Lady Luna, Lord Gypsy

Joseph emerged from the back attired like none have seen him before. During a talk before in meeting Acacia it came about for them to dance one night here in the tavern. In the teasing stage names were tossed. White silk shirt with billowed sleeved cuffed at the wrists had a thread of sliver through it that made it shimmer. Black pants were made of a heavier silk and well defined a muscular torso and legs. A sliver Celtic knot design went down in a stripe to each side of the pant legs.  Boots of black leather were tooled in an intricate design of black on black. They had a one inch heel with enough of a cleat that would emphasize when he danced. Hair was neatly combed back in that mass of dark curl and tied off with a leather strap. Small braids were interwoven and a silver silk band wrapped around his forehead. He carried the semi wide brim black hat to set at the edge of the bar where he stepped out from the back corridor. The whole ensemble fitted that natural roguish grin, dimple to one side and the gleam in moss green eyes. "Evening." Cordially to all as if nothing was amiss.

Handsome was not the right word.  Walking Adonis or Eros.  The often trained gaze that held a subtle prowl over his frame was open.  And she in all her white wash and saw dust glory.

"Evening Joseph.  It is quite the pleasure to see you.  Again."  Dimpled smile drew on her lips, curious if Kathleen and Sara might have to fan her down.

"Evening Joseph. My you look handsome." Well, he did and she was honest about it. Dark eyes dipped over his attired, flashy enough and yet subtle. She was curious but even more curious of the looks upon Acacia and Sara's faces.

"Good evening Ladies. Thank you Kathleen." Green eyed glance taking in each with a pause as his smile lingered. The last was upon Acacia. "There is an outfit in my office in the back if you wish to join me in a dance."

Oh, Sara was very appreciative of the man.  She tipped her head in study, a smile curling at his words to Acacia.

"Eros. One worthy of such a name." Almost under her breath as she tried, oh how she tried, to glance from him towards Kathleen and Sara. Eyes were wanting to move. When he spoke, she snapped from it and nodded with a smile. "Sounds like a most needed idea. Which office?" She knew of several back there.

Grin was only spreading as he drew closer to Acacia. The intensity of his eyes locked in that moss jade coloring this close. "My office, that of the McDonough's in the back. The door is open and a guard stationed there that will show you in then leave you to the privacy to change." The outfit was of silk. The peasant style top edged in lace with tucks in all the right places. Off the shoulders and lace ribbed through along with various lengths of ribbons, peach and white. The skirt was black with panels of peach to show when it swirled, ribbons of black white and peach attached to the waist. He included ladies styling boots that laced up in black to just above the ankle. The heels too had that metal strip set into the heels. There was a tambourine and finger zils setting on the table. "If you will bring the tambourine out for me when you've changed." He was not about to carry that around if it was not a good night to dance the dance.

"Right." And such a lovely color. To look as the soft growth she often laid upon when roaming the wilderness. Her own a spectacle of greens, blues, browns, and the touch of yellow splattered against the hues. With a dip of her head, the glass was set aside and she moved down the corridor towards the office. Helpful guard, pointed out the open door and waited for her to finish. Everyone, talk amongst yourselves.

Well, now what? Sara watched Acacia head into the corridor then looked at Kathleen and Joe before finishing her tea.

She settled to a stool while taking up the snifter of brandy. It was wait and see as she glanced to Sara. Smile hinted before a wink.

Each piece was placed on with care, adjusting to fit her well in the way intended. Hair was pulled from that ribbon and shaken out to rid as much of the left over saw dust as she could. Then curls fell loosely down to touch the small of her back. The finger zils and tambourine were taken up as she moved back towards the main tap room. First there was a peak around the corner towards them, clearing her throat to garner attention. With the shake of the tambourine and a tap against her hip, she emerged fully. "It is very well made."

"You look wonderful, Acacia. You make a dazzling pair!" She smiled for both her and Joe as she leaned back against the bar.

"So is the woman to wear it. Perfect." Smile came in a flash this time with the show of white in that brief moment. Dark eyes had well dipped and lingered before drawn up. "Now to see you in action for how it was made." He moved closer as he reached for the hat, eyes locked before he tossed it to land out in the middle of the floor. The dance was to begin. Hand slid then to take up the tambourine as she would get to use the finger zils. The touch of fingers slid along her wrist then hand to capture the round musical disk.

A wink for him as he gained control of the instrument. Almost within that very instant of letting it go, fingertips adorned with the zils began a tap, along with the heel of her right foot. She had always been a go-with-the-flow girl. Even more when she was working through instincts and vague knowledge of seeing the dance before.

He moved to stand to the opposite side of the hat resting on the floor. A side view as his head turned slightly dipped over his shoulder. Smile crept as he waited for her to stand opposite the hat and once she took her place there came the initial cleated stomp of heels. Click tap, click tap, tap tap, in quick succession then stilled. It was the invitation by motion and sound to bring her in.

Rarely did those hips go beyond their normal natural sway, but the sashay and roll came with the blink of color shifting on her frame. Steps gave a measured sound that seemed planned to the gift of sound, but was just the draw of instinct. In turn she was soon to stand on the opposite of him beside the hat.

