Joseph Cassair McDonough
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Ambassador and Undercover Agent to the Crown of Heathfield


AKA Lil Joe. He was the youngest of the McDonough brothers, standing at 6'5". He was more compact yet not an ounce of fat on that lean muscular physique. He worked hard especially to keep up with his older brothers and cousins, not wishing to live in their shadows. His features were a mixture, the raven hair of his cousin Draven yet had the annoying curls of Maurice, even if not quite pronounced. What distinguished him from the others were his eyes, a unique green  with orange flecks, reflecting his brooding moods at times. He too possessed that charming roguish grin, yet he held a mysterious look of intrigue. He was one to disappear for periods of time, a life of hidden secrets as to where he went. His carefree nature held its charm. A white poets shirt set against tanned skin, onyx curls falling over the collar, rolled up sleeves displaying well toned muscular arms. Black buckskin britches held to his easy strides were topped off with woodsman's boots. Talented and intelligent, an enigma in his ways. His own Gypsy blood found him at times amongst his kind in caravans that wandered the countryside. It helped to keep his cover as he enjoyed their wild dance and love of life, lighting the fires within his own blood.

In the passage of time he finally settled marrying one who eventually gave him a daughter, Tamara. A beautiful sprite of a child but within two years Molly disappeared in a way it was thought she had abandoned them. Joe reluctantly picked up his life again taking care of his little daughter alone becoming both parents to her. His ranch was built giving him a home and a good foundation in which to raise Tamara. He and his brother Maurice combined their lands as they raised cattle. His ranch on one end of the lands and Maurice's on the other. He hired a small staff which included a cook/housekeeper, a butler and a nanny for his daughter by the name of Carrie. 

His Gypsy friends would join him from time to time and Lola and Ken came back. He was soon to learn he had sired a son by Lola unbeknownst to him as she had stayed away with his marriage, now Joshua was presented and requested that he remain with his father for he was so much like him and needed to settle. Lola would never settle to one place no matter how her feelings were for Joseph and in a tragic incident she was later killed along with Becky whom her brother Ken had fancied. With the near wipe out of his group, Ken returned to stay with Joe for awhile and his nephew and so life once again took a sharp turn as they gradually adjusted.

McDonough Cattle Ranch

He and his brother Maurice along with Kenneth O'Beirne, worked hard in developing their cattle ranch which grew and prospered under such a diligent focus. In time he adjusted to bachelorhood once more. Joshua and Tamara his heart. Now he is back out amongst others and making new friends while keeping the tried and true ones. He had a lot to live for, a lot to be proud of and he certainly had his own hidden secrets and mysteries in his life. The infamous Ferdie the Bull's sires now created havoc from time to time, life held its challenges even in the everyday living.

It had been a long day already. One of Ferdie's sired bulls had gotten loose and it took them a number of hours to get him contained again, along with calling the beast just about everything they could think of. This particular one was dubbed Ferdie II. Worn out by the afternoon's end, Joe finally drew up his horse in front of his ranch. Dismounting he handed over the reins to a stableboy to brush down his horse good with extra feed for the workout he had been put through. It took but a moment to catch a glimpse of color that had him rounding the porch to find his friends setting up. The day forgotten now as he got his second wind, he would need it for he knew now it would be a late night now too. A grin came as he watched, a hand lifted to slide along the back of his neck in a rub, a good dip in the lake, a good meal and he would be ready. Leaving them to their own tasks, he went back taking the porch's steps in one bound before the door was thrown open with his entrance.

Gypsies:  It was a warm night the caravans pulled in and set up in the field where they knew they were welcome. About five in all as shouts rang out with their laughter, the air becoming vibrant and alive. Horses unhitched and some set up tents it was obvious they were going to stay awhile, one never knew how long, days, weeks or even months. Stones were arranged to make a big pit as wood was gathered for the fire they would keep going for the duration. All in all it would take them most of the afternoon as buckets of water were too gotten from the nearby stream to aid in their cooking and cleaning. Joe in the meantime was out with Maurice working with the herds and hired hands, soon ones would be selected to be slaughtered providing meat and hides for the winter.

