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Thistle Tavern

Date: 12-23-10
Poster: Maurice McDonough
Post # 41

News to Print

Olive visage held soft red along her high cheek bones. She had spent almost all day at her home, taking cue from Sadie and working on moving in soon.  No hearth had been glowing with red ambers, or flames. She had not needed it. But to clean had been a good thing for Anthea, as well as enjoying conversations with several of the villagers on her way to her new home. Hair of black was held back by a thick piece of charcoal, colored ribbon. Leaving the tail's end to sway along the back of her thighs as she moved from the barn, to finally return to the Thistle.  She had brought hay and wood, and cleaned up the barn for Hercules, who loved his new home and she could tell really didn't want to leave. Forest green chemise adorned her slender physique, gliding down till the hem was barely touching the ground, but still moist from Anthea walking purposely in the snow drifts. The darken pinafore covered her form, which held smudges here and there from cleaning the cottage, knowing this day the dirt would be hidden. She had washed her hands free from dirt and grim, and even now could smell the lavender soap she had used, and left behind at the cottage.


A click of her tongue brought the mule and wagon to move further from her home, and closer to the Thistle.  Smile came to those that passed her by, and laughter from children waving with cries of wishing another snowball fight.  The wagon, with the aide of the stable hands, now stood alone.  Hercules was busy eating while soft touches were cooling him off.  Anthea presented him with a carrot, proud of how well he had handled the wagon on the way there, and on the way back.  Leaving the stable in a rustle of wool, she moved toward the thistle.  Dainty strides came smoothly, slowly, knowing she would never be able to keep up with a man's larger strides, or she would be panting when the walk was over.  But soon the walk was over, and she to skip up the steps and move along the porch before she stopped with her hand on the door.  Winter's kiss was singing to Anthea, but she chose to ignore it this night.  Pushing the door open to enter, then gently to shut it tight as she walked further into the main room.

Ice appeared from the cellar below with a keg balanced on his shoulder with one arm around it to keep it stable. A mountain of a man that had to duck through the door as he was helping Alex out. The keg of German stout brought over to the area behind the bar to accommodate it. The old barrel already taken care of. It was set down carefully before he stood away and let Alex prime it. Russet hair like his son, or more his son had hair like his as well the ice blue eyes. Ones that held warmth and humor to them than cold and deadly, although the latter could easily come alive when faced with an enemy. A winter vest was worn of a deep wine over a basically blue pattern of a flannel shirt. Rugged pants with boots lacing up to below the knee. He noticed the woman at the door, distracted there as a roguish grin tucked within the thick beard. "Good evening Miss, come in and get warm." It was certainly cold outside.

Kid boots kicked at the floor at the entrance, her attempt to rid the leather of snow she had played in.  "Alex, I am so sorry, but you see.." Then her voice trailed off as silver hues landed upon the man that had just spoke.  Friendly was the tone, and that brought a smile to tug at lips red from the cold.  "Please pardon me, I thought you were Alex.." Her voice held the warmth of her homeland, as well as the light of one that held kindness within.  "I am Anthea.. and thank you.." Perusal of this man came in such a manner, almost like a student trying to figure out a problem.  He was familiar, but soon did her dark head shake it off at being silly.  "It is cold outside.." Confident that all snow was removed from the boots, she soon was moving within the main with that smile nay to leave.

The dip of ice blues came in a flash as he took her in from head to toe, lifting again as the grin only grew. "I'm a bit taller," as Alex took a look for a fleeting moment over his shoulder then back to get the spigot set in right and tap the first drink that would be a lot of foam. "Nice to meet you Anthea, I'm Maurice." Making his way around from the bar side in helping Alex to the customer side. Not just anyone was allowed there. Ice was one of the few privileged.

Handsome men always brought the shyness to return.  Palms were moist, and soon was the petite Greek swallowing down the shy nature that came so easily to this woman.  "Taller, my Lord?" Warm accented words came from lips being  moisten now by the pink of her tongue.  Chapped from the chill of course.  "Oh yes, my Lord.. you are indeed very tall." Alex received the luminous smile from the girl.  Knowing she should move, but goodness it was as if her feet were nailed to the floor.

"Aye, I'm a bit taller than Alex although he's tall." Chuckling under his breath as the tender seemed to ignore the comments and set about his work. An ale poured for Ice that was set and waited on the lass for any order she might have. "So, Anthea, you are the new lass that is taking over the printing press to put out a newsletter. I hear Hiram is back and taking up his old post as a reporter." Ice, as well as his brother Joseph were well informed of castle matters and who was who coming into the lands. It was part of their job one might say.

"Pardon me,  Sir, you were talking to Alex.."Now she felt the idiot.  Pink flush stained her cheeks, and the heat she could feel at her temples and tips of tiny ears.  Thank the Gods, the subject had switched to the press.  With the subject of the press to begin, those invisible nails seem to vanish bringing Anthea's steps to move smoothly to the bar.  "Oh  yes, Sir.  I am so happy too.  Hiram I believe is happy to return.." As she was to be able to use the press for the book she wanted so badly to write for the children.  "I have been cleaning, as well as venturing throughout the shop.  There is area for me to plant a small garden, and room for my mule Hercules to be while I am working."  Thus did she ramble.  She could not help it.  He had brought up that which was bringing her to smile much these days.

She was a little confused, "come have a seat," as if maybe she got off her feet she'd not be so confused. "I was talking with you, Anthea." Having used her name in addressing her too. He spun around a stool only to have it stop as she drew close. "Ah, dust has a way of stuffing up the head," as if that was the reason for her confusion. "If you find there is anything you need while setting up, make a list and have it taken here to Alex, he will know who to contact to see to any matters that need addressing."

Anthea was not slow, only shy around some she would met.  "I seem to fankle things up on many occasions, Sir.  Please forgive this Greek."  The blush seem to shine like the stars in heaven, so embossed she wished she could just hide.  But for now, she gracefully took the seat offered.  Gently touching her cheeks with palms dry now, and smiling warmly at her foolish behavior.. "Oh yes Sir.. perhaps Alex can also help with my new home?  Furniture and such." Dishes and other things as well.

With a newborn great-nephew and a newly married niece, Chandra had been out shopping.  Luckily most of her gifts were bought and wrapped already, and placed under the family Christmas tree, including the new cousins they had obtained. Time for a break, and of course, the first place she'd go was the Thistle. She was pleasantly surprised to find others inside, and even more so to see a certain one. Removing her heavy cloak to reveal a wool gown of dark burgundy, trimmed with sparkling beads of jet, she took a moment to hang the cloak before giving a greeting. "Good afternoon." A dimple appeared with her smile. "Hello, Ice."

"That would be Sean MacGrath Furniture. Although if you wish to save on coin, there is a room here with extra furniture anyone is welcome to. Much of it is taken from homes that a new occupant has their own to use."  Hearing a familiar voice had the flash of such blue eyes lifting to the one coming in. Roguish grin broadened. "Chandra, what a day to be out and certainly this is the place to warm up." Dipping glance took her in as was usual for him and the glint showing appreciation of the color gown and style worn. "You look simply festive," or feasting by the way his eyes tended to drink one in.

The unfamiliar voice caught her attention. Turning slightly at the hips with a smile to appear for the woman. "Good afternoon.." Greeting was warm and welcoming. Glad to see more new faces, and soon to grow silent as Alex brought her tea. She would check the room with furniture, but did not voice that. She would remain quiet so both could greet one another.

"Thank you." She even dropped a curtsey, blue eyes sparkling with laughter. "And you are as handsome as ever." The smile turned on the young woman with him. "I'm Chandra Byrne." She and Ice had become close friends since her arrival in Heathfield.

Anthea turned and smiled to the name. The greeting, and another name to place in her memory.. "A pleasure, Chandra.. I am Anthea Drakos." One could never have too many friends, or so the petite Greek thought. "Very nice to meet you."

"Aye? You'll be sweeping me off me feet if you keep up the flattery and then, you'll have to catch me when I swoon." Now didn't that make a visual - Chandra felled by a tree. "How is everything at the ranch?" He had not been out that way due to working from dawn to dusk as usual. This reminded him that he needed to take time off. "Anthea has taken over the printing press and a newsletter."


"Well met, Anthea." She settled on one of the stools, heels catching the bottom rung. Alex had delivered a glass of brandy and once she had it in hand, she turned to face the two. "Congratulations Anthea." Her gaze switched from Anthea to Ice. "Extremely well. I've a new niece and Eion a new bride and a newborn great-nephew. Mother is deliriously happy, and everyone is in a dither with the holidays and the wedding of Melantha and Gabriel happening

The words spoken to Chandra, by one she thought was another mountain, brought that familiar grin to form. Teasing was always good, and images could bring one to bubble with laughter. But easily did she vanquish the feeling by lifting the cup and taking a careful sip. Silver hues warmed by their words. She was happy and proud of herself. "Thank you, Chandra.." Spoke softly, yet quickly as she began to speak to the mountain of a man. The children books would come in time, but not yet.

"Perhaps you can give some details of such news to Anthea, for the paper.." glancing between the two as Anthea might become alerted to this. "There were also a few squires knighted on the Fifteenth of this month."

"Of course, if she wishes." And if Anthea didn't have paper and something to write with, it could be furnished.

The smile did blossom. The happiness of such an idea brought silver hues to sparkle as she did train her gaze on first Ice, as she heard him called, and Chandra. She needed quill and ink pot! "Oh yes.. an excellent ideal." She had heard all.. The births, but no names.. as well as the one called Eion being a bride. And knights! She was deliriously happy with this idea. "I would love that, very much so." She was like a child on Christmas day!

There was always such available here as well as charcoal stick. She thanked Alex for the paper, then slid it over to Anthea. "Eion Quinn and Daireann Sullivan were married on December 6th. " There was a twitch of her lips as she waited to see if Anthea needed Daireann's name spelled then she continued. "Gannon Jaxon Eion Quinn was born on December 6th. Eion is the grandson of Mary Quinn so Gannon is her first great-grandchild. Eion was also knighted on the fifteenth but it would be best to call him a knight in training, since he was too old to be a squire."

Cup was set aside. Easily forgotten. Smile bloomed further as she took up the charcoal stick and put words to paper as Chandra spoke. "How lovely, a winter wedding.." And yes, she tried but.."How would you spell Daireann.." She did smile apologetically and soon was penning the information on Eion, feeling a dolt. He was a man.. Gawd Anthea needed to find a hole to hide in and glad she had only thought that. "Knight, how very wonderful.. and imagine the family is happy"

"Extremely so. It's been quite a month for us." She chuckled and looked at the mountain of a man. "Who are the others knighted, Ice?"

Shawn would have boxed her ears for such a mistake, playfully. But she had always fankled up names, but would not assume again. When Chandra spoke to Ice, Anthea shifted those silver hues in his direction. "What date was the knighting?" Questioned softly. Fifteenth. She placed that down quickly, and remained silent for any more information. She could not wait to return to the print shop after this.

She waited for Ice to give names of the squires and sipped the brandy as she did.  She should remember but things had been so hectic of late.

"The knighting was on the 15th. Squire Kieran Turlough now Sir Kieran. Warrior Eion Quinn now Sir Eion. Squire Scott McCormick is now Sir Scott. On another note, Shaun Shawnesey and Kynan MacKay have become Squires. Shaun assigned to Sir Cole. Kynan is yet to be determined."

Anthea listened carefully, scribing all that was quoted to her. But then, she heard familiar names and smiled. She hoped the day would come when she could watch them knighted. "I have never seen a knight... am very happy for all, even the squires." Quickly did she add Sir Scott's information as well.

"You might want to add that Scott is son of Ian McCormick. One of the old families of Heathfield."

"Of course, Chandra...  thank you." Warmly spoken. So glad that information was given and soon put to paper.

"...and on the same note, so is Shaun of an even older family here, Shawnesey."

"Shawnesey." She remembered his name. From when she had came across the field or some sort. But for now.." Shaun Shawnesey.." Excitement brought eyes to sparkle. More to add!

"He's son of Rhett, Sr. and Maggie Shawnesey." Best put that in too!

Arrows and lines were drawn. Indicating which family Shaun did belong too, as well as Scott. Fingers were coated with coal, but she cared naught. "Anything else you can think of?" Anything at all. She would be adding all this soon. Ice brought her to ponder if she should listen closely to all, and if subjects were not to personal, perhaps ask permission to add? She did not know, it was just a spark of ideal for now.

"Maggie O'Brian Shawnesey. She used to be a tender for that notorious northern tavern."

"Put that?" Question softly. Silver hues to train on Ice in her inquiry.

"Aye, amend that," grinning as ice blue eyes flashed naturally with a shifting glance to Chandra and back. He was noticing the time too as he needed to get back. "I've still some errands to run, places to go, but maybe I will be back later tonight." He'd finished his ale, had a bit to eat earlier and was ready to take on the cold night as he was over to collect his cloak.

Good thing she had not penned that. But found it amazing and wished to meet the woman one day. But for now she waited for anything else, throwing a wink Ice's way for the words. "Thank you, my Lord, so much" Called warmly.

She was to post that with her review... that Maggie Shawnesey was O'Brian of the MT for some time first.

"I should get back too. Mother will be expecting me." She had promised to be back to help do more baking. "I swear we'll have enough food to feed all of the city for Yule."

Will do!

"I'll walk you part way then Chandra," with his cloak on he would help with hers before the two would head out. 

"So nice to meet you both... thank you too, Chandra... so much" Warm smile came with ease, and a kiss blown for their kindness.

Herself had probably invited half the city too. "I'll enjoy your company."   As she did always.

Anthea smiled warmly to Alex, asking quietly for a cloth to wipe her fingers? And then remembering the cup of tea, she reached for it as eyes were studying that which she had just scribed.



Date: 01-07-11
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 42

Singing In The New Year

Feet up on an ottoman while Rory lounged back comfortably in a wing-back. Fisherman knit sweater, woolen pants and warm lined boots that laced up to just below the knee.   "Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne? And days of auld lang syne, my dear, and days of auld lang syne. Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days of auld lang syne? We twa hae run aboot the braes and pu'd the gowans fine. We've wandered mony a weary foot, sin' auld lang syne. Sin' auld lang syne, my dear, sin' auld lang syne, we've wandered mony a weary foot, sin' auld ang syne."

Tykir kept in touch with Rina via messages sent back and forth between the two kingdoms but there wasn't anything like getting into mischief with his sister. He told of rooftops and islands and taverns to the North, but still it was all lacking was lacking Rina. He tucked her most recent letter into his back pocket just as he pushed open the door of the tavern. Alex had hired entertainment for the place? Then he recognized the voice, and realized his mistake. "Rory!" He called to his friend, crossing straightaway to take up a glass at the bar so he could join him at the chairs.

Molly made her way across the commons just waiting for the first thud of a snowball. It was strange that it didn't happen, and she kept looking over her shoulder. Finally, she was up the steps and inside. Shedding the long coat that wasn't so long on the brother she borrowed it from, she grinned when she saw her two friends. Pulling off the knit cap to let braided hair fall, she could feel that odd sensation of her hair standing up. Smoothing it down wouldn't do her any good, so she let it alone while she headed to the bar.

He nearly tripped over his own feet shooting up from his seat and the song swallowed before he could get out the next stanza. "Tykir! How've you been? Found myself here with some sensitive ears the other night." Just as well he was up and any singing ceased as Molly came in next. "How ya doing Molly?" Taking the leisure to check her out from head to toe to head leaving him with a grin.

She was dressed for the weather in slightly baggy britches, boots and a cable knit sweater that fit like a tunic. She even wore a belt. "I'm doin' good. How are the two of you? Getting into any trouble lately?" She thanked Alex for the glass of punch and headed over to join the two at the hearth.

"Hey, Moll!" He grinned to her, and even though Rory had stood up, Tykir was lowering down to a seat. "Not without you! Wouldn't be fun...without you." Although, actually ....

"Not yet but if you want to get into any trouble with me sometime, I'm game." Teasing her of course but don't put it past him if she took him up on it either. "How about you?"

"Really?" She snickered and eyed them both. "I'm hearing all kinds of rumors you know." No, she wasn't but still! "Me? No trouble at all. I was indoors nearly all the holiday with a cold, but I'm finally free again." She would have plopped into the chair she picked but she didn't want to spill her drink. "You know, Rory, that could be taken a few different ways." She tried to look stern then laughed. "Have you even been ice skating or anything fun? And have you heard from Rina, Tykir?" She gave a wave to the woman who came into the common room along with a smile before sipping her drink.

The furrier came down the stairs from her room with a box of things that would be taken to her new home on the morrow. Alex had asked her to set it down there tonight, for early morning loading into her wagon by one of the lads around the place. It was the last box. She dusted off her hands and then moved for the bar and the company there, with a soft smile. "Bonsoir." Nodding to them all. She smiled warmly back to the lady, and then moved to the bar. A quiet hello to Alex was given, and a request for a cocoa with peppermint schnapps. The Frenchwoman thanked Alex quietly for the drink, and then moved to settle on a chair near the hearth so the warmth could bake into her bones. She looked over at the other woman, after sending a polite smile to Rory and Tykir, with a warm smile for her, again. "Bonne nuit, mam'selle. I am Evony, who may I call you?"

The teen smiled back as she tucked one leg under the other. "Pleasure, Evony. I'm called Molly. Have you met Rory and Tykir?" She leaned slightly forward, always giving the impression of moving, even when perfectly still.

Evony smiled again, after sipping her hot drink. A calm, serene gaze looked over the girl, and then she gave a rueful smile. "I am afraid I shook my finger at the man there..." Nodding to Rory, "...the other night, for a song he was singing. Eet was most indelicate, oui." She still was wishing she had not done so, as it had driven him out to the porch in the cold to sing there. A little nod was given in answer to the question...she thought she had met them, anyway! So many she had met, if she was wrong, they would likely set her straight!

She had to bite her lip while she cut a glance to Rory. He would likely be grinning. Not about the indelicate part but the fact he was called a man. Though really, when she thought about it, they were men, even if they might have uncles or others that thought otherwise. "What was the song?" She had heard enough bawdy ones when she was sitting outside the mercantile.

A delicate flush rose to her cheeks at the question. "Well, I did not know eet, mam'selle Molly...there was something about a Scotsman and his kelt, and what he wore beneath it." Deeper flushing.

Rumors, such could be good as he had excused himself and was finally back. Words low even if after the fact, "aye, it could and maybe the right way," coming around to claim his chair and drink again. Big flashy grin, "hello Evony." Catching up on the convo of what he caught and her rose hinted cheeks. No, no comment but obviously blue eyes danced with bedevilment as he finally reclaimed his seat. He WAS a man, what did Molly think?

He's a lad!

She shifted in her chair at the greeting from Rory, feeling distinctly as if the young man had somehow gained the upper hand. How did he do that...? She gave him a little nod that had distinctly prim overtones to it. Her lips even pursed up a bit in a prim little moue. "Ahem. Bonsoir, Monsieur Rory."

She looked puzzled for a moment, then grinned. "Oh, that's what it's called. The Scotsman. And more what isn't.... aye." She bit her lip to keep from saying more because the woman was blushing and Rory was back. He got a grin and a wrinkle of her nose because Dorian would have her hide at whatever he considered the wrong kind.

"Ah, oui, mam'selle Molly, that must have been the one."

Which in turn had distinctive blue eyes dip right to those prim lips and obviously the twinkle spoke of devilish thoughts before lifting his eyes and then his drink in salute.

For whatever reason, and even she was not sure why, she flushed all the more. A strategic retreat to her drink was called for, and she took it, burying her nose in the cup of laced cocoa posthaste.

No retreating around Rory, "so, Evony, what excitement have you had lately? Have you settled in?" Leaning a touch closer as he set his glass on the side table to fill it up again, "are you having fun?"

The man was merciless! Choking a bit on her cocoa and schnapps, she had to swallow that down before she could answer. A bit of a wheeze later, and she finally could answer. Red again, from choking, this was a night of color, to be sure, her last one in the inn as a resident. "I ...mais oui, very much fun. My business, she is ready for the grande opening, and my home, she is ready for moi." Smoothly turning it around, the serene look returning to her eyes. "Mais what of you, monsieur, eh? Does your family all sing together?"

He had held a forefinger up to Molly, he would answer her question about Rina in a moment, but Alex had given him the head motion. You know...'that'...head motion so he had excused himself with just a nod of hello to Evony and excused himself to see what the tender and confidant to his mother and the Griffon had to say to him. He came strolling back in just in time for Evony's question to Rory. "Aye, you should hear the lot of times, the very mountains rumble with the sound of it."

"Are you all right? Do you need mouth to mouth if your breathing is in need?" Yes, he was being merciless but such dimples with his smile, almost beguiling. Turning it around and back, "that is what life is all about in the long run, after the hard work, to have fun, oui?" And he could speak the French word smoothly. The King of Ballicastle made sure all his sons were educated. Tykir's comment had him laughing, "aye, singing, dancing and flame throwing."

He laughed to himself, reclaiming his glass but not his chair, rather he crossed to join them. "And the very earth vibrates under your feet." He slapped a hand to the counter to make a show of trying to keep his footing when the quaking started.  "Bloody good at that flame throwing." Tykir laughed, tipping his glass in a toast toward Rory before drinking.

She giggled as she listened, blue eyes moving from one to the other and back. "Sounds like fun!"

"You would know, eh, Moll?" He gave an elbow motion toward Molly, and shot a wink in her direction.

Thoughtful eyes moved from one to the other of them, and a slow smile grew, for she could quite picture what they described. "You are most fortunate in your family, then, n'est pas? Hold to them tightly, mes amis, for so many things can change so fast."

"No, not really." Her expression was perfectly serious, with only the slightest glint in her eyes to give her away. "I've never been in an earthquake."

"No? Well, we'll have to see about changing that..." He glanced to Rory. "Can you manage a quake on your own yet, or do you need the help of the entire McAndrews clan?"

Which he sent a wink Molly's way too. She was a lass that knew how to have fun, least if he was a good judge. "Aye, family is the heart and hearth, some day more will come into the circle of loyalty, caring, love and devotion. Even when one had to find their niche being one of triples and one with nine brothers."

Super quick grin, a flicker of a gaze to Molly, then he looked to Evony even though he spoke to Rory. After all, it was that woman's comment that sent Rory off in such a weird-o grown-up vein. "That's...a bit too serious for my current state of mind to want to absorb."

"Depends on what I am doing if I need help or not. Some things a man does on his own with another, certainly no help." Yes, his mind was in the gutter there for a few moments before he was up and starting up a song. "There's a tear in your eye.. and I'm wondering why, for it never should be there at all. With such pow'r in your smile, sure a stone you'd beguile.. so there's never a teardrop should fall. When your sweet lilting laughter's like some fairy song and your eyes twinkle bright as can be.. you should laugh all the while and all other times smile... and now smile a smile for me." He was over to Molly to take up her hand urging her up with the gentle tug.

Now Molly's world would rock!

She smiled, listening to them, drinking steadily at her cocoa. The song was a lovely one, indeed, and she chuckled as Rory moved to invite Molly up.

She laughed then blinked as Rory came over to sing to her? What was he doing? She put down her drink and stood, giving him a look to say as much. Not a blush though. Molly hadn't blushed yet... well, not with lads. Her brother or Lorcan could get her to. She cut a quick look toward Tykir and Evony, eyes wide.

Soon as she was up, he had one hand clutched and the other around her waist as he took her into a turn, then more turns moving backwards then around in dance. "When Irish eyes are smiling.. sure it's like a morn in spring, in the lilt of Irish laughter you can hear the angels sing. When Irish hearts are happy... all the world seems bright and gay and when Irish eyes are smiling.... sure they steal...  your heart... away." He got her cheek to cheek by the time the more popular part of the song was sung.

Oh good lord! When it came to dancing, Molly was all thumbs ... so to speak. Rory was wearing boots, right because his toes were likely to be stepped on. And she had to stand on tiptoe. "They grow you tall in Ballicastle, don't they?"

Tykir crossed his arms at this chest, leaning back to the edge of the bar counter to watch the two.

Evony was grinning as Molly looked over, and then she was laughing softly as Rory whirled the girl into a dance.

"Aye, we are big," if she could only see the gleam in his eyes she'd be swatting him. If she was stepping on his toes, he didn't mind at all nor did it slow him down. He had a good hold, she'd not fall, "for your smile is a part of the love in your heart.. and it makes even sunshine more bright. Like the linnet's sweet song, crooning all the day long... comes your laughter so tender and light. For the spring time of life is the sweetest of all, there is ne'er a real care or regret... and while spring time is ours, throughout all of youth's hours.. let us smile each chance we get." By this time he had her dipped and the poise of his lips but a fraction from hers that she could feel the warmth of his breath before she was up again and the ending to the dance and song there near their seats again.



Date: 01-07-11
Poster: Rory McAndrews
Post # 43

She was trying not to look down at her feet and it was a good thing too. When Rory dipped her, she made a growlie noise as he brought his lips close. But, it was all in fun and she knew he wouldn't kiss her without her say so! She laughed when it was all over. "I'm as graceful as a oliphant!" Purposely pronouncing it wrong.

Which he slapped a hand over his heart once up and for the growlie, "be still my beating heart.. for your growl is much more enticing than your elephanty feet.."Well.. more like he wanted a willing kiss from her than a fat lip!

It was Tykir's turn and with a soft laugh, he pushed up from his lean, sliding his hand down the back of Molly's arm to take up her hand where Rory was releasing it. "I'm willing to find out for myself." He was smiling as he guided her around in a spin so that she was now his dance partner. He chuckled with Rory's words and actions, glancing past Molly to his friend before looking back down to her. His singing voice wasn't as deep, but his mother had not neglected their voice lessons among others. "Pappino oh you little mouse, why don't you go away...." So, his choice of song wasn't as dance worthy, but he smiled to Molly as he led their circuit through the room. "Find yourself another house to run around and scare my girl, you eat my cheese, you even drink my wine. I try so hard to catch you but .... you trick me all the time." His grin spread, not taking his gaze from Molly and only  grimacing once in the process when HE was the one to catch the edge of her toes in a turn which put him too close to a chair and he pitched forward. "Last night I called my girl, and asked if we could meet. We could go to my house ... " And on he sang, laughter in his tone and he gave her hand a squeeze. "to have a bite to eat. But when we got up to the door, she screamed at what she saw. There was little Pappino doing the cha-cha on the floor." With that, he eased his hand free and slapped it to his stomach, the other going in the air to do his own version of a cha-cha step, glancing up to Molly with a wink as he did.

It was his turn to take up a lean and a serious expression neither would see for its fleeting and the fact they were concentrated on their dance. Glass was refilled and kicked back before another poured.

If Tykir was willing to have his toes smooshed, that was fine with Molly, though the song had her laughing. And yes, Tykir could sing too. That was a nice surprise. She bit her lip to keep from giggling when he tripped though she made her eyes wide again. And she even tried the cha-cha. Laughing still when it was done, she clapped for Tykir, then for Rory. "Thank you. Now I'll have to take lessons or something so I can dance better the next time." Too bad the dance studio had closed. "You both have very good voices!"

With his hand still to his stomach, he bowed to his clapping dance partner, then looked to Rory. "May I have this dance?" He bowed low, his hand offered over to the McAndrews.

He applauded them both. "Bravo," then promptly took up a candle and his drink, the drink kicked back then the exhale over the candle. And it shot out like a torch! Least three feet or more.

HOLY HELL'S FIRE! Good thing Tykir was bent over in a bow and even then, he feared his feathers may have been singed with that bellow of fire breath.   He stood up slowly, blinking..."Ooooookay, then, never mind." He was smiling past his words, shaking his head with the refusal to his request.

Molly let out a yell and grabbed a bucket of mop water. She sent it flying right toward both lads! Look out!

He set the candle aside, "by all means!" And before Tykir could blink again he had him off in dance. His wings might come out at times for the swing-arounds. The water passing them as they moved just in time.

Crap'a'cup'a....saved by the dance! The water sloshed right by where they both were standing, splashing on the floor beyond.

Oops. And there she was, with the bucket in hand and the mop on the floor. She gave Alex a sheepish smile and a shrug. "I'll get that." And while the lads dances, she mopped!

Tykir coughed out a laugh...and fought to come up with a song. "He's up each morning bright and early, to wake up all the neighborhood, to sing to all the boys and the girlies, a happy serenade on wood..." He glanced over to Molly mopping and chuckled all the more, fighting to sing through his amusement and struggling to keep up with Rory's quicker, wider step. "Hear him pecking out a melody, peck peck pecking on the same ole tree, he's as busy as a bumble bee...all day long. To serenade your lady, just pick a tree that's..." Breathless, keeping up with Rory was a rather mean feat! "shady...and listen to the tick ta tick tick, tick ta tick tick happy little woodpecker song! You can enjoy his rhythm, just let your heart beat with him..." His was pounding, and not because of his partner, but trying to keep up with him! He probably wasn't even singing the song right! "and listen to the tick ta tick tick, tick ta tick tick...." Timing those ticks to their steps. "Happy little woodpecker song!" He jerked his hand free to end the dance. Thank you!

He too went into song as he kept Tykir in spins and off his feet at times, "as I went home on Monday night as drunk as drunk could be, I saw a horse outside the door where my old horse should be. Well, I called me wife and I said to her will you kindly tell to me who owns that horse outside the door where my old horse should be? Ah you're drunk you're drunk ya silly old fool still you cannot see that's a lovely sow that me mother sent to me. Well, it's many a day I've traveled a hundred miles or more but a saddle on a sow sure I never saw before." His was a happy little drunk song with suggestions! "And as I went home on Tuesday night as drunk as drunk could be, I saw a coat behind the door where my old coat should be. Well, I called me wife and I said to her will you kindly tell to me who owns that coat behind the door where my old coat should be? Ah you're drunk you're drunk you silly old fool still you cannot see that's a woolen blanket that me mother sent to me. Well, it's many a day I've traveled a hundred miles or more but buttons on a blanket sure I never saw before."