Once in place his feet were in motion again. Quick and fast in an intricate pattern. The tambourine to tap at his hip as movement was in place and not directional yet. With each motion of hand and body as one it came with the draw of his eyes to lower over her, skimming off the line of bare shoulder in a searing gaze that showed more of the Gypsy blood that coursed within his veins.

More Pagan than Gypsy, she bordered the line with both -- pulling from what she knew and the flow of rhythm and draw. Symbols clanked together in a complimentary beat to the one set forth, tribal sound in the metallic form. Hazels didn't waver from their lock on him, though noticing where his traveled. It was reason to roll those shoulders with the rock of her hips, making her frame look like a billow of fabric in a steady breeze.

Once she responded to the sear of his gaze, he was as quick as a cobra to strike. A harder thud of cleat to floor as he leaped sideways over the hat. Nary a touch of it as he landed right behind her. The cleats still in rhythm as his body fitted up against her back and the draw of the tambourine against her hip in that close proximity. His other hand in motion just a fraction above the curve of her shoulder to slant down without touching to the sway of her other hip. She could probably feel the heat already rising from his body and the reason for the silken band around his forehead.

Hip found the tambourine with the rock of curved attributes and his close pull added to the rise of flames that mimicked her actions. Arching her back just so to bend her head enough to look upon him from an altered point of view. While arms went straight out to her slides, moving with an appearance of waves and ripples in the subtle change of her movements.

Sara watched the two, then cut a glance at Kathleen, a wiggle of fingers given. She wanted to get back to her shop and try to get some badly needed sleep before dawn.

 Kath would leave with Sara. Lingering gaze as she left, intrigued by the dance.

He encouraged her to move around him turning as she went while the tambourine would tap against one hip then another. Chin was dipped and full concentration was on her as well the rhythm of cleats, zils and tambourine only mounted with the steps of the dance. Alluring. Drawing. Enticing. A building-up that yearned for more.

And around him she was dancing. Her whole body moving in that provocative femme sway that kept the beat with no flaw. Hands outlined his frame, not touching -- but piercing into that fine warmth, the aura that played just mere inches from him. Sometimes, the lack of touch could be more appealing than a full press.

He was doing the same as it seemed she well understood the intricacies of this dance but the time had come to touch as the tambourine was hung at his waist to a clip as they moved. All part of the workings before his hands found her waist to draw her up in a sweep, swinging her through the air as he turned. The descend would have her slide down along his side and back as his hand would guide her from there around to face him. Barely there and he'd have her twirling in place, around and around as those quick paced feet had him moving in a circle around her.

The world was not there, feeling more a part of something else -- something created only by the energies that skated around the edges of the creation. Using his hand, she pulled out from him and coiled back in till her back touched against him, a slide down then back up before finding herself in a twirl before him once more.

The flow of her skirt wrapped around his legs as they moved, down and out only to fold around as his hand slid in place about her waist. The frenzy had mounted, the sounds of the dance with them as all became a spiraling whirl of color mingled with music. They had danced to another plane as within the mind and heat of one's blood could take them if they allowed. On a turn he swept a hand down taking up the hat as it was slipped over his head with the brim to dip in front. Symbolic it was for the end of the dance as one more turn coiled her back completely into his arms. As the beginning there were two clip thuds of heels in finale.

One hand, adorned with the Zils, laid against his chest, the other on his shoulder. It was hazy and hazels had darkened considerably. The rise and fall of her chest came with the deep breaths trying to soothing her frenzied rush. She was locked and caught before the draw of her smile came finally. A dazzle that sparked her eyes and flash of whites, enough to bring those dimples into show.

The flush of color was upon them both for the heat still coursed in their blood. Sweat on his brow was caught with the silk strip while making his hair seem to curl more. Hers was a glow as the intensity of eyes turned to jade. "You have the fire in your heart and in your blood. I have been honored by your dance with me."

"I am the one who was honored. I have needed the rebirth of that fire and it came like the phoenix. Thank you .." Stopping her words a moment, drawing her eyes over the features of his face before finishing. "Lord Gypsy." A hand raised, tapping her pinky against his nose lightly with a wink.

"Lady Luna.." Smile swept as she tapped his nose and the draw of his eyes to cross briefly in a glance down then back. Laughter came in a rich deep baritone as it didn't really matter if they had an audience or not. "I have enjoyed myself this night and it was because of you. If the fire has been rekindled then I am doubly honored."

"And you have caused me to enjoy myself as well. I can easily say it will be quite a looked upon memory as well." Stepping only an inch from him, pushing the hat on his head up enough to better view those welcoming eyes. "I think it was a perfect end for the night as well. Seeing as how much honor I put on you." Quirk of those lips with a lopsided grin to compliment her tease.

"I am doused in it." See the sweat upon the brow if you could get past the infectious quality of his smile. A glance over to where Alex was preparing to close up then back. "I need to get back but I'll see you to where you stay. Unless of course, you stay here?"

"No, I stay at the shop where I take care of my grandmother. And I should really see that she is sleeping well." She'd not get past the infectious smile, taking her own without wanting a remedy. "I'd enjoy the company greatly."

"The outfit is yours. I hope to dance with you again. We can collect our clothes in my office and head out the back door." This way Alex could find his sleep without the need to wait on them to change or come back through. He offered the tender a good night before he escorted her down the corridor.

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