Tamara's face was pressed to the window as her excitement would shrill out with her pointing, especially when any of the ladies were seen. "ipsie", her nanny by the name of Carrie was having a devil of a time keeping her inside. She knew she had to do so until her father got home for it would not be wise to get underfoot as the group of about fifteen adults and a few children were still very busy yet. Carrie found herself watching in as much excitement as young charge. "Soon, Tamara, yir father will be home and we can go out and watch." Words spoken in that excitement by Carrie as she idly fixed Tamara's hair into a braid. She, herself, was only about fifteen, part child part adult yet. Her words received a pout from Tamara but it was soon gone as her face was pressed to the window again easily distracted in watching them. Carrie on the other hand was discreetly watching some of the younger men, excitement bubbled again, some of them were quite handsome and it set her to fanciful daydreaming.

Of course he was greeted with the onslaught of Tamara's arms as she squealed running to meet her father, whom had her up in an instance into his arms and a big hug. "Miss me pumpkin?" Of course the words redundant as it was obvious she had. Then the onslaught of two year old words came running into one another as she pointed to the window, her gesture more understandable than the half words slaughtered together. It brought a chuckle from her father as he set her to her feet again. "Aye, the ipsies, and we will go out to see them once we have supped." He knew he would have to keep his promise too for there was no excuse to a two year old, not even if a tornado touched down in that moment. She was handed back off to Carrie who stood there now very shyly watching them. He went to go wash up knowing by the time he was done, supper would be ready and he'd be lucky if they got to even finish it for Tamara's excitement and little patience to be had by then.

It was a hearty meal that was made that evening, a good rich stew with plenty of meat and vegetables. Brown bread in thick slabs was smothered in freshly churned butter begging to be tasted. Joe ate heartily as he had the appetite of a bear with all the work he had put in that day. Tamara, on the other hand, picked at her food due to her barely contained excitement. Carrie, who was also invited to eat with them, seemed to pick too and Joe knew both usually had better appetites than this. He didn't pressure them about finishing up their plates for he understood their lack of appetites. The food would not go to waste for what remained would be given to his Gypsy friends to enjoy too.

Tamara had been dressed in a colorful skirt of reds and golds, her blouse of lace was a muted gold, offsetting her dark hair which curled like her fathers. He wore what he usually did when he would dance, black leather pants that fitted well to his muscular form, silver threads winding up in a swirl of designs along the sides. A white pristine shirt had sleeves that billowed and left partially open at the neck. A black vest also had the trim of silver thread and a red sash was around his waist that had long fringed cords that hung down one side where it was tied off. A red bandana hung loosely tied around his neck as it often ended up tied around his forehead as the dance got intense to keep it dry. A colorful skirt of blues and a white blouse were loaned to Carrie for the festivities and it went well with her auburn hair and blue eyes. She would be a true beauty upon maturity for the blueprint of delicate bones already held the signs.

The night was clear and warm, the sky holding the array of stars twinkling above against its black velvet backdrop, as they emerged from the ranch and out onto the verandah. They could already hear the music starting up as it seemed someone even had a banjo along with the usual fare of guitars, drums and lyres. Tamara's small hand was enveloped in his and one couldn't wipe away the bright smile already finding Carrie's lovely young features. Little fingers squeezed his own as Tamara started tugging him towards the group that had started to assemble around the camp fire. His laughter rang out with his little one's unabashed excitement and swung her around and up into his arms carrying her so she didn't trip.

His own pace did quicken as she was squirming in this unrestrained energy and the group reached within a few moments before he set her down. She quickly ran off to play with the other children around her own age as Carrie now all of a sudden became extremely shy again, standing there close to his side. It wasn't long before a few other young girls tore her away, giggling in whispered words and making her feel at home. They were family oriented and very friendly within their own group and those they called family like Joe. So anyone with him was treated the same. They were however, with good reason, wary of strangers until they got to know them and felt they held a kindred spirit.

At that point Joe sought out Ken who was the designated leader of the group in essence. In essence because there were others that were highly respected in their knowledge and position within the group.

Gypsy Dance

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