Crown of Heathfield Undercover Agent - Chief Private Investigator

McDonough Cattle Ranch

Six Foot Five * Thirty-four Summers * Lean muscular physique
Dark Curly Hair * Green Eyes with Orange flecks
Children: Joshua and Tamara Rose

AKA Lil Joe at one time. He was the youngest of the McDonough's males. Physically more compact yet not an ounce of fat on that lean muscular physique. He worked hard especially to keep up with his older brothers and cousins, not wishing to live in their shadows. His features were a mixture, the raven hair of his cousin Draven yet had the annoying curls of Maurice, but what distinguished him from the others were his eyes, dark green like the forests with orange flecks, reflecting his brooding moods at times. He too possessed that charming roguish grin, yet he held a mysterious look of intrigue, disappearing for periods of time, a life of hidden secrets as to where he went. His carefree nature held its charm.

Talented and intelligent, an enigma in his ways. His own Gypsy blood found him at times amongst his kind in caravans that wandered the countryside. It helped to keep his cover as he enjoyed their wild dance and love of life, lighting the fires within his own blood.


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