She didn't mind mopping and also danced a bit to the song using the mop as a dance partner though she was laughing as they both started singing different songs. The floor was nice and clean and the mop and bucket put back into place. "I thought you caught fire, Tykir." Over Rory's song but not too awfully loud.

Rory was still singing, even though the dance was done, and Tykir was grinning. He glanced over to Molly with a dance of brows instead of feet and crossed to her as the larger of the bunch kept up his ditty. "And had I been, I would have very much appreciated your ... dousing." He cut a look to Rory, shoulders shaking a bit as Tykir listened to the familiar song.

So the song ended even if it got better later on and he was back for his drink, handing a glass to Tykir and a candle. "Try it..."

Try? It? Tykir laughed, nodded and took up the candle. He reached around and reclaimed his glass and tipped it back quick like then ...

Now that song would have had Evony blushing! She grinned at Tykir then looked at Rory as came over. "Wait until I get out of the way." And she did.

He jerked back as a rather good spray of fire went out into the room. He looked at the candle, then to his glass, then over to Rory. Not bad for a first timer, eh?  "I'll have to show my sister that one." And he drank down the remainder of his glass, he'd not be wasting any more whiskey tonight!

He was impressed, "you make the McAndrews clan proud!"

Oh yeah! That reminded her of her earlier question.  "How is Rina?" She nearly forgot.

"My tutor always are who you hang with." He was grinning from ear to ear when he looked to Molly. "She is good, from my last letter...but she's missing out on a lot!" He gave a nod toward the candle to make his point.

Well, you have lots to write about at least." She chuckled as she sat again, wherever they were! "Have you been to the lake yet?"

"She's probably getting into trouble in Kildare." Which Rory was entertaining some ideas on that.

"Oh, yes, there is that." He nodded to Rory. "She has told me of some of her ... 'troubles'. " He patted the back pocket of his pants where he had folded away the most recent letter from Solarina. "And, no, no I haven't yet, Molly. Not since before the snows." He placed his glass on the counter for Alex and shook his head even as he offered the man a "Thanks" for what had already been served to him. As much as he regretted the necessity of having to leave, tomorrow would be an early morning thanks to their rooftop journey. He had many a chore to tend to before the men even began their training.

"I'll have to get down there and see if the Shawnesey brothers have built the toboggan run."

"Next time, we'll run upstairs to make sure Ellyn isn't sleeping through all the fun..." He glanced toward where the stairs would lead up to the girl's room.

"We should try to make it there soon. I ... " She paused and giggled. "Was wondering if they had made it yet. Oh, yes. Is she still staying here? Or maybe she came back after the holidays?"

"Do that, or maybe we'll just make our own sledding trail."

"There can be more than one and maybe some competitions on both!" He was all for competitions.

Tykir shrugged to Molly's ponderings, touching a hand to girl's shoulder in passing. "Thanks for the dance..both of you."

"Maybe a kiss from Molly for the winner," shooting a grin her way as he added, "on the lips." He gave a most princely bow, "aye, and a lovely dancer you are Tykir," grinning more as he straightened.

"I'll be sure to add extra wax to my sled, if that be the case!"

Rory got a slug to the shoulder for that though she was laughing. "Just be glad I'm over my cold." No, she wasn't saying she'd do it!

"And you, so light of foot for so large of man." Tykir chuckled, pulling open the door. Not a cloak or a coat, but the lad didn't seem to even be affected by the cold.

"Dare, dare on Molly.. dare dare..." teasing her for the slug.

"Good night, Tykir. It was good to see you." She had missed her partners in crime.

"I'll walk you home, Molly?" It was late and time to head out. "Catch you soon Tykir!"

"Better to see you, Moll!" He called to her with a lift of hand in farewell, and he was out the door and off to find his bed, knowing full well he wouldn't be in it for long.

"Unless you're staying here?" Pausing where his cloak hung with some others.

"Sure, if you want. Isn't it a bit out of the way?" She knew he was staying in the castle, but if he didn't mind, neither did she. "Did you go home for the holidays?" She loved the whole family thing.

"Aye, we had or it would have been our heads," more from their mother than their father who understood wanderlust but still, holiday they should be home if at all possible. "I don't mind at all, in fact I would enjoy seeing you home." Which he was sincere as he took up one cloak which he figured might be hers.

It was a rather long coat because it was Dorian's but she liked how warm it kept her. She even behaved herself and let him help her with it. "I imagine holidays are very noisy at your home. In a good way." She grinned as she pulled on her hat and gloves, "and lots of singing."

"They are mayhem but we are use to it. I think we hear the silence when alone." And he wrapped her cloak around her, taking his time as he leaned to answer her then straightened back, offering her the bend of his arm. His cloak and extras already on.  "The castle is filled with laughter and song, especially on the holidays, there are nine uncles and many of them have children, all try to be gathered together for a few days intense celebration."

It was nice to have the attention. She slipped her arm thought his and laughed. "Grand fun then as well." She waved to Alex and then they were heading on out, into the chilly night.

"I mean it about the kiss," which he was sure Tykir would not mind either if he won the friendly competition. The sparkle was in his eyes as he headed out, he'd turn the conversation elsewhere and just let her think on the other.



Date: 01-09-11
Poster: Ciaran Quinn
Post # 44

A Very Nice Man

Kuwan arrived at the Thistle only to find it void of anyone other than Alex, Hazel and surely any of the ones working here. At first there was no one in the room at all as she set aside the basket she carried over her one arm to take off her furl lined hooded cloak to hang. The basket retrieved before she was heading for the bar. Alex appearing from the back hall almost miraculously which gave her a more comfortable bearing. Greetings were exchanged as he set out a glass of the punch for her.

Ciaran was thoughtful as he made his way across the commons and into the Thistle. He had a winning streak again at cards and again, had to deal with someone saying he cheated. He was beginning to wonder what was going on himself.  Maybe he had made a pact with some devil and hadn't realized it. It had been going on for some time, a few years in fact. Sooner or later, something would have to give. As he closed the door and untangled himself from his winter clothing, he looked to see who was here. "Evening, Kuwan. Evening, Alex. A glass of the pure if you please." From there, he headed to the bar, taking a lean instead of a stool. "How have you been, lass?"

She was attired in a garment of brushed browns and tans as well the intricate bead work to accent. Long tunic over leggings with moccasin boots lacing up to her knees. So close in color that it looked part of the whole. Hearing one at the door, and feeling the cold air, she turned to find it was Ciaran. One she hardly knew but felt a sort of connection last time she saw him. She was pleased. It showed in her bright smile and the glint that sparked in dark eyes. "Ciaran, it is good to see you again." She had not realized he was as drunk as the others that faithful night. One that would change her thoughts on certain matters. "I have brought you rabbit pie," which she was setting the basket onto the bar. "That is if you like them?"

"Usually a lass runs the other way." He snorted out a laugh then studied her, a brow lifting. "You did? That's real nice of you, Kuwan. I do like them. My mother used to make them too." He took a long drink of the potcheen after the mention of his mother. "I thought ... uh I didn't say anything wrong the other night, did I? When we were all here. We had been drinking quite a bit." He knew how well the Quinns could hold their drink but still ...

There was a quizzical look on her features as she still struggled with phrasing of the common language. Maybe she'd been wrong or maybe he was softer after a few drinks in him. "I am pleased you like them and hope they are as good as your mother's." And she did, one thing about her she was honest, she didn't know how to be coy or otherwise at this point. Her voice softened with the next. "You didn't say anything wrong at all. You were very kind in words to me."

"They are." He had a couple before if she remembered. He looked a bit sheepish, and rubbed at his ear self-consciously, a habit from when he was a lad. "I'm not much of a talker, especially around lasses. They tend to find me brothers more amiable." He smiled again, then shrugged. "So, the drink loosened me tongue but you were nice to me too. And you have a nice way of talking." The smile grew. "Kept me from getting into trouble." That came later!

"I found you more amiable that night last." Before that, he was right, she had not even noticed if he'd taken any of the rabbit pies or not when they were offered to all. "This is what you wish, to go unnoticed?" The last had her smiling. So he had noticed her too that night.

Oh, he always noticed the lasses but they usually didn't see him, or at least it seemed that way. Then again, he usually didn't have much to say to them.  "Sometimes, it's better that way. Well, used to be. We used to be soldiers for hire, I guess you'd say, though Liam was always good at fighting. Not a life to have women in though he and Evan always managed." He realized where he was going and took a drink instead of continuing.

"Are you still a man to hire to fight?" The mention of his brother being better or that idea had her give a tracing glance over the breath of his shoulders. His general physique noted before dark eyes were lifted to his again. 'You look like a strong warrior. Many a brave would be honored to fight you for coup." Which she was studying him curiously wondering what he did now.

"I was when we first came here." He chuckled and scratched at the stubble along his jaw line. "And I mean Liam is good at boxing. It's where men use their fists to fight." He put his fists up and showed her a few punches. "Now I work with him, sparring partner which means we box some, setting up fights." He couldn't help feel a bit of pride with her words. "My family called me Bear, not just because of my appetite or the way my stomach growls when I'm hungry but because of my size and how I fight. Just kind of plow into my opponent."

Which she imitated with light laughter to follow, even lightly knocked her fist against his. One then the other before bringing them down. "It sounds like something you would enjoy and your skills available to the leaders of these lands if they have need of them?" The last had her smile back, "you are Bear. It is your totem." It fitted, "I am from the Bear clan," which he probably didn't know. Probably didn't know much about her as well. "Your stomach growls like bear?" Oh, this had her eyes light up with laughter as she could visualize it, even with sound effect.

Her fists were tiny! He chuckled then nodded. "Aye, if I was needed though I don't think I'll ever be a knight like Eion." He smiled again. "Bear, huh?  Our mother was half Indian. Her father was from the Lackawanna tribe, Clan of the Eagle. Her mother was French." He patted his stomach and nodded. "It does and loud enough to be heard a distance away."

Her fists were tiny compared to his but they were well worked and large enough for her size. "I think you could become great warrior. It is not as only one can be so?" Unless she was missing something. "Each warrior had their own way as you are like Bear." Yes, she was encouraging him as maybe he just needed a little even if from one nearly a stranger to him. Although that was changing. The dip of dark eyes fell to where he patted his stomach with a touch of rose to deepen the bronze of her cheeks as focus shifted up again. She wasn't sure why. She smiled away the odd sensation and took a drink of her punch.

"We used to spend weeks with our uncle." He perked up at mention of him. "Their tribe has grown smaller since we were boys. It's possible they may come here some day like your People." He looked thoughtful again. "He told me once if I would focus, be more disciplined, I could be but I fooled around too much." It was hard not to with his brothers there as well. "That seems far away now."

She watched him the whole while, eyes steadfast upon his face as it changed expression especially through his eyes. There was a lot more to this quiet man, one that probably observed more in the shadow of his brothers and cousins. She wondered why for she saw no difference that he should. "It is the way of things that has changed so much. I hope they come here before they are no more." Something she had feared of her own people in general. "Perhaps his words of wisdom were given for a time later when you were ready?"

"So do I. " They had lost many of the men he had grown up. He shook off the gloom then laughed quietly. "Maybe. Hasn't happened yet though." Except when it came to cards. "Then again, maybe it has. I managed to survive along with Liam and Evan. And we found Fawn, though that was a lot of luck." He took another drink then looked at her. "That brave that is down at the docks. He one of your People?"

"You have a lot more to be proud of than you were giving credit?" Sounded that way to her and a good thing he was reflecting. "You like to fight, are there other things you like to do? Do you like to sled and ice skate?" The last drew a shadow over her eyes. "He is like you, part Native, part White and his heart is hurting that his twin brother had not returned nor their blood brother. He has become a Shadow of himself haunting the Port in wait of their return. I pray they return or we have lost Yas as well."

"I've seen him, staring out over the water. Almost like he's willing them to come home." He smiled at her. "He's watched over and if he has you worrying about him, that's a help. Far as fun, whatever I can find. Sometimes it's getting into a fight after a card game. I know, doesn't make sense to fight but it happens. But aye, I used to like to ice skate, and go sledding. Haven't done it since I was a lad though." It seemed to be a universal thing, games on ice and snow. "Do you?"

"I am pleased to know this. I was going to ask.." and she hid her own emotions well. Only a soft sigh. "I need some fun." For many reasons she would not get into but she definitely needed a lighter heart. The mention of cards had her perk, "I have seen ones use pieces of paper with markings on them. Would you show me how to play these cards sometime?" That might be fun being he found it fun. "Maybe you should go sledding and ice skating again. You can here. I hear they make a run for the sleds and the lake is already solid enough to ice skate on. I have not but I am thinking of trying it."

"Aye, I can show you." He grinned as he set down his now empty glass. "Though you have to promise not to go seeking out games at the docks if you get good." Might be a joke she wouldn't catch but it was also a serious warning. "I think I've heard a few folks talking about the run for the sleds. So maybe sometime we can get a group of us, pack some food, and go try it out. " His stomach decided to growl right then and he laughed. "I think it might be time for one of those pies."

"I have been warned about the docks. The most was to sneak down there to check the listing of ships." Which she had admitted to Yas when he caught her. Cards was a whole other area so she was pleased he was willing to teach her. The pies were for him, for he had saved her in a way during a very uncomfortable situation. If it had not been for him, she probably would have turned tail and ran from it when she needed to face things. There were five small pies in the basket for him that were kept warm there. "I would like that, to go as group and try the sleds."

He bit into one of the pies, chewing before answering. "Then let's make plans, and see who falls in with them. Or maybe just on the spur of the moment." That last was added after a moment's thought. Yeah... best to do it that. "We'll have to see about sleds and skates though."

"Spur of the moment would work best as I cannot be certain if the waters will allow me across from the island. I will try for I will enjoy the lessons. Both in cards and in sled or ice skating." In fact she noticed the time. "I must go to get goods in the commons to be sent over. There are many now to take care of." Some of them were starting to come to the commons to get what they needed but a lot was taken care of by Kuwan, leaving Kali to help those in the village by being there. "I am pleased you were here today," but had he not then the pies would go to Hazel to distribute. They would not left to waste.

"Let me escort you there. I promised I'd be home to get some things done this evening." He stood and lifted a hand to wave to Alex. "I'm glad I was too. Treat I wouldn't like to miss."

"I would like your company." Which had her smile return as she was over to collect her cloak to keep the cold from penetrating. She gave a wave to Alex as well in farewell then waited on Ciaran.

He pulled on his cloak and gloves, then was over to the door to pull it open for her. He still had some manners left. "How many are you now?" And he would keep up the conversation as they headed on out into the darkening night.

She would tell him all he asked and he'd find her smiling a lot as he escorted her to the commons and then for however long he lingered.



Date: 01-11-11
Poster: Liam Quinn
Post # 45

After the Holidays

Busy, busy busy. Now it was time to relax. Fawn had actually been there long enough to get her usual cider with a secret splash of something extra, and settle into a chair near the hearth. Seemed like a good night to read rather than yack Alex's ear off about this and that as she tended to enjoy doing.

Ciaran had talked Eion into letting him try driving the roller, and found he enjoyed maneuvering the big beast through the streets. He had spent most of the day beyond the city limits, and after returning, decided a meal at the Thistle would be his best and closest choice. He looked like a polar bear as he entered, stomping off his boots, and making sure to keep the snow in that one area. "Fawn!" He greeted his little sister and gave Alex a sheepish grin for the puddles that would be left behind.

Liam was done for the night with the boxing exercises of which he share with Ciaran's help. His brother left a while earlier than he to run the Beast. He washed up and changed his clothing before heading out. It was not surprising to see Ciar atop the intimidating roller before headed for the tavern as Liam gathered up some snow to throw at him. It hit the closing of the door instead as he sped up his walk to a jog and was soon up and into the tavern in his brother's wake. "Fawn, there you are sweetling." Calling out to his sister as he removed his coat to hang away there by the door. He was over then, semi-spruced up with brown tailored pants, a vest to match over a pristine shirt and the usual dressier boots. There would be a lot of melting snow on the floor for the weather outside. Fawn soon got a cold nose against her cheek along with the pop of a kiss.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when Ciar yelled her name. Book was tossed up and fumbled to be caught, she looked back towards the door with a smirk. "Ciar!" Good thing she wasn't holding her cup. "Did you fall into a snowbank?" She looked at him quizzically, then looked further to see Liam entering. Smiling to her eldest brother with a wave. "Here I am!" She set her book aside and stood to greet both of her brothers, first getting a cold nose to her cheek. A playful swat given to Liam. "And you've been nosing through the snow, I think." A kiss to his cheek, then over to Ciar for a big, Fawn-sized bear hug!

He was around on a heel and over to the bar for the glass of potcheen being set out after his hug fix. Dark eyes dipping over his brother with a smirk to rise up for how he looked.

The Thistle / The Manor. Both could boast a goodly number of Quinns at all times. One little, two bigger, three was entering. He took a pause outside to kick the toe of his boots to the side of the tavern to clear away as much caked snow as he could...and then he was in. "Well, Dang. If I didn't know better, I'd say we had the beginnings of a family reunion." Although four Quinns hardly a reunion did make. made Conor chuckle to himself as he peeled out of his winter garb.

He heard the thump against the door and laughed then grinned when Liam followed. That explained the thump. "I was driving the roller to see how it worked." He wasn't so bad now that he had his outwear off. And he was ready for that bear hug. He caught Fawn up and spun her around then planted a kiss to her cheek. "Evening, Conor. Certainly looks like it." He placed Fawn down on her feet just as his stomach rumbled. "I'm in need of some food before I pass out from hunger."

"The roller?" It'd been around, she'd probably seen it, but she didn't know it by name. Her bear hug wasn't all that bear-ish, but the effort counted! Set on her feet, she smiled and went to Conor next for a hug. "Evening, Conor!"

"Evening Conor, how's the snow up around your manor?" Theirs was seeing a few feet and a lot of clearing done before he could even get out of the house. There were footprints on the roof too.

"Evening, Lil'Cousin." He grinned, scooping her up in a hug and smacking a rather loud 'pop' of a kiss to her cheek. "You're all nice and warm. Might not let go." But he did, lowering her back to her feet so she could scramble on back to the fire if she wanted. He looked to Liam as he started to the bar. "Deep, if you don't stay to the well traveled grooves, I'd say mid calf. Good sledding snow though."

Time spent at home had been nice. Even going to the printing press had been enjoyable as she readied what she had written to be printed. But soon enough she knew she could not stay confined within the press all night, thus did she wash her hands and lock up with images of an enjoyable evening at the Thistle. Smooth strides moved with elegance, but so too did they move slow as the petite Greek moved closer to the Thistle. Hair of black was held back in a pony tail, with her slender form to be wrapped within the apron gown of dark blue. She would not stay long, but knew some time needed to be had from her home and her work. Steps were taken carefully, as Anthea moved on the porch. The door she opened quietly, and then slipped inside before the door shut behind her.

Lots of foot prints on their roof! Fawn preferred the window as opposed to the door. She giggled quietly to Conor. "I'm always nice and warm." A bright smile beamed to Conor, then the door was opening again. "Anthea!" Right over to the woman to give her a hug, too! Hugs all around tonight. Actually, she was thrilled to see her friend, for she had a gift for her.

The thing about winter air, the chill and the scent would give away an entrance every time. He looked around his shoulder and smiled. "Evening, Miss Drakos." He called to the newest arrival.

Fawn always made her evenings, or mornings, when she did see her. Lids seem to squeeze tight at the hug, but she let the smile brighten. "Hello Fawn.." Kiss offered to her cheek before a wave to Mister Quinn in his greeting.

Kiss to the cheek returned, she let go of the woman so she could remove her winter wear. "I'm so glad you're here! I have something for you."

Since Fawn was greeting the woman further, he just chuckled and continued to the bar to join his male cousins there. And enjoy it he definitely would since Alex was already seeing to that with a glass and bottle ready.

"Evening Miss Drakos," dark eyes shifting there especially since it seemed his little sister held more than the usual affection for the woman. Leaving them to their greeting as he took up the bottle of potcheen left and headed for one of the seats in front of the hearth. Time to soak in some warmth, outwardly and inwardly.

Liam was here? She turned with that smile to brighten upon full lips.. "Greetings, Liam.."But, now was Fawn's time, and all attention was given to her as she shed the cloak to hang upon the peg. "Fawn, your friendship is all I need. But thank you" Wink.

"That big machine that flattens the snow. Evening, lass." He greeted the woman but his attention was already on the menu. And when Alex was done serving his cousin and brother, the tender spoke quietly to Ciar.

Conor also grabbed up his bottle and glass and joined Liam by the fire. "So, do you find with this weather that people flock more to the indoor activities like your ring? Are you seeing more wagers?"

"Ciaran.." She offered a wave, knowing he would understand if attention remained on the youngest Quinn.

Another smile beamed, she took Anthea by the hand and walked to the bar with her. "But it's something I promised you, and thanks for what you gave me." When they reached the bar, she asked Alex for the covered canvas and set it on the counter in front of her friend.

"Aye, there are a few there, young lads that even the practice will help tone their muscles as they turn into men. It takes concentration, eye and hand control, discipline. We've had a few in-house matches." He was noticing how Fawn reacted around Anthea in a distracted way. It was good she was making friends. Even Fifi had settled down some.

"Fawn, you're so sweet" And the sweetness is what Anthea needed right now. Moving with gentle strides, she smiled brightly at the young woman's excitement. "You're always welcome.." She viewed the covered canvas and then to Fawn with a lift of a brow. With gentleness she opened the canvas, and well.."Oh Fawn.. oh my.." She was crying, truly crying for Poseidon meant the world to her. "You are so gifted.." Softly whispered not able to look away from the portrait of Poseidon within the seas.. "You ... my goodness thank you."

Fawn adored Anthea. Maybe it was because she could tell all her secrets to the woman and not worry about her running off to tell everyone! She watched and smiled modestly to the compliments. "Well, I can't take all the credit, really. It's influenced by a picture I found in a book." But she'd painted it herself. "I'm so glad you like it."

Finger quickly wiped the moisture from her features, silver hues to turn to Fawn as she spoke. "Fawn.. you have brought my childhood back to me.. that is." Gently she placed the portrait upon the bar and hugged the young woman.. "You are a dear friend.." Kiss to her cheek before she leaned back with her smile never wavering.

She returned the hug. "I'm honored to have a friend as wonderful as you." Leaning back, she smiled back to the woman, reaching into a dress pocket to offer her a handkerchief.

The men were silent, watching the interaction at the bar. Conor lifted his glass and drank.

"Sas efharisto.. it means thank you in my mother's tongue.." Softly she inquired if Alex could watch it for her until she left. Knowing it would be hung above the mantle with pride. "I suppose I am a babbling brook, ne? yes?" She took the offered tissue and gently wiped her eyes.."Go on, if you wish to show your family.. it is truly beautiful."

He was content to watch, Ciaran had a better view being he was still over there in conversation with Alex or so it seemed.

The tender handed him something and he turned his back slightly as he took it. Well, there was the mirror, but hopefully focus was on the two women! He slipped the pouch over his head and waited for his food. Yep, everything was normal here.

"It sounds so beautiful." In reference to her mother's language. "There is nothing wrong with tears of happiness. I'm glad to see them as long as they're for that reason." She glanced to her kin and smirked. No need to show them, she was rather modest that way. "Get a warm drink then join me around the hearth?"

"Happy reasons.." Warm smile was offered to Fawn's words. Quietly asking Alex for a cup of tea, and also if he could add a little bit of rum. With her gift safely tucked away, she took a calming breath as she awaited her tea.

Fawn went back over to her seat, looking at the three quiet men suspiciously! Quiet men were never good. Unless they were sleeping. "Are you three sleeping on your feet?"

"Food." Came the single word answer as it arrived and he began to eat. Not even shoveling it down since he had been trying to show some manners.

With cup of tea accepted, and a smile of thanks given to Alex, she soon was making her way to the hearth. A smile to the Quinn men as she smoothly took her seat, being cautious with the hot cup of tea.

"On my arse, maybe." Conor tilted in his chair to the side to give his hip a pat.

"Not quite, it's been a long day boxing." Sweating, drilling, testing one's muscles almost beyond their endurance. "Save my seat.." not to anyone in particular but said humorously as he got up and headed over to the bar. Smelling the food got him hungry.

She looked at all three men as they gave their responses, then shook her head. Attention turned back to Anthea. "How are you doing? I've not seen you in a while."

Boxing? Ears perked, but then Liam moved away. And she did not venture further on the subject, merely kept her mouth shut as the tea was consumed slowly. Smile, as she swallowed the heated brew with silver hues held to Fawn.."Doing well.. started work on the next issue of the paper.. and decided to take a break." As well as resting, which was needed. "How are you?" She had heard Conor, but did not know what he wished thus did she keep her attention upon Fawn with a warm smile.

"Miss Drakos..." Conor started, having to stop as he looked at Liam then back to the little Greek. "Have you seen ..." But little Miss Quinn jumped right in there with her cheery disposition and question so he just smiled, silenced his own, and brought his glass up to drink instead.

The wind blew in the willowy redhead all bundled up. About the first thing one would notice was the smattering of freckles all over her face. If only they connected completely, she'd have a great tan all winter long. A touch rose upon her cheeks and nose for the wintry air. "Good evening," greeting them all but she really didn't know any of them. She thought maybe her sister would be here for rumor had it she was in.

"Sometimes, we're quiet without causing trouble." He took a moment to answer Fawn and then reached for his tankard. He'd be at the hearth in a moment or two.

She swatted a hand over her mouth and looked at Conor. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt." Smiling back to Anthea. "I'm doing well. Every day is a day closer to spring." Then looked to Ciaran with a smirk. "When would that be? Other than when you're sleeping." The door opening, drew attention that way, she smiled and waved to the woman who entered. "Good evening."

Warm smile soon turned to the woman that entered, wiggling her fingers a moment, and a warm smile to return.."Good evening.." Called out warmly before quickly turning to sit back against the chair.

Conor swatted away Fawn's apology, glancing to the door as well with a nod in the woman's direction.

"Finish what you were going to say." This to Conor, she picked up her mug for a drink.

He ordered up some smoked fish and curly fries before nudging his brother. "How do you like the moves on that young Austin, he can't be more than thirteen and has a natural knack." The catch of cold air had him turning enough to view the one coming in. Dipping glance with a lifting smile, "good evening to you too. I'm Liam, my brother Ciaran, cousin Conor and the lady Anthea over there with my little sister, Fawn."

Good Lord! Fawn had too much Quinn in her blood, bossing him about. He twitched off a smile but nodded. No arguing with a Quinn woman, you did what they said and made sure to look like you were happy doing it.

Damn skippy!

"Evening." He gave a wave though he was determined to finish before getting into a real conversation. He paused to look in the mirror though and blinked. "She has to be Irish." All that red hair.

With Fawn's words, Anthea slowly shifted her gaze to Conor. Curious at the what he was going to say. With a deep breath taken, she turned to the woman.. "Anthea here.." Smile of thanks given to Liam and the introduction before.. breathe... and sitting back.

"I was going to ask after your friend, Miss Jolie. I haven't seen her of late. I was wondering if you by chance have." There...said. Smile. Doing exactly what he was told to do.

Then he blinked. "He'll give you some competition once he's trained enough." Biting back a grin.

"I have not seen her since.." coughing, and then with a smile re-phrased that.."I have not seen her for some time, but will tell her you are asking about her." And she would.

"I'm Fawn. Hello!" Reaching way up to wave to the woman while Conor got out his question, and smiled to him. Quinn men were good men! Well taught.

Full thick hair as some would say that went down pretty long in waves. Certainly it all spilled down about her shoulders as she removed her cloak to hang to a peg. She wore a simple dark green gown edged in cream eyelet lace. She was around and over to the bar as the one made the introductions. Her smile was just a bit more as she caught Ciaran's reflection in the mirror and even added a wink. He was rather cute. "A pleasure to meet you all, I am Deirdre Callihan. Has my sister Regan been this way perchance?"

He offered Anthea a single nod of thanks then pulled his gaze away slowly to look to the woman when her question was asked.

Anthea had not seen anyone, for she had only arrived. So, she left the question to another, though she did smile to the woman in kindness. Sitting back once again, she lifted the mug and took a slow sip. Wait? Was Regan the Captain she met the prior evening? Gah she felt the dolt for not remembering, and the woman had been so nice too.

Liam got a tray and moved to make room for the pretty lass, seems she had an extra smile for Ciar. Oh yes, there was a smirk as he moved from the bar back to his seat and set the tray on the side table. He would eat there.

Since none were answering her yet, the Quinn near the fire did. "I haven't, Miss Callihan. Not that I can remember." Granted, there were nights at the Thistle that were just a little harder for this man to recall all that went on. If the woman would have said Captain Callihan, THEN Conor might have remembered. Those were the details that stuck in a landlubber's brain!

"My Lady, would your sister happen to be a captain?" Questioned softly, and ready to rise if need be. Silver hues to train on the woman with a smile.

"Yes she is, as are my brothersc Morgan and Faelan. They should be back again soon too. So she has been here?" Encouraged as she took up a glass of the punch and ventured their way, standing a discreet distance  from Anthea.


Captain? Captain! "OH!" It was all coming back to him now, he edged forward on his chair. "Aye, Miss, she was here...just last night."

Bright smile, remembering the words of her brother and the ship that had sunk. "Last night, my Lady.." Turning so silver hues remained on Deirdre. "She was here last night, we spoke some and then had to leave, but she visited awhile.  It is all I know." Praying that would help the woman.

He smiled as Anthea spoke almost the same words as him, at the same time. But the woman at least had her answer now.

He finished and turned, chuckling as he listened, and took time to study those here, yes, even his brother and cousin.



