Genesis Manor of Heathfield

Six Foot Five, Dark Hair
Smoldering Brown Eyes
Single, Age Irrelevant
Fire Elemental

Barrel chest with arms as iron bands of sinew. A mountain man he could be easily mistaken for and so to the mountains he went to live alone with nature for a duration of a year. He learned survival in a more base physical way and in the process learned how to become One with Mother Earth. He was one more to keep to himself but the time was growing shorter as he emerged from the deep forests to continue his learning. Now, it would be in meeting others and learning of their ways firsthand.

He found there were kindred Souls that walked this parallel universe also, not just those of his People. This very fact was heartening in that he could make his own path amongst them.

It was only his gifts well hidden within him that might not be so acceptable. This he would eventually find out. Large hands held a heat that could burn or soothe, healing powers with the ability to ignite

** Limited ooc, no IM rp. Older writer with no tolerance for immature attitudes no matter how well written. Maturity expected or ignored. Christian Bale is used to represent how Hugh would look. No claims made. Medieval Fantasy Character. **


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-Photo is of the actor Christian Bale. No claims made. It is used only in reference how this fictional character would appear.-
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