still slung over her shoulder as she finished up her drink. She never even had taken off her over cloak for it took a while to get the chill from her bones. She was more than toasty warm now, especially after the potcheen flavored punch made for the ladies.

"That's a given, Ellyn." He called to the other teen as he hurried to the side entrance and from there ... took to the air. As the crow flies and much faster! And he WOULD mention Charlie to Honeee, just to watch her reaction!

It was very good that Tykir did not say that armpit thing out loud...she was sipping her drink! She paused, though, to offer a genuinely warm smile and head dip to Ellyn, at her words. "It was a delight to meet you, as well. Do be safe, too, and good luck with learning this place again." She had heard that she was returning after a long time away..or something like that?

She had to watch him fly as she rushed over to a window of that side and got that good view. "Wow," mumbled under her breath. She collected a key next then was fleet of foot getting upstairs. Time to wash up and take a nap before coming back down for something to eat.

She looked to Gem, "well where shall we go now?" to Gem, waving to the flying Tykir, and Ellyn, it was good to meet them ..

The thief laughed and considered. "We could go and see if anyone is actually at the MT. And maybe sweep a broom or something?"

"Yeah lets do that," who knows what they might scare up ...or away for that matter ..

She gave a nod to Charlie and slipped off her stool, with a wave and nod to Alex, and then she headed outside and to her horse. "Let's head that way, then, Charlie One Time!"

Charlie nodded and was right behind her, "lead the way my friend ..lets see what kind of stuff we can get into," she mused, adjusting her cloak...



Date: 11-28-10
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 15


The warmth of the Thistle was quite enough to draw Fawn in after wandering the markets and finishing up last touches on the shop. A chance to warm up before heading off to the manner was never missed. Neither was the chance to pester Alex and bore him with childish daydreams and confiding in him about the shop, which he swore he'd not breathe a word of to any of the Quinns. Though as many as there seemed to be, Fawn had no doubt that word would reach them. Hopefully not before she could show them. Seated on a stool with legs tucked beneath herself, she prattled on to poor Alex about this and that, all in good spirits, of course.

There were footsteps on the porch as one vaulted over the rail expending some of his energy. Bottled up kind. He could see in the window for all the light was coming from there! A double take on a lass he'd never seen before when next he was coming through the front door. One to swing open wide then closed over again. "Good evening!" dimples came with the smile as he headed for the bar and the drink Alex was setting out for him.

When the door swung open with such an energetic greeting, Fawn spun around on her seat to face the door with a slight start and smiled brightly. "Good evening!" It was nice to hear another so chipper. No doubt Alex would be glad to have his ear back after listening to Fawn for a while. "A chilly one, but fine none the less."

"Aye, there is snow starting to fall out there but not the kind that sticks." As if the latter was some consolation. "I'm Rory," straddling up a stool as he leaned forward, taking the tumbler in one hand and slanting another glance back upon the lass.

"Snow?!" Not at all dissatisfied by the idea, she peered towards the window to see if it could be seen from the distance she sat from. Introductions returned her attention to her company. "I'm Fawn. Nice to meet you, Rory." A tip of her cider mug in his direction, she took a small drink of the now cooling liquid.

He sat up some, "nice to meet you Fawn," lifting his tumbler in gesture, "slainte. Down the hatch." Quick grin came with a dimple or two as the potcheen was kicked back and the tumbler set back to the bar in one smooth motion. It would be refilled although he knew he would be limited for his age. "So, where are you from Fawn?" Easing a glance her way again as Alex refilled his glass. Once done, he turned more fully her way with the glass in hand.

"Slainte." Returning the cheer to him with a smile and another drink from her mug. "I'm from Heathfield. Well...not originally. I came here with my brothers from the Colonies. But this is home now. What of you?" Her own mug set out to be refilled and warmed up.

"Ah, then you are of this sister castle. I'm from Ballicastle and here for a duration. Got an older brother here working with the knights and Mikhail MacKay." He wouldn't assume as she could be a visitor.

"Ballicastle?" As much as she'd explored, she'd not been beyond Heathfield knowing that her brothers and Fiona would have a fit if they found out. It was better not to risk it. "I'm afraid I don't know many people here, yet." Which was odd, considering how often she was out and about.

The door to the side alley opened. Ta'da! Tykir was quick to enter and shut out the chill behind him. Rubbing his hands together to start to warm them he started for the bar. "Hey Rory." He greeted his friend, even as he dipped off a nod to Alex for the glass of Sean's finest he placed on the bar.

"Well, neither do I for that matter but it is one of the reasons I've come." As well his two brothers but he'd not seen hide nor hair of them. They were probably being book worms or something of that sort. Hearing a familiar voice, he turned on the stool that-a-way, "hey-yay Tykir, this is Fawn."

Another entrant, she looked in his direction and waved. "Good evening!" Smiling, she thanked Alex for her refill and cupped it on both hands to collect the warmth, slanting a glance at Rory. "Seems you're popular enough." Teased quietly.

Ellyn had been charging down the steps but when she heard voices she had to grab onto the banister to halt those fleeing steps. Hair was in a disarray that hung near to the small of her back as she took the moment to smooth down the long dress she wore and her hair. Like that would help the wild green eyed lass to looking prim and proper. Next moment she was emerging from the hall, "good evening," cheerfully given one and all. She recognized Tykir.

"Fawn, pleasure." Taking a place at the bar, he adopted his lean and brought up his drink.

"Because I know a lad?" Oh, he was grinning, "I would consider myself popular when I know a few more pretty lasses."

Hearing that feminine voice, Tykir strained to look around his shoulder, then turned completely. "Good evening to you, Lady Royce." With a quick motion of hand he was inviting her over. Here was Rory's chance! "Have you met  Rory McAndrews of Ballicastle and the lovely Fawn as yet?"

She grinned right back to him and nodded before looking towards the commotion on the stairs. "Good evening!"

She was quick to cross the distance on slipper feet that made no sound at all. A drink collected from Alex made of the flavorful punch. "I have not, nice to meet you Rory and Fawn." Her smile warmed upon them both as she added quietly, "thank you," to Tykir for the invitation to join them.

"Rory, Fawn, this is Ellyn Royce...Falkirk." He added as a side. That would announce her family.

"Falkirk, home of the Frasiers. Well known too." And respected family in all the lands for that matter. "So, you live in Heathfield, Fawn. Do you live in the castle? In a manor? In the Commons," all the places he could think of offhand.

In the trees, in a teepee, or a vardo, or in a cabin by the woods..

She had to smile at Rory's words for it appealed to the pride she held of her family and even their homestead. "Yes, they are." She had to agree then quieted as she listened for Fawn's answer to the question.

"Nice to meet you, Lady Royce." Looking back to Rory, she laughed quietly at the list. "It feels as though I've been living in the commons as of late, but my brothers and I, and a dear friend have a manor near Willow Lake."

Not everyone could be as free of a spirit as Charlie!

More the pity life was so much fun to challenge..

Ahhhhyesssh, and some were just coming into their own to find that out!  Sean's brew was smooth enough to forget just how potent it was! In his comfortable lean, Tykir listened and just enjoyed that smooth, amber liquid.

"Please, just Ellyn." As she was just Fawn and titles were not used by most in this tavern. She took the moment to have a taste of the potcheen black cherry punch.

