McCormick Sheep Ranch

Six Foot Three * Fourty Summers * Lean muscular physique
Dark Hair * Deep Water Blue Eyes
Children: Mariah, Christopher, twins Carisa and Scott

Originally from the Isle of Eire, Donegal. A tall well toned muscular man at 6'3", eyes of a deep water blue. Hair as the darkest night cropped in front, tapering back, a few braids tied off in leather strips according to his clan, set a nice contrast. His features striking in the strong set of his jaw and chin, high cheekbones and lips that would quirked into a smile with ease. He was well bred yet he didn't hold airs about him, only assured of himself in who he was. He was an Irish tenor and had sung on occasion for his ale, entertaining the masses. He had a quick wit, good sense of humor and enjoyed a good joke even if played on him

((No: recruiting, ooc drama or IM rp. Older writer who will ignore immature gaming and ooc. Actor is Raoul Bova, no claims made for appearances only. Fantasy Medieval Based.))


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