Date: 01-11-11
Poster: Liam Quinn
Post # 46

Sitting back, she let Conor speak as well. Hoping Regan was alright, Anthea truly liked her. She had been most kind the prior evening.

"That is all I needed to know. So the rumors are true that she is back." She didn't admit to worrying on her sister when she sailed apart from their brothers. Especially since she knew about Black Beard and Doom. The run-in they had with those notorious blackguard pirates. She eased into a seat near the group, invited or not but she didn't think they would disapprove.

Warm smile to Deirdre. It must be grand to have a sister back when she didn't know? "Your sister is very pleasant, I do hope to see her again.." She had eased her mind about her worry of a friend, and that made Regan a friend in Anthea's eyes.

"Good lord, I didn't know she was rumor worthy." Amusement laced his words. "I would have made a better effort to have my name tagged with hers."

"Thank you, Anthea." Having caught her name and always best to use new names so they were learned. "I'm sure you will with winter setting in." Regan had the smarts to turn home. Which she laughed hearing Conor, champagne green eyes turned his way as she cradled her drink in her hands. "You would be tagged then to at least two notorious pirates, a dragon and a few dozen sailor ruffians I'm sure."

Twitch of a grin upon hearing Conor. "Your most welcome, my Lady.." More friends, Anthea was enjoying tonight and happy she had decided to visit this eve.

"Quite the interesting gathering then..." He nodded to the lady, enjoying her with and ability to appreciate his kind of humor.

Lips pursed a moment, "and a lesser pirate that calls himself the Scourge." Having almost forgotten that one.

Silver hues turned to Fawn with a wink. Remaining quiet as Deirdre spoke with Conor, and Anthea, well, she did hazard a glance to another before quickly turning her sight to the fire.

"I'm happily oblivious to the workings of pirates, although my brother Segan probably would know of whom you speak." Since he was sitting forward, he held his glass braced on his knee. "So what is it that you do then, Miss Callihan. Do you call the sea home as well as the rest of your family?"

He was lounged back, watching and listening to the newest and latest lass. He was quiet, but he easily became so, it was not so usual for Fawn nor Anthea, which had him glancing their way with the lift of dark brows.

"So he is your brother? I've met him down at the docks when there for my sister and brothers and where I work. He is a very nice man." Which said a lot for her to even say so. Although she gave a passing glance over the other two related to Conor and who were obviously quiet.

Fawn was quiet, but Anthea remained so not to intrude on the conversation at hand. Images of another day, another... "Fawn, shall we move and let them speak of the sea?" Soft wink as she lifted from the seat, almost ducking to not intrude on their conversation. "Your sister is lucky, my lady.."

He shot a look to Anthea. "Why would you do that, Miss Drakos. I know you are fond of the sea as well."

With that parting sentence, Anthea moved easily to the table, eyeing Fawn to follow if she so desired? She had not eaten and perhaps she would think on that... "Oh yes, but this sea girl needs food." Polite smile and then debating on what she could eat.

Another lass who wandered the docks! He shook his head, then picked up his tankard and headed for the hearth to join them all. Just as Anthea and Fawn were leaving it seemed.

"I washed, honestly, Miss Drakos." Daring dark eyes, "you could come closer and know that I do not lie. I cant vouch for me brother nor cousin, however."All in a teasing tone as was usual for him.

An arch of brow as she did actually just move away. He shrugged a shoulder ever so slightly then looked back to Deirdre. "Segan is my brother, even if he might not claim me most nights."

Hearing her name, she blinked out of her daze and looked around for a moment before looking down into her mug. Ooo..maybe a little too much something extra in her cider.

Olive features seem to brighten with the blush upon hearing Liam. Goodness the man had funny way of making her speechless! "But.." Cough.. "But of course Mister.. I mean..Liam.." Stuttering, she was stuttering again! "You do  smell good." Lids widen, did she say that.. "I mean...." Never mind. "Alex.. just some bread, please?" With the herbs she had taken, she did not wish to place more on her stomach. She moved smoothly to stand at the bar, awaiting her bread and waving her hand before her flushed face.

Conor brought his glass up to drink as he heard Anthea's struggle for words. Better to drink then to grin and have her see.

Fawn covered her mouth to hide her quiet laughter to Anthea's sudden stutter. "I think it's time for me to head home for the night." Spoken as she stood, picking up her book.

A daring glance passed over Ciaran as he moved towards them and then to join. He was nicely built too. She was a normal red headed woman. Of course there was Liam but he was seated. His face, one could not but notice he was very handsome and Conor had that more rugged look about him.

"Fawn do you really? Perhaps we can visit again soon?" She enjoyed her time with Fawn and was sad she was going to leave.

He settled in a chair and did the same as Conor. Otherwise, the next spar might be a bit painful. A glance exchanged with Conor and then his tankard was lowered so he could stand again.

"So soon, Fawn? The party is just starting." He stood though as his cousin prepared to take her leave, placing his glass on the table near him.

"Of course we can." She smiled to Anthea. "Very soon!" Over to the door to get her cloak. "Yes. I'm tired and I have a few things to do before retiring officially."

He was up and over to take Fawn up into a hug, one that had him swinging her around as he whispered about being careful on the roof top if it should get icy for he was going to pile the mounds below where she would fall.

"Be safe.." The luminous smile spread along her lips only to turn as Alex came with her bread. "Thank you so much" Warm smile as she took the plate and then, well.. she was happy Fawn had such a good family. With silence to return, so too did the Greek near the hearth.

Liam wrapped in a big hug, she giggled quietly to his whispered words. Have fun explaining that to Fiona! "I'll be careful." Spoken in general to everyone. As soon as Liam let go, a wave given to all and she was on her way out.

He was back to reclaim his seat and drink and catch up on any conversation going down.

Conor too lowered back to his chair, looking back to Deirdre for her to answer his question.

Fawn would get a hug from Ciar before she left as well then he settled back into his seat. Oh yes, the question!

Anthea was sitting Indian style upon the floor, the plate on her lap with the dark blue gown covering her demurely. With a shy smile, she was soon nibbling on the bread.

"I hear there are a few of you, brothers and sisters as well cousins," which had her passing a glance back over Liam and Ciaran before back with Conor.

Conor just nodded, what else could be said about the Quinn clan? They were a good sized gathering when they managed to get everyone together.

"And now some in-laws too." What with Conor's brother and sister being married. Another engaged. "Did Conor ask what you do, Deirdre?" If he did, Ciaran had missed it.

Anthea smiled. She had liked each Quinn she had met, even happy she was to write about the marriage and birth of one. But, it was not her place to speak, so she continued to take small bites of the bread. Well, and grinning, for she wondered why flocks of women did not follow these men. She might buy a bat for each, to fight off the droves of women? Silver hues gazed quickly to the fire.. enjoying the bread.

Her admittance only had him chuckling as well he noticed the blush this time. But nothing more than perhaps the tease for certainly he had teased her. Her reaction fitted that. Focus shifted to Deirdre with the questions posed her way.

What wasn't to like about a Quinn? Sweet, little innocent Greek. What made her think that women didn't flock?

"I'm not sure," glancing from Ciaran to Conor as she had the grace to blush if she had missed his question. "I am a tattoo artist, I mostly do up the designs for Seanan. The tattoo parlor is in the upper, better section of the port. He doesn't like me wandering unless kept to the upper area and daylight as well my brother James insists the same."

Tattoo? Anthea turned to the woman with a smile. A tattoo, now that her mind going a mile a minute. But it still did not pause the glance the moved about to all as they spoke.

When Anthea's gaze passed over each of them, she'd find Conor looking at her. When their eyes met, the most subtle of head motions would warn her off of that little venture before he was looking back to Deirdre. "Sounds interesting. You must get to deal with all sorts."

Well, yes, a lot of big burly sailors came in looking like they would devour the little swan if they could. The vision of such played before her eyes that had her cheeks near as red as her hair. She found her voice to sound a little defensive. "I work on the women only and Seanan works on the men. It turns out to be more to his benefit for they fall all over him for his looks. I've seen them walk right into a pole for their sights on the man." Which had the blush fade as humor rose to her eyes instead. "They find out I am the one to do the tattoo, next they are no longer in the shop. The men, I stay away from for I love my job and want no trouble for Seanan." Which she could lose it if she proved a problem just working there. "I love doing the artwork."

"They're right about the docks. Not a good place for a lass alone." Tattoo... now there was something he hadn't done in a while.  A new tattoo.  Well, he had, but hadn't the money.

Silver hues took note of Conor, and his actions. But no reaction did Anthea give. She had seen tattoos on many a sailor, nice ones too. Deirdre's words brought Anthea to smile, but all to soon was she finishing up her tiny meal.. "How much do you charge, my Lady?" Softly questioned.

"The men do?" He whispered to himself, then she continued and it all made sense. Still he couldn't help the slight chuckle ... which stopped instantly with Anthea's question. He quickly added. "And is there an age requirement for getting a tattoo?"

"Or your brother.. for my brother's of course" Quickly re-phrased that with looks solely on Deirdre.

"It all depends on where the tattoo is to be, the size and how many colors. Seanan uses a sterile procedure to insure less chance of any infection. The best idea would be to come down sometime, with escort," as she glanced to Conor in particular then Ciaran where her sight lingered a touch longer then back to Anthea. "Age? I would say thirteen as the youngest."

Ah, there was the question. Though he was watching Conor and Anthea and chuckling.

Though Anthea kept her gaze on Deirdre, Conor was looking His gaze shot to Deirdre. "As young as that?"

"Thank you, my Lady. I.." Cough with a smile.. "My brothers will be sure to search it out.. you have been most kind, and I do apologize for interrupting." She smiled so brightly. Poseidon could be done easy enough. With a glance around, she did not see Conor's stare as she viewed Liam and his silence. Wink offered before she rose, carefully to take her plate back to the bar.

"So, where would you get a tattoo placed and of what? If you get one maybe we can compare tattoos." He had one on his arm, Celtic one but he had a few others too. Like on the upper flank of his right buttock.

Was he going to show off that one?

Anthea seen that tat she would swoon! And well, she always wanted a mark of her favorite God, what a better way to do it. She looked around, and then slowly to Liam, was he talking to her?

He was looking right at her with those few questions.

"I would like Poseidon.. perhaps on my back where none could see, but I would know it's there?" Shy answered with silver hues to train on the handsome Liam.

"Have it a little lower with only his Fork of Power to show above the band of your pants.." oh yes, that would be enticing.

Flush seem to cover her olive complexion. Lashes to flutter with a nod of her dark head.. "Perhaps I shall do that, Liam.." Words spoken softly.

He was looking between Anthea and Liam...and could only shake his head with a laugh. "It seems you may just have drummed up some more business tonight, Miss Callihan." He was chuckling as he stood, reaching over to collect his glass. "It was a pleasure to meet you, and if you do get to see your sister before I do, tell her I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Incase she has forgotten."

"If only you took up belly dancing afterwards and having that tattoo move.." although not thrilled about it being a male, the moving part has his thoughts wander there.

"It would seem so. What of you Ciaran, you look like a man that might have a meaningful tattoo or two?" Upon hearing Conor, she added, "you mean tease her about a man looking forward to seeing her again," giving him a wink as well the brilliance of a smile.

"Belly dancing? I have heard of that.." But where could she find lessons? Hmmm, she could only flush brightly as she heard Conor's words and turned to him. "Be safe, Conor.. and sleep with only good dreams" And Anthea, well, she was enjoying this conversation thus did she whisper.."And do men like women's bosom tattooed as well?" Softly added.

He was up as well, "are you heading back to the ranch or the manor?" If the ranch he wanted to order a saddle. Time he got himself a horse.

"Aye, I've a couple." He grinned at Deirdre. "On my right shoulder, a tribal design. Lower back, a small bear but I need to get another." Larger bear head. He was standing as well. Might as well join his kin!

"It was a pleasure meeting you Deirdre, and to see you again Anthea." Ciaran he just gave a smirk his way.

And Anthea, well.. she would not get a tattoo, she was too afraid of the pain. With a smile to all, she moved up with slow strides to take hold of her cloak and head out, waving to all as strides lead her to the press. It was time for more herbs, and sleep.

"I mean, I'm looking forward to it." He laughed with her intent to tease, and returned the wink as he took the glass to the counter.

She was fast and that would leave Deirdre here alone, "if you have a destination beyond the tavern, we will see you there, Deirdre."

"Good night to you, Anthea." She was fast. His farewell to Deirdre was halted with Liam's words.

"Indeed, Miss Callihan...anywhere you need to go, if you dare be seen with the likes of these three." He made a motion of his hand to indicate the three Quinns.

"I do, if you don't mind escorting me down to the eastside harbor master, he is my brother Adam." Regan and possibly Faelan and/or Morgan would be there. She was up to collect her cloak and would enjoy their company in escort.

Regan might be there? Conor might just make the effort to endure the salt water to see Deirdre safely there then. After all, it was the gentlemanly thing to do! Too bad she didn't say that out loud and give Conor a reason to not cringe inwardly at the mention of the harbor.

His clothing had dried out for the most part, though still a bit damp. He pulled on his cloak, smiling to himself. Wasn't too late. Maybe they could find a game once they had dropped the lass off.

All the better for the trip sea-side!

He was all for a few games!



Date: 01-13-11
Poster: Segan Quinn
Post # 47

Home from the Sea

This eve found the petite Greek sitting not at her normal area, but a table. An ink well by her side, and head bowed as she scribed that which brought the luminous smile to spread along full lips. She had finally thought of a children's book, one that she felt would be a good as a learning tool. Hair of black was left loose to spill around her slender hips, with silver hues to remain upon the parchment paper as the quill continued to move. Burgundy gown of wool, covered her slender form, and leather boots seem to tap to the silent melody within her head. She was well enough to enjoy an evening out, and that did not include laying in her bed.

One Captain was homebound again, arriving in Heathfield only an hour prior. There were things to attend to down at the port and schedules given out for his men. After a few months at sea, except home for the few days at Yule, Segan was back. His men given a couple days off once they unloaded the cargo. The crew taking turns so there was a skeleton crew aboard. If the weather continued with cold and snow, he might not be sailing again until the spring. A coin got one of the lads down from the port to run to the manor and let his brothers and grandmother know he was back, safe and sound as well Vanessa who was not far from their homestead. He was going to head to the Thistle first to get a meal but he'd not say that to Grandmother, he just didn't want to put her out coming in this late. He would see her later. He alluded business ties to conclude first which was true. So the bundled up hunter captain was headed through the snow towards the Thistle. If he catches sight of any of his brothers, they can be sure they'll get nailed with a snowball or three.

Eion didn't drive the roller every day just when the snow fell heavily and they needed them all out, and only if he wasn't on duty. He had been home when the missive arrived, and after speaking to both Dairenn and Herself, heading for the Thistle first to see if Segan was there before he'd head to the docks. Later he'd be on duty for the night. He was behind Segan as his brother headed inside the tavern.

Wasn't this a sight? He hadn't received the message because he hadn't been to the manor since the morning before. So to see Segan walking down the street was...quite the sight. He let out a whistle, a shrill that carried across and down the street before he took off in a careful trot in the snow toward this siblings.

Segan was around on a heel hearing that whistle, saw Eion first then Conor beyond who was speeding up their way. He gave Eion a certain glance in passing as he was in a full out run towards Conor with the intention of tackling him into a snowbank as his way of greeting.

She enjoyed the Thistle when not at home, even now when her attention was drawn to the story at hand. Scribing about the mouse who couldn't swim, and knowing soon she would print this out and gift the first book, if wanted, to the royal library.

Liam washed up after a night of boxing and didn't he look the proper gent when finished up. Still, he was a boy at heart and when he came upon his cousins, tackling, he made snowballs in rapid fire on the three of them. Didn't matter if his oilskin long coat got wet or not.

Conor had expected his brothers to recognize that whistle, and though he should expect an attack from either of his brothers, he had become way too comfortable. He came to a skidding halt when he saw Segan begin his charge, almost going down without his brother's help. Which was a good thing he did! A snow ball went whizzing right past his nose.

He watched Segan head for the youngest at a run, then chuckled and followed after. He was crashing into both brothers as they started to fall into that snowdrift, the three of them sending snow in a puff up into the air. Snowballs too? Well, they'd be retaliating, cousin!

He had been watching his brother, of course, and once Liam went off to clean up, Ciaran saw to the closing up of the warehouse/boxing ring. He headed out shortly before Liam, stopping at the candy store to purchase chocolates to send to Fawn and Fiona at their shop. Seeing cousins and brother, he paused where he was to see what would happen next.

It was when Ciar stopped that she rounded him, grabbed the bag he held and ran, "catch me if you can," heading for the mound of bodies that were her brothers.

Covered in snow and smothered beneath the weight of rather large brothers, Conor shot out a couple blows and an elbow to manage to roll out from underneath. As he did,  he was scooping up snow in his fist. He continued in that roll right up to his feet, zinged off a snowball in Liam's direction. Concessa! Holy shit!

Vanessa had gotten the message that Segan was back at port and instantly smiled. His sailing seasons seemed an eternity. With an instant smile, she bundled up herself and Ysabeau in warm wear and left the cottage. Ysa in arms, Van quickly made her way towards the Thistle.

With all the padding, none of their blows would hurt. He was laughing as he got hit by a snowball and whacked Eion with a handful thinking it was him.

Hot cup of tea sat near the parchment paper, careful to nay bump it as her hand free of writing, tapped a soft cadence upon the glass with a single finger.

She got whacked with the snowball that was meant for Liam as she passed him out in the escape from Ciaran. "Help!" Stuffing the bag in her pocket she started making snowballs and throwing them at Conor.

Liam back pedaled while laughing then stopped to throw random snowballs at the four of them.

He started to roll out of the way when he was suddenly spitting out snow and half blind besides. Even so, he started scooping up snow and throwing it in whatever direction he could. When he realized Liam was throwing snowballs, he starting throwing them back!

The only way to stop the assault of snowballs, was to thwart the woman herself! Dodging as many snowballs as he could, he ran straight to Cessa. He caught his sister around the waist, her slender form against his shoulder as he raced toward the Thistle. He didn't even pause to clear off his boots, just threw the door open, and darted in with the woman slung over his shoulder.

Ciaran just stood there a moment, mouth opened in surprise, as Concessa made off with the candy he had bought for himself, and whoever happened to be in the Thistle. Laughing, he started after the lass but Conor had her over his shoulder and was charging inside. Changing direction, he went after cousins and purloined goodies at a slipping, sliding run.

That's when she let out an ear piercing high squeal as she got caught up. Just like when she was little and didn't she have snow in each hand that came down against his back leaving two big spots there as the air got swooshed from her lungs. Of course it was followed by delightful (close to hysterical) laughter.

All the commotion was hard to miss! Seems the tail end of the snowball fight was caught. Van just smiled and continued on to the Thistle, looking around expectantly for Segan.

And that brought Anthea's silver hues to turn and view the entrance of one Conor Quinn and a woman she had never met. Was she shocked? No, it was Conor. But she did have to grin at the antics she was viewing. "G'evening, Mister Quinn, my Lady." Addressed softly to the pair.

He wasn't going to stay around as he had a few more snowballs go flying at the retreating form of both Conor and Cessa. Hot on their heels, he'd not hit where it would hurt and near skidding into the tavern in their wake. "Evening!" In a tremendous good mood as he was already taking off his cloak. "Vanessa!" Thrilled to see her here. He wasn't even out of the cloak, only one arm as she was accosted into his free one, already hugging her.

His boots were covered in snow, as was his entire body(!), so as he raced in, he wasn't able to stop, but skid-slipped in, trying to keep Cessa from falling to the floor, a juggle of lass and a struggle not to fall.

Frost had come to visit the Tavern, or so it seemed? She let the grin turn to the brightest of smiles, feeling sorry for the woman and hoping none would get hurt. "Good evening" Warm smile to any that she did miss.

Ciaran was behind Segan, so the man better have moved out of the way. He hit that wet floor, and went skidded toward Conor and Concessa, his arms flailing as he tried to stop!

"Segan!" She smiled brightly and all but ran for that one arm, wrapping her one free arm around him in turn. "Eega!" Ysa squealed out, reaching up to grab at him amidst the hug.

"Miss Drakos!" He called with a laugh, allowing Concessa to ease back down to her feet. "You shall have no peace this night, Miss. For every inch of this place is soon to be inhabited with ... " He looked to the door as they poured in. "Quinns!"

"I am his booty," laughing it out as she hugged her brother. Wiggling and squirming as she was always hard to keep a hold on.

Deserted! He chuckled and headed for the Thistle, though not at a run like the others. He stood at the door and waited for Liam, closing it partially to keep the cold out.

Liam stepped thorough in the wake before the door had a chance to be closed. He was carrying his derby hat to send sailing to the shelf over the pegs. "Evening everyone." Shrugging out of his overcloak to hang off to a peg.

It would seem the frozen lake had come to the wooden floors of the Thistle. "Then hello the Quinn family" She held the grin to lips, happy to see such warmth from a family that so obviously loved one another.

An instant debate shot through Conor's thoughts. Stop Ciar...let him slip on by. Stop Ciar... "Whoah, Laddie-buck!" He grinned, reaching out a hand to catch his cousin by the arm. The Quinn cousin almost jerked Conor off his feet again.

And once Liam was through, so was Eion, closing the door behind him and calmly stepping to the side to brush off snow.

That did bring her to laugh. The musical laughter to fill the room as she lifted her hand in wave to Liam.

"Whoawhoawhoa!" Conor slowed him down enough that he caught hold of a stool and grinned at the saddlemaker. "Thanks. I thought for sure I was going to meet up with the bar faster than I wanted."

While his brothers and cousins were distracted to the floor sailing Ciaran, he gave one heated kiss to sear Vanessa's lips in that 'how-do-you-do' even better. It may have been quick but it would linger and a promise for later of which they would be having time. He may keep her up late tonight and he'd take her to the manor to see Grandma with him then back to her place.

Anthea got a wave as well Vanessa although in that moment, she was having a moment so he continued to the bar where potcheen would be waiting.

She took note of the Lady Vanessa and could only smile as she turned from the love that was bright between the two. The petite Greek loved the gift the Lady had given her, very much so.

Ooooh that kiss! Returned just as warmly and lingering for as long as it would last, the promise of later returned. When it ended, she stepped back with a bright smile up to him. "Well, perhaps you should sail more often." Kidding of course. "We missed you. The poor message boy couldn't get out of the door quick enough so we could come welcome you home." Liam and Anthea both got a wave, mimicked by Ysa.

Cessa managed to get that bag out and onto the bartop before the near ploughing over. Wouldn't do to have squished candies. Candy! "I smell chocolate." She was grabbing the bag back to take a look inside.

"Aye, it's a mix of all kinds, if it survived. Help yourself." He was laughing as she did before he said anything. "Anyone else is welcome to help themselves too, if they can get it off Cessa."

Ysa got a pop of a kiss to her cheek before he was done. Such a grin, "it is good to be home and I think this will be the last run until spring." It was his livelihood and he made very good money doing what he did.

Warm smile was seen, but did not wish to intrude on Vanessa's time with her love. With a smile to the happiness the Quinn's did bring to the Thistle, Anthea placed the quill within the ink well.

Conor had slanted a look Vanessa's and Segan's way, but it didn't remain long enough to be noticed. "Ciar, you'll never see another bite." Grinning once again, he looked from his sister to Ciar. He took a few steps backwards to move away from his sister and cousin, then looked to Anthea. "Do you know everyone here, Miss Drakos?"

Ysa giggled loudly to the popping kiss. "Well, I'm glad you're home for a bit. You'll be very surprised." Ysa was set on the floor carefully in her footed snow blanket, Van slowly drew her hands away and left the babe standing on own. Van smiled like a proud mama, Ysa took steps closer to Segan, then veered off to follow Eion because he was moving.

Eion finished hanging up his coat, clearing his throat as he passed Segan and Vanessa, a half smile there. He wasn't occupied, he was right by the door. Though now he was making his way to the bar and a glass of potcheen. He clapped a hand to Conor's shoulder. "Good to see you, Conor." And good to know he wasn't hidden away, working all the time. He didn't realize he had a tiny shadow yet.

"I know you, Mister Quinn.. Ciaran, Liam and Lady Vanessa.. but I have not met the others." Softly responded to his question.

Hearing her name, she looked to Anthea and smiled. "Good evening, Lady Anthea. It is nice to see you again."

The magic words 'help yourself' and she helped herself as she looked them over and chose only two. "Thank you," and she set the bag back before he was getting a hug.

"A pleasure, my Lady.. and thank you again for the gifts. Achilles and Diana are doing very well" Bright smile. She loved the birds. "G'evening, Ciaran.." Warm greeting to another Quinn she knew.

"Can always get more." He wasn't going to argue with a hug and gave her a hug back. "You're welcome, Concessa. Evening, Anthea." Now, where was his potcheen?!

"I'm so glad to hear it. I hope they are excellent company." Loosening her cloak as she went after Ysa who was going after Eion.

Since Anthea was speaking with Vanessa, he glanced to Eion. "Good to see you, Brother." He returned the gesture, a solid thud to Eion's shoulder. Good to know HE wasn't hidden away...for other reasons.

"I am Segan Quinn, one of Conor's older brothers who got to pound on him for a long time." Grinning as he kept his arm around Vanessa then slid it away to applaud Ysa. "She has grown so much.!"

Warm smile to Conor as her lips expanded to her word.."Oh yes, my Lady... they are lovely company.." Segan was Conor's brother, she was getting all the faces now, and almost placing them.."Nice to meet you, Segan" And then silence so the man could spend time with his family.

Well, his potcheen had been sitting right next to Liam's but he drank it too. He grabbed the bottle and filled both of them again.

Ysa heard the clapping and turned towards Segan, mimicking and clapping and giggling as she was scooped up. "I'm trying to teach her your name, but it comes out Eega." Laughing some, she turned to Anthea. "How wonderful. And you chose perfect names for them, I believe."

Warm smile to Vanessa. She loved the names as well, as she loved her home.."Thank you very much, my Lady" So very much.

Segan was the blond one. Near white when he was a child. "That is close," laughing as he had to tickle up Ysa's side and didn't he miss on purpose to tickle Vanessa too.

"Eion Quinn, and this lively, lovely lass is our little sister, Concessa." He was surrounded with mostly women unless Conor or Segan came to the manor, or he was at the castle. As much as he loved family, he needed to get out now and then. He turned in time to see Ysa being scooped up and smiled.

"A pleasure.." recognition filled her mind, she had wrote about him.."Sir Eion, a pleasure to meet you, and you as well Concessa.." Warm smile.. "And congratulations on your knighthood, marriage and birth of your son, yes?" She wanted to make sure she was correct, but was pretty sure she had all correct.

He gave Liam a look before he was picking up that second glass. But the pure always brought a smile! After the fire in the throat stopped.

Ysa was handed to Segan with a bright smile, Ysa laughing to the tickling. Hopefully he took her, because then she was on to Cessa to give her a hug in greeting. "Nice to see you, Cessa."

"I'm sure Vanessa probably mentioned she was engaged to a Quinn man?" As he took up Ysa like he'd not been away again.

Inclining his head, Eion smiled. "Thank you, and yes on all three."


"Yes she did, Sir... when she visited myself and Fawn at her shop" Her mind was reeling from all the Quinn's, but they were as nice as all she had met already. With silver hues directed to Sir Eion she smiled.."Your very welcome, Sir, and please convey my congratulations to your wife." Soft smile to Concessa as silver hues shifted to the young Quinn.. "Hello.."

"Hello!" Turning to the one being introduced and didn't she have chocolate on her lips! Ones that were in a growing smile.

Conor moved to the bar, taking up a glass that Alex placed there just as Conor arrived. That way his cousins couldn't steal it!

Smart man!


Date: 01-13-11
Poster: Segan Quinn
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Cessa got a bright smile and a hug. "It's been so very long!" Felt like it'd been forever since she'd seen Cessa. Or any of the other Quinns, except for Fawn.

Hello! Was there any question?

Next she was in a big hug with Vanessa, really huggy too before released. "It is always good to see you and unfortunately less with the colder weather, not mentioning all the snow too."

....and he would too. Grin.

I'll get back to you on that.

Yes, an army. She smiled warmly and directed silver hues to the paper upon the table. Picking up the cup of tea as she proof read what was written thus far. Leaving the family to their reunion, and she to enjoy the cool tea.

Hugs were awesome. She smiled, giving a nod. "Indeed. I only venture out when I have to in this weather. It is so good to see you, though."

He turned, taking up a lean against the edge of the bar. "What are you doing there, Miss Drakos? Come over here and get a glass of potcheen. It is a night to celebrate and you can't do that with a cup of ... what is that, tea?"

"I will come by soon. I want to buy one of those umbrella cockatoos. If you have any young ones that are best trained young I'm told?" She offered her the bag of chocolates. Maybe one for Ysa too.

Paper was held up, and promptly wiggled about. "First page of my book.." And then she had to chuckle, as the cup was held up in a toast. "Cool tea, Mister Quinn.." She had to wonder how Hermes was, and smiled.

Peeking into the bag, then sneaking two out, she nodded. "Of course. You're welcome by any time you like. The summer produced a wealth of hatchlings this past year."

He too was in a lean as dark brows lifted with the invitation from Conor. "You drink a man's brew, Anthea?"

She was going to kill Mister Quinn, Conor. "On occasion, Liam." Cup and paper was set aside as she scooted the seat back, and soon was moving with smooth strides toward the bar. "Only a little, and I do hate to interrupt a family affair?"

"She drinks cool tea." Conor quirked a half grin to the woman with her first page, then looked to Liam.

"Lady Drakos, there's a Quinn reunion any time this many of us get together. Or even just two."

"Just as long as you don't end up under the table..." which had dark eyes glint for one night they all had hangovers for, "....with me or me brothers." If he remembered in that fog the next day, it had been Sadie rolling around with him.