Since Rory and Fawn were mid conversation, Tykir turned his attention to Ellyn. "So, you been out exploring much since last we spoke?"

"Willow Lake, is it anywhere near the bigger one? Crystal Gold." As he remembered the name. "The commons are a good place to live in a way, they're usually not boring."

"Yes, it is close, and I agree. My brothers and Madam would undoubtedly hunt me down if I did not return each evening. I've just been spending a great deal of time in the commons."

She barely got that warm sip down as green eyes shifted from the two back to Tykir with a smile emerging. "I got to see many of the shops today, the library and gallery in the castle. I hear there is a Celtic garden a distance away that has weather like spring all year round so I will have to get out there to see it and the lighthouse, for I'm told you can see so far that it is hard to tell where the sky ends and the ocean begins."

"There are a lot of shops here I'm told that it could take a few days to get through them all and .. " slowing down a moment before adding, "it is the season to be shopping. Which shop do you like the best?"

Dark brows shot up with his surprise. Heathfield castle library? Heathfield castle's gallery? "You should have sent word you were there." But he was nodding to what she had planned in addition to what she had accomplished this day.  "The Celtic gardens should not be missed and even more appreciated during this season."

"Send word?" She was unaware she needed to send word. She had that blank confused looked that begged for him to fill in the blank.

Molly was once again out and about, doing errands. Once everything was done and on the way to the mercantile, she headed for the Thistle. Once again she was wearing britches that fit nicely, not too loose and not too tight, tucked into knee high fringed boots of soft leather, a bright red poet's shirt and a fringed vest. Her hair was pulled into a single braid at the nape of her neck, escaped strands curling around her face. Overall she wore a heavy cloak that was removed as soon as she stepped inside and shut the door. Slightly pointed ears peeked out from her hair, decorated with several piercings. "Evening, ladies and gents," a cheerful greeting to all, so no one would feel slighted.

"Yes, that you were in the castle, Ellyn." Right? Comeon. "I could have joined you." Maybe. Probably not, but...maybe!

Thinking on it for a moment, she shrugged with a sheepish smile. "I'm not terribly keen on shopping, actually. Though I like the ornaments shoppe. What about you? Do you spend time in the commons to shop?"

"That is what I am told," glancing to Alex and back as the idea lit up green eyes. "I have it on my list." A pause before realization with his clarification. "Oh, had I known you were about and available, I would have. Next time there I will be sure to remember." At least giving the opportunity then for that maybe. "Good evening," smile turned on the one entering.

Tykir chuckled. "You don't have to know if I'm about or available...just have them send for ..." Molly's entrance snatched his attention. "Molly!" He called to her, motioning in the same way for her to join them at the bar. "I've news and Rory is fully engaged in conversation with Miss Fawn here, so I need to share it with someone and you are that someone! Come here." He lowered his voice as he added a wink for Ellyn. "You already know."

"I only shop when I absolutely have to." Then a quick question to Ellyn, "you didn't happen to see a guy just like me in the library?" Then his greeting, "hello Molly, this is Fawn and Ellyn."

A light laugh slipped free with his wink as she was drawn from him to Molly then to Rory. Her mind reeling as she tried to recall then shook her head. "I'm sorry, I'm sure I would have remembered such a face had I seen it." There were at least two levels to the library and many isles filled with books, some nooks with desks and hideaways fit for a group.

Tykir had her laughing as she made her way to the bar. "Really, good news then? Hello Fawn, Ellyn, it's nice to meet you both. And good to see you and Rory." She thanked Alex for the tea he had out for her then looked at Tykir. "What news?"

Enough of the hellos and how are you and good to see you! "The news is..." He didn't need to lower his voice again since Alex was already privy to the information. "Charlie was here the other day, wait, yesterday?" He frowned as his days were starting to meld together. "Listen up." He said to Rory with a grin, it didn't matter what day. Wait, was Rory here for this too? His mind was as addled as Charlie's! "And we were talking about that tavern, you  know, the one up north." Wink, wink...that one! "And somehow or another the McDonough Laird's name came up and she's going to be talking to him about maybe fixing up the place. We did some cleaning but there is more that needs to be done, as you know, that we can't manage. So maybe he will." How about that! "So, we can go up and see the place anytime any of you are ready for an adventure." This week? Tomorrow night? Right now? "You too, Fawn, if you're not a squeamish sort and can hold your own with these two ladies here." He motioned with a finger between Molly and Ellyn.

"I would say my favorite shop is the pastry shop." Giving a firm nod there but Tykir's words had his focus shift there. "What news?" He wondered how Fawn would respond to that squirms remark as a devilish glint rose to his eyes with a glance her way, daring kind. Then back. "I'm always up for adventure." Although it would be nice if his brothers would both show up sometime.

A wave given to Molly. "Evening!" She snickered then to Rory's comment. Brow quirked, she perked up and smiled. "I'm no such thing." Chin notched up, she nodded with certainty. "It would be fun to go."

"I will go when you all go." She remembered Gem's warning about that place. Which she had said she make sure she had a weapon on her person and to travel with others. At least until she found out what it was like.

There was an echo in here! She listened to Tykir then grinned. "I'm ready anytime everyone else is. Even got the okay to go from my brother." With a little pretty please but he felt Molly could handle it well enough. After she answered, she took a drink of the tea, forgetting how hot it was. "Holy ss..... stones and stars!" And she stuck out her tongue to cool it off, fanning with her hand. Molly could swear like a sailor but she didn't want to make anyone blush.

Tykir's sister was as proud and as daring as they came. He knew the right buttons to push to get a lass to agree to most anything.

Which had him laugh as the near slip from Molly. "Darn and stinky work too."

"I forgot it was hot!" Fanfanfan. "So, we're going to the villages instead of the tavern then? And can we still go to the tavern?" Dangerous? If you were afraid of spiders.

"It's tea for Cram's sake." Tykir chuckled, shaking his head.

"Oh stinky sticks, I near burnt my tongue." Raising his voice as much he could to try and sound like Molly in an imitation meant to be funny.

She just blinked at Rory then laughed. "That doesn't get it across. And who's Cram?" Maybe it was some forest god or something? And that last was for Tykir!

"Toe cram?" Wondering if that was what he meant as it got her curiosity too.

Villages? Who mentioned villages? He looked between them all. Molly's next question though switched his befuddlement to the need to wave away the question. Something they had said since he was young, a no one, nothing, so they didn't get into much trouble for it. "I was talking about the tavern, Molly, that's where we need to go. To see if Ice took over the renovations and to see if so, how they are progressing. So yes?" He was once more looking to each of them. Come on, Guys...Rina was in Kildare for sakes. He needed something to boast to her about!

Well, it was one fishing village, wasn't it? She realized her mistake when Tykir reminded her and laughed. "Oops. Of course, yes."

"Well then, off with us. To adventure," as he stood then downed the last of drink in confirmation. He also got a bottle of the pure from Alex to bring with him. It was to the stables first to get a horse, for the distance would need riding and a path he was given, shown on a different map from here that had gateways, doors, whatever one called them that had time folding back on itself so quicker still.


Horses? Really? Fawn didn't have a horse!

And she gathered her cloak again, then looked at Ellyn and Fawn. "Come on, we'll need to get a horse from the stable. Rory's ahead again."

They would all get horses loaned to them as she collected her cloak and put on a pair of boots. Boots went great with the long dress! Not that she cared as she hurried with the others.

