Captain of the Brigantine Storm Cloud and a Sloop Gypsy Queen

Heir to the Throne of Kilkenny * Citizen of Heathfield
Six Foot Three * Twenty Seven * Irish Blue Eyes
Dark Curly Hair * Muscular Build
Nephew of King Zion * Walsh of Castlehale, Kilkenny

Zion Walsh was King even if his origins came from the Welshmen who accompanied the Normans to Ireland centuries before. He prided himself in the building of ships and his nephew Joseph continued this mastery. It was Joseph who came across Collin McAndrews in his wanderings and invited him to his home. Zion had lost his own son a year prior and adopted Collin in a way that helped filled that void. He saw a lot in Collin that had been in Brian, the inner battles fought and not fitting in with others so well at times. Collin for his height, blond hair and blue eyes stood out amongst those there of dark hair eyes and shorter stature. Except Joseph had the Irish blue eyes and was over six feet but with near black curling hair. Joseph's father had been killed in that same battle. Battle of Tears it had been written in their history for so many lives lost in the defending of Ireland and inner clan wars. Joseph and Collin become as brothers in the years he spent with his clan, fighting side by side until the one he was nearly killed.

*No tolerance for immaturity ic or ooc. No recruiting. Fantasy Medieval Based*


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Actor is Mel Gibson. No claims are made to any of the pictures. They are used only in representation of how this fictional character would look.

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