"Miss Drakos, you should know no one interrupts a Quinn family affair...they only join in." Brows shot up with Liam's words and he looked to his cousin, then with a laugh, glanced to the woman who was coming over to join them.

"Thank you Sir Eion.. perhaps a toast to your marriage and child?" Offered politely. And the flush spread along her cheeks upon hearing Liam. Where was Sadie when she needed her! "Of course Liam.. Of course, Mister Quinn.. can't have a lonely lad drink himself to a stupor, aye?"

Thanking Cessa for the candy, she returned to Segan and Ysa, offering Ysa one of the chocolates with a smile up to Segan.

Maybe that was how he ended up with Sadie under the table, Anthea sent her!

Sadie needs to arrive, and quickly!

"Perfect!" Which she would have to set time aside but presently she got some punch as Van moved away to Ysa and Segan. After which she was watching the Quinn men.

That was when Ciaran piped up. "Here's to marriage. May it always happen to someone else!"


A smile spread along her lips, thinking about the book on the Emperor, and wondering how she could add that to the book she was writing for children. With a shake of her head, she cleared her mind of that and concentrated on the family. "Well perhaps nay lonely, but curious.." She shifted silver hues to Concessa.. "A pleasure to meet you.." Always glad to meet another woman. "Here's to.." Then she was coughing to Ciaran's toast.

"Lonely? I can't think of a better reason to drink to a stupor." Conor dipped his head with the grin that followed Ciaran's toast. But he lifted his glass, using the potcheen to swallow down his amusement.

Hearing Ciaran, she turned to him with a smile. "Better watch yourself, Ciaran Quinn. Marriage happens first to those who wish it on others." Followed with a quiet laugh.

"That's very kind, Lady Drakos." And he paused to look forward a moment, lips twitching before he turned to give Ciaran a look.

"How are Daireann and little Jax?" It had been a harrowing night and luckily one he had been there to share in. Let alone he'd never hear the end of it from Herself if he had not!

Pearl whites nibbled upon her lower lip, trying very hard not to laugh.

"Aye, aye, but if it does may they be as happy as Eion." Lifting his glass in toast before it was kicked back.

Warm smile to Liam's toast, and snatching Conor's glass to drink to Liam's toast and then offering it back. Marriages were always nice to write about, and babies too.

Which he leaned in with a devilish suggestion they hire some ladies to pay a lot of attention on Ciaran. See if he caught on. The suggestion whispered to Vanessa.

Liam's addition had Conor flickering a glance Eion's way, then he turned to indicate to Alex he'd like a refill. That way, if Anthea wanted more, he had a full glass at her disposal.

He just shot Eion and Vanessa a grin. "Two Quinns already shot down in one month. I'd say it's a little late for me to worry on that."

Van listened and looked at Segan with a conspiring grin and a nod. "Sounds delightful." Back to Ciaran, she winked. "It's never too late. You'll soon have a bride of your own, just watch."

He finally laughed and looked at Segan. "They're doing well. Everyone is about exhausted what with all that went on last month."

"Drink up Anthea, you've become a pro potcheen drinker by now?" Which had him containing the laugh as if she were like Herself in her drinking habits.

And Anthea, if she drank any more, would thank Conor very much. "It was only a sip." Indicated with forefinger and thumb held barely apart, with a wink given to Liam.

He paused to take a drink, then lowered his glass. "Though Gabriel and Mel are waiting to go off on a honeymoon." He leaned back and looked at Conor a moment. "We'll be escorting the lady home, I thinking."

"How is your grandmother?" Spoken to any that wished to answer.

"I will see you up at the manor. I promised Grandmother I'd help her make the bread tonight for tomorrow." She was around giving her brothers a hug first. Conor, Eion then Segan before Vanessa got one, Ysa, Ciaran and Liam. She didn't know Anthea well enough so she got a wave before she was bundling up again.

"Hope to see you again, Concessa.. and very happy to have met you." Spoken warmly.

"Perhaps." Conor's smile spread, looking down to Anthea. He returned Cessa's hug. "How are you getting home?" It was late for his little sister to be trotting about Heathfield alone.

She returned the hug and smiled to Cessa. "You be careful out there, and stay warm."

He gave Cessa a good hug, "warm homemade bread, I may stop by on my way home!" He wasn't kidding especially if it was raisin cinnamon with icing on top.

"Tell Grandma I'll be up soon along with Vanessa and Ysa." Giving her a hug before she was off.

Eion's words had her brows to shoot up. She didn't think she would need guidance when she left, but then again, Sadie would laugh with her if she did. And Conor's smile was noticed, almost to stick her tongue out before silence so they could speak to Concessa.

"Good night, Cessa." The hug once again returned. He'd send some candy to the manor for the ladies!

"Good night, sweetheart." He might not be back until she was asleep after checking in at the barracks.  Or tomorrow afternoon if he was needed.

"I have a horse that Mel gave me." Grinning as she was on her way, she had come from the stable when she passed Ciaran by. With a last wave she was out the door to head home.

"She was out quick enough to make sure none of us said we'd go with her, wasn't she?" He chuckled as he looked at Conor again.

"I could always throw her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes like you did with Concessa unless you are hoping for that slot, Conor?" Grinning as he saw to filling up their glasses again.

Hearing Liam speak brought those silver hues to shift to Liam, and then slowly did that gaze linger on Conor before shutting her eyes. By the Gods she was blushing, and the flush brought her complexion to seem beat red.

"I don't think she wanted to break up the reunion because she needed to go." Giving his little sister credit. Then to Van, "so how is everything?" He'd been gone again a few weeks, barely stopping in for the holidays. "How is Karina doing in her cottage with so much snow around?"

"Now what sort of man would I be if I didn't own up to the fact that having a lovely lady over my shoulder would be just too tempting an opportunity to pass up!" He pointed a finger to Liam as he laughed. "So drink up, Miss Drakos." He offered her a soft wink to add to his playful words.

She settled on the seat nearest with Ysa on her lap and smiled. "Everything is going well. Karina seems to stay in a lot, but then so do I." She smiled, eying him for a moment. "How long do you think before you set sail again?"

"Well, I'd say from the blush on a scale of one to ten, being at least a nine, she would like that Conor." Conor was the ladies man of the Quinns.

Take a drink, Anthea yelled at herself. Take a long drink. And she did. Lifting the glass and taking a large drink, which prompted her to gasp. By the Gods, now Conor too. Another drink. Another gasp. Nod nod to Conor.. and another!  What? She eyed Liam? Oh my God she screamed within her mind. Why her? She took another drink.

"She certainly blushes easily around the two of you." He was watching the young woman also. Could she get any redder?

Good Lord! She took him literally! He lifted his gaze from the little Greek to Liam. The boxer might just be hauling the pretty little Greek home for sure!

She could walk thank you very much! "How can anyone not a member of the family not blush at the both of them? Ne, yes?" Spoken to Sir Eion before she downed the rest and shook her head negatively to Alex.

"You trying for the drinking record, Anthea? I think you'd have to beat one of the McAndrews men for that."

Liam was refilling all their glasses again. Anyone near him.

McAndrews? She remembered meeting them. Young men
.. "No, Ciaran.. I am trying to.." Shrug she didn't know. Gah! If lad could do it, so could she. Where was Sadie?!

Since Anthea was declining, he took his glass from her and had Alex fill it for him.

"Not until the ides of March or later if we get some real bad snow. I hear there is a possibility of a blizzard this winter." There were in the midst of it now.

He was talking about the uncles and fathers of any McAndrews lads, but of course, she wouldn't know that.

"If you blush that deep, what happens if Conor gives you a kiss, would you faint away?" Yes, he was teasing her good and thinking her blush was due to Conor too. Anthea was on her own tonight, no sexy Sadie.

Thinking on that for a moment, she then smiled, giving a nod. "You know, this approaching April is our one year engagement anniversary." Hearing Liam and Conor, she glanced towards the two men. "If you two continue, she's going to fear coming out when the Quinns are around. Then what fabulous company we would all miss!"

"Liam, Quinn.. " She whispered. Trying desperately nay to blush and look the silly chit. She took a calming breath, and felt her mind become a bit fuzzy.. But remembered how to ease that.. "Umm.. well.. you see.. I..." Can she pinch Liam? Perhaps she could close her eyes and will Sadie here?

He was just going to watch and try not to comment but he would laugh and did!

She didn't have to get any further as he burst out in a good hearty laugh, deep kind. "I'm teasing you," which he was but certainly there was some underlying truth in it as he passed a glance over his cousin that as much as said you old devil you.

She loved Lady Vanessa!

"Look at that. She's had too much already." He chuckled as she struggled with her words.

"We wouldn't wish that of her, for, indeed, we would miss her company."

Soft blush and then, well.. The buzzed Greek began to whisper.."Sadie.. get your bloomin ar.." then shut up with cheeky grin.

"Goodness, open your eyes, Miss Drakos, before Liam takes advantage and gives you the kiss that he has offered from me." He smiled still, bringing up his glass to drink.

"Eion is married, Melantha, it seems that in a few months we shall be." Which he preferred not having theirs on top of the others. "When would you like to be?"

She smiled to Anthea and shook her head. "Do not take them seriously, Lady Anthea. They give all women a hard time." Looking back to Segan, she smiled. "When was Mel's?"

She smiled warmly, or tried too, she was so happy Vanessa had a good man. But now, she debated on snatching Conor's glass and pinching Liam.

"So, why exactly do you need Sadie? Have her get me drunk and under the table again, all entangled?"

"Makes me wonder which of you she'd like to have kiss her." He said in an aside to Conor.

"Sadie helps me when I become too shy. She helps." Hiccup.. "Me when I am like this.." Nod nod of that sable head.  Eion was a new father and husband, so he wouldn't get pinched.. but Gah!

He watched Anthea a moment, then looked to Eion, leaning toward his brother as he replied. "Should she have to choose? Why not both?" His gaze settled back on Anthea since he had pretended to say it low enough for just Eion, but sure enough, Eion wouldn't be the only one to hear. The slightest shake of head followed for the pretty little Greek. He was done with this conversation to save her any further discomfort.

"December 21st." Which had been a quiet affair as had been Eion's.


Liam was making her flush so badly, her ears were red. Under the table? Entangled? By Zeus, could Mount Olympus take her away? Both? She had never been kissed.. "I kissed once, when I was ten.." Warm smile, knowing that was not the same, or was it?



Date: 01-13-11
Poster: Segan Quinn
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"Well, we still have to plan for it, so perhaps we should try for April? Or would you prefer it sooner than that so it won't conflict with warm-weather love affair?" His sailing, of course.

"There you have it. Both." Conor had hit the nail on the head! And when was any gathering of the Quinns "a quiet affair"?

Well then, she could never say never been kissed!

Still in that lean, he lifted his glass toward Eion, tilting his head just enough to let his eyebrows dance to that suggestion. He said no more though.

"I like spring, April, May or June would be nice. When it is warm and we can have it outside."

"No no no no.." She was quiet now, very quiet. "Ochi.." She lowered her head, viewing the bar with interest.
He just smiled and picked up his glass to finish what was in there. No more drinking for him this night.

"Are you saying, she wants us both to kiss her?" She was starting to speak another language as he waggled a finger at her, "you're going to be cut off," like it was a threat.

Ciaran would drink enough for both himself and Eion. In fact, that's exactly what he was doing. Staying mostly quiet was thirsty work.

Something about that, weight shackled to his ankle made it difficult for him to drink, did it?

"Ochi, means no in Greek." Hiccup, but her soft accent thickened a bit as the effect of the drink was heard. She had never flushed so much as she had since meeting them!

"Shall we plan it for the anniversary of our engagement, then?" Curious look to him as she set the wiggling Ysa down on the floor to wobble-walk around a bit. Anthea would get used to it.


Even Charlie wasn't here to rescue her, swat them all and chase them of with a broom. Charlie had a broom.

"Not just no, but several no's with a ochi to top it off." Conor chuckled into his glass since the rim was resting on his bottom lip before he drank.

Oh yes. All the teasing was done with heart-felt friendliness.

More like having to get up at dawn with a clear head, and his usual 'pleasant' demeanor.

"I think she wants nothing to do with my lips or yours, Cousin."

Charlie! That was another. Charlie would be here tomorrow! "I didn't.." Christ Anthea shut up! "Alex some bread please?" Sweet smile.

"Oh well, can't win 'em all." Like this whole thing was serious!

Looking to Conor, she smirked. "Not if you're going to stand there and talk about it. Spontaneity."

"Seems not, if she felt the need to add the ochi to it." He looked at Vanessa and laughed. "More fun to talk and get the reaction."

"That's a good a date as any." The date didn't really matter to him as did the ceremony and what it meant.

He looked to Vanessa then, his glass lowering. "Lessons from my future sister-in-law. I'll take heed."

"Just imagine her blush if you hadn't spoken of it." She smiled. Then back to Segan with a nod. "You're going to help plan it?" Then back to Conor. "Not from me. From Segan. Look what a surprise kiss gained for him."

"Then I will take heed!" He looked to Segan, offered him a nod and snorted out a laugh.

Liam gave Conor one of those grins as he was getting the blame for it all!

"Thank you, Alex.." She was happy for the bread. And took a small nibble with the memory of one saying it was good to ease the lightness of her head. If no kiss had been mentioned, Anthea might not have blushed. She turned slightly with a warm smile to Vanessa. No comment was made, but the smile remained even as she turned to view the bread. It suddenly did not appeal to her.

How about that, Liam! He was used to it, being the youngest.

It had been easy to blame Conor when he was younger! 'No, ma, we didn't knock over the pitcher. Little Conor did it' Of course, it wasn't until Conor was older that it got the right result.

A wink given to Anthea before looking down to Ysa who was working her way around to where Anthea was standing. Not the greatest balance, she fell on her padded derriere and decided crawling was easier.

Anthea turned and smiled to Ysa. She would not dare try to sit on the floor, but she could smile at the antics of one so small.

'The horses? No Da! Conor opened the gate. Too short? Uh, he climbed up the fence... watch...Come here, Conor...climb the fence and show Da how we showed you to open the gate.'

Ysa was now only 13 months old with big blue eyes and puff of blonde dandelion hair atop her head. She grabbed onto Anthea's skirts to tug herself to stand and giggled, then looked around for the next thing to move onto.

"Why hello there.." It was easy to sober when a child was involved. A beautiful child that took Anthea's breath away. "Look at you walking.. " She held very still so Ysa could use Anthea's skirt as an anchor.

Ysa looked up and babbled onto the woman, saying a few words that could be understood, tugging on the skirts, then let go without heed and moved over to pull on Conor's pant leg for balance before moving on.

Silver hues watched the child. "She is very beautiful, my Lady.." Words spoken softly, almost in awe as silver hues drifted to Vanessa.

Conor just watched the babe as she came over, used him for leverage, and moved on. He tossed back the rest of the liquid in his glass.

Ciaran had been watching the wee one, his brow furrowing. "Isn't it awfully late for a wee one to be up?" And it was only because it was the Thistle he didn't mention a tavern.

"Thank you for a lovely evening.." She eased from the stool with caution, placing her palm to forehead to calm the dizziness. "Goodness." With the brightest of smiles, she moved to gather the ink well and quill to return to Alex, almost wobbling about like the babe.

Ysa moved on to the next, Van watched, wondering what her destination was. Then looked at Ciaran with a smile. "She's allowed tonight. It's Segan's first night back."

Liam liked kids, from a distance as he eyed the child. She was pretty, that he noticed but they had poop and pee in their pants. Least the one that he was handed in the past.

"Careful, Miss Drakos. You have no padded bottom to soften your fall." Just to make sure, he shifted in his chair to check out said bottom.

Eion glanced at Ciaran, then at Conor who caused him to laugh outright.

"Do you need an escort home, Anthea?" After all, he helped get her all buzzed up.

Looking to Anthea, she smirked. "Lady Anthea, perhaps you should take a room here tonight?" Rather than wandering in the cold. Though the cold could be sobering. Ysa finally made her way over to Liam and grabbed onto him.

"No, Mister Quinn.. I leave the beautiful child, ne?" Said bottom was wiggling from side to side, head to shake as she returned to the table to pick up the piece of parchment paper. "Liam if you wish, but I would " Hiccup.." never wish to take any of you from your family." She shook her head with a smile to Vanessa.."I am needed at home.. I will be fine, thank you my Lady."

He had to lean too. "Might be some padding but how can you tell under the skirt?"

Liam stiffened, with a help kind of look. Like she might break if he moved.

Ysa babbled up at Liam, reaching up with one had doing the grabby hand gesture. Van nodded to Anthea. "Then please, be careful."

"I need to leave as well. I have to check in, then, if perhaps return home." It all depended if the Kings and their men had left.

"Only one way, I'm thinking..." This offered to Ciaran, since he could, the ladies were speaking and the babe had everyone else's attention.

Jeremy was a twelve year old she had all but adopted. She couldn't leave him alone, not now or any night. With a wave to all, she brought her smile to brighten as that single piece of paper was stuffed into the pocket of her gown. .. "Thank you for a lovely evening.. and so wonderful to meet you Sir Eion, Segan.." Kisses blown to Lady Vanessa.. "How could I not, you have all captured my heart" With a kiss blown to Conor she was out the door.

He grabbed one of the cookies from the tray on the bar where he leaned. Maybe if he fed it? It was a soft cookie he offered down to her. "Here you go," like then she might not hang on his leg? It was one thing to have Sadie hang on it!

"Good night, Miss Drakos. I trust you will venture out in the midst of Quinns again."

He gave Conor a grin then. "Aye, that's true." Oops. She was gone!

Ysa reached for and took the cookie with one hand, still holding onto Liam with the other so she could turn herself around and wobble-walk her way back to Van. Van scooped her up with a wave to Anthea. "Good night!"

She left so fast and he was stuck with a child on his leg or he would have seen her home. She must not have wanted him to and made good her escape.

"I think we scared her off." He decided after the young woman disappeared so quickly.

"How could the Quinn charm scare off any woman?" Lopsided grin given to Eion.

Boy! The women who frequented this tavern were quick silver in their departures. "Or she fled so she wouldn't have to spend the walk home with the likes of you, Cousin." Conor chuckled to himself, twisting to place his glass on the counter with a head motion that he was done.

He was totally amused but not a word was said on what had amused him. "We should get back to the manor so we can see Herself before she gets overanxious waiting." Which Mary would fret.

"Aye, can't leave Yaya to wait and fret." She smiled to Segan. "You're going to help plan the wedding yes?"

"Conor, Liam, in the mood to seek out a game?" He gave Eion a grin. "I know duty calls for you, cousin, or I'd include you, and Segan is heading to the manor."

"Always. As long as you agree to letting me win at least one hand, dammit."

"I'll sit one out at the least." He laughed as he placed his glass down. "Best I can do."

"I appreciate that you would, Ciaran." At least his clothing was dried out by now. He wouldn't be freezing by the time he reached the castle.

"As much as I can." It was not something he knew anything about but he was sure she'd let him know what was needed or wanted.

He stood from his stool. "Thanks, Alex." He started winding the scarf around his neck. "Much appreciated." Conor was laughing, looking to his brothers. "I'll be seeing you two at the manor."

Time to collect his outerwear and make ready for the cold night. "Good night to you, Segan, Miss Vanessa, little lass." He looked over at Liam to see if he needed nudged awake. "Hey, Liam, you coming too?"

"We'll head back with you and make sure the Lady is not passed out in some snowbank." Which he doubted as he put his cloak back on then saw to Vanessa's and Ysa as needed.

A small tilt of her head, she smiled. "Alright, I'll make it simple for you. In the weeks coming, try to think about some of the places you'd like to hold it, who you'd like to invite, and what colors you'd like to be dressed in." Then they could go from there, she'd make similar lists. Smiling to Ciaran as she came down from her stood. "Have a good night, Ciaran." Ysa waved with a buhbye.

He kicked back the last of drink then procured the bottle too, "aye, I'm ready, all back to Clearview first." Then it would be to Willow Lake Manor. He was over to collect his cloak, derby and be out the door with them. Unless Ciar and Conor were heading down to the port. That would be where he was going then too.

"They're heading to the docks, but I'll walk with you until our paths part." Eion made his way over to pick up his cloak and looked at Liam. How much had he drank?!

"Conor and meself are heading to the docks for a game." He chuckled as he watched Liam. "Guess he's going to Clearview." That's where they were going!

"Clink, clink, clink." He chortled as he passed Segan getting his upcoming lists explained to him. "Vanessa, good to see you."

"It was good to see you, Conor." She smiled to him, swatting at him for his chortling.

"One day Conor, and you'll fall even harder..!" Predicting.

He twitched away with a laugh and a wink for the woman that was soon to be part of the family. Heck, she probably already was!

He chuckled and moved to the door to hold it open. Time for a bit of fun.

"See you at the manor, Conor. Good night, Liam, Ciaran." He'd stepped outside and smoke a cigarillo until Segan and Vanessa were ready to go.

"Aye, no doubt, Segan...but it won't be one day ... any day soon." He drummed a fist to Segan's shoulder in brotherly camaraderie and went on out the door. It was time to drink, and gamble and curse and do everything he could... until that day.

She beamed to Conor as Segan spoke up and slipped out the door, waiting there for her future husband with a smile to Eion.

Same here, and he didn't even get into that conversation.

And, he'd make sure the smoke stayed away from Vanessa and Ysa.

"How are you, Eion? I'm sorry that I missed your wedding."

"I'm doing very well." He smiled as he looked at Vanessa. "It was held rather quickly. You'll get to see Jax when you get to the manor, and Daireann."

"Wonderful. I've been looking so forward to meeting them both." She smiled, bouncing Ysa gently. It was nice to see him with such a smile.

Segan kept an arm about Vanessa, keeping her between him and his brother so they could talk easily. Content for a change to be back where in the past he was discontent to be on land over being at sea.

She moved along with the two brothers quite happily, mostly due to having Segan home for a time before he'd sail out again.


Date: 01-16-11
Poster: Anthea Drakos
Post # 50

The winter chill brought ice to the lands.  The children running about and playing brought Anthea to smile.  It was good to have Achaz home, and now she could not wait for the others, and Jeremy she knew felt the same.  With her slender fingers to wrap about her brother's forearm, she moved with graceful strides toward the Thistle, but she had to ask first.."Achaz, do you think perhaps you should adopt Jeremy?  I mean..  your are the oldest of the siblings" 

Following Anthea's lead as the cold air snapped briskly upon their exposed flesh. "Amazing how the children can play so freely without thought of the coldness that snaps at them." A slight shake of the head with a grin remembering childhood times of doing the same. "Adopt?" A quirk of the brow "I am not sure I could do something as such here and not sure what his thoughts are."

"It does not effect me.. but like you and the rest, flames don't effect you, ne.. yes?" Twitch of a grin decorated full lips.  She held no childhood memories like he would.  She had no siblings, where he had many.  But now all could make new memories with each other, and little Jeremy.  "Jeremy adores you, Achaz.  I am very young, and thought perhaps since you are the eldest it would be best?  I mean, I still love him so much, but am only thinking of his welfare."  She had memories of Scotland, of the highlands and snow.  She could see Achaz and her brothers playing in the snow when they would visit Germany as children.  She envied her siblings at times, but she also felt for them as well.  For it was the two oldest boys  that had heard, seen, and comforted their mother when the evil had  taken her over and over again.

While they continued to make their way to a feast "Anthea, I can do what you ask, but would take more then just words." Again, glancing about as the children played, remembering days of the same with his brothers and sister. "I think that it would be more on the authority of the lands to allow something of such." A slight shrug given to Anthea "why do we not speak to Jeremy and question him about such actions?" All the while they continued to make their way through the business of the children now in the background and the happenings of morning events along the route.

Silver hues spotted the Thistle ahead and smiled.  "We can speak with Jeremy, and then when all is decided I will scribe a missive to our Queen.. make it legal"  She squeezed her brother's arm, knowing the evil that was their father had killed his wife and unborn child, perhaps it was too soon? "I am insensitive, Achaz.. I forgot about your wife and child.  Please forgive me.." The children were forgotten, their laughter dying in the background as she took the steps leading to the Thistle.  "Like you said.. we can speak to the boy"

He steps we lead by hers "There is never a need to ask for forgiveness. It was not you that has done the deed that will eventually lead to" His words ending jumping subject "Yes, that would be good, we can speak to the young one and see what he would prefer and then we can go from there." Clearing his throat with a last glance to the rear to see the children diminishing as the snow blanketed the air making visibility difficult "We might have to hurry before we become covered in snow." chuckle.

To have known love like Achaz, she felt somewhat envious of him, but also knew she would never chance growing through what Achaz did.  To have one killed that was a spouse?  Anthea could never endure such. "Alex is the tender, and Hazel the cook.  Matthew and Maggie work here as well, two very sweet people, and I believe in love." With a smile she open the door , leaving it open for Achaz as she removed the cloak to hang on the peg with a wave to the tender..."Alex, this is my brother Achaz.. perhaps let him try Heathfield's potcheen?"  Which was some powerful whiskey, Anthea knew that, she still felt hung over from drinking it with Sadie! "Do not worry about the snow, Achaz.. there is a piece of machinery here called a roller, that flattens the snow.. and I know my way back to the cottage blind folded."

As they did enter and the introduction was made, Achaz nodded towards Alex before closing the door behind them. "If I do try the recommended item, just make it a small quantity for the moment." Again nodding to Alex before glancing about the place, while nodding a bit. "I think this might be a place where you can find me." Chuckling as he lightly patted Anthea on her shoulder. "Please do tell about making your way back blind folded." A quirk of the brow as he shifted his gaze towards Anthea. "Alex, if you would, bring the same for Anthea. There is much to speak about and hopefully there is time. Many thanks."

Warm smile at the gentleman manner in which her brother spoke.  She could not wait for him to meet the Quinn Family, they would definitely make him feel at home!  "I will just have tea, Alex.. thank you" Softly spoken.  The warmth of her feminine accent flowed with ease .. "I have drank too much of it, brother.  Hurting head next morning hurt"  With a wink she eased on one of the stools, the velvet of her lavender colored gown to be heard as she became comfortable.."It is a saying I learned in Scotland.  Know my way around blindfold is only an expression brother.  Only means I know my way to my work and to the cottage by heart." Playful swat to his arm.

Nodding slightly while in a fluid motion took the seat next to the Anthea and began to rap the tips of his fingers lightly upon the surface of the wood. "Just curious, never know what blind folded means unless spoken about."

"It is only an expression" She had to chuckle, for her brother had never heard the phrase she often used.  "Try it.." Canting her head to the glass now waiting for Achaz to drink.

Grasping the glass between his fingers, he raised it slightly. "Cheers, I do believe is the word some use before taking a drink." A wink given before resting the top edge of the glass to his lips and allowing the liquid to flood his mouth before swallowing and lowering the glass back down to rest upon the surface of the bar. A slight shake of the head given as the fluid washed down his throat. Then clearing his throat with a slight cough "Not too bad. Thanks Alex.  So this is the blind fold you speak?" Laughing as he feels the liquid warming his stomach area.

"Well actually..  Liam" She smiled warmly.."He often uses, as well as his family.. Slainte.. Irish I believe, to health and happiness" She could not remember exactly, but had used it often since meeting the Quinn family.  "But now we cheers?  "  With a smile she watched her brother drink and enjoy the potcheen that so many did enjoy.  She was happy with the tea, and toasted to his drinking with a soft chuckle.  "Welcome to Heathfield, brother... and to families lost but found again" Warm smile as her own cup was lifted and sipped the heated brew.  "You nut..  but that might be if you drink enough of it?" Mere shake of head brought Anthea to chuckle yet again.. Yes, she felt he would fit in with the others.  "So Achaz, tell me about the sister you have.. the baby of our family?" she knew about her brothers, but had never inquired about Myrina.  Smile came bright, she had family, true relations.  Though she did have many friends here, and those she thought of as family, this was like a dream come true to the Greek.

Tapping the sides of the glass lightly with the tips of his fingers while he pondered. "What is it that you wish to know? From the beginning or from the latest visit?" Lifting the glass once again, taking another drink, although not as big as the last, before lowering the glass back down to rest upon the bar. A deep breath taken after swallowing the liquid.

"I don't know her, Achaz.. I know nothing about her.  Erastos came at me with so many new things" Soft shrug seen.."It is a lot to take in, as I would think she feels the same?" Though Myrina and Anthea did not share blood, she still thought of her as a sister.  "I mean.. I know you share the same mother with her, and same father with me.. but she is still my sister, ne.. yes?"  She prayed she made sense, and she prayed to Poseidon himself Achaz would not look to her like she was nuts with her words.

Shifting and adjusting his position on the stool, turning slightly. "Well, the little one is doing well from the last visit. She should be ready to arrive within the next thirty days." Raising his left foot and resting it upon the railing of the stool. "She has changed over the years, long years since last seen but I feel she is fine. There is nothing that she would not do to bring a smile to another's face. Mind you, nothing derogatory."

Charlie had time to spend, a rare commodity in her day, Kenneth was off on his own, probably at the ranch, so she wandered to the tavern. Making her way to the steps wondering who might be around today ..

With a smile to her brother's words, and so anxious to hear all about their baby sister, she immediately turned as the chill entered the main and smiled from the bar.  "Charlie!" She had not seen her in what seemed forever.


Peeking in the window she saw Anthea and a man she didn't know, seemed like they were comofrtable, she made her way inside grinning at the greeting for Anthea ." hey Anthea " shrugging out of her cloak ....

"It is good that she does such.  And it is good she had one like you and Dareios to raise her and Georgios."  With a smile she pointed quickly to her dear friend.."Achaz this is my dear friend, the one I told you about.. teaching me to ride the mule Hercules.." she motioned for Charlie to join them.."Charlie, my other brother Achaz Vassallo" Spoken with such pride, and the brightest of smiles.


Charlie made her way to the bar, nodding her head as she was introduced, " pleased to meet you Achaz ..welcome to Heathfield " she grinned ...