Up off her chair, she thanked Alex and went about pulling her coat on with a smile to Molly. "Come on!" And dashed out the door.

Tykir had to skid to a halt, for he had started to dash to the side door. He reversed his direction to follow the others out of the front door. "Later Alex!" He called, and on the heels of the others he was off.


(to be continued in the "Other Lands" folder post #18)

Date: 11-29-10
Poster: Tykir Riktafir
Post # 16

Morning After
(at the Castle)

Footfalls echoed down the corridor of the castle wing, a determined step, and one of authority.  Without a knock of entry, the door to the suite of rooms opened, first to the sitting room and then to bed chamber. 

Behind the veil of damask warmth, the prince still slept soundly.  The heavy breathing of a lad deep in slumber the only sound in the room. 

The veil was pressed aside. 

Sunlight streamed into the darker confines of the bed, tugging the young man from the dreams he struggled to cling to.  A dark-feathered wing stretched up and over, covering his head and blocking the sun from still closed eyes.  He groaned, the wing pressing down tighter before some semblance of consciousness appeared to leak in and the prince slowly edged his wing up, peaking through the feathers to the large silhouette that blocked a portion of that sunlight. 

He would have sat straight up in the bed seeing that one standing there.  If the room wasn’t already spinning around him. If his skull didn’t feel as it would split and spill gray matter from its confines.  If his stomach didn’t pitch, roll and threaten to yet again spew what little remained in it. 

Tykir squinted an eye up at Karl.  “Sire.” He croaked, his throat dry, his voice hoarse.

“We missed you at practice, Tykir.” 

Even those words caused Tykir to moan.  The thought of practice almost caused him to reach for his bed pan.  “Aye.”  Was all he could say.

The King remained unmoved at the prince’s bed.   “How do you feel?’

It was difficult to speak, it was difficult to even exist right now.  “Please forgive me, Sire, when I say …”    He drew in a shallow breath, fearful any deeper of an inhale would cause his head to move.  “I feel like shit.”  He watched the King closely through that narrow slit of eye, anticipating the repercussions to his actions at the Medieval Tavern the night before.

Karl held the heavy material aside with his forearm,  watching the boy.   “Was it worth it?” 

Feathers ruffled and lowered, his wing closing to his back as he rolled to his side.  A hand came up to shield the sunlight.  He swallowed, started to nod but decided against it.  “Aye.”  He replied.   And he meant what he said, it was worth it.  Though he wouldn’t admit it to the King at this particular moment, he would do it again.

Karl was silent for what seemed an eternity to Tykir, studying the prince as he lay there fighting the sunlight.  Then, he offered the boy a slow nod of acknowledgment, pulled the bed curtains back together and walked away. 

He just … walked away. 

Tykir whimpered and his hand fell to the mattress.  He closed his eyes and then, almost instantly,  fell back to sleep.

Date: 11-29-10
Poster: Patrick Frasier
Post # 17

The Sale of Horses

The stable boy from The Thistle arrives, carrying a missive from one that occupies a room there.  The seal upon the missive holds only the wax symbol of Poseidon, but within will read what he wishes to know, if he desires to open it.  The stable boy was paid well for his service.


My Lord Patrick Frasier,


  I trust this missive finds you in good health, and not annoyed to receive a missive from one you do not know. 


 My name is Anthea Gaia Drakos of Greece, and I am newly arrived upon Heathfield.  My home, for now, is within the rooms above the Thistle, and I hope you will agree to the business arrangement I wish to conduct with you.


 Upon the death of my tutor, he willed me five Arabian horses:  One male, three females, and now a pony.   They are good horses.  The stallion has won many a race in England, and I hold the ribbons for his victories.  The mares have had their own luck with races, but not as good as the stallion, Arabian.  One mare has recently given birth to a male, but the father is not the male I own, but one within Scotland, but a pure bred nonetheless.


 I am sure you are wondering why I wish to sell such exquisite animals, and I shall answer that thru this missive as well.  I fear horses.  Not to pet them or walk by them, but to sit upon something so high up to me is something I do not desire.  I wish they have good homes, for Angelos loved them very much, and was anxious to see the birth of the foal, but unfortunately found an untimely death.


 Within this missive is pictures of the one male, and three females, unfortunately I do not have a portrait of the pony recently arrived.  But he is healthy, but of course if you are interested, your own expert can check upon the health of all animals.


I thank you for taking the time to read this, and wish you a good day.


Anthea Gaia Drakos


The sun had dipped into the horizon, bringing Anthea to end her walk but still enjoy the vast colors of red, yellows, and oranges of the beautiful sunset. A smile bloomed along full lips, lips wet from the cold and licking, but a smile none the less as she moved within the thistle. Slippered feet barely made a sound, but the sound of silk rustling could be heard as she moved about, with slender fingers to remove the hood of her cloak and enjoy the warmth the Thistle had to offer.

Patrick Frasier looked every part the nobleman in a comfortable way. There was business within these lands that had him here this day to late evening. Once evening arrived he came to the tavern for a good cooked meal as only Hazel could provide such as the Colcannon bake. With a full stomach and a cup of tea for the later hour, he was comfortably situated in a wingback chair in front of the hearth. Hair was neatly combed back left in a tail at the nape of his neck. Charcoal pants with a muted gray pinstripe, white dress shirt with a vest of black and boots that were finely tooled made up his attire. The cup of tea was set aside as another came within the room and had him rising to his feet as he turned to greet whomever. That whomever was not one he knew as the greeting was polite nonetheless,  "good evening Miss."

Perfumed oils, and fragrances never attracted Anthea. But the smell of a cool night did linger upon her form, and bring her to desire another walk as soon as she could. Slippers of black were slightly damp from her walk this evening, but her apron gown of dark blue and crimson held no stains, perhaps a bit at the hem, but she cared not. She loved nature, and if her hem was a bit tattered, torn, or dirty, that only meant her walk had gone very well. The animals she had checked when she visited the Zeus, as well as enjoying this land, but for now did her silent strides move about the tables only to hear a low tone from one she would guess as a man. "Good evening, my Lord.." Eyes of silver took in the gentleman, and he did look noble, thus did she address him so. But to smile, she offered that as well, as she does with most.

Training had been taking up much of her time, but finally, Gemma had a night to herself. Tonight, she dressed casually, leaving mail behind, and exchanging it for form fitting leathers. Blue eyes were bright as she headed inside the tavern, looking forward to a drink and maybe catching up with her family later. Her cloak was removed and hung on a hook, dotted with flakes of snow that quickly began to melt. She turned to take in the tavern commons and her face lit up. "Patrick. It's good to see you." It had been too long in her opinion. "Good evening, Miss."

"Although I'm not here that often, you have an air about you as one new in town." Perhaps it was the way she was moving about the tavern as if to get her bearings in discovery of it. "I am Patrick Frasier of Falkirk manor and Racetracks." Usually one well situated within the lands would recognize him for most have been to the racetracks at least once. A smile eased politely and then lifted a bit more as another came within he knew. "Good evening Gemma, it is good to see you here. Company is most welcome, please, a drink to be had and comfortable seats." Which he indicated all the empty wingbacks near where he stood. "This is the Lady Gemma." Giving way a glint to green eyes for the title and to watch her reaction with possible bemusement.

