Traugott Clocks Designer
Traugott Clocks of Heathfield 

Five foot six * Turquoise blue eyes
Blond Hair * Twenty-four

Married to Vincent deBeauvais
Twin Daughters: Marie Traugott and Juliann Sara petite and delicate looking. Much had to do with her imprisonment with her mother for a decade in the Claude Rundstedt dungeons in Luneberg, Germany. Those years ate at them physically but in spirit, she and her mother only grew stronger. They had hope through Niklas. At the tender of age of fourteen her way of life