Sliding himself from the stool he offered a slight nod of a bow to Charlie. "Indeed, pleased the same, and many thanks." then taking his seat once again.

"He is stuffy, Charlie.. "She jumped from the stool to mimic his bow, and then to duck before taking her seat.  Grin!

Charlie grinned waggling her brows, this could be good sport for her, ever the one to create mischief " Indeed, well there are a few stuffed shirts here as well, I give them what for just because of it " she grinned, ANthea should see her with the knights of the realm...No shame what so ever  in teasing them ..

Anthea wanted to see that!  "So how is your Kenneth, Charlie.. and your mule" And then a look of slight sadness.."And Athens, he is still doing well with the pack?"

Clearing his throat and then licking his lips. "Yeah? Stuffed shirts?"A quirk of the brow and a grin "Sutffed with?"

"Fake muscles?"  Giggle!  "He is opening up, Charlie.. by hell I believe he is?" Twitch of a grin and wink to her dear friend. -d-

"Anthea, that is not quite the answer I was looking for." Laughing

Ok, she was innocent.  "And you would be talking about what?"


Charlie grinned shrugging her shoulders, " well I am sure what they are stuff with snails and puppy dog tails I would assume ?" then again, she didn't ever check shirts Anthea  did ..

And the slender Greek began to laugh.  Hearty laughter that she could nay stop. And she did not ask to see Liam and Conor's chest!  Though the sight had been pleasant! 

Slowly raising his hand and wiped at the corners of his lips with the tips of his index finger and thumb before resting his hand back upon the bar. "I was thinking that the shirts would be stuffed with." great timing by Charlie.  "Exactly Charlie, thank you. The fake muscles would be a great sight to see."

More laughter continued.  Leave it to Charlie, she always brought Anthea to crack up! And well, those two chest had not been faked.  Sip of tea, clearing her mind!


Charlie grinned, " you will find that many who come to the tavern, like to laugh " and Charlie definitely made them do that ... " will you be staying with your sister ?" she asked, curiously.

Anthea remained silent.  She was glad Achaz was meeting one she adored, and would let him answer the question as she enjoyed the tea.
A slow nod towards Charlie "Yes, I shall stay there until a larger place can be obtained."

Charlie nodded her head " I am sure there is an estate some where that could be bought.." she mused, there were many empty places left to ruin " good then we shall be able to enjoy your company ..." she mused ..

Warm smile.. "I was hoping to find a larger manor, but still keep the cottage for when one of us need privacy." She could not wait, manor home for all of them.  "Oh yes, and my other brother Erastos is here as well.  We only wait for my other two brothers, and a sister"  And now Charlie would see why the larger place.

Charlie grinned" it seems Anthea that coming to Heathfield has been good for you " she replied, it would be good for the realm to have new blood as well.

"Yes..  and happiness that will be never forgotten"  She found her family, and safety within these lands.  And her devotion to the crown would remain forevermore.

"Thank you Charlie. I am sure that Anthea will search and find a place. If not I know where the lake is and there is nothing bad about being near the lake in the morning or evening." Lifting the glass once again and taking a smaller sip then the last one. Boy- this drink is potent, went through his mind before lowering the glass back down.

Charlie nodded, she had found many things here, happiness one of them, so she could relate well to Anthea's declaration " I am sure Honeee will pleased .. "

"That is our queen, Achaz.  But you cannot call her that.." She smiled warmly, still remembering how generous the queen had been to Sadie and Anthea, as well as her kindness.  "Do I send missive to our queen, Charlie.. for larger home?"


Charlie nodded to Achaz, " have to watch for whoo whoos though " she replied, it was at the lake that she had an encounter with such before ...Charlie tilted her head "I guess so ... inform her of your need and I am sure that she will look into a larger place ..will they work on the paper as well ?"

"I know my brother Erastos and Achaz" Warm smile his way.."Have made their money through trade..  and Erastos' ship.. but my other two brothers" She smiled.."Perhaps my baby brother if Hiram won't mind?"


That made Charlie chuckle, "Hiram is so shy, he will hide for a month or more, but he is a nice person .." she mused ..


"Oh yes, a very nice gentleman, and so helpful with the paper.  I believe he is going to interview Claire.. " Then she smiled with snap of finger.."Achaz do you wish to be interviewed for paper?  Not this month but next?" Always the reporter.  "So many people, Achaz.. but you will soon put names to faces as I have done" Poor brother.  He did not know the English phrases very good.

Clearing his throat with a shake of the head "I do not see where I am one to be interviewed over those who reside here." Pondering a moment "Like Charlie."

She smiled, Charlie? Hmmm that was a good ideal.  "Our queen thought of it, a citizen a month.. but Charlie, very good idea" Wink to her friend.  All loved Charlie.


Charlie grinned "I have been here so long, that I know every one, what could they learn of me that they don't already know " she chuckled, thinking that would probably scare some people ...

"Charlie.. perhaps the tale of your and Kenneth's love?" Which she enjoyed watching them two together, they were so cute!  Anthea was a romantic, for others that is.. "But that I shall leave to Hiram.. he knows more people then I do." Warm smile.


"Hiram is a book worm, he seldom comes out except to eat and sneeze " she mused, poor man was not made for living in the wilderness ...

"I believe the good Doctor, not Sadie, left some herbs for him.  Hopefully that will help?"

Pondering while tapping the edges of the glass with his finger tips. "I would not be one to work with the paper. But if there was one thing that you would like since childhood, what would it be?" Speaking to Charlie and chuckling at her comment.

Warm smile as she turned attention on Charlie,  curious to the answer as well.

"I have no wishes or desires that have not been fulfilled Achaz .. my life here has given me all that any could wish for " she replied after pondering the question .. Some times rarely though she did think, a historical moment ...

Her smile did brighten, and she thought it was the a beautiful statement.  "That is beautiful Charlie.." And then she blinked, with her tea to be drunk and handed to Alex in a rush.  "I forgot I must fix dinner tonight, Achaz stay if you wish, Charlie only bites her love" With a wink she blew kisses and was out the door in a flash.


Date: 01-27-11
Poster: Liam Quinn
Post # 51

Lazy Winter Afternoon

The tiny form was huddled with comfort; the leather chair giving her such. Hair of black was pulled back by a white ribbon, loosely, with the darken ends to drape over her shoulder and to coil like a snake on her lap.  She was enjoying being lazy, after a morning of walking the lands, the shores. Early morning spent making Greek coffee had been pleasant, and now she was enjoying the Thistle as was her norm. Anthea loved it here, and it showed when she brought the olive dip for Alex and the rest that worked here. She thought of all at the Thistle like family. With the smile to illuminate her features, Anthea sat with legs crossed, boots nay to be removed this time, and needlepoint held up. She had found the work in her valise, and was happy to continue the work begun so long ago.

It was snowing again and the two brothers had a long night training others and although tired, Liam had this uncanny energy that boosted up as he threw playful punches at his brother as they came up from the warehouse. They would just miss as he moved around him, sometimes jogging backwards.

Viewing the needlepoint by the hearth's fire she had to smile. She was attempting a ocean scenery, but it somehow was not doing as she wished. But, she mused silently and with a grin, she was glad she did not needlepoint it to her lap this time. Her gown was saved from such a deed... for now.

Ciar just smirked as his brother threw punches, and just because he stepped up the jog, and started doing the same. He had trained with Liam for a long time, so knew when to pull. He laughed as some of the teens yelled out, as if the two were really fighting. "Get your second wind, Liam?" Ciar was ready for a good meal and a bit of drinking before heading home.

He finally ended with a few to just graze the material of his brother's coat before he was at his side in the same stride, mimicking the way his brother walked. "Aye, some days it just feels good to be alive for no other reason than that." The brogue smoothing the edges that had his words flow before a slight punch to his brother's shoulder and he shot up steps to the porch and over to open the door, holding it with one hand. The other in a sweeping motion for Ciar to enter.

Silver hues studied the work and could only shake her head with a grin. Of course her brother would lie and say it was lovely, but Anthea knew she was as good at needle point, as she was spinning Gold. The cool breeze brought silver hues to turn from the ugly needle point, to the entrance.

"Aye, there is that." He grimaced and made a show of rubbing his shoulder, but was quickly up behind his brother. A courtly bow was given before he made his way inside and stepped to the side, stomping off his boots as he did. His cloak was removed and he headed for the bar, rubbing his hands together as he did. "Evening, Anthea, lass."

He kicked most of the snow from his boots outside while Ciaran did his show, quick enough to follow him in and shut the door behind them. "A guid eve tae yea Lady Anthea," giving a sweep of a hand with the modified bow before he was heading for the bar, "a pint and a tumbler of the pure, if you would Alex."

"G'evening, Ciaran.. Liam.." It had been days since she had seen the brothers, or even Fawn. But life had taken Anthea and brought her to visit Scotland for a few days, as she was sure all had reasons for being busy as well. "It is good to see you both, and hope you both have been well." Fleeting was the smile, and then to turn her attention to the monstrous item on her lap, leaving the men to their pure.

A pint in one hand and a tumbler of the pure in the other, what could be better? Well, maybe there was a thing or two but right now he was in heaven! He skirted around behind the seat Anthea  was in, "what'cha got thir?" Trying to get a glimpse of the stitching she was doing. "Come take a look Ciaran.."

What is was, well... "It is suppose to be a shore with ocean.. and there Poseidon's pitchfork.. do you see?" She held up the item, but all Liam might see was a blotch of colors here and there. God had not gifted the petite Greek with the talent of needle point. But she did keep trying.

He ordered a bowl of the stew and brown bread then joined Liam in a pint and the pure. While his food was being readied, he joined Liam in peering at the needlework. "Aye, I see." He gave her a grin as he answered. "Nice colors." What did he know about needlework? Very little.

"Really?" She turned to Ciaran with such a glow of a smile. Most had called her needle point, well, more work to be done. She was proud of herself, and had Ciaran to thank for that. "Thank you so much" Perhaps she would keep trying?

He squinted his eyes first.. then angled his head to the side, "aye, I think I can make it out now.." grinning too as he straightened back to normal with a look shot his brother's way wondering if he could see what was described and it wasn't just him.

"Really, Liam.. you see the pitchfork?" She was like a child on Christmas day. She wanted to be good at this, but yeah, she was horrible with it. "I am starting on Poseidon's face?" Pointing to the scattered colors of blue and cream.. of course it looked like a cluster of mess, but their words brought her to smile bright.

Well, if he used his imagination, of course. "Do you jab your finger much?" Seemed to him a hazard of doing such work. And after Maggie brought his food over to a table, he sat there. He'd join them in a moment or two.Well, as quickly as he could without actually scarfing it down.

"Oh, aye," he was backing away as he learned that sometimes it was best not to say anything at all except .. oh.. aye, nodding one's head, smile dashing to have thoughts disoriented. He had thought the face was the pitch fork it seemed.

"It is a hazard of this work I would assume.." And in the corner was a stain of her blood, but she had not cleaned it. You see, she had tried to take it off her gown she had sewn it too, but that she would not let them know. "I shall make you both one of each.. " She was happy.

If God didn't bless her with artistic talent, perhaps he had blessed her with other gifts.. for certainly her talents didn't lie with needle and thread nor the arrangement of colors. "So, this is what you've been up to with yourself?" Being she was all alone in the tavern doing needlework. He had claimed a table by setting his drinks there then was over to go over the menu. After seeming a bit of time deciding he looked up seeing Alex waiting, "I'll have the same as me brother." Made the decision real easy being he liked just about anything Hazel made.

"My brother, Achaz, wanted me to try a new hobby.. something other then printing press." She gave a small shrug as the needle point was set aside.."And, I have recently returned from Scotland.." She smiled softly in Liam's direction, not wishing to be alone, but at times, it was nice when trying to learn something new. "Oh, I did try to swim in the ocean, but it was too cold."

"Scotland is not known for its beaches.. aye," trying not to laugh but it was in those dark eyes of his. "Although they say, Scotland only got populated by good Irish swimmers. Probably had to swim fast too."

When you were hungry, it was quick since Hazel always had a pot of it ready.  He listened to the two and gave a little shiver. "Aye, otherwise they'd be a block o' ice that drifted to shore."

Soft was the laughter that flowed with ease. She could picture what he said, and slowly shook her dark head in a negative manner..."Not in Scotland, Liam.. I tried to swim in the oceans here, though I did swim once with my friend in the highlands when I was a child.." Turning to Ciaran she had to laugh once again. She could see that, .."Greek and Irish block of ice.. " Grin as she turned to take up her cup of tea grown cold.

"They were probably blue in the least by the time they hit Scottish shores." With the comment of trying to swim in the ocean here, he gave her a strange look. It was the dead of winter. At least in Scotland they had temperate weather in comparison. This was another, "oh, aye," and luckily their food had arrived. He'd gotten the bottle and the tray as he headed back over to where Ciaran was near done with his meal.

"It is a custom myself and my friend Stephanie watched.." Quietly for they had not had permission to do such.."Many swim in the winter, for what reasons I do not know.. so we tried, and now I keep up the tradition since my friend  has married and lives now in Spain." She enjoyed doing it, for so many more reasons then discussed. But for now, she remained silent so the brothers could eat.

"Stephanie? Do I know the brave lass with yea?" Then he was into his meal.

"Stephanie has never been to Heathfield, Liam.. " But Anthea did miss her child hood friend.."She is happy in Spain, for almost eight years now.." But why was she grinning.." You have never took a deep freeze swim, Liam?" Spoken softly with silver hues to study her tea.

He gave Liam a bit of a look then grinned at Anthea. "Don't mind him, lass. He got hit a bit hard at training today." And he quickly put another spoonful of the delicious stew into his mouth so he wouldn't say more.

"I hope the training was not to hard, for either of you?" Concern lined each word.  Hit? She just now caught onto the words, and trying to not be to noticeable she turned to study Liam, quickly so she would not be caught.

"Oh, aye," here we go again and just as fast gave his brother a warning glance. So, he would set to his meal and go silent, leaving Ciaran to talk then.

How could she think of the swim, the cold, or even past friends, when Liam was hit hard? Hurting him? Bruised him? But she knew not to dwell on a man's pride. What to say? "Perhaps we should have a race, swimming that is.. to all that wish to join?"

He had to finish chewing and swallowing before he could talk! "Training is supposed to be hard, otherwise, Liam would lose his edge. I think it's harder on the lads that are being trained." He was trying not to grin at the look or he'd likely pay for it tomorrow.

She understood all that, but still worried. It was her nature... "I understand, truly I do.." And frankly wasn't worried about the lads. Well, perhaps would think twice now about dressing as a lad. She had this feeling Liam did not play when boxing. "You are alright, Liam?" Spoken softly, with her smile to grace lips to both brothers.

"It wasn't me that got hit hard," glancing to Ciaran as he took a moment between eating then was back again.

"I see.." She did not wish to pry. But felt he was troubled by who he hit? She kept quiet now, letting them speak if and when they wished about this evening, or who was hit. "I am sorry, Liam.." Spoken softly, and turning with silver hues to study the flames.

"Aye, Johnny need to learn to zig instead of zag." The boy had potential but he was cocky. He was up to carry his bowl over to the bar and ask for a slice of pie for desert. "Either of you want anything while I'm over here?"

"No thank you, Ciaran.." A smile was gifted for his kindness.

If the parents of the lad found out he was hit hard because of a normal mistake, they'd not let him box again and the lad had his heart in it. Needless to say it was that close that it could be said he had even if Johnny walked around in a daze for over ten minutes, his peers thinking it was he was so amazed. Although none of them figured out why Liam showed no signs of being hit hard. So most of them were slow up on the uptake. All the while he continued to enjoy his meal giving a shake of his head to the offer as he had his pint with his meal and would be having the pure next.

She studied Liam, glad he was enjoying his meal so she could look to him, perhaps to make sure by visual that he was fine. And then, she slowly gazed to Ciaran, quietly conveying her worry, but nay to speak it.

He was returning by then with the pie and gave the young woman a reassuring smile. Liam excelled at his chosen profession. And there wasn't a mark on his pretty face. He sat down again and started in on the pie. "Did you have a nice visit to Scotland?" Not prying as to the why for the visit.

Good change of topic as he finished up his meal and placed all back on the tray. He was up and heading for the bar to place it all there as in helping out. "Aye, how was Scotland, tell us all about it."

She smiled brightly, glad to see by that single smile that Liam was fine. "Last minute affairs to wrap up, so I never have to venture there again.. selling of business and such.. " She loved Scotland, but loved being here the more, hence why the trip was so quick. "Nothing much Liam.. sold my late guardian's business, and gave the money to those in his village."

"So, all's settled and you're here to stay?" He sat back in his chair, tankard in hand. He was going to enjoy the quiet.

"Oh yes, Ciaran.. all is settled. Found a nice highlander that wishes to run the business as my guardian did, as well as caring for those in the village" Bright smile.."I am happy to say, will be here until I cock up my toes and meet my maker.." Grin.

He was back and settling into his seat as he spoke up again, "aye, and that will be some time. May the good Lord take a liking to you but not too soon."

Soft flush brightened her features. "Aye, Liam.. hopefully not too soon. And that goes for you as well, may God grant you life for many years to come.." Adding softly.." And never to let a fist bring you to much harm."

"Aye, I be thank'in yea for that." As he didn't plan to meet his Maker all too soon, unless they had boxing in heaven. Yes he was planning to make it to heaven even if the devil got him going at times. "Yea remember Jimmy Crackcorn from Cork in Eire? He bae 'ere down in the west harbor near the Blue Marlin." This as an aside to Ciaran.

Perhaps St Paul would be waiting to give him golden gloves? She smiled warmly as the remaining amount of tea was taken in, and the cup held to bring to Alex. "You as well Ciaran.. how would any enjoy the Thistle without the brothers Quinn.." She grew silent feeling Liam was speaking to his brother, and Anthea to lift with needle point left behind as smooth strides brought the slender Greek to place the empty tea cup upon the bar.

His eyes lit at the mention of an old friend. One they had met in their search for Fawn. "How did you hear that? Did you see him?" The last name not his true one of course, but did anyone remember it? "Should find him and do a bit of catching up."

"No more tonight, thank you Alex.." Warm smile was always given to Alex, as well as the others whom she loved dearly.

"Aye, I took a run down to the port for some feed." It was that don't ask but he might notice the two pigs in the back of the warehouse in an allotted fenced in area. The one was pregnant too, so by spring there were going to be little piggies running around. "He said if we had time to come down, took over that little pub that got smashed up for a song and a dance and is fixing it up." Which meant a few games of cards.

Silently she moved with graceful strides to where her cloak hung. Picking it off the peg to wrap about her body, so she would nay be chilled with the coming walk home.

He better not let Fawn see them or she'd be making them into pets. "I'm sure there'd be someone else who'd liven things up same as us." He winked at Anthea as he stood.

"Iffin yea be heading back, we can walk you." For it would be on their way or even out of their way would not matter. She'd have a proper escort. He was up and over to get his cloak, help her with hers if needed still. "Come on yea old bag o' bones," aimed at his brother in challenge.

Time to take the dirty dish and glasses to the bar. "Anthea, ... " He paused and grinned since Liam finished his words, then he growled in answer. "I'm coming, ye great lummox."

"I would enjoy a nice walk with you both, Liam.." She smiled warmly, with slender fingers to hook up the darken cloak, and hood to soon cover tresses of pitch black, and smiling as Liam did assist her in the deed of getting warm. "thank you Alex for everything ... sleep well."



Date: 02-03-11
Poster: Erastos Drakos
Post # 52

The day he decided to wear heavy boots because of the thicken white powder outside.. the sound of the boots beating snow from them on the wooden floor of the steps could have been heard a mile a way before he opened the door and made his way inside the warmth of the tavern.

He was enjoying a glass of potcheen, glad to be out of the cottage if only for a few hours.  Dark rings spotted along under his eyes, and sleep he knew would come soon now that his sister's fever broke. He loved to spend time away from the family, and now that could happen, with exception of his brother coming to join him.  "Do I ever have a break from you big brother?" That did bring a chuckle.

A quick glance downward and a slow shake of the head.. without looking up "How would I ever guess that it would be you sitting here" pausing momentarily "to greet me at an early time that is be?" Raising his head slowly and glancing towards Erastos.

"Because you have this uncanny ability to find me no matter where I am at.." point in case, Paris when he saved him.."But that is besides the point..what are you plans for today now that our little sister is well?"

"Why would I not look any further then a place where you are?" A slight shrug of the shoulder given before slowly making his way towards the bar "Perhaps a nice cold drink before decisions to be made."

"You always seem to save my arse when I least think you will.." He gave his own shrug, standing at the bar with the glass of potcheen to be lifted for another long tug.   Salute given as he took that drink, and then to take another.

"That is because you don't think." A chuckle escaped his lips "Ahh.. unless counting who you decide to walk into the woods." A grin and wink as well as a returned salute before taking a seat and looking to the tender.

"I met a woman here, Achaz.. one like the Shawnee I lived with.." Spoken without looking to his brother.  Achaz knowing what Erastos had left behind and whom he had called family in the New world.  "She reminds me of my second family.. perhaps Anthea was right?  We are safe finally?"  The cup was set aside as he stood there looking down into the glass.


"Ahh.. by the way. I think there is one here that might need your attention Erastos ............" trailing off the subject "You met someone?" Ohh.. he would respond about safety later.

"My attention.  What are you talking about?" That drew his attention to his brother's features, ignoring what he had been speaking about. "And what would that be?"  There was nothing between he and Kuwan, she had just been as kind as the Shawnee family he lived with for a year.

"Tell me about this one you have met."

"No so fast, Achaz... what were you talking about?" Both brothers were very stubborn!

A slight motion with his fingers for Alex to lean down and whispers - two of the drinks you made the other day for me.. the special or what it was called for the two of us- before nodding "I was saying, before you interrupted, that there might be someone you could meet." a cant of the head and narrowed glance "Now, about the one you met." 

Erastos felt like a boy near his brother again, like he always did.  And with that tone given, he rolled his eyes with a shake of his head wondering when Achaz will ever stop acting the father?  A nod of head gave his thanks to  Alex..."She is of native descent, met her through our sister.  Her name is Kuwan, but nothing love brother, only a kind woman like Cetan.. now tell me of this person" Tid for tat..

Reaching out lifting the glass -of the special house drink- he slowly brought it to his lips. Peering over the rim before taking a drink "nothing of love, but someone you cared to speak about?" Canting his head slightly before taking a small drink and lowering the glass to rest upon the table.

"She is different, like the Shawnee, Achaz.   I could tell by Anthea's eyes, she was very kind to our sister, so that makes her a beautiful woman inside and out.  But, I have only met her once, so a friend is what she is..." And that was all, in truth. 

Nodding slowly "That is good for you too meet one as such, and to allow ones mind to address the difference and the way of being." Raising the glass once more taking a small drink while shaking his finger slowly. "Need not to bother me about the one I was going to speak about." licking his lips before lowering the glass to the table top.

"Is it about Yusef?  Don't speak it, then ignore it.." He knew the difference in culture, as well as death and betrayal.  With a shake of his head and took up the glass for another pull, not looking to any as he felt the fire burn down his throat.."You met any on these lands?"

Quirks a brow "It's all about Yusef?"A quirked brow "Speak to me, as " his gaze narrowed "you have fogged my eyes and I do not gather your speaking."

"I can see that.. Yusef is one to fog the mind" Handing Alex the cup, he pushed from the bar toward the door to gather his cloak.."But you know I speak of our blood father, the bastard that gave us our sister Anthea.."  Looking to Alex, he knew he opened his mouth and moved to place his leather gloves on hands.

"Hold your place.." taking to his feet while holding the glass in his hand "You speak of someone that is blood but not one to provide guidance.. shelter.. or even love to our mother."  his jaws tightened " How can or even think about bringing that name up during a conversation of ones that take our minds to better places?"

"And you know he is dangerous to us all.  Anthea speaks of our safety here, but what of our dreams.  We must not ignore he is around, for he is brother.. as well as the God that helps him.. you believe in the ancient Gods, don't act like he don't exist, Achaz.. I still bare the scars of his cat-o-nine tails to prove to you he does.." Erastos always fought when it came to this, for he wanted the Turk dead.
"Erastos I know he is around" shaking his head slowly "for the time there is nothing we can do." his jaws tightened even more while taking a slow deep breath and letting it escape even slower "We are family.. and there is no breaking us into many parts. Anthea, yes, speaks of safety, which we have here. But it is only how we contain ourselves. We cannot move about as if there is no existence of Yusef, because should we do, our lives are at stake." Nodding "I understand."

"And now the question is this.. who is going to tell Anthea her mother is dead.  Killed like our parents were killed, killed by a father we both share but hate.. we have to tell her all, Achaz.. she has a right to know all.." With that Erastos moved from the Thistle.  He knew Achaz was right, but he had more reason then most to hate the man they called Yusef, a man that brought them life.


Date: 02-03-11
Poster: Kuwan
Post # 53

Winter's Cold

The tavern was quiet still after having arrived an hour ago. A dinner enjoyed in silence and a few words spared with Alex. She still had on the thick leather vest over a tunic and dark leather skirt. Her boots were hand made and lined in rabbit fur. She was still fighting the chill this day had brought and had her outside far longer than she should have been. Though her skin was bronze in hue, the cold had the color along her cheek bones a couple shades deeper still. She gathered up the dishes to place on the tray and bring it back over to serving window where it was placed once ordered.

The cold didn't bother Ciaran much but then he hadn't been out in it for long. Just enough to travel the distance from the warehouse to the tavern. He had eaten earlier, food ordered and delivered, and had even cleaned up. Saved a trip to the manor house. After entering, he removed his cloak, and hung it. Gloves were tucked into a inside pocket. Beneath he wore a Aran sweater of natural hue, black wool pants and comfortable black leather boots. "Evening,
Kuwan." He smiled at the Indian lass. "Nice night to be indoors."

Hearing another come in, she turned, the polite smile turning into a warmer one once seeing who it was. She had grown to like Ciaran in a short period of time. Hardly knowing him but felt him a life saver one evening that made a huge difference for her. "It is good to see you again Ciaran. I left some rabbit pies with Hazel to give to you, your brothers as well cousins." She knew a few favored them so had brought them once again. "It is a good night to be inside. It has snow and then rain that makes it slippery." Collecting a glass of the punch for this night she needed something to warm her from the inside out. The meal gave it a boost and the potcheen punch should do the rest.

"Aye, it's making it slick." He rubbed his hands together, a twinkle in his eyes. "Rabbit pies, huh? Well, maybe I'll leave some for them." Of course he would but he'd threaten not to. "How are things going, Kuwan? You're well and your people settled in?"

"I am well, thank you. You are well too?" She figured he was for he looked well. "If they do not come, you can eat them all, yes?" Which had mirth to rise in dark eyes much like silent laughter. "They are buried in, most of them but they do not complain. It gives them peaceful time and time from long days of troubles. I have come to see to supplies being brought and a couple of husky driven sleds. We have one and it makes going across the snow and ice easier."

"As long as there's plenty of food." He settled on a stool, nodding to Alex in thanks as a glass and bottle of the pure was set out. "Who makes those here?" Maybe he'd get one for Fawn, and a couple dogs if there were any to be found. "The sleds I mean. If the snow gets deeper, I'm going to start using snowshoes."

"There is plenty, they only take what is needed from the land. They are not use to being content, something that was a very long time ago but was lost," not adding when the white man came. At first her expression was blank until he added the point of the question. "I am told the sleds are made by MacGrath and that he is in contact with the one who has the dogs to pull them if wanted. He is one and the other is O'Keeffe if you wish a bigger one."

"I'll have to stop and talk to him." He wouldn't want one that was too large, but big enough for Fawn and Fiona, though he barely suppressed a smile at the thought of the prim and proper Fiona sitting in a sled while Fawn did the driving. They'd probably hear her screaming from here to Ballicastle.

"If tomorrow is not so cold, I am going to try the sled down the run that was made." So she was told and how much fun. Of course she had no idea what it would be like to go down the dragonhead run.

He paused in lifting his glass and cut a look toward her, a brow lifting. "Not the dog sled?" That might be a little faster than she wanted to go.

She blinked, a suspended pause with an owlish look before she broke into sweet laughter. A sound that filled the room for a few moments, though not loud. "I think that would be difficult. Toboggan sleds."

"Not to mention, it would likely destroy the run, even with this icy coating." He chuckled at the sound of her laughter then grinned as the rabbit pie was delivered. "Mmm. Perfect for a day like today." He took a bite, his eyes closing. Yep, the night was looking better and better.

She watched him enjoy the rabbit pie, such a sight was her reward for the effort put into them. All those rabbit skins were being used in clothing for her people. "The weather had many not around." Not just those of her Tribe enjoying the excuse.

He paused and looked over at her again, swallowing before he spoke. "You had some to spare then?" Didn't want to take food from their mouths but he figured Kuwan wouldn't do that anyway.

"Oh yes, I made plenty. The island has many rabbit. Many deer and some bear. Squirrels, raccoons and many small creatures. It is good hunting but we are able to hunt in the forests of the main land too."

"Good." He finished that first pie and reached for another. "And how's your friend doing? Yas is it? The one that hangs around the docks." Like a shadow or ghost.

That brought a frown she tried to conceal but she wore her feelings pretty much on her sleeve. Especially on those that were considered family and friend. "He is not doing well. His brother and Patwin have not return but I do not give up hope. I feel both are alive. Yas thinks it is his fault, that it should be him that is there and whatever happened to them. That he should have been the one to stay and find Patwin, not his brother, the burden of guilt weighs heavily on his shoulders. At least he is not sitting out in the bitter cold but I am told he haunts the harbor master's building."

Old habits die hard, and coming here with Achaz each day was a habit that brought him to want to visit again and quench his thirst. Door was open, moving inside to shut the door and leave the noise of wind outside. With a nod to any in his path, long strides brought Erastos to the bar and a silent request for potcheen.