He was right on the nose. For her time on these lands had been short, very short. "Yes, new I am, my Lord.. Anthea Drakos, a pleasure to meet you Lord Frasier.." A seat was spotted near the fire, the warmth licking at her cold features, and she to turn slightly with that smile to be gifted to the woman as well. "A pleasure to meet you, my Lady.." A polite nod of her head was given, praying silently the ringlets that did decorate her dark tresses would not be frozen in such a way. She spoke no more, her tone soft and light held their tongue, as she let the two speak. They obviously knew one another, and she would not interrupt a conversation if one would take place. Eyes of silver gazed upon the fire.. watching the orange and red flames dance along the wood, and Anthea to leave her mind blank as she did find comfort within the seating of her choice.

She made her way to the bar in the meantime, her hand resting lightly on the Empowered Sword at her side, a habit that she didn't notice. Patrick had her giving him a look filled with laughter, though she tried to scowl at him. Lady indeed! "A pleasure to meet you, Anthea, and if you are new, welcome to the Realm. I'll join you in a moment, as soon as I have my drink." And she turned to Alex, requesting a glass of the potcheen punch, peach flavored. Once the drink was in hand, she headed for the hearth and one of those comfortable chairs. "A good place to be tonight."

He may well look the prim and proper noble but he was far from such a stodgy facade. "Patrick will do just fine, but if you get to meet my older brother Neale, you can address him by his Lordship or Dukeship," obviously teasing but would hope such would happen to his brother if he managed getting out. "Gemma is our Lady Knight so Dame would actually be more appropriate if we were to stand on protocol but we rarely ever stand on it, in fact we are more apt to stomp on it." Words were lace with the obvious humor as they both joined him and once seated, he retook his. "Welcome to the lands Anthea, have you traveled far? Do you plan to keep traveling or set a spell?" He had the letter she wrote but first would be pleasantries.

"Of course, Patrick.." Mental note was taken of this man, and his name.. as well as his brother being a Duke. She had never met such royalty, so if she never met one she would be happy. She was nervous around the gentry, as her deceased tutor had called them. Gentry and nobles. "Patrick and Gemma.. I shall remember.." The warmth was filling her soul, the flames warding off the chill and bringing Anthea to finally, and slowly removed leather gloves from each digit, placing the leather gloves upon her lap with a smile bestowed upon the Patrick.. "I am originally from Greece, but with the Turks there, my mother set me to live abroad... and to stay.." She could not keep the sparkle from orbs of silver, as she gazed to both.. "These lands are gorgeous, perhaps set a spell if I am allowed."

"It's easier to remember without those titles." She grinned, settling back in the chair to relax. "Have you been traveling long then?" She smiled again as she thought of her family's coming to Heathfield. "It is a good place to settle, with plenty of room to roam if that's what you desire."

"I would agree with your assessment of the lands as is of her sister lands," as he would put that in for Ballicastle. If he was to say anything more, he deferred to what Gemma spoke up on, "here I will agree too." Leaving her to answer Gemma's question without plying her with more and possibly making her uncomfortable as in overwhelmed.

"I have been traveling for ten years, Gemma. First Europe, mostly Scotland and France... once I was in London for a brief stay, only due to my tutor wishing to sell some horses... but now I find myself here, and seem to have fallen in love with the land.." Softly was her words spoken, but she did gaze to the fire almost as if she could see her homeland within the flames. "I do miss Greece, and shall always call it my homeland.." She would love to stay here, of that she held no doubt.." Yes, Gemma, I would love that... to call a place home without the judgement some fools doth give to me and my kind.." She only had one problem.." I have horses I do need to sell. I only need a cart and mule for my own transportation.."

"That's a very long time to be traveling." She had done so for several years but it was by choice not need. "I'm sure a buyer can be found. What sort of horses are they?" She glanced at Patrick then back to the woman. Knowing the type might give them an idea who she could talk to.


"That's pretty much how myself and my family felt about Scotland after we first moved here. In time, there didn't seem to be much difference between the lands there and here other than it was far safer to raise a family here. We could always go back to visit the landholdings we still have in Scotland." He was mussing as her words hit a chord. "A decade of wandering.. unless you are a gypsy at heart would wear on a soul that needed roots, stability." Being Gemma once more asked on the horses, he gave a nod as he curious to hear her reply.

"Oui, Gemma.. a long time, but my tutor demanded I go where he went, and when he died, he sent me to Paris to stay with another tutor until he passed away as well.." How could she explain her biological father? She couldn't explain that she did not know.. "I am nay a gypsy, only a girl that grew up at the side of her tutors.. they felt my place was with them always.." Now to business, well to the horses.. I was willed Arabians.. fine horses.. Five in total.. one is a stallion.. three are mares.. and one a pony I believe you call it, that was only born last week, but nay by the stallion.. my tutor loved them dearly, and knew I would not sell them to just anyone.." And she wouldn't.. but here, on these lands, she trusted the horses would go to good homes.. "They all have names but the pony.. but that too could change if the new owner wished it."

"You had some stability then." Which wasn't a bad thing. "Though it left you alone in the end. If the pony is from one of the mares, it would be a foal. It's healthy?" She didn't buy horses but she knew those that did and so did Patrick.

"Hopefully your tutors were old men or you would be gaining a complex." The deathly prodigy or something to that tune. "I was not really implying you were one," she had misunderstood his meaning but that could easily happen. More the meaning was if she was a gypsy, she would love such a life wandering. "I would like to see them, if they are in good health, I will buy them from you if you set a fair price." Perhaps a good rate for buying them all. "For you see, I not only run the family stables, I run the racetracks and we can always use ones for racing or for breeding. There is also the need of extras for the Hometown Race. I can personally assure you, on my name as a Frasier, that they will be treated very well by me and my staff."

"Oui.. both were elderly, and both like my heart uncles.. missed they are and shall always be.. but yes Patrick, many thought more then what was there with Shawn, for he was handsome till the day he died" Twitch of a grin.."Handsome and gray they were, but loved both of them.." She had loved both, but life always comes to an end and one most move on.."I adore the gypsies, but to roam as they do, no.. I tend to love to set roots, to finally settle and call a place home.." She was excited to sell them, happy to finally have them off the ship and on stable ground for more then an hour or two each day.."I have it on good authority they are in good health, but of course would wish you to see that for yourself.. as far as price, I am ignorant on how to sell such live stock.. but would trust you.." She knew Alexos would be happy, she trust Patrick would be a good owner.."I also have several olive trees, if any wish to buy them.. I am afraid.. I do not have a trade, but to sell what I have would be a good start."

She had little or nothing to add so she fell into listening while she sipped her drink. Olive trees? She wasn't certain they'd thrive here but someone would.

"Then I shall give you an idea. An active racing horse starts at five hundred coins. If they have winnings, that amount is tacked on. If they have been doing exceptionally well then they would start at a higher price of say seven or eight hundred, possibly even a thousand as a top winning horse went for not long ago. Where do you have them stabled and when would you like me to look them over?"

To say she was confused would be an understatement, thus did she smile as she spoke. Holding her hands out briefly to feel the warmth, and knowing she would never be truly chill free. Ahh .. now she understand his question. "They are stabled upon the Zeus.. my tutor's ship. I go there three times a day to walk all five, so they get exercise, but a ship is no place for such beauty to be held.. and when you can look them over, I can be there.. or you can go to the Zeus alone if you so desire?" The captain would allow Patrick on, after all, he wanted the horses off. "They have been eating good, as well as drinking, and the pony is thriving, but I believe would thrive better when he can live off the ship then in the bowels of it."

"Speak to the one of the royals here. Olive trees usually are of warmer climate but there is a place in these lands where it is like spring all year round. A special place with hot spas and there is a cottage and field not far from the natural gardens." Not getting into the fact they were tended by forest nymphs, pixies and the like. He nodded to her answer, "then have them brought to the stables here, down the side street from this tavern. I can get a look at them there tomorrow or the next, soon as possible. Get them off the ship and onto solid ground."

"Royals?" She swallowed slowly, but easily coughed to scare away the fear only to smile in agreement about the horses.. "I shall see the royals as you called them, and see about the olive trees.. and thank you Patrick, to get them off the ship would be the best for any animal.. they are use to running, enjoying the air and nature.. not the bucking and waving of Zeus.." She felt the same, but the horses were of more importance, and would be up early to gather all five and have them brought to the stable. "If they could speak, they would thank you.. merci." Her tone was filled with genuine happiness.. for now she felt Alexos could rest.

It was always good to see something work out for someone. Gemma smiled at Patrick and Anthea before she finished her drink. Warm from the fire and now warm from the inside out, she covered a yawn with her hand. Blame the punch!

"Good, then it is all settled and I shall offer you a price based on what I mentioned once I've looked them over."


It was getting late in the evening, a time when Anthea usually was fast asleep with visions of ice and snow in her dreams. But, for now, she would sit upon the chair that held such comfort, she knew sleep could be had here if she allowed it. "Of course, Patrick.. I would not wish you to buy out of sight.. " He was kind, as was Gemma.. more she had met that made this land special and one she would love to call home.

"I think it's time for me to head back to the barracks." She pushed to her feet, chuckling. "I'm getting too used to the routine of early to bed, early to rise I fear. Patrick, it's always good to see you. And Anthea, it was a pleasure to meet you. Rest well, both of you."

He rose as Gemma was about to take her leave. "I will see you back." They had some things to talk about and he could tell Anthea was tired as well. This would make it easier. He already had a key to a room if he made it back or stopped by one of his brothers' establishments and spend the night there; such as Gus' flat or Brogan's casino. "That is with your permission.." perhaps she preferred being alone. He would respect that if it was the case. "A pleasure Anthea, the rooms are very comfortable here and Hazel's cooking is excellent." She was in good hands.

"Be safe, Gemma... and it was so nice to meet you as well.. " She knew it was time for her rest as well, thus did she slowly rise from the chair. Finger delicately to take hold of her gloves as she gazed to the fire one last time before smiling to both.."Pleasure meeting you Patrick.. and safe travels with only good dreams.." With a fleeting smile did the woman find the steps, and soon her rooms for sleep.

"I'd like that very much, Patrick." Her voice softened a touch as she stood. "You're always welcome to walk with me." She would never refuse. Over to retrieve her cloak, though she was sure Patrick would help her with it. "Thank you, Anthea. Good night."

He was right there with her to retrieve her cloak first to put on, then his to follow. Instead of seeing to the door, a hand fell to capture hers and next she would find herself in the hallway close to the door. That quick sort of spin that had her pressed up against the wall as he quite boldly found her lips under his in a heated kiss, one that spoke of too long since the last.

He didn't give her a chance to even let out a surprised squeak before he had her against the wall, his lips finding hers. Her arms went around his neck as she returned the kiss. Yes, it had been so long and she had missed him more than she had realized. She found she was warmer now too, deliciously so.

One leg braced between hers as hands slid under her cloak and around, pulling her up tight against his muscular form. Hands caressed, molding against skin as the hunger of his lips only devoured hers that were as willing in response. He wasn't sure how she'd respond to such impromptu heated passion, some shied away for it was not all that proper. Not at all, it was the kind of scene heated dreams were made of but the reality even better. The scents that mingled, the heat, the touch, the devouring of her lips with an onslaught of stimuli.

Gemma had never worried about proper and wouldn't now. His kisses were exactly what she wanted, what she needed. She had been worried he had forgotten about her, and she had hated being so busy she didn't have a chance to seek him out. Things were settling now and his kiss made her realize how much worried she had been. She pressed against him as the kiss deepened, fingers curling into his hair.

If he kept up he would be bringing her into his office and that was not a place for a return performance, it would be somewhere else if it was to be. Somewhere where it would become special to them. His breath came strained for holding back and she might even realize it as the kiss srtayed down to the soft part of her earlobe to suckle there where his breathing rhythm would be heard. So, he was not quite breaking off the kiss but easing it away instead, relishing the feel of her body molded to his and the way she responded to him, to that animalistic draw.

She made a sound deep in her throat as he teased her earlobe and a shiver moved through her. Eyes closing, her hands slid along his shoulders and down strong arms. Somewhere in her mind, she knew they should stop but she didn't want him to. That draw was stronger than any other feeling.

"Soon," was growled low in her ear as lips and tongue passed over the fine ridges before he pushed up. "Time to get you home," as his hand curled around hers. There was a method to his madness for this was her warning, or something to think on in the meantime. Next time, he would be taking it further or she would be stopping him. Time would tell. "Good night Alex, Hazel," called out to them as he was quickly ushering Gemma outside into the cold air that would help to cool things off that needed cooling at the moment.

"Aye," though what she was answering yes to could be questioned, even in her own befuddled mind. His voice sent another shiver through her and she smiled as their fingers intertwined. "Good night," was what she managed to call out, breathing in that cold air to clear her head. Her dreams might be very interesting tonight.


One of the most trusted men working for Patrick, George, was the one delivering the letter along with the pouch of coins. The pouch containing a total of 7400 coins for both the purchase of the five equines and her winnings from the past races.

Dear Lady Drakos,
I got a chance to look over the four adult horses plus the colt. Considering their long journey by sea, they are in good health which I was pleased to see. Taking into consideration they are not presently racing and have not for a while and so would  need to be trained again, I am offering the top price for non racing horses at 300 coins a piece, this includes the colt to a total sum of 1500 coins. If this is not an agreeable sum for you, please contact me and we shall discuss the price further.
I have included, with this letter, your winnings from the past race held on October thirtieth. Your winnings came to a total of 5900 coins. A very good start indeed. Higher than the average at picking out winners.
Sincerely. Patrick Frasier


A smile had been bestowed upon George, with soft words if he could remain while she responded.  The man was kind enough to do so, and thus had Anthea responded to the kindness of Lord Frasier.


My Lord,


The price is more then fair, and I again thank  you so much for your assistance in this matter.  I am glad my friend can rest in peace now, knowing his animals are in good hands and off the seas.


I am truly sorry if my time was not available and I was absent.  And so glad you did not mind looking to the horses and taking them.  They are good animals and I trust you will find naught wrong with them.   I am sorry to admit, when it comes to horses, be they racing or non racing horses, I have very little knowledge of such, and trust you in all when it comes to this.


I am happy to have done so well with the races, and count the days until another race is had.  I enjoyed it, and will enjoy future endeavors in races. 


Again, thank you so much my Lord, and hope to talk in person again soon.  For now, this Greek needs to find employment, and unfortunately, horses are not something I know to ask you for employment.   But, to call you friend, shall always flow from my lips for the kindness you showed me.