"Good eve Erastos," although she had met him briefly many weeks ago, she remembered him. She wondered if he would remembered meeting her. "It is very cold this night. This is Ciaran Quinn." Remembering her manners to make the introduction. And she pronounced his name sounding like Rat Toes.

He remembered Kuwan, and turned with a formal bow to the woman that had brought Anthea to speak of her kindness many a times. "A pleasure to see you again, Kuwan, I do hope the days have been good to you.." And with the introduction, Erastos lifted his mug to Ciaran in greeting.." Nice to meet you, Ciaran."

"He must be the oldest then." Though Ciar could understand his feelings. It had to be harder when one was a twin. He nodded to the man who entered. "Well, met, Erastos." And then he took a drink of his potcheen.

Nod was given to the man then a long tug of the drink. Savoring it with a deep breath, and then sitting it aside until the desire to take another was felt.

"He is, he was leader of our Tribe when here but now that the others have come, he says he is no longer our Leader, but I see him still as such."

Erastos tried not to eavesdrop, but silently hoped Kuwan was alright. Turning slightly, he glance to the door wondering if Achaz would arrive, he grew tired of his fatherly ways, but wouldn't say that to his face. "Anthea sends her love, Kuwan.. " Spoken seconds before enjoying the potent liquid again.

"Are there Elders?" If the conversation was private, they wouldn't be having it at the bar. And he was curious ... where did the man come from with a name like Rat Toes?

From the belly of a ship? "She is well, Anthea?" Then back to Ciaran, "yes, they have return and there is Leader or our Tribe from before with them so Yas, stepped down."

"Getting over a fever, but nothing serious, or her stupid nature of going swimming in the ocean during winter I would guess." Salute of the glass with another pull taken. Tribe? He had to smile being envious of Kuwan and her family.. "My sister, no disrespect, is an idiot for doing so.. but that will soon pass." Grin. She was like his other siblings, doing things he would never understand.

He gave a nod then, understanding a little more though he didn't say anything. Instead he topped of his glass and took another drink.

"She is brave to swim in winter as choice. Water is very cold and lucky she is not dead from it. There is reason?" Certainly if someone did something that one should not do logically there had to be a reason. A challenge. A dare. A matter of life and death.

"My sister loves the cold, loves the ocean.. I suppose that could be the reason. But.." Taking a breath.. "I love the warmth, the woods, but am not setting them ablaze?" Wink.

"It would be good to separate cold and ocean for swimming when she can again in a few more months. It is good you do not put the royal forests to fire." Which she picked up on the mirth of it rather than really a thought he would. "Where do you come from, where home use to be?"

"Kuwan, I would never do such.. the lands are too nice and peaceful to bring such damage" Warm smile in hope she believed him.. "I was born in Greece, a land near Italy, and then in Italy.." Studying her dark skin, he remembered his last home.." And lastly, with the Shawnee... another tribe in the New World.."

Shawnee? Ciar's eyes narrowed slightly but instead of commenting, he took another drink.

She responded to smiles, having her smile just as warmly. She believed him. "The lands here are blessed by gods." Which she considered his words. "What is this Greece," sounding like grease and the word alone brought thoughts of congealed fat. "I am from the clan of the Bear, I know of the Shawnee," but that is all she would say of them too. Any differences aside, their plight was the same as all their Nation.

"It is a land almost like Italy.. in Europe, not very close to the New World, and almost miles away from here. Some like it, some don't.. Anthea loves it, Achaz can do without it. I.. well it is my birthplace and nothing more." He did not care for it.." Clan of the Bear.. never understood the meaning, but it does sound like something to be very proud of.." Shawnee had saved his life from the man he killed, they would always have his loyalty.

Which gave her no comparison being she was never to Italy but she went silent on that, hiding her embarrassment. "It is a long way, like it was to come here from our homeland. She had nothing personal against the Shawnee herself. She didn't know them that well was all. There were always stories around too that didn't help trying to keep from an opinion but she was open minded enough. "It speaks well of them that they saved your life. Who did they save you from?"

Conor didn't mind the cold much. He didn't feel the need the watch his steps along the slippery walks and roads of the commons. The hour had progressed and he actually didn't feel much of anything..the cold...the need...which was a good thing to the man's present way of thinking. Through the thickness of scarf that was pulled up over his mouth under his nose to block the cold, he hummed a song to himself with the occasional word muffled in. "Hmmm...mmm.. it for a rainy day. Hmmm...hmmmm....put it in your pocket." Up the steps and he entered. As soon as he entered, he scanned the interior, smiled behind he cover of wool, then began unwrapping.


"I saved one of their daughter's from being taken against her will.. he asked for the death, and in return, they let me live with them for a year. Was interesting.. how they hunt, cook, use all they kill.. their prayers.. all was very uplifting for a man that had all handed to him.. well not handed, but not hunted if you paid me." Long way.. Italy and Greece seemed a life time away.."Yes, Kuwan, my lands are far away."

Again, he kept his thoughts to himself, though they were interrupted when Conor entered. "Evenin' Conor. Out wandering and come for a drink to warm you?"

"You are a good man then, to risk your life for a woman." Which many would not. Unfortunately. The cold brought another as with the sweep of such air had her turn focus in that direction. "Good evening Conor. Have you met RatToes?" Moving smoothly along," there is warm rabbit pie in the kitchen if you ask Hazel at the window."

"Thank you.." The chill brought the realization another had entered. Erastos lifted the mug for another pull as the need for a drink was felt. He had to chuckle.."Era..tos.. but RatToes is fine" Shaking his head on a chuckle with nod to the man.

"Aye, Cousin, both." He laughed, tucking away the gloves, scarf and hat into the pockets of his coat. Rabbit pies? Rat toes introduction would wait! He gave a nod to Rat Toes as he passed. "Good evening, Kuwan. Thank you for the pies. You know they're my favorite." He walked over to the window and actually leaned to look in, in search of Hazel as she went about her work.

"I had two so far, Conor." Knowing full well how much his cousin liked them. Greece, Erastos. Ah, that made more sense.



Date: 02-03-11
Poster: Kuwan 
Post # 54

"Always pleased you like them, Conor." Although she went quiet and set to drinking her punch she had nearly forgotten.

"Nice to meet you.." Offered to Conor before the last of the potcheen was finished.

Once he had each hand filled with a pie, he turned back to the room and crossed to Kuwan, pecking a kiss of thanks to her temple. As he straightened he looked over to Erastos. "Conor Quinn." He completed the introduction of his own name. He took a bite of the pie and took a place near Ciaran. "Era..tos. You're Miss Drakos' kin?"

"Erastos Vassallo.." Offered his full name as well in the introduction. Then he had to grin, so this was one of the Quinns his sister spoke of..  "Yes, I am Anthea's brother, and must thank you for the kindness your family has shown her."

He grinned as Conor joined him, then leaned back. They definitely had similar taste when it came to food.

He waved away the need for thanks with the pie in his hand and he smiled while he chewed. Swallowed. Then spoke. "Your sister is a dear woman." Having said that, he looked to Ciaran. "Now I have two." He chuckled low...between the two of them, Kuwan could have her hands full.

Nod of his head in Conor's response.

"We could have an eating contest." And then there really would be no pies left for anyone else.

He started to talk even before he drew his gaze from his cousin back to Rat Toes. "I trust your sister is doing well, I haven't seen her for quite some time." That was Conor's fault, he had been up to his arm pits in leather. Heck, Conor wouldn't need a contest to eat every last one of Kuwan's pies.

"She is well. Only need to learn not to swim in the ocean." He did not know how long he had been gone, but was glad to put a face to one of the Quinn family members she spoke of a lot. Well two. Now he would have to meet this Liam, Fawn, and Herself? That had him shaking his head, who was Herself.

There was mention of the ocean again. "Lass must be a touch daft." He kept his voice low so that Conor could at least hear. He didn't hate the ocean like Conor did but wouldn't go swimming this time of year.

Ciaran's thoughts were not much unlike Conor's. "Swimming? Recently?" He had heard Ciaran, but tried not to look at his cousin following that comment because, if Conor saw the little Greek right now, he'd probably say that very thing to her. "Good lord, Man..." He shook his head, tossing back his glass of potcheen to swallow down any further comments.

"She takes risk. As we all do" Shrug not knowing how to make them understand.."My other sister jumps from cliffs, my youngest brothers looks for duels so he can practice his sword arm.. perhaps we need help, who knows.. " Only the Gods.

"And what kind of risks do you take?" He leaned forward to study the man.

"Business risks.." Turning with cup held in his grasp. "Never can have enough money, who knows when it will all go away." Swallowing fire, but that he would not indulge. "It was a pleasure to meet you all, but have an appointment for an interview.." A nod of thanks was given to Alex for the drinks, as well as friendly smile to all before moving to the door and taking his leave.

Conor nodded to the man's claim, though he was smiling on the inside. The petite Greek never took risks! Nah...not the little Greek. "A pleasure to meet you as well...Erastos."

Money had never been much of a concern. Though lately, Ciaran always had something in his pockets. "Good night, Erastos and a pleasure." And then the man was gone. "How do you take business risks?" That question was for Conor!

"Guess when you're not so sure of yourself." Was the answer...since Conor Quinn never had to take a risk in business in his life. He had been raised to work in leather, there was no risk in that. Other risks, however, he had taken without a blink of eye.

"That must be it." Ciar had taken his share of risks but swimming in the ocean in the dead of winter? Nah.  At least ... not on purpose.

Kuwan had been listening and lost in her own thoughts that she didn't get to say goodbye as the man left so quickly. Blink. Easing her glass down she noticed its content was gone. Had she drank it all? She could feel the  warmth touch upon her cheeks as she turned her thoughts back and to the conversation between Conor and Ciaran.

"Been working hard, Conor? Haven't had the chance to win your money for a bit." He grinned at his cousin after giving Kuwan a quick smile. Daydreaming again!

"Are you going to risk going down the sled trail they speak of?" This turned on Ciaran and coming with a smile too.

"I've been working to gain back the money I end up handing over to you, Cousin." He chuckled, but that sound faded away as Kuwan spoke to him. He reached over to pour another round in his glass.

"I am sorry I interrupted." Having spoke over Conor speaking up or so it seemed. It had not been intentional.

Her question had him pausing to consider though he finally chuckled. "I don't know. Might be dangerous." Since they were talking about risks and all.

"You didn't interrupt, Kuwan." He added, though he didn't look to her so she could continue to speak to Ciaran, just poured his drink.

Dark lashes lowered in a slight sweep away with the minute nod of her head. Then lifting again as dark eyes turned back on Ciaran. "It is dare then? To risk going down it."

"As much as anything is a risk. I don't think the lads would make it so dangerous that it would be a great risk, do you?"

Conor chuckled, sliding a glance to Ciaran with the offer of a dare, but that was about it...a soft laugh and a glance, then he set the bottle aside and brought his glass around to drink.

"You have gone down this dragonhead sled trail, Conor?" Being he had been here a few years, she wondered if he had the experience of doing so.

"Not yet, not me." The last winter he had spent in Ireland, finalizing his life there. "Have you Kuwan? Tried it yet?"  He brought his glass and touched it to his lips, studying her a moment, then tilting it back further to drink.

"No, not yet. I am thinking of trying it tomorrow during the day," when it was not so bitter cold outside but she didn't add that in particular. "Perhaps you and Ciaran will try it too and make wagers."

"At least that would be one I may win." He smiled, once more looking to his cousin. He sure as hell lost more than he won when he tried his luck at cards against Ciaran. But that very fact, had this Irish lad trying again and again ... to win!

"That could be true, Conor, but there's only one way to find out." He laughed as he paused in lifting his glass. It was possible since it wasn't a game of cards. "What do you think? Try a wager?"

Conor scratched at his jaw, eyeing his kin. A slow nod started. "Aye...but screw 'try'...a wager it is."

Her smile could be infectious as she glanced between the two, "and I will give a kiss to the winner." Which sort of just came out and then had her wondering if it was appropriate but she didn't want to become old and never even to say she had kissed someone.

"Spoken like a true Quinn." He lifted his glass to salute his cousin. "So, how much shall we wager?" He pointed to Kuwan. "And further incentive besides."

"Who needs a wager with such a winner's prize?" He twitched off a wink to Kuwan then looked back to Ciaran. "You name the wager, this point, I care not one wit what it might be." Kuwan named the ultimate reason to come across the finish line first.

"We'll start with ten coins. Don't want to take too much of your money." He chuckled. "Though we could forgo it completely since Kuwan's offer is so well liked."

"Oh no." He twisted to place his empty glass on the counter. "No...the coins as well. I would like the chance to reclaim that which I've handed over to you. Ten to start it is. And a kiss from Kuwan to sweeten the pot."

At least they didn't react like the offer being a plague so that had lifted her heart. She had begun to wonder how she was looked upon. So such ideas might all be in her head but they were her thoughts. "That is small wager that cannot be passed up then.." looking from Ciaran to Conor then back again.

"Done then." He laughed and looked at Kuwan. "Nope, can't be passed up at all." And would give them a good reason to dry the dragonrun out. Not like a reason was needed.

No reason was needed, but such a fine one definitely would not be passed up by a Quinn. Conor just nodded, continuing to smile, and eased up from the lean he had adopted.

This was like the races she realized. The anticipation as to whom would win and in this case affected her for her offer and she would be kissing one of them.


"I'll see you later, then, Cousin." He grinned, starting toward the door to collect his things. "And you, Kuwan...I'm looking forward to seeing you then as well."

"Aye, later, Conor." He was grinning as he saluted Conor. This could be fun. Or they could end up sore and barely walking.

"I will be there and maybe the one that does not win will take me down the run when you are done with your race." She was going to stay the night here but a thought came. "Are you going back to the manor?" If he was, she would ask to go too so she could see Herself and the others.

Fun no matter! Many a night of fun ended with a being sore and barely able to walk! "I'll take you down, whether I win or not, Kuwan." His coat on, he started wrapping his scarf.

He was about to answer Kuwan but Conor did first so he just grinned, and waited for Conor to answer Kuwan.

"Are you asking so you can accompany me?" Gloves next, he watched her. He wasn't planning on it, but her answer could alter his.

"Yes, if you are going there then I will not have to walk alone. Perhaps Ciaran is coming to see Herself too," having them refer to her so much as such, she was starting to. So she was over to get her cloak and all her winter gear on.

"I'll be heading home tonight, I'm afraid." He still had a task to do that he had promised to finish soon and would be hearing about it if it was done!

"Then you will not walk alone." He was tugging his cap on, but paused with her final comment, looking to Ciaran before he pulled it completely on.

"But I'll walk with the two of you until our paths part." He joined them at the door to make ready. No games tonight!

"You will say hello to your brothers for me?" She understood but it would have been nice to have his company too. She was ready by then. "Your place is on the way to the other?" They could walk part of the way together.  Great minds...

Conor pulled open the door and held it for Kuwan as she finished speaking with his cousin.

She was next ducking by Ciaran and Conor as she was first out... and dashed ahead to gather up some snow to toss at them too. One. Two. Then running while laughing.

"So much for walking!" He laughed, darting out after her.

He snickered as he wiped off the snow from the front of his cloak then was rushing after cousin and friend!



Date: 02-10-11
Poster: Liam Quinn
Post # 55

Hair of the Dog

Exhausted. There was a word. Too much whiskey, too much of a good time, too much - too late and way too fun to regret. He was exhausted from a much enjoyed previous night, from an enjoyed hard worked day. Exhausted. He sat in a chair by the hearth, his head relaxed to the back cushion, his eyes closed. The warmth of the fire, the quiet of the tavern, the lure of drifting off so tempting and at times, he did just that. Fading into sleep, resurfacing to the present. The whiskey in his glass remained untouched for now on the table beside him, the bottle minus only what was in his glass.

It was called bleary eyed morning the next day. The kind you rolled over and groaned under the covers and didn't come out for a while thereafter. Not until hunger pains drove you out and sought a breakfast that was really a late lunch. Hair of the dog time after dragging most of the day. "Hell of a good time," giving a thud to Conor's back as Liam rounded his chair, tumbler in his hand and the bottle in the other. Although he would go lightly this night. Near falling into the chair next to him as the cushion gave way to his weight as he sunk in comfortably.

He hadn't even heard his cousin come in! The thud of back and the sudden sound of his voice caused Conor to jerk in his seat. "Christ, scared me sinless." Which would probably please his grandmother, but made for very little fun for a man of his age. He squinted a look toward his cousin. "You gave up the party ghost a tad early last night." Which to some, would have still been an ungodly hour to be up. "How did your work day go?"

Which had a hearty laugh to follow as he glanced back over. "If I had not, I would have been passed out. It was late and we were keeping others up that work long and hard," voiced lowered as he glanced Alex's way before kicking back the first tumbler. Fire searing down his throat, yup, hair of the dog.

Conor looked to Alex as well, grinning to the man. " Good thing one of us are considerate." Having said that, he chuckled, reaching over to collect the glass that had not been sampled.

"I think we should discover Keifer's Island," spoken in a nonchalant way as he eyed what was left in his tumbler after refilling it again and having some of it.

Did Liam just mention going to an island? Surely he knew what that meant. Conor laughed, shaking his head. "I'll just keep my Irish arse on the mainland. Thank you."

The chill of the winter breeze brought Anthea to move a little bit slower, breath in a little bit deeper, and gaze upward to the heavens above. The beauty of winter decorated the lands, and brought her to smile as she slowly approached the Thistle. Her cloak of pure white covered the velvet of her blue gown, leaving only hints of the color as legs moved slowly with grace toward the tavern. Hair of black was held back in a pony tail, covered for the moment by the cloak as the frost, bitten winds seem to capture her flesh and bring cheeks to grow red with chill. So much was flowing through her mind that she had not even noticed when the Thistle loomed before her, and she to take the steps that would lead her upon the porch, and then slowly inside to quickly shut the door behind her.

He certainly did and even proceeded to tell some of the tales of that island and the missing Keifer Douglas. The chill of air had him halt in case it was a female coming in. Tales that would have certain ones  flush red from head to toe. Turning slightly in his chair as he took in the wintry damsel, oh yes, tales she should not hear! "Ah, Anthea, a pleasure to see you again. Out enjoying winter's beauty?"

Slender fingers were free of gloves, each digit to unclasp the rows of Spanish buttons with a smile bestowed upon Liam.. "Oh yes, and perhaps soon to have a new home with my family" Spoken softly with the cloak to finally lay upon a peg, and she to unwrap the scarf to join the cloak for the moment. "I have not seen you since, couple of days past, Liam.. How have you been?" Soft was her voice, the yawn wishing to escape was captured with a palm to gently touch full lips.

Conor smiled as the Greek entered, setting his glass aside once again. Liam's tale ceased, and it was best, but Conor couldn't help but appreciate Liam's courtesy to the lass. He didn't say anything, just listened as the two greeted each other, he did offer her a nod though.

"Well, congratulations then. How many members of your family are here?" He knew about one but that was all being they had not really spoken one on one in a while. Pity that. "Yea be welcome to join us of course." Indicating a chair open near him and Conor.

"My other two brothers, and their sister should arrive in two weeks.. I am excited, to have a sister to confide in, to tell all my secrets" The smile brought her eyes to sparkle with thoughts of Myrina, she could not wait to meet them.. it was like a dream come true. "There will be.. myself, Achaz, Erastos, and the other three.. I am hoping I can keep my cabin as well, for my solitude when I desire it.." Silver hues turned and she noticed Conor, silent and nay to even say hello? With a smile she brought gentle strides to move to where Liam had indicated, the smile to never waver even as they touched upon the familiar face "G'evening, Mister Quinn.." Warmth was the accent that escaped her lips as she spoke, soon to take her seat and find comfort. It had been a long day.

"Would this be a younger or older sister?" He knew what it was like to be able to confide in his brother, so he certainly appreciated the sentiment. Dark eyes met well noting the sparkle set to her eyes and having a smile twitch to life for a moment. "That is quite the family." Which the Quinns certainly knew about family and expanding family. "I'm very pleased for you Anthea." Drawling out her name in a flowing brogue.

He hadn't had the chance to say hello, the conversation between Anthea and Liam flowed easily, to speak would interrupt until she offered her hello as a glitch of sorts. "It's always good to see you, Miss Drakos."

"Oh Liam.. a younger sister. She is but seventeen I believe.. and she dances. " They had written once since being in Heathfield, and Myrina could not wait to see what Anthea had seen, what she loved. "She speaks fluid Spanish, so I am attempting to learn the language. Though my brother is not very patient and argues I am butchering the language. Please, how can I do such when I speak such good English?" Please was spoken softly as she smiled warmly to Conor in his greeting.

And then the conversation continued right where it left off. He sat back, an easy smile in place as he listened, and looked between her and Liam.

"Yea speak good enough for me to understand you. I'm sure your younger sister will enjoy meeting quite a few others her age here. Ones to get in troub... ah, have fun with."

Soft was the laughter that spilled forth. "Perhaps she could meet your sister, Liam. I believe Fawn and Myrina might become fast friends." Hopeful tone with images of her sister sitting on the roof of the castle? Now her heart was beating madly with worry.

"Aye, and there be Conor's younger sister Concessa. I hear she joust in one of the tournaments held by allies of ours and unseated their king."

"I have met her.. not long though, and she was so lovely and kind to me. I believe there are many, but first" Wink.."I wish to keep her to myself?  She is Greek like me, but knows only of France and Spain.. " Enough of Myrina, she would let her speak of herself when she arrives.

With that wink, a smile appeared with a dimple to show and a dark eyed wink returned. "Aye, it has been some time since you have seen her then?" Sitting up from his more comfortable slouch in the seat as he leaned slightly forward to ease a forearm across the arm of the chair, eyes intent upon hers as he listened to her tale. A happy one for a change and certainly pleasant to hear.

"Liam.." She smiled warmly, with a shake of her head.."I have never met her.. " She stood briefly, so that she could find comfort with her slender legs to fold beneath her, showing only a bit of black stocking as she took comfort within the leather. "It is why I am so excited.. to finally have a sister....No offense to you both, but.." Wink offered.." A sister is better then a brother anytime.." Twitch of a grin.

Conor leaned forward, grinning. "Now, Miss Drakos, how can you know that when you've never had a sister before."

Conor's words almost had her jump. He had been so quiet. "Well.. " Breathe Anthea, she screamed to herself. "My brothers drive me insane.. " Turning she slowly smoothed the wrinkles from her gown as silver hues trained on Conor with a smile.. "And certain things a sister can only confide to a sister, ne?"

That had him sit back up with brows to rise. "Then an even more pleasant surprise and a lifetime to catch up on." No wonder why she wanted to hog her newfound sister so. "I hope that she will be all that you expected." In short, that she not be disappointed and that she gained such a relationship she desired.

Words from Liam brought Anthea to smile softly. She wanted that so desperately. To have a sister, but a best friend as well.

Conor did understand. So many was the time he wandered into a room and the Quinn sisters had been talking and all talk ... stopped.

"How's the young nephew doing, Conor?" Being he wasn't ignoring his cousin and time to draw him into a conversation too. "How's Eion being not only a husband but a new father.."

Sort of like what was happening now. "Well, Miss Drakos...for the paper?" He looked to Liam then back to the lass. "I made it through the dragon's head." Then back to Liam. "He's adapting well." Was he talking about the baby or his brother? Most likely both.

Warm smile was given to Liam as he spoke of the babe. She had met Eion, and now wish to meet his lovely wife and babe. "Dragon's Head? That would be the tobag.. tob..." She could not pronounce that word well, and gave way to silence so Conor could speak to his cousin.

"Toboggan race, yes."

"Ahhh.. yes.. toboggan. I shall be sure to mention you beat.. Kuwan and Ciaran, ne?" And she would, with hopes the other two would nay mind.

"No, Miss Drakos...just Ciaran. I won a wager with Ciaran. You need only put in the paper that I bested the Dragon's Head."

"Then that is what I shall print, Mister Quinn." Silver hues drifted to the hearth. Her sight intent on studying the dancing flames; the reds, oranges and glowing embers. The silence was deafening, but at times welcomed by the petite Greek.

His gaze remained on her a moment more, a slow nod, then he looked to Liam. "You should come by and see the new family, Liam. And you as well, Miss Drakos. I'm sure my grandmother would welcome the company."

"Aye, I got as far as the mouth and was dumped out." Which had him chuckling. "Luckily the landing was a pile of soft snow," compared to ice crusted or hardened.

"I would love to see the babe, Mister Quinn. I do love children.." Words spoken softly as she momentarily drifted her gaze to linger on him. "I would love that very much, thank you.." But then Liam's words brought her the smile she needed and a grin as well.. "Perhaps I shall try this Head?"

He didn't miss much as the silence hung for a few moments, watching more his cousin and hard to read thoughts other than he gave a nod to the suggestion. "Aye, I will do that. I would like some of Mary's cooking," better than calling her great auntie or something like that.

"Mary is herself, yes?" Addressed to both.

"Aye, and known as Grandmother to some."

Hearing Anthea, he started to chuckle, giving her another nod. "Herself, yes. It is a family's loving title for her."

"I like it.. but the question is, does she?" Twitch of a grin came easily to her lips knowing she would call her.. Mrs. Quinn. "You are both lucky to have one like her.. " Anthea thought so anyway.

"Recent luck for me and my brothers and sister." Being they had not known  they had cousins here until the incident that had them meet up.

"Liam.. luck? If I may ask, if it is personal, please forgive my prying" Silver hues trained on Liam with a warm smile to grace her lips.

"Blessed in manys." He added. "But not really, we never call her this to her face, but there isn't much Mary Quinn doesn't know, so ... it's my guess..."

Nibble on lips upon hearing Conor. She would love to see him with his grandmother, she believed it would be a loving sight.

All she had to do was come by the manor...Mary never put on airs for company.

Perhaps she would.

Hair that had been combed back when wet was starting to dry enough that strands were falling back in place down over his brow. Eyes closed as he leaned his head back enough to brace against the cushion. He was listening to all the sounds and there lack of. The draw of breath down to the crackle of the fire as it decomposed the log that fed it.

Anthea smiled as Liam took comfort within the chair. Her whisper came with a grin.."Don't let the leather swallow you Liam.. I wouldn't have to dive in and save you?" Twitch of a grin.

He peeked one eye open that she'd immediately see the devilish twinkle. "Aye, and if I grab hold of yea hand, you'll sink into this other world with me?"

"Promise.. we could be sucked into a fantasy land. Perhaps unicorns and Pegasus.. ohhh Pegasus Liam.. and you could fly around like an Irish Greek?" She could not help but swallow as the giggle threatened to erupt.

"Aye.. and I could be your hero. Save you from the dragons while riding my white unicorn." Halting with the suggestion, "aye, Pegasus it would be and I'd fly you up and above all that would harm a hair on yea head." Giving a wink with the dash of a grin, one that caused the single dimple to dip.

She was having too much fun with this. With a jump from her seat.. "My Lord Knight Irish Greek.." With a grin to bring silver hues to sparkle, she lowered her form into the perfect curtsey, even to bow her head with that grin to remain upon full lips.

He was up, maybe not so quite popping up like she had. A laugh under his breath as he returned the formal bow. Arm tucked in against his stomach as he slightly leaned forward with a dip of his head. Luckily the derby wasn't upon it as it would probably fall off. Although in times past, he'd catch it like a cobra striking out to capture, halting its descend to the floor. He straightened then. "I feel like I should ask for this dance," being so formal and all like they were at some ball. "Do yea dance?" With a lift of a dark brown in question. His arm back down at his side in a smooth recovery.

She kept in her position, something Alexos had taught her when she lived in France. And goodness it was murder on her thighs, but it was important to stay thus until Sir knight allowed her to rise. But she lifted her head back with a wink as she played along with the charade, bringing the silence to end and both to have a little bit of fun. 'Yes, Liam.. I dance.. nothing fast, only the waltz which was frowned upon in Dundee but nay in Renese." Warm smile with her words. She had never told any of her dancing, for she was not that good, but she could!

"Well then, we should capture the moment." His hand gliding out in offer to take if she wished. "The music, well, that will be in the motion of dance and that which comes with this imagery."

"I would love too, but if I step on your toes, forgive me?" Whispered words came with a flush to paint across her cheeks and down the flesh of her neck. With her slender hand to lay within his larger one, she could nay speak, only  feel happy to dance after so long of not doing so. "Music.. in our heads? What if its different?" Wink.

"You can set your small feet upon mine if you so find them there and I will sweep you away nonetheless." His hand was warm and slightly calloused against such smoothness as he brought her along to the wider area devoid of table and chair. Once that spot was reached he drew her into his arms. One that kept her hand still in his while the other came to rest slightly over her waist along her hip. There was a moment left for her to adjust as well himself before he led her away in smooth steps for such was learned in helping his boxing moves. He danced, why his opponent found it hard to lay a punch on the moving man.

Date: 02-10-11
Poster: Liam Quinn 
Post # 56

She gazed to the silent Conor over her shoulder. "Sir, you shall be my chaperone.. make sure nothing forward happens." She chuckled softly as she was lifted so easily from her curtsey. "I have not danced in some time, Liam.. please don't laugh?" She eased her free hand to lay with comfort upon his shoulders, looking up into his eyes with a smile. The Quinns, all of them, had been so kind to her since her first time within the lands, and she loved them all so dearly. She moved with lithe grace along the wooden floors, the music within her mind.. the same Alexos had played so many times when she first was taught. She could see his gray head now bowed, as she practiced with his son.. easing into the 1.. 2,3.. over and over.. even to gaze down so she would not step on his toes. She didn't want him to hurt.."Your boxing goes well?"