Anthea Gaia Drakos



Date: 11-29-10
Poster: Molly Tremaine
Post # 18

Morning After

The day was a bright one, the sun rising to a clear sky of blue.  In spite of the cold, birds were out feeding on the bread crumbs that someone had thrown out for them, likely the cook who had been baking since early morning.  It was past noon and in the bedroom at the Thistle that she had stumbled too after Alex gave her a key, Molly was sleeping.  She had awakened once and immediately burrowed back under pillows and covers.

It didn't seem she stirred as the door but inwardly, she groaned.  Likely one of the maids was checking on her.  Familiar footsteps sounded like thunder and as someone sat on the bed, the creaking of boards made her moan.  There was silence a moment before Molly spoke.

"You're breathing loud." Came a muffled voice from the foot of the bed.  Dorian choked back a laugh and pulled the covers from the top of the bed.  There were feet where Molly's head should be. 

"I'm breathing normally, little bird," he answered as softly as he could.  "I'm told," and he didn't say by whom, "that you and some friends were off to a tavern in the north and had a bit too much to drink."  He watched as she slithered out of the blankets and peered, bleary-eyed at him.  He could sympathize and smiled slightly.  "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Uh, I think so.  I know we did before we started to drink.  Are you mad?"   She sounded so pathetic that he chuckled and smoothed down her hair. He had missed so much of her growing up that it still caused him pain.

"No, I think you've learned a lesson.  Pace yourself, Molly.  Though you have Elven blood in your veins, you're not used to drinking.  I'd rather you didn't drink anything but if you have to, go slow, aye?"   He motioned to the table beside the bed.  "Drink this.  It's a special brew that they have here.  You can stay here the rest of the day if you wish though I think it's a good idea for you to drink this tea and then get up and try to eat something."  He laughed at her expression and helped her sit up.  "I brought you clean clothes in that bag."  Handing her the cup, Dorian watched as she drank every drop.  When she laid back down, he leaned over and placed a kiss on her forehead.  "I'll either see you tonight, or tomorrow.  And I'll take care of the rest of the errands for you so we don't get behind.  But next time ...   "  He stood and gave her as stern a look as he could manage.  "You're on your own."   He realized then that his little sister had already fallen back to sleep.  Dorian tucked her in and left the room quietly.  Another hour, maybe two and she'd be back to normal, and maybe, just maybe, a touch wiser.


Date: 11-29-10
Poster: Ellyn Royce
Post # 19

Morning After

Potcheen had a way of sneaking up on a lass. She wasn't so bad when she left the northern tavern but somewhere after they started out, she didn't remember the ride nor even getting to the Thistle. So much for drinking that potent brew moderately. She thought Molly made it here too but she couldn't be certain. It was heading for noontime and her bedroom door was still locked. If one came in they would notice the bed had not been slept in, the coverlet off and the blanket only held by where it was tucked under the mattress at the bottom of the bed and going off to the other side where it formed a cocoon against the floor.

The lass' uncle had knocked, not once or twice, but a third time and yet no answer came from within. "Ellyn!" The Duke called as that third rap sounded on the door. Alex had been kind enough to allow Neale the extra key to that particular room. After all, the man did show a bit of concern that the young woman had not return from an 'evening out'. He was trying to rein in his own need to control and permit the lass her freedom as she came of age. This was not proving to be a successful endeavor for the Frasier lord. He waited a breath more, then used that key and entered. His gaze swept the room in search of the body that was not seen at first. Neale Frasier managed a small amount of deduction skills for himself and the disarray of bed brought him around the foot of it to find the one he searched for ensconced in that roll of covering. He moved to what he thought might be her side and lowered to squat beside her, nudging her gently. "Sun is well in the sky, Lass, time to face the day."

Perhaps the knocking finally reached some sort of semblance of consciousness buried in the unconscious. There was a moan. One that came from the rolled bundle of blankets. The nudge sent that panic, albeit too late in actuality if it had been anyone else, to her conscious mind that had her struggling against the covers she was wound up in. Fruitless effort at first and then she froze hearing the all too familiar voice. She was awake now with throbbing temples and the heat rising to her cheeks. She was in trouble. "Uncle Neale?" Came as a small voice from within the covers.

As she struggled, he just watched, then she spoke and it was then that Neale stood and started toward the basin and pitcher. "Tis." The Frasier poured a goodly amount of water in the bowl then set the pitcher aside. He kept his back to her so that the young woman could make herself decent before coming over to the water. "I thought I would just come into town today to see how you were faring." She couldn't see his expression, but the man was fighting a smile, since he was able to tell so far just how she had 'fared'.

She managed out from the covers when he moved away and stood holding the covers up to her. What she didn't realize was that she never undressed, right down to her boots. All were still on as she waited for the throbbing in her head to settle down. It took only a few moments as she then realized how dry her mouth was. Desert. Especially with hearing the water being poured had her lick her lips in anticipation of a glass of water. Her mind was reeling in, or attempting to, the question or statement made it pass the fog that clung to her mind. "I am doing well, making friends." There was a very long pause as she stiffened some in resolve. Best to tell her uncle as from her experience, the Duke of Falkirk always found out. "I went to the northern tavern with two princes, Rory McAndrews and Tykir Riktafir along with another lass named Molly." That was added fast so he knew she was not just alone with males going out of their lands. She looked pale, like one still in a hangover.

Neale draped a cloth over the rim of the bowl, reached for and filled a snifter with water, then turned to face her, holding out the water glass to her. "You were in good company then. Though, if the tavern you speak of is the one I'm thinking of..." He let his statement die away because of the nature of that particular tavern. "Do be careful if you venture there again." He had started to demand she not go there again, but he knew he would never set such restrictions for Alasdair or any of the other Frasier males. "And never without a few friends, Ellyn, please." When she took the water, he crossed his arms against his chest. "And, Tadpole, if you intend to drink, water is going to be your best friend that night for a better morning the day after, aye?"

"I will, uncle," her smile was fleeting but the respect she held for him was clearly there in her eyes, more a father figure than her own father. Which was something she hoped to rectify now that she was older. She started to step away from the bed, a hand going up which had the coverlet slip. Dipping glance had her blink as she was dressed. She let it slip away with a toss to the bottom of the bed for she proceeded over to take the glass and drink down the water like one that had been in that desert far too long without a drink. The glass lowered as green eyes lifted, she looked so much like her mother at her age. "I will remember 
 that." He could see the light that rose to her eyes, so pleased he had not reprimanded her for her adventure. Instead, gave her advice. That was why she loved him so much.

He was struggling, with that no reprimanding air. Not so much to forbid and deny as to lecture and protect. Yes, a struggle was underway. The light that sparkled in her gaze made her appear all the more like her mother, and it was this that truly had the head of the Frasier clan biting his tongue to keep from overdoing his role as guardian. Green eyes held green eyes for a moment more and Neale smiled to her, reaching out to stroke the side of her face with the back of his knuckles. "Since I've appeased my need to make sure you are well..." His gaze narrowed, since she wasn't exactly well at this particular moment, but she was safe and healthy and smart enough to remain both. "I'll leave you to your toilet, My Lady Royce, and perhaps meet you downstairs to break your fast?" Indeed, she probably didn't feel like eating, but eat she would since Neale had suggested it and quite the spread would be awaiting her as well. He offered his customary modified bow of just a dip of head and shoulders. "And when you return to Falkirk, I'll see that you begin some additional training that I'm sure you missed out on with your most recent studies." No one could protect you better than you could protect was time she became more intimate with a few means to that very end.

She had needed that touch in spite of becoming independent. A necessity to growing up but not to the exclusion of forgetting her family or who she was. "I would like that very much Uncle Neale." On breaking fast with him but she would quickly ask about one other at the moment, "how is Da?" Yes, she worried on him and rightfully so. She understood the latter and it thrilled her for she wanted to be able to protect herself. She may well prove very good at it, good enough to perhaps join the Order of Athena here.As he bowed she curtsied, hoping he would give a quick answer to her one question that could, if needed, be discussed more at breakfast table. It was true, she would nibble at best and drink a lot of tea.

Neale stopped at the doorway, having just opened it as her question reached him. He turned to look back to her. "He is missing you, Ellyn." He offered to her. "And if I am to be honest, it was at his prompting that I came to visit with you today." A wink followed, for no matter Channing's eccentric obsession, Royce loved his family, though he showed it in odd ways, and Neale always would respect the man for that among other things. "Perhaps if you're up to it, we'll visit Shawnesey before I head back to Falkirk and I'll begin my holiday shopping for you. Come down when you're able, Tadpole." He was already walking out of the door as he was speaking, turning to shut the door behind him as he added the petname he had always called her since she came to live with them.

There was a breath released in relief as she gave a nod. A small smile forming that he was missing her. That she sometimes wondered. After all it had been a strange arrangement since she was born, not even knowing the mother that died giving her birth. It was something she wondered on, how she would have been but now was not the time for those thoughts. "I would love that,"  Rhett Shawnesey made the best weapons in the realm. Even she knew that! "I will be down promptly, Uncle." She was feeling better than when awaken already. Some cold water on her face to wash up and she would be better still.

Date: 11-30-10
Poster: Tykir Riktafir 
Post # 20

Lesson Learned

There really wasn't much going on at the Thistle as yet.  Which was probably a good thing for the dark-winged prince.  Since last he was out he had enjoyed himself too much leaving him to lament his state of post enjoyment the next morning. Or as the case may have been, the next afternoon when he finally managed to drag his hung-over arse out of bed.  Life continued on, no matter his state of dis-ease, and even though he had a glass of potcheen in hand so far it was only one.  This one had lasted at least ten minutes already - much to the observant tender's amusement.

It had been refreshing to rest early as she did, so refreshing she was looking forward to a nice evening within the Thistle near the fire.  Hair of pitch night was held loose in a single French braid, as cheeks were rosy from a single pinch to each, and nay from the chill of a evening walk.  She had done much this day, including bringing the horses to the stables, and happy for that was she.  The pony was thriving on land, and more then a hour, which was good.  Steps made light thuds, as she moved down each with boots that had seen better days, but still did the work of protecting slender feet as she did walk.  Thus far she had met very nice people, and hoped this eve would be the same. Light steps brought Anthea from the hallway to the main tap room. Eyes of silver to glance about even as she moved around this table, and that chair toward the fireplace.

So far this eve, she would be in luck. Tykir was the only one within, none of the older, more stoic knights were to be seen. He turned to the sound of footsteps and smiled with a nod to the lass that entered into the common room. "Evening, Miss." He offered.

She was not one to be rude, thus did she smile as the fire did bring the heat.. like a moth to the flame she was drawn to it. "Good evening, Sir.. " Should she introduce herself? Of course! "All call me Anthea.. a pleasure to meet you." Tone was calm and soft.. nay a shout.

Since she moved to the hearth, he followed her with his gaze. "Anthea, I'm Tykir." He brought up his glass and sipped a bit more, watching her from the distance of the bar. "Chilled night." Okay, so he stated the obvious.

She had to chuckle lightly at his keen observation. But often did strangers speak of weather when naught else came to mind, as Anthea thought anyway. "Greetings, Tykir... and yes, very chilled.. but gorgeous nonetheless?" Twitch of a grin was seen as her form clad in an apron gown of dark brown, and the under tunic to almost glow with the amber color. She was not good with clothes, but was clean. "Nights like this, one might wish for snow and the fun that surrounds it."

Rory came in from the side door, already noting the glass that Tykir held, "hair of the dog," grinning that brought the notorious dimples. "I'll have one too. Evening Miss," as he was on a straight path to the bar. He was lucky there was no one around that he could sleep off any hangover from that night. Although, he could hold a lot more for his taller frame.

It was the polite thing to do, at least, that's what his training had taught him. Weather, the state of the roads, good music, interesting books ... "One could always wish for snow and the fun that surrounds it." He smiled to her but that smile spread even more as Rory entered. "Rory McAndrews!" He called, providing his friend's name in that way for the young miss. "This is Anthea...and just Anthea." He motioned with his glass to the female.

Another voice did fill the interior of the room. And a smile was bestowed upon this gentleman as she had given to all thus far. "Good evening, Sir.." Her tone was soft, but did not linger as silver orbs moved from the newest arrival and then back to Tykir with a grin to form easily.. "A pleasure Rory.. " Anthea, just Anthea.. that did indeed bring out the chuckle from the young woman. "Anthea Drakos.." Shaking her head did she cough to end any fits of giggles.

He was around with a glass of potcheen in hand as he gave a slight bow. Blue eyes held that devilish twinkle naturally. "A pleasure, Anthea, is that anything like Athena, goddess of love?" If he remembered correctly. Then back to Tykir with a slanted glance, "you haven't seen either of my scallywag brothers?"

Granted, Tykir hadn't offered his family name either, but that was because the lady had not. And a gentleman, no matter his age, always acted upon the lady's lead. When she did provide the name, a slight cant of head thanked her, but he said no more since Rory was filling the room with his questions. To him, just a quick head motion to the negative, incase Anthea was about to speak.

Ah, but he provided Rory's without hesitation!

"Aphrodite is the goddess of love, Rory. Athena is the goddess of wisdom." The bookworm came in another way, mirror image to his brother. "And if you ever looked in the library at the castle, you might have found me. Evening, gents and miss." Alex would get a separate greeting while he requested potcheen.

"Well, see, there you have it. I stand corrected by my memory." Which certainly he was teasing for his mirror image. One of them.

Tykir tried not to ever venture into the library at the castle, dust made him sneeze. "Ah, and here I thought she was the goddess of war...and if I looked in the castle library, I may have found differently."

"Athena was Goddess of wisdom and war, and other things tacked on" Soft was the smile.. but did add.... "I believe Aphrodite is Goddess of beauty and love.." She smiled to the newest arrive... leaving the gentleman to their conversation and words of her Gods. She was happy to hear this, she truly was.

He was waggling a finger towards his brother, "exactly what he said except Athena being the goddess of war too."

"Good evening.." She did hear him, but was smiling leaving them to their words.

The library wasn't dusty! Besides, Abigail Frasier made it worthwhile to go in there, even if she was being courted by their uncle, Michael. Or was that engaged? Both were the same to him. "Okay, so war and wisdom and uh ... purity!" Took him a moment to think that one out.

Tykir had enough of this conversation, he just laughed to himself and brought up his glass. "Charles McAndrews, Miss...brothers if you couldn't tell."