"Aye," teasing glint in dark eyes surfaced as he guided her in a turn. A waltz it was or at least close enough as he drew her that close they could move as one. Especially if she took him up on the offer of standing on his feet. "I would be thinking it was more the backward you should be concern about.." which in that moment he had drawn her backwards with him, turning to dip her to the side. The lean slow but sure as lips were a warm breath away. It was the dramatic moment added that usually sent around an applause if well executed. The moment hung as if suspended in time before he had her up just as easily and back into the pattern of traditional dance.

The velvet of her gown almost whooshed, as Liam took them so gracefully into the turn. She let him lead, as was the norm, but that did not mean it was no less fun. Lids seem to widen as Liam dipped her so gracefully, so well executed it all but took her breath away. She had never been taught this, and she loved it. Bright was the smile as he eased her with lithe movements to bring their bodies around the tavern as if they were attending the most gracious balls. "In Ancient times. My people danced to tell a story.. each sway of a hip, movement of a leg.. lift of an arm.. told a tale.. even the eyes." Whispered softly as she smiled with pride at the mention of her country.

"Aye, it goes well, but I don't dip them like that," implying his dip on his opponents was a far different story. Charlie was the Dip Queen. It was how Sadie got him on the floor that night, hitting the backs of his legs in that quick way to get the edge and down he went having drank enough too. "What story would your hips tell of this dance then, Anthea?" Once more around but he was slowing it down again.

Conor said not a word, just continued to watch the two. He brought his glass up, drank slowly, and brought his glass down. What else could he do?

"Of a woman that was lost in thought. Thoughts that all but consumed her. And of the Irish knight that took her to the fantasy world to rid her mind of thoughts, and bringing her to smile." Words came so softly, Liam perhaps would have to strain to hear.

"Then it is with remorse the tale must end for the dance has drawn to a close," and Conor had stirred so he was indeed alive and rude to leave him by himself. He'd only been resting his eyes. Right. "But then there is always another day to take flight and if such eases thoughts that bring a tear to your eye, then I am glad I had whisked you away." By this time he had returned to the center of the floor, easing from the more intimate closeness to holding her hand as he led her back to her chair, and his.

Liam was so sweet, and she did wish him to spend time with his cousin. They were close, as close as she was with Achaz. "Sas efharisto" Words spoken softly in Greece.. "Thank you Liam, for taking me away if only a minute." Kiss was brushed along his cheek with a smile. "Your a good friend, and a good boxer." With a wink she moved to the bar to gather a cup of tea.

Ciaran had been to the docks, visiting a friend made when he was working as a bodyguard. His mood, as he made his way up the steps was not the best. He looked inside, shook his head and waited a moment or two before the cold drove him indoors. He hung his cloak, stomped off his boots, and headed for the bar with a grunted evening meant for everyone there. Been a while since he'd been like this.

"G'evening, Ciaran.." Spoken softly with words to come quickly feeling Ciaran was not in the best moods. "Cup of tea, Alex.. and please, can you add a little potcheen?" And here is where she would stand until the drink appeared.

"Aye, but you have not seen me box," tossing in a wink as he bowed his head a moment then lifted only to catch sight of his brother. "Ciaran!" Giving him a moment, "grab a glass of the pure and get  yourself over here to thaw out."

Conor's attention drifted to Ciaran's arrival and the sound of that greeting did not bode well.

"Aye, I will." A glass? He asked for a bottle and when it was handed over, picked up the glass also given to him, and made his way to where brother and cousin were seated. He slouched into a chair, wordlessly, filled the glass and took a long drink. Then he spoke. "How long until spring?" That had been his favorite litany when he was a lad.

Conor watched Ciaran silently until the man spoke."As long as it takes, Cousin."

"Alex, did I ever tell you that you're a gem among men?" She could not read the man's features, but then again, she didn't care. She meant it. With a smile, she took hold of the cup. Gentle holding it by the handle, and lifting it toward her lips where a soft breath was given to cool the liquid. "Thank you Alex.." She would leave the Quinns alone for now, opting to move slowly to the window to view the outdoors with cup of tea in hand.

"That's what I was afraid of." It might take the whole bottle for him to get into a better mood but at least he was warm and out of the cold.

He caught Anthea's movement from the periphery, a flicker of a glance that probably wouldn't even be noticed. "Keep tilting that bottle up, Ciaran, and you'll soon enough fear nothing...or at least, not give a rat's hairy arse about it."

"Aye, that's what I'm hoping, and to chase the chill from me bones." He put his feet up on a footstool and exhaled slowly. "What about you two? Enjoying your eve?"

"Too long," muttered under his breath as he too was getting the wintry blues. Spring wasn't far away but too far for one that craved warmth.

He shifted, looking directly to Anthea. "You can wander back over here, Miss Drakos, when you've had your fill of meandering. There isn't a Quinn in this room that doesn't appreciate a lovely lady's company. I, for one, very much enjoy it."

Lips captured the rim of the cup, drinking the warmth of the tea and tasting the potent potcheen that Alex had poured within. But her gaze lingered on the darkness, the snow, the chill that even now was decorating the window. Again, Conor's voice had her almost jump out of her skin. "I did not wish to intrude.." Speaking of Ciaran incase he needed guidance from his male relatives.

"Aye, your brother is sucking Miss Drakos into fantasy lands of leather...then sweeping her away in a dance."  The Quinns would hopefully remove themselves if any discussion could not be considered appropriate in mixed company.

She turned with a grin directed solely at Conor. Sticking her tongue out at him as a child. "And a fine dance it was.. he even took me on a Pegasus." Quirk of a brow given, but then she was moving toward the trio, and soon to take seat she had vacated.

"Which, I will add...she wasn't frightened to ride." A twitch of a grin and he looked back to his cousins, repositioning himself so that he could be more comfortable in his chair.

He chose that moment to speak, and she chose that minute to drink the tea, only to cough and try her best to swallow the liquid. Moving the cup to sit upon the table, as she smacked her chest with an open palm.

"Yea bae need'in a lass, Ciaran, smooth that sour edge about yea." Of course he would tease his brother and the suggestion didn't necessarily mean settling down with a lass but perhaps a trip to the garden with one.

"Miss Drakos, that's some suspicious tea your drinking." With all that carrying on, one could think that Alex slipped something else besides just tea leaves in her beverage of choice.

Warm smile given to Liam as he was trying to aide his brother. Feeling the tears swell within her gaze, and she to breath slowly as the coughing trip finally came to an end. Silver hues were directed to Conor, almost daring him. "Oh yes, potcheen. Only a small bit.. you know.. helps one to ride a horse with out begging another to take the horse away." Cup was picked up. Sip!

"I saw from the window." And that was all he was going to say about that, though he did cut a glance toward Liam. He had his own means of dealing with certain needs.

Didn't they all?

Indeed. There were some lovely lasses willing to give aid.

She was gracefully silent. Drinking her tea, with legs to fold under her form in comfort.

And what kind of men would they be if the didn't make the most of lovely, willing, aid givers.

"Helps her to bide me company.." like that was the only reason she consented to the dance with him. "You should come by sometime and watch me box if you can stand such a sight," not all women could.

"Liam I would love that.. I confess I was going to dress as a boy to do such, but such a plan was foolish and never took life" Well, it did, but Liam did not need to know that.

Well now, brows lifted with Liam's invitation. Wasn't that exactly what Anthea was waiting to hear?

And Conor better hush!

Did he say anything? Her secrets were safe with him!

Liam didn't want to know about Ciaran's having other means to deal with a certain problem!

Goose. Gander. Tit. Tat. All that stuff his grandmother used to preach about.

It wasn't a problem if he was dealing with it, now was it?

Women had a lot of secrets, and he was quite happy to be oblivious to most of them!

Anthea felt her ears burning! Sipping her tea, she was curious to the silence, but felt the Quinns possible could read each others minds?

"So now you need not do it in order to be witness to the wonders of a boxing match, Miss Drakos."

"Of course, Mister Quinn.. and I know my safety will be met, so I have no worry of drunks approaching me in the most ugliest of ways."

"Not with Liam to see to your well being. Though I sincerely doubt you'll have to worry about drunks so much in Liam's establishment."

"Then all is well."

"Were yea now?" Dark eyes taking time to glance down over her before lifting to meet her eyes again, "yea'd make a poor lad, lass," which was a compliment and if he knew she had tried he was not letting on.

He chuckled low. "Unless Ciaran and I show up, that is."

"I would.. hmmm.." She smiled with a wink directed to Liam."Perhaps even a lad that would get his ears boxed?" Twitch of a grin but hearing Conor speak she did smile. She would enjoy to watch Liam box with his family by her side to cheer him on.

Even Liam was not drunk while in the ring or even in the warehouse. He was very sober for his matches.

Which was very good!

Conor couldn't claim the same when he fought, but then, his 'matches' were not the sort that Liam managed.

Indeed. He didn't drink as often as he'd let people believe.

She was starting to enjoy potcheen. Perhaps a bit too much. And to come upon Conor in a true fight, well.. Anthea would definitely try to find something to knock over his opponents head? Of course that is, if it was not a boxing match.

Conor and his brothers in a true fight would not be something that Anthea should ever come across. Alas, both brothers were shackled and chained anymore, there would be no more siblings to have his back.

There were cousins however.

Darn straight!

Of course, Conor and his brothers had gotten into some fights on their own, and it was still being talked about.

Well, there was that, they still managed to get a few fists thrown between the three of them. That, however, was much different. Conor stood, brushing at his thigh as if to knock away wrinkles. "I've no doubt you would enjoy the fights, Miss Drakos. Especially if you allow yourself the opportunity to make a bet or two on the outcomes."

Silver hues watched as Conor stood, only nodding to his words of betting. Perhaps she would do that, even tell her brothers, or take her sister to view the events.

"There should be a match next week. A real one." No practice spars and of course, there would be other bouts to watch.

"And there you have it." He nodded to Ciaran.

"That would be perfect timing.. perhaps even report on it for the paper?" Softly spoken with a smile given to Ciaran. She would definitely print about it.

"Come to the practice ones, they are not as bloody." For he took it easy on them in training than he would in the ring. He wanted to make sure they made it to the ring to start.

"Of course Liam.. that I will do.." First.. and then to watch the actual event. She could not report on practice fights, or could she?

"Liam, you underestimate our female friend. She wouldn't mind a bloody match or two."

Lift of a brow as silver hues trained on Conor with his words. "Perhaps I wouldn't.. a reporter will go anywhere.. anywhere.. to get a story, yes?" She rose to her feet, knowing time had come to venture home. Jeremy had another early morning, and she woke each morning to make the lad breakfast. "Please let me know of practice, and the actual date of the event" Addressed to Liam with a warm smile.."And, thank you again for the wonderful dance." She moved toward the bar.. "Of course, as I know nothing of leather.." Flipped back before moving to gather her cloak from the peg.."Quinn family, again, it was a pleasurable evening to say the least." Turning to place the cloak over her slender frame, buttoning up the item so it warded off any chill.

Conor reached over and collected his bottle and glass, pausing as he passed Ciaran to place his bottle on the table near his cousin. It was nearly full, the man might as well finish it off. "I wouldn't know, I've never been a reporter."

"Then she will have at it then." He glanced over to Ciaran in consideration. Slow grin on the rise. "Say you a game or two of cards tonight?" He as on the rise as well. Seemed the time to.

Bah. He was just warming up. He stood and gave Conor a half smile. "Thanks for the bottle, cousin." Seemed they were all venturing out tonight. No staying at the Thistle.

Ah! But she did know something about leather. It sucked men into it's depths and created of them ... Irish Gods!

Irish Greek!

"We can escort you back," to her place as they were all heading out and then they would be heading to other things.

"If you wish Liam.. thank you." She needed air and moved from the Thistle to wait for them if they desired to walk her home.

Which of course, they did.

He knew of a few places where games could be found at nearly any hour. It would be late until they ventured home.

It was what the night was all about...late venturing home.



Date: 02-15-11
Poster: Stephanie Shawnesey
Post # 57

New Faces

Conor hadn't taken a break during the day.  From the time the sun rose to the time he finally set his work aside, he had worked solid.   No breakfast.  No lunch   Only a breath to toss back some water and then to work again.  Jeremy was taking the days off to help get the manor ready, he could understand that, but Conor had come to rely on the boy's help more than he realized.  Conor's back ached.  His fingers ached.  His head ached.   So once the sun had set, he just walked away and sought out the Thistle.  A glass, a bottle, and the hearth.  That was the beginning to a good evening.

Steph was the oldest of the Shawnesey children as Maureen was the youngest; adoringly called little Mo but she was no longer little. In fact, it was time for her to get out and meet others. Sooner by years than Steph had gotten out of Dunshire. There were reasons as being the oldest she helped her mother take care of the others when growing up, helped her most in the kitchen and other such duties. Hopefully they had not spoilt Mo too much! "It is a really nice place," encouraging her as they headed up those very steps. "Lots of people come here, from older to our age. You remember Alex?" As she opened the door and held so her sister could move in first.

Of course they spoiled her too much, but you wouldn't hear her complaining and she wasn't a brat because of it.  Mostly due to the fact that Rhett and Shaun would remind her if she was being too much of a brat.  She liked to help around the house too, even if she wasn't very good at it and most of all, she loved to bake.  "I remember him being very stern looking but with a twinkle in his eyes.  Mostly I remember Hazel and the cookies she makes."  She didn't wait long to step inside.  No need to let the cold in more than necessary.

She was in right behind her as she commented on Mo's comment, "yes, and she still makes them. More than likely there is a tray out on the bar. Alex will probably let you have some punch if you act like you're older." Giving her a wink as she saw to the door being closed over. Mo always wanted to be as old as Steph anyway. Grew up faster than her years for it. "Good evening Alex. You remember Mo?" Seeing to her winter outwear as she spoke.

"Hello Alex."  She gave the tender a bright smile as she removed her cloak and gloves. "It's been a long time."  Had it really been that long?  Maybe to Mo.  She spotted the man sitting in front of the hearth and smiled at him as well.  "Good evening, sir."

Conor didn't say anything as the two lasses entered.  They were speaking to each other, so he just watched them, and listened.  It was when the one addressed him that he offered them a nod.  "Good evening."

Steph had missed the one being so intent on her sister. Silver green eyes lifted to shift from her to the one in front of the hearth. Smile tugged at the corners first with a dimple only to spread fully. Warmly. "Hello, good evening to you." Reaching the bar as she ordered up a black cherry punch.

Hello?  Good evening to you?  She gave her sister a look.  She was talking to a good looking man, and she didn't even give their names.  "I'm Maureen Shawnesey and this is my sister, Stephanie."   And she gave him a pretty smile before she attempted to get the same drink as Steph.

Ah, well, maybe the man was a bit too good looking and had distracted her more than usual. Enough to forget her manners but then he had not offered introductions either. She only smiled. Dimple showing then collected her drink.

"Stephanie, Maureen.  Pleasure.  I'm Conor Quinn."  He scooted up so he wasn't so relaxed in his chair.  "You can join me over here by the fire if you'd like."

"I heard of the Quinns, you've a big family." More a comment than a question as she tried to at least participate in conversation. "A pleasure to meet you Conor of the many Quinns. Would you like some company?"

He just smiled and nodded to the chairs he had suggested earlier.  "And I've heard of the Shawneseys."

Ooo! She managed to get a glass of the punch too and gave Steph a triumphant look.  And there was an offer they had to accept.  She just managed to bridle her enthusiasm and not drag Steph over to the hearth.  "You're the one who makes the saddles, aren't you?  I've heard talk they're some of the finest about."  She tucked a leg under her other on the chair as she sat.  In spite of being told not to do that over and over.  'Sit up straight, ladies, both feet on the floor, eyes front. Proper posture always.'  Well, Madame and her ruler wasn't here now to correct her.

Her comment caused him to grin.  "I'd like to think I'm that one, aye."  He held his drink, but didn't bring it up to taste at the moment.  "Haven't seen the either of you here before."

"Oh, well,  Stephanie's been here before, but no, I haven't been until tonight.  Our parents used to bring us when we were small."  She laughed, softly.  "And I was at school for a time."  And as if realizing, she was babbling, just a touch, she added, "do you come here a lot?" And fell quiet to hear the answer.

He started his reply to her with a nod. "Aye, quite a lot.  I enjoy the company it always seems to provide."

"It seems pretty quiet tonight."  She looked around before she turned her attention back to him again, just taking a moment to study him.  "I'm hoping to meet more though.  Have you met any of our brothers?"

"Have." He brought up his glass, swallowed, then lowered it again.  "When I first arrived, met Rhett, he made a weapon for my brother, Eion."  That smile grew some.  "And I will say that I've had the opportunity to enjoy the toboggan run."

"I've gone on it too.  I think this is the best they've done."  She paused a moment. "Though I didn't get to go on it the first time they made it."  She was proud of all four of her siblings, and tickled her brothers were known. "They had a few races there too though I think last year and this, they were skipped."

"Doesn't mean bets still aren't made."  Eyes sparkled with his amusement.  "Where did you go to school, Maureen?" He completely twisted the conversation to her, and things more personal to her.

She went quiet which was not usual for her as they joined Conor at the hearth. Settling a seat or two away, close enough but not crowding. The drink was sipped as she listened, leaving her sister to be the talkative one for a change.

"Here in Heathfield until I was old enough to be sent to England."  She glanced at her sister, and smiled again.  "I wanted to be a dancer but it's not so easy there and I finally got homesick." Not ashamed to admit it either as she looked back.  "I didn't care for London so much.  Too damp." Not to mention, the girls were snooty!

She finally cleared her throat as she added a comment, "we were thinking of asking to run the dance hall that has been abandoned." Not too much before she quieted again. Mo could speak enough for them both!

"The dance hall?" He looked between the two young women.  "That would be interesting."

"We would teach dance there and maybe hold dances if there's an interest."  She tipped her head slightly as she looked at Conor. "Do you dance, Conor?"  Look, Steph!  She wasn't calling him Mr. Quinn.

Which had her smile on the thought. Yes it would. For a few. "Do you dance, Master Conor?" Caught between being not too formal nor too familiar.

He chuckled as they both asked the same the same time.

Definitely sisters!

Which had her slightly cock her head as a sparkle roes in sliver green eyes. "Are you modest or fear you would step on toes?" Slanting a glance her sister's way she had all she could do not to burst into laughter.

"I do if the moment's right for it.  And I even enjoy it if I've a lovely partner."  He was still chuckling, especially with Steph's question.  "I am far from modest, Miss and it has been quite some time since I've stepped on anyone's toes while dancing."

"I would imagine having a lady as your dance partner would be far grander than learning with your brothers?" She knew that when lads learned, a lot of times it was with another lad as the lady. "Then," and here came the IFs that would make it questionable to even happen, "if we get the dance hall and if you come down, I will request a dance with you if you do not mind, Master Conor," adding a smile at the end that reached her eyes.

She wrinkled her nose at all the formality from her sister.  His name was Conor, for goodness sake!

Brows lifted with the spreading of an even bigger smile.  "If I don't mind?  I would very much enjoy that, Miss Stephanie." His gaze touched on her sister. "And if you're willing, Miss Maureen, a chance to dance with you as well."  He lifted his glass slightly.  "I'm hoping you are able to do so."

She had the purity enough that a blush touched upon her cheeks but certainly that only enhanced the glint it caused in her eyes. Didn't matter it was offered to both, not she in particular. In fact she was very pleased he included her sister. She lifted her glass, "to dreams of the future may they be blessed with them."

A toast? Aye...he'd drink to that!

She drank down every last drop that had been in her glass. Rising then, she was over to get more. "Do either of you want something more?"

She would too, finding she liked the punch very much, and after she took a drink, she smiled at Conor.  "I would be delighted to dance with you.  No, I'm still working on the first glass."  She was going to be very careful because she wanted to return.  That might not happen if she were to return home drunk.

"I have a bottle stashed beside the chair, Miss.  I will be set for a good part of the evening.  Thank you."  A fine pair, these two sisters.  He smiled to himself as Stephanie wandered back over to the bar.

Glancing between them both, with a slight pause on Conor for his comment, then around to collect her drink as the glass was refilled. Once done, she wandered back to take up the seat she'd previously vacated. "How goes your leather trade. Do you only make saddles?"

The fact she brought up business caught him by surprise.  "Just saddles? No.  Some of the tack as well.  Harnesses.  Reins.  But let's not talk about me.  Let's talk about you two.  Really, what has kept you from gracing the tavern more often?  We've surely been deprived of such lovely company."

"Well, home life, I help my mother out a lot but now she is chasing me out of the house or I'll become an old maid she says. I've been out a few times but have not met you until now.."

She was going to settle into listening now, though of course, she'd add what she could, when she could.  A slight shift and she had both legs where they should be beneath her skirt since the other had been falling asleep under her.  She bit back a giggle when she heard Steph and all the while she was wiggling her foot to try to stop the pins and needles in her leg.

For the unheard giggle she knew was there. "Mo will probably be married off long before I am." Grin.

"You an old maid, what a pity that would be."  He slid a look to the younger one. "And've been away at school."

"Yes, where it was all so veddy, veddy proper."  She imitated an upper class English accent and laughed. "And utterly...  boring.   So, now I'll be here seeking excitement, and Stephanie will be here so mother doesn't chase her out of the house with a broom."

"I would not mind some excitement in my life." Long overdue most likely. Shooting a glance Mo's way before taking another healthy dink of her punch.

"I don't know about  excitement, but the Thistle is a good place to start to meet people, Ladies...that might be able to introduce you to some excitement."

"You prefer peace and quiet, Conor?"  She gave him an impish look, tipping her head a bit.

Somehow she doubted that as she was curious to his reply. So he had two sisters with their focus on him.

"At times." He grinned, bringing up his glass lest they see that expression that told the remainder of his words.

 And yes, she had ignored the talk of marriage and would, for goodness sake!  "But not always.  So, flying down the dragon is your excitement?"  She studied him again, then shook her head. "No, I don't think that's it at all."

But then he thought better of it, his glass coming back down to rest on his leg.  "But most times, no, Miss Maureen.  I'm more a man of action, for the most part. And you've only just met me, Miss Maureen." He laughed now, a low, rumbling sound filled with his amusement.  "I've a penchant for seeking out my entertainment where fights are plentiful and whiskey even more so."

"And the lasses are lovely and willing?"  She was probably going to get swatted by Steph as she continued without a blush!  "So, are you secretly a swashbuckler, or maybe a highwayman, and when you've found a likely victim, do you  follow him to take his gold."  And maybe, she shouldn't drink the punch just yet. 

Slowly he added a negative motion of head.  "Far from it, Miss Maureen, though, if it pleases you, I would say it is so."  He scratched at the corner of his mouth where his grin remained.  "And lovely, willing lasses are not all they have been built up to be.  I prefer a lass...with a bit of sass to her and not so much willing to say yes to everything I may suggest."  He shrugged then.  "I'm an Irish lad, Miss Maureen.  We've been raised to appreciate a real woman."

"What kind of action do you like the best?" There it was, the loaded question.

Like their mother!  She grinned and nodded.  "Well, I think that's probably better then."  And Steph finally spoke up!

"Action?"  There it was...a sort of side step around the loaded question.

"Yes, you spoke of excitement and action, or did I hear you wrong?"

"No, you heard me right, Miss Stephanie, but only heard part of what I said." He reached over the side of  his chair and  then brought up a bottle.  More of the potcheen was added to his glass.  "The action I prefer drops me dead center of a round or two of whiskey and a good brawl.  But, that's not all I enjoy...just my preference."

"Well, yes, that would get the blood pumping. I'm sure there are other situations that are best not discussed." Least not in public. She was not that innocent in knowledge, just not first hand experience. She read a lot.

He finished pouring and cut another look Stephanie's way.  "What would you consider excitement, Miss?"  As he brought up his glass, waiting for her reply, he lowered the bottle beside his chair again.

"A good rousing dance such as the more exotic in Egyptian clothing where silk moves as your limbs do." She didn't add anything more, just took a sip of her punch in lieu.

That...kind of excitement then!  "I see." He smiled, lowering his glass.  He nodded to Mo.  "Is it the same for you, Miss Maureen?"

"No, I think racing the wind on the back of a horse, or sailing off to some faraway place that isn't England, or maybe  ...  watching a brawl with a good Irish lad at the center."  She was teasing with the last and the sparkle in gray eyes would show it.

"There are those too.." feeling like she was an old lady already if she didn't like such excitement. Which she did. She only mentioned one.

They both had excellent suggestions, although the whole sailing off to faraway places wouldn't be an agreeable one to Conor!

"Doesn't one of your brothers sail?" She heard something. "To far off places. Maybe we can stow Mo away on his ship." Giving her sister a wink with the teasing.

Conor nodded faintly.  "Aye, he does, but seems you could tuck yourself away on one of the ships your family owns far easier."  The nod had changed to a shake.  "Really, though, I'd much rather race across a field, or be in a brawl then endure the likes of a rolling, pitching sea."

Ah, but Mo wouldn't know that.  She laughed at the suggestion. "I could but with my luck, I'd find myself in England again."  She tipped her head at Conor.  "Ah, not one for the sea then?"  Nothing wrong with that either.

"Oh, I meant for my sister to catch a ride on a ship bound to some foreign exotic place. Douglas would have her head if caught on his ships, well, to be his ships." She wasn't sure Douglas knew. She got to overhear conversations he was probably not privy to yet.

"I meant your sister too, Miss Stephanie." He twitched a wink off to her.  "And no, I'd prefer my feet on solid land.  I  do just fine that way."

"Well, there is the sled run for excitement," something that was solid and true for as long as the winter lasted.

She sipped the punch then laughed. "And I guess that will have to do for now.  Though....  how did you get here then, Conor?"

"Swam."  He grinned...bringing his glass up.  The rest he spoke against the rim of the glass.  "All the way from Ireland."  Brows danced with amusement and then he tilted the glass up to drink.

Which had her laugh at his obvious teasing. "You landed as a prune then."

She laughed too, but mostly at herself.  "It was a silly question, wasn't it?"

"Near enough, Miss Stephanie.  I dripped sea water for months."

"So, sailing is not an option for you." She looked thoughtful.  "Unless you know you can swim the whole way."  She looked like she thought he was serious.

Maureen's assessment caused him to laugh.  "If I can help it...sailing is never an option for me.  Ever."  He WAS serious about the sailing!

"Did you gather barnacles too?" Which she was starting to picture all this as amusement danced in her eyes.

He had a nice laugh!  And she grinned at him. "At least you can admit it.  There are a few who would never do so!"  And she leaned forward slightly. "I didn't mind sailing when it was nice and the sea fairly calm but not so much when it was storming." Stephanie had her laughing too!

"Wasn't ever still long enough. That's a hellova swim, Miss Stephanie.  Had I slowed, I may not be here yet today." He was laughing, these sisters were quite entertaining.

"So I can't nickname you Barnacle Bill?" Looking like she was hoping and that wicked bit of a smile. "I love swimming in the summer," as an afterthought. "I may not have gotten out here much but I was to the lake every morning and in the evenings when I could take a midnight swim."

"Not Barnacle Bill, but perhaps Crawfish Conor." He tucked his glass between his knees and then tucked both his arms close to his chest, making a swimming motion with just his hands

She giggled and placed the now empty glass on a side table.  One was all she was going to have tonight.  "Hmmm, crawfish don't do the fishy mouth, do they?"  And she pursed her lips together to demonstrate.

"You do that rather well, do you practice in front of a mirror?" It came easy in teasing him, "Crawfish Conor, that's catchy. It might be shortened to Craw after a while."

His gaze touched upon her lips, he chuckled, but shook his head, turning his attention to Stephanie.  "I should do it well, I swam an ocean such."  Another wink and he collected his glass, scooting forward and then standing.  "I do regret for you that I'm the only one that happened to the tavern when it's a night for excitement.  But I truly do not regret it for me."  He offered them each a nod.

She rose as he did, more out of respect. One of those silent things that spoke more than words. "I'm pleased to have met you." It didn't really seem to bother her that the tavern hadn't filled up. "Easier to talk to one or two than if there had been more here."

"Ah, but I got to have you both all to myself.  Quite the pleasure.  I look forward to seeing you again."

There came the smile, "have a good night Master Craw. May your dreams be pleasant ones, filled with excitement and adventure."

She stood as well, her smile appearing again.  "It was very nice, Conor, and I don't regret it at all.  I hope to see you soon too.  Good night and rest well."  She laughed softly, "And may your dreams be of places far from the ocean."

"Now there's a dream worth having."  He pointed a finger to Maureen with a grin, then continued on to the bar to bring Alex his glass and bottle.

"More like streams and babbling brooks..." having a light laugh follow. That was also where one found crawfish.

She watched him walk to the bar, then leaned to nudge her sister.

Which she got a quick discreet pinch back. She would be teasing Mo later.

She'd be teasing Steph! After all, she didn't blush like Stephanie had.

She would deny it. "Let's go take a walk down to the square and see if the actors are still out performing." There was also dance studio next to it. Deciding she was going to go for it wasn't far, she headed for her coat to put on. They would be staying here a few days to shop.

"All right."  She followed to grab up her cloak.   "Are we going to come back here to stay then?"  She had enjoyed herself tonight and hoped there'd be more such nights to follow.  And though they had been teased about staying at the warehouse, she hoped that wasn't the case.

Date: 02-25-11
Poster: Solarina Riktafir
Post # 58

Back from Kildare

It was good to be back in Heathfield.  As much as Tykir had been yanking at the reins to get to Kildare, when they finally crossed over into Heathfield again, he actually felt it in his blood.   There was this relief, this sense of  being at home.  He wondered if anyone else had felt it but he didn't mention it just in case they hadn't.   And now, he shoved his way into the Thistle.  Yet another confirmation that he ... was home!

If he had asked, Bannon would have confirmed that he felt the same.  Having grown up in Luneburg, and been alone for much of his life, Heathfield had become home from the moment he stepped foot there.  Though the adventure had been a grand one, he was glad to be back.  And a visit to the Thistle was mandatory, especially since he wasn't following after the Princess.  She had to be relieved that was done and over with too!