She smiled to the young bookworm. She was not into all the gods and goddesses, but glad they had talked some of her ancestry. "Ahh.. twins?" They did look alike, unless she had been blind.

"Two of three, actually." He grinned as he picked up his drink. "Bryan is the third but like Rory, I have no idea where he is tonight." They didn't always do things together.

Triplets! Goodness! If she did not have manners she would have gawked. Their poor mother, she should be a Goddess for giving birth to three boys. "Goodness,.. triplets. I have never met triplets before. " Impressive.


Yea, purity would be an alien word to a McAndrews, like chastity. He started laughing hearing his brother as he got his drink, lifting his own to a toast, "slainte."

Tykir tipped his glass toward the room in returned toast.

She could only smile, but it held only briefly before silver eyes did study the dancing flame.

"So where do you hail from, are you traveling or sticking around?" Two questions to get things started with the lift of a deep McAndrews voice that traveled well all the way to the hearth. It was dropped to a lowered hum to Tykir at his side, "how did you fare that next morn?" He'd know the one he spoke on.

"My homeland is Greece. And yes, Rory.. I would love to stick around. " She did enjoy these lands. The shores held a magic about them that brought her images of Poseidon. But.."Stick happily.." Twitch of her nose. That was not worded correctly.

The lass was answering Rory's question, so Tykir snorted, shrugged and started to chuckle. He had not fared well for sure!

A stick happy lassie? The phrasing had that laughter reach his eyes. "Do you have plans?" Like what she wanted to do with her life here, being she decided to stick around. The snort had him whip a glance back on Tykir, dimples were still showing from the other amusement, "that bad eh?"

Was he laughing at her? Or Tykir? Well if he was laughing at her, she did not blame him! Stick happily.. goodness, made her sound like a bloomin' tree or something. But she did not answer, leaving both men to discuss or speak... but to have a trade, she still did not know what she could do.

"Awoke to a large shadow looming above me." He watched Anthea and when it appeared she would say no more, he spoke. "I didn't have to run into him in the hall, Friend. He found me!"

He just kept quiet while he listened, glancing at Tykir and Rory. A slight smile appear before he hid it with a drink. That was one night he would have liked to seen!

One shapely brow did lift as she studied the flames. Perhaps bring a little of Greece here? Nah, that would be silly. Olive trees was a good trade, but they tended to die on her. Which reminded her, were the plants on the ship still alive? Again, she had met nice people. And again, she was glad the ship chose to stop here.

"How did you fare, Rory?" His gaze drifted to Charles. It was a shame he was nose deep in the pages of books when they had traveled north to Rhydin.

He couldn't help it! Books had that draw for him. "He snored." Matter-of-fact. "Fell asleep with his door open and snored. Had to close it so he didn't wake everyone." Now, that could have been a tale or a truth.

A twitch of a grin could be seen. It was nice to witness the easy friendship made by some, and family loyalty. Anthea had not seen that often.

"That must have been a dreadful sight," sounding like something coming out on Hallow's Eve. Probably was still better than if he ran into him in the hall that night. "What happened from there?"

Which caused Tykir to cough, pressing the back of his hand to his mouth as he cleared his throat. He really, really, REALLY tried not to comment on the snoring, and since he tried that hard, he succeeded. "Then what happened?"

Then to answer his question. "I slept here, didn't get up until some time in the afternoon and Hazel had a certain cup of tea for me when she saw me dragging as I was that morn." Was Charles talking on him.. "that must have been Bryan, I was here."

He started to chuckle. "I fell back to sleep. Thought I had been dreaming until" He looked to Anthea, then amended his reply. "He worked me harder than ever, even had me scooping out horse hooves." Which Tykir never-ever-fleaflickin'ever! had to do! "When are we going again?" Danged if that was going to change anything. He had lived through it.

She took note of Tykir, and smiled with a nod of her head. Perhaps next she comes she would bring the material, so she could make another day gown. She was not wealthy, and most she wore she made herself. Drab colors perhaps, but the material was cheap!

"Bah, not fair. You ruined my tale. Bryan can bring down the rafters. It's a good thing we weren't home then, Rory. You might have had to work harder too." He perked though. "Let me know when I want to join you." And then, because he didn't want to be rude, he looked at Anthea. "Have you been here long?"

Which had him laughing again as the potcheen was just what he needed to curb all that night had wrought. "Have you met any others here, Anthea? Make any friends yet?" There was another one or two never around as well. Then back to his brother, "aye, our Da might have me hide or he might thump me on the back and say good going, just don't tell yea mother."

Hey, they were going to overwhelm the woman. "I was thinking more on Mother finding you." Though she'd be sympathetic to the hangover, maybe?

She gave a negative shake of her head. The loose, french braid gliding along her arm slowly. "I believe a week, perhaps less. But I have enjoyed walking the lands.. Heathfield is gorgeous." She had enjoyed all.  Ok, perhaps not good all day? Odessa and her wavering hooves had stomped on Anthea's poor feet. Hence why she was wearing manly, tiny boots. Smile did appear once again, hearing the men speak. But soon, she knew sleep would call.

Tykir squinted a look to Anthea, ever so slight, but his smile made it clear it was more of a study than a threat. "Tried the potcheen here yet, Miss?"

Hearing Tykir brought her to jump. But not so high she could touch the ceiling. "Potcheen? What is it? I have never heard of it." she turned slightly so he would be more in her view. And she had to shake her head with a grin. "Please.. Anthea will do. Miss was for my mother?" Twitch of another grin, and the merriment to sparkle within her gaze.

Danielle Douglas McAndrews would be leading any of them by their ear outside and to the trough to dunk their head in it. A cold rude awakening for having so much to drink. "Aye, now that I would avoid like the plague. He was overhearing Alex say something to Tykir who nodded his head once, gave them a look and was off as fast as the north winds out the side door. Something was up.

The three would have been grateful that Anthea thought them men! He laughed and nodded agreement. Definitely something to avoid. "Potcheen is the finest drink brewed here in the lands, though it's very, very strong."

"Strong? It is like ale, or cider?" Simple question, for she had never drank anything stronger then warm cider. And her eyes did hold the innocence of one that had not experienced much.

"More so, much more so. It's homebrewed whiskey." He motioned thataway, not really anywhere. "One of the princes here brews it and though it's smooth, most ladies like the punch made from it with fresh fruit."

"My.. I have only seen ale. But have heard how whiskey can burn going down, and then hit your stomach like a ball of flames." A slight shiver did course down her spine. She would die if she ever drank that stuff. Ale was strong to her way of thinking. Perhaps one day she would try. When alone. She would not wish to show anyone how she might throw up if tasted. Anyway.. "Gentleman, it was a pleasure to meet you all, but I must seek sleep before I find it on the chair." With a rustle of material she rose from the chair, moving fingers lightly along her lap area to ease all wrinkles. Eye lids grew heavy with exhaustion. A palm to cover her lips and catch a wayward yawn. And finally, with a smile did Anthea vanish in the hall, and then upstairs to seek slumber.

Rory had gotten distracted and blinked as Anthea made her exit, "I think it is time to get some sleep." He gave his brother a nudge before he finished off his potcheen, thanked Alex then headed out.

"Aye, I think you're right. And I want to hear more about your night out. How did you make it back if you were all drinking?" He saluted Alex and followed Rory out, still asking questions.



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