Myrina did not take note of any entries, she was contemplated if the gentleman -Alex- was deaf?  Poor man, but he was a good tender.  She wasn't annoying, only curious!

Rina had lingered at the castle to catch up on all she had missed while gone. Gone a lot longer than her brother. She was still sulking some on that. She had wanted to fight the ancient birds like her brother but she had not been allowed. Well, for once she didn't go behind her step father's back but honored his request that she not. She no longer had a bodyguard as she almost, only almost, wistfully glanced over her shoulder before pushing the door of the tavern open. She was going to have to come up with something really outstanding to catch up with her brother. However there was the dungeon and ghosts he didn't face. That had her save some face.

"Alex!" He called to the tender as he entered, watching as the man glanced to the door then went about setting out drinks to the counter. Without a need for a coat, he continued straightway to the bar. "Hi-ya." He offered to the lass as he approached. "How 'ya doin'?" Was the last to Alex or the stranger?

"Evening," smile would belie her thoughts as she was in, door closed and seeing to hanging up her cloak. "I'm doing fine Ty," swatting his shoulder.

The yell almost brought the woman to tumble from the stool. But swaying her body from left to right brought her form to stay on her knees, on the stool, and slowly to turn to the both with a wave and a smile. Well Alex was it, he wasn't going to speak, so she jumped from the stool and held her hand out to the girl first. "Hi, I am Myrina." Girls first!

Owie! He rubbed his shoulder as he looked back and grinned to his sister. "Yes, of course you are..." Was Rina ever not fine?

Rina might think she still had a bodyguard because there he was, coming in the side door. He had to laugh when he saw both Rina and Tykir. Just like always. "Evening everyone." He was in a grand mood and as he came up to the bar, he clapped a hand to Tykir's shoulder. "Good to be home, ja?" Accent not so heavy but still there. And he bowed to the ladies.

"Look at that, now you have them kneeling before your royal highness." Teasing even if it was on the stool, she was still kneeling! Blink. "Hello Bannon," stepping from her brother to get a punch from Alex. Liquid kind. "Hi, Myrina, nice to meet you. I'm Solarina or Rina, this is my brother Tykir and that man there is Sir Bannon." Giving her hand a quick squeeze.

"Manohmanohman, you aren't kidding." He added, slipping an arm around and offering a pat to Bannon's shoulder as well. "Sir Bannon." Sounded good. Sounded darn good. He'd say it again for Bannon if he wanted him to!

"Nice to meet you all.." She had no clue who they were, to Myrina they were new faces in a land where she hardly knew any.

Tykir could say it as much as he wanted! Bannon wouldn't get tired of hearing it. And Rina had called him a man? Wow! "Myrina." He offered Rina a grin. "I promise, I'm not following you."

He leaned to the side to whisper, rather loudly, to his sister. "Sure he is, Rina...he can't get enough of you!" And then, as if nothing was said, he reached and collected a filled glass. "Nice to meet you Myrina. You're living here, in Heathfield?"

Which had her blink at her brother, then blink at Bannon. "You better not be or I'll have to shove my fist in your ribs," like if she even did, it would hurt. "Sir or no sir.." and she discreetly kicked Ty in the shin.

Nod was given to man. "Yes, and love the lands so far." It would seem this was a reunion of sorts, so Myrina moved from the trio and back to the stool, where her cider was waiting.

Tykir was so blasted abused! A hand that had been rubbing his shoulder now reached down to meet the leg he lifted to rub his shin.

He accepted a glass of potcheen from Alex and had, luckily, not taken a drink! Instead, he just gave Tykir a wide-eyed look, then he chuckled, holding up one hand. "I don't want to be punched, thank you."

"She always abuses those she loves most, Sir Bannon." He was living proof!

He was doing a new dance.

"I have to agree, Myrina...these lands are easily loved." He smiled to the newcomer and released his massage of his leg, bringing his glass up to drink.

"I've not touched Sir Bannon," and Ty got a pinch to his side for that one. He was going to have bruises. And it was a little white lie but Ty didn't know that. Besides.. she'd not punch him yet.

"Glad my sister brought us here.." The words flowed with ease and filled with meaning. She loved riding on the lands, and smiled with a toast before the cider was consumed.

Since it seemed to be a night to tease, he studied Tykir a moment. "I forgot to ask, during the battle, or after .... " He had been getting his ribs taped up after that tumble from the tree. He glanced at Rina and bit back a grin then continued. "How did you manage to be wearing two favors into battle?" He smiled at Myrina. "Wait until spring. You'll find everyone to be very friendly." Well, most. There were a few grumps about ...   No, he wasn't going to tell anyone that she had kissed him and risk getting teased mercilessly by the knights his age.

Tykir had missed all her loving tweaks! Wings of pure white neatly tucked behind her as she tweaked one of her brother's feathers. Males were more sensitive in some ways.

Actually, he had! But he'd never admit to it. "That's your loss, should have when you had the chance." He was still smiling as he looked to Myrina. "Yes." He nodded to Bannon to agree with what he said. "And who is your sister here?" His grin took on a crooked, half lift as he looked to Bannon. Things men talked about while not in the company of females...he'd explain about the two favors...later.

"I cannot wait.. " Truth be told, the young woman was tired of winter. The snow was so annoying, she had found herself kicking it of late. "Anthea .." Then she was chewing on the cinnamon stick, quietly of course.

He could wait but he grinned in return and lifted his glass in a toast to his friend.

Seeing two men grinning and not saying a word had her narrowing her eyes on them both.

Ohcraponastick. That narrowing of eyes did not bode well for his ribs.

That's when one wing whipped out and swatted Bannon upside the head being he started it. It was back just as quick as if she'd not done a thing. Considering she was holding her punch in both hands.

To say she was shocked, well... by Zeus was that wings? She did not wish to stare, so she demurely lowered her gaze to study the stick very closely.

Tykir actually flinched, practically ducked, but it was Bannon who got the outcome of that eye narrowing thingie Rina did. "See...she likes you well enough." He was laughing to himself. "Anthea...the woman who works at the print shop? That Anthea?" Did he know any others? Not really. But, ohwell, it sounded like something that should be asked.

What he do?! All he did was grinned back at Tykir!

Because he hardly reacted, she swatted him again with her wing, harder this time. Not that it would knock him across the room or anything.  And the fact he was grinning.

"Yes, Sir.. that one.." She couldn't look up. Wings?! Oh wow this was indeed a wonderful place to live! Ok, she really.. really..really liked Rina!

Whoa! He actually ducked with the wings moving! But, like a good knight, not a drop of the potcheen was spilled!

Hey, it was okay with Tykir if Bannon retaliated. Tykir would have! He was soooooo talented, that Sir Bannon!

That was a little better. Appeased her enough with a pouty little smirk to show then some drink of her punch. Ty was walking a thin line. "How long have you been here Myrina? Don't mind these two clowns.."

"Use your words, Rina." Tykir chortled, bringing up his glass and grinning into the liquid before he drank. Wasn't that what their Nanny used to tell them when they would fight with fists and feet and wings?

He would have been disgraced had he spilled a drop!

Smile to Rina... "I have only been here perhaps a week, a little bit longer. " Smile came brighter. So bright with thoughts of adventures she could have here. "And I love it already.." The two clowns? Myrina laughed at that.

Bannon went from being a man to being a clown!

How fickle women were!

'You two are dangerous." He was trying not to laugh. Bah! Fickle... yeah!


"Only to those around us.." fair warning. Bannon should know though.

Warm smile at the trio. It must be nice to have such good friends. She had brothers, but these two had her grinning.

Oh, he did. All too well.

"Only a week? And you've already found the Thistle. Good place to start...and return to often."

"Only a week but your sister has been here a while. She can probably show you around. There are a few our age but watch out for any lad named McAndrews." Giving a firm nod to that. Adding as an after thought, "there are a few of them."

"My horse showed me the way?" Shrug was seen but so was the grin. "I have this habit of riding my horse until I know all I can." She turned to Rina with a smile.."Anthea has showed me the commons, as well as the lake, which I love.." Mental note. Watch out for the McAndrews.

Tykir grunted softly. "Or Riktafir..." Then he was grinning to Bannon. "Or Zimmer!" Or Shawnesey even for that matter!

Ok, that was a lot of names. "Does this man," cant of head to Alex.. "Have paper, ink, and quill.. so I can scribe all this down?" Grin.

Rina was just playing favorites with the McAndrews and THAT, you better believe it, was duly noted! "Solarina likes to chitterchat, Myrina. I'm sure she'll repeat herself a couple of times. You should get it by the fourth or fifth rendition."  Whistle. Whistle. Look around the room, such a nice room. Grin. Yes...even move a few paces away. Just so he could see more of the room, of course.

"Shaun Shawnesey is rather cute as is his brothers. The McAndrews don't lack in looks either but they grow them like trees..." And .. Ty got a discreet jab of an elbow into his ribs. Even if she had to move to do it!

"All of those." He nodded agreement, grinned and stepped over one step so he didn't get swatted instead of Tykir.

"I love it, Ty is it? She is a woman, I am a woman.. we need to speak .. " Nod nod of that blonde head with a smile to Rina. Oooo was he gonna get hit? She watched to see. "Ohhh mountain of men? I met one in Italy, he was so tall I had to sit on my horse to carry on a conversation." Trying not to laugh. Cough..cough.

It was a scraping sort of jab, since Tykir was on the move! Enough though to have him twitching to the side to escape it. "Tykir." He corrected Myrina with a nod. "Riktafir." He added, just to make sure she knew he was one of those men mentioned.

"Good move, Sir.." Spoken to Banner, but then watching brother and sister with a grin. Why couldn't her brothers be playful. Work work work.. wait.. drink drink drink.. wait.. wench wench wench. "Ohhh I should watch for you, got it.." Mental note. Tykir is one to watch out for. Wink to Rina!

One of those men... mentioned by him only!

Added by him! He didn't expect his sister to include him! Someone had to, boy!

"Get a pig poker and you should be fine around him." Wink right back!

She laughed. Wiping the tears from her eyes.. "Will make sure to purchase one tomorrow!"

Which she demonstrated by using her forefinger like said item, right into Ty's side.

He was suddenly glad he didn't have any sisters! They were vicious! Even if he did secretly consider the de Beauvais' twins like sisters, they were way too young.

"While you're making that purchase, consider a muzzle for ..." He grunted out a sound of surprise when that finger got him when he least expected it.


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The blonde was laughing hysterically now!

"Exactly, I think you talk more than I do."

Mouth gape open. Muzzle? Oh my God, she was bowing her head and holding her stomach in laughter. She was going to come here more. These two were cracking her up.

"Nah...." He was holding up one arm, looking down the length of side to where she had poked. "Not possible."


All this was having her feel a little better about not being allowed to join in the battle. She poked him right in the armpit then.

Tykir was not without strategy, in many ways. She had not a clue that jabbing a finger in his armpit was NOT the best choice. He had flown the entire way from castle to tavern...and had worked up a sweat with some of the antics in the air he had managed to work off some of his pent up energy.  And so, with that knowledge of his own...he just smiled.

With laughter to calm, Myrina turned with a smile to Alex. "Another please?" Polite as always, even to a man she thought deaf.

Which she wiped across his cheek when done. "You need to wash more often, Ty, you're finally getting a man's glands."

Ewwww, she thought, well hope she thought.

A quick turn of head and he nipped at her finger, though he wouldn't really bite it.! "And don't forget it." He laughed, motioning to his glass too. If Alex was filling Myrina's, he might as well make it two for one.

"Thank you.." Offered to the man as she took up the glass of cider. After her laughter, this would definitely hit the spot. Placing the cup on the bar, she removed the stick and softly jabbed it at her glass.

She gave one of those curious quick glances over Bannon, wonder if he had a man's glands too.

He hadn't run and he had cleaned up before he came here, so if she wanted to know, she'd have to wait until a morning of training.

Yes, then she could poke her finger in his pit too...and find out! Back to socializing. "So, it's just you and your sister?"

She about jumped with his words. But then smiled.."Myself, my sister, my three brothers, a woman from Scotland that is tedious at best with her mothering, and ward of my sister" There, had she gotten all? She counted the names in her mind.."Si, that is all."

"Wowsie, that's a house full!"

She sauntered on over towards Bannon, making her way around him with a sniff when around his back (unless he turned with her), "he smells better than you, Tykir." Then to Bannon, "do you still keep a bug collection?" Giving a glance towards Tykir in an incriminating way.

"Yes" Waggling stick toward him..."And let me tell you, it grows annoying to hide in the barn for peace and quiet" Chuckle.

He cut a look to his sister, danced his brows up and down, then looked back to Myrina.

"Like when your family gets together, Tykir." He would have said more but Rina was circling him. "Bug collection?" Or did she mean Tykir was a bug with the look she gave her brother?

Nibble of lips came quickly. Trying not to laugh with Rina's words.

And then he looked at Tykir again. "She sniffed me."

That did it. She was laughing again.

"Yes, I've mentioned my concerns to our mother..." The flat plane of stomach rippled beneath his shirt with his suppressed laughter.

She quickly took a bite of the stick. Chomp .. Chomp. Chomp or crack up again.

"How else can I tell if you are as smelly as my brother?" And didn't she step on his foot when she came back around and headed for the bar. "Yes, bug collection or maybe you had pet snakes?" Tykir got another poke to his side as she passed him in gaining the bar.

Snakes? That brought a shiver of pure distaste. She hated snakes. Smile to Rina upon her approach, busy eating the stick.

"No, bugs. But I got too busy to keep them." Better to answer that way. He really didn't understand females at all and looked down at his foot. "You don't weigh very much, Rina."

Myrina would notice the dancing glint in Rina's eyes that spoke quiet volumes in teasing both her brother and Bannon. Maybe he became like another brother after hanging around the two this long.

How would he explain all the tiny, fingertip size bruises along his ribs, I ask ya?

She smiled warmly, she was happy to see how close Rina was with her brother and friend. And meant Rina was a good person, and one Myrina wanted to know better.

Rina did it!

"Did you let them go or die in their little boxes when you became too busy to care for them any longer?" Sounding serious.

"Except, didn't you notice, she put on some weight when she was in Kildare. Got a bit pudgy about the middle there." He waggled a finger in the direction of Rina's midsection.

"I let them go." Sounding just as serious. He had never kept bugs! And just as he took a drink, Tykir made that comment. Chokecough!

Tykir got an outright punch in the chest for that one. "I did not!" And just because it would not be expected, he got one in the gut too!

Oh no! He was speaking of her weight! Uh oh. Bingo, he got whapped.

Now THAT bloody hurt! "DammitRina!" He choked out, and then, if she didn't gut punch him too, causing him to pitch forward to grab his belly. No, he really hadn't expected her to react with that much violence.

She always was beating up on her little brother when he went too far even if he was getting taller than her!

He told her she was putting on weight! Even Bannon knew that was a dangerous thing to tell any female!

He would learn.. NEVER EVER imply that one got fat especially one who was not!


And she was the one pouting now as if she'd been hit.

Myrina was tactful enough to turn her gaze to the cup of cider.

And stronger, but with age and height and strength and training came the ability not to respond in kind. There was that pout, bloodyguiltcreator! "Okay, okay." He could barely get out the words, straightening up as he drew in a deep breath just to make sure his diaphragm still worked. "You didn't gain ... that much ... weight."

He had been warned one evening when he was listening to the Four Horsemen. Never ask a woman her age. Never tell her what she was wearing was ugly and never, ever tell her she was getting a little pudgy. And he just bit back a laugh when Tykir did it again.

Vincent never told a woman what she was wearing was ugly? Tykir would put bets on that one! Did what again? That was a compliment, wasn't it?

Myrina dropped her forehead to the bar. Tykir was putting his foot in his mouth, wonder if it taste good?

That didn't come from Vincent.  Hell, the Dragon would tell a woman she was fat too.  But Bannon got to listen to all the Horsemen!

"I didn't gain any weight at all.." well, in bust and her hips rounded out and her waist got smaller. She was narrowing her eyes on Tykir again like a Cobra about to strike.

Myrina had the good sense, to pick up her glass, jump off the stool, and move away. But she did wink to Rina on her way to a table!

"You're leaving?" Tykir asked as the girl tucked tail to flee the immediate area. He slanted a look to Rina and he spoke low, so only she would hear...and perhaps Alex...and then maybe Bannon...well, even Myrina could probably. "Want to bet on that?"

Certainly wasn't in her stomach and Tykir's head might be twice its size soon.

Oh yes she was leaving. Finding comfort on the chair, and gazing to the ceiling as if it grew horns.

He just fought a successful battle with his brothers! His head was already twice it's normal size! Besides, he was Tykir Riktafir...he always had a big head.

That did it, she slammed her fist in his jaw then walked away, with her drink.

Anyone could have heard that crack, even the girl who was now glancing to the ... whoa Rina had a good hook.

Make that his kisser she actually hit, his lips would be twice the size to match his head.

He was starting to move toward her in a brave attempt to stop any damage but he was too late!

It jerked his head to the side, but he only lifted his hand and rubbed the area, working his jaw side to side. His sister still fumed about the whole Kildare battle thing, and he knew a poultice to a festering boil, Tykir was the best and only one to draw out Rina's frustrations.

Keep everything in proportion!

Nope, missed his kisser, not that he'd be kissing anyone with was his jaw, and it was a good, solid punch that met with it.

She went and sat down next to Myrina, probably to her chagrin! She wasn't looking at her brother or his cohort after that remark.

Trying to defuse the tension, the young woman smiled. "How long have you been here?"  Spoken to Rina.

Because it was in Rina's best interest that he badgered her, he didn't stick out a foot when she stormed past to send her tripping in her huff. Instead, he just slid a look to Bannon and offered him a slow, barely noticeable nod of acknowledgement.

"You're going to have a helluva bruise, Tykir." He said in a low voice as he rejoined him. Of course, they all had gotten a few bruises on the training field.

"Yea...and a bruised ego when I have to say where I got it." He was still shifting his jaw side to side. "Thanks for stepping in there and taking one for your prince, Sir Knight." He chuckled softly through his words.

The young girl did not speak further, feeling Rina wanted time to speak, or even answer her question. With a soft smile, she lifted up the glass of cider and offered it to her new friend.

"Especially avoid that one," which Myrina would know who she meant. Said low between them. "Have you met any of the young men our age." Which was late teens and there about. She had been still fuming to hear her first question.

"No, Rina.. only man I have met is my sister's ward. But I would love to meet more my age." After all, her sister and brothers were all a lot older, and boring in her mind.

"She's too damn quick." Grumbled low. He felt bad even though he knew this was the norm for these two!

"She'll grow out of it...eventually." At least, he hoped so, or she'd be a spinster in the castle, sucking on a corncob pipe and screeching at people to get out of her way as she shuffled her way down the corridors.

"I am sure you will," giving a light smile before drinking some of her punch. She might have a few of these tonight.

Why were brothers so annoying at times? She didn't have a clue, perhaps the answer was only answered by the ancients or stars above? "I am glad to have met you, and anxious to tell my brother I met one my age" Or so she thought.

"How old are your siblings? I have more older with only three younger."

"Maybe when she gets interested in someone." At least she had calmed down and was talking to Myrina.



Date: 02-25-11
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"Achaz is over thirty, as well as Dareios." Taking a breath.."Erastos is twenty six I believe, Anthea almost twenty four.. and I am nineteen." Had she left anyone out.."Oh and another brother whom will not be here for several months.. he is almost twenty-one.. I believe." Smile. "How many siblings do you have?"

Myrina was like a bandage though. Covering over the wound didn't really change the fact there was a gaping, weeping sore beneath it! "Rina? Interested in someone? You a guy someone?" Brows were lifted with his question and he was very, very, extremely very close to squeaking with that question to the ridiculous comment by the knight.

His glass stopped in its upward movement and he just looked at the Prince a moment, then laughed. "Ja, exactly that. It will happen." He motioned vaguely in the direction of the castle. "She mentions Shawnesey and the McAndrews." All of whom were staying there.

And why not? Rina was beautiful! She bet many men wished to court her, leaving her parents to beat them off.

He laughed, waving away Bannon's comment as preposterous. "As many healers as there are in Heathfield, there wouldn't be enough to tend to that poor man if she ever..." He paused with Bannon's addition. He leaned in, placing the back of his hand to the side of his mouth. "Yes, but...have you ever heard them mention her? She's a tough one, Rina...I bet even the likes of Sir Aiden, or Gabriel or even Cole would wake in a sweat of fright should she barge into one of their dreams!"

"Eight. Andrew is the oldest, in his thirties. Then there are the twins Leoric and Gaidan. Leo is King of Kildare now and Gaidan its Regent. Gaidan's wife is expecting. Andrew has two little ones. Leo is not married. Yet. He needs to find himself a good wife and Queen. Lah is married and Henna probably will be soon. Then there is me and Tykir. Carlton and Lydia."

Now she blinked. Blinked.. and blinked again. King? She was royalty? Oh no.. "That is nice, Rina.. to have older brothers, and twins.. goodness, that had to be handful for your parents?" She took a calming breath, acting no different.

If she knew her brother's conversation he would have not only a fat lip for it but a split one.. make it hurt to keep talking.

And well she should! But...all the better she did not.

"They talk about girls who are pretty and yes, Rina is one they mention. Some others too. You should join us sometime."

"I only just met my sister, and cannot imagine life without one. Do you feel the same?" Softly questioned.

The dark prince shook his head. "Not if Rina is what you're talking about." Some others might tempt him to join. But Rina? Come on! He couldn't very well admit that she was really rather pretty and her spunk was part of what made her so.

"Lah and Henna are twins too. Henna keeps herself so busy I thought she'd never marry but she was beguiled by Myles."

"Not just about Rina.  And really they wouldn't if you were there and it's never disrespectful." He smiled slightly. "We talk about other things too. Training, fighting ... usual." They'd be talking about the battle now.

"Congratulations to your sister.." The ideal of marriage was good for others, but Myrina wanted nothing to do with it. "Two set of twins. God's bones, your poor mother."

"Wait, it wasn't Myles, she had a crush on him for a while and Peter too, then there is Sir Trevor." Which had a dreamy look. Peter and Trevor, how could one pick between them?

And he nudged Tykir right then, though carefully. Rina was proving his point right there.

If she knew Bannon was at least sticking up for her while Tykir talked behind her back, she'd kiss him again given the chance!

It wasn't often that Tykir could manage to mingle with lads his age. Once he finished with his training, there were studies and then chores...but he'd try to slip away and...huh? The nudge had him looking over to his sister and catching that doe-eyed-areyoufrigginkiddingme?-look about her. What could Tykir do but shake his head in defeat.

She had to chuckle, she had a crush once, and he was in Italy, where she wanted to return one day. "Do you have a crush on one?" Was she mistaken about the dreamy look? And then sip of cider was taken, needing it desperately.

He should join them! They were all close to his age and they had fun. And no one really watched them to make sure they behaved because they were in the Knight's Hall. "She's growing up, just like the rest of us." There had been a big change in Rina over the last few months.

Perk. Ear streeeeeetch.
"I wonder if Henna will fall for one of the Four Horsemen or the king of Innis.." who knew and who knew how the male felt. She was looking at it from her sister's possible perspective.

"I hope whomever she falls for, your sister will be happy with her choice" Warm smile.

There was a light flush to her cheeks but she didn't say who and possibly not one she mentioned either. "I don't think so.." was all she would comment but the flush would hint otherwise.

Not from what Tykir had experienced. Ahem. Swat. Poke. Jab. Punch. Slam!

"I will admit that the two my sister might like, are very good choices."


"I believe, any man would be happy to have you liking them.. any man indeed" Lowered her voice.." and perhaps help you hang your brother in a tree, by his trousers?" Wink! "I am so glad to hear that.. my brother often tells me. It is not important what station you marry, but if you love." Shrug.." I wish your sister only the best"

"By his toes you mean.." giving a wink back.

That brought a rare giggle to slip past her lips.

She also smiled at the visual, big flashy wide one.

Marriage. Shudder! Drink!

Marriage. Hurl. Ugh!

Marriage? Men? They were better to dream about from afar for they would fall short of anything near what an ideal would be. Except maybe Peter or Trevor!

Bannon was starting to think both lasses had some kind of twitch in their eyes for all the winking going on!

Myrina had no exceptions. To this young woman, love was for poets and romantic notions, she rather not be part of.

Tykir slid his glass into his hand and strolled on over to stand near the seated girls. No one ever said he was the smartest. Perhaps, he was just very brave! "So, Myrina, you have an older she like ours? Bringing men to their knees to court her if possible?"

They were what poets wrote about! Wait until she met some of these older, more experience, mature men, they were what crushes were made of!

She would run if she ever had a crush. She only wanted to learn to use a sword, and be that old Aunt that all sent their kids too! "Anthea? She isn't being courted, too busy with us and her work.. and trying to be my mother." Snort!

They were what crushes were made of...and what the younger, less experienced, maturing men used as examples.

Tykir liked living dangerously! Though, he followed along after he asked Alex to refill his glass.

When Tykir came over especially with his comment, she rose. A hand to touch Myrina's lightly. "I hope to see you again soon. Good night," not addressing her brother as she brought her glass over to set for Alex on the bar.

"Rina, come visit anytime.. I live at Vassallo Manor.. would love to have you met my family" She hated to see Rina go and narrowed her eyes to her brother.

She caught the name of the manor and knew where it was with a discreet question to Alex then headed to gather up her cloak to don.

What was this? He was just trying to join the conversation. He turned to follow Rina's departure with his gaze, and a good thing the Dark Prince didn't see that look from Myrina. "Where are you going, Rina?"

"If you will excuse me, Lord Tykir.." Having a feeling he was royalty, she rose from her chair with empty cup in hand so she could deposit it on bar for Alex. Then with a wave to all, she smiled warmly and was heading to the door to gather her coat from the peg.

Tykir only got a passing glance, no reply to his inquiry before she headed out the door as if not hearing him at all.

Rude much? First one and then the other? "Surely." He offered to Myrina before he looked over to Bannon.

With a salute she moved out the door as well, but nay to walk, to gather Apollo and ride the lands again.

What could he say? "She did that to me a lot when I had to guard her." Said with the slightest of shrugs but he wasn't sure about Myrina. Except. "They stick together."

But this was Rina. The door opened back up as she yelled in loud enough for her brother to hear, "you're like diarrhea, once you get going you don't stop." Then she slammed the door back closed.

"Guess we'll just have to make the most of the evening and our drinks then...have a seat?" A final glance to the door and he started to lower, only to hear Rina shout and run. "With a mouth like that...any man should love to kiss her." His backside settled into the comfort of that chair.

She swiped at her eyes, something they would not know as she held her head high nonetheless and headed up to the castle. The snow falling more a balm this night than a nuisance.

And if Rina wanted a ride on the stallion, Myrina would be happy to take her to the castle so she could gawk at the structure!

"Last word in too." He looked at the door then sat as well. Hrm... "She might not talk to anyone else like that." Least not anyone older.

"I'm the only one privileged enough to know the real Rina." He smiled, dipping his head to look in his glass, then with a cant he looked to Bannon. "And some degree."

"That's true." He chuckled. "She does the silent treatment very well. Most of the time I felt like it was twenty degrees cooler in the castle then outside." He took a drink then shrugged. "She'll be talking to you again in a day or two. You two are close, even if she does use you as a target."

"Molly and Ellyn." Did you see that chicken?

What chicken? He blinked, then blinked again. "The favors?"

He knew Rina would fume, he'd probably find spoiled shrimp under his pillow...but yes, they would eventually smooth things over to start a new feud anew. He nodded. "Yes..." A quick twitch of brows up and down. "Nice, eh?"

"Impressive!" He held his glass up in a salute. "Two pretty lasses wishing you well as you went into battle. You told them you were going to hide in a wagon?" He didn't think so, but, well, who could resist asking?

Tykir laughed. "Bastard." He grumbled with another laugh. Wouldn't be an insult to Bannon. Especially since it was coming from Tykir.

He grinned at his friend. Not an insult at all. Didn't matter that Tykir got there that way. Just that he got there!

"And, my friend, I wouldn't mind at all if they didn't find that out...."

"I haven't told anyone. " Not even the other newly made knights.

Rina knew!

"Besides, what counts is what you did in battle. And that you survived."

Tykir didn't doubt it would get around. Things like that didn't take long to circulate. But still, it was an adventure! And the getting there was part of the excitement! He lifted his glass to his friend. "We all did."

"I wasn't too sure for a few minutes there." He lifted his glass as well though. Falling had not been part of the plan but then again, none of them had expected that huge bird.

"It was iffy for a while, to be sure. Hey..." He shifted forward in his chair. "I didn't get the chance to thank you."

"I hope never to see anything like that again." Bannon smiled as he gave Tykir a quizzical look. "For?"

"Well..." Once more he studied the inside of his glass, but set it aside rather than drinking. "For everything." A slight shrug followed. "For standing with me with Karl... For having my back with those bird things...For Rina."

"Tykir, you're my friend, as well as a Prince of Heathfield. I was glad to be at your side through it all." He looked around then back. "And to tell you the truth, I was shaking in my boots when we were facing the queen." He shrugged slightly. "Far as Rina, I'm afraid I didn't do much good there."

"Thanks." He repeated, offering a nod of gratitude as well. For all Bannon's downplaying of it, Tykir knew the importance of having a good friend, and a trusted friend, at your side, no matter what you were facing. Tykir pushed up from his chair. "I know we both have an early morning...but what say you we go see what excitement we can find tonight?"

"You're welcome." He grinned as he added. "I'm hoping there will be plenty of other times in the future." It was too much fun, too interesting not to tag along though they both would have duties to tend to. "I'd say that's an excellent idea."  He lifted a hand to Alex as they headed out, looking for a bit of excitement before both had to return to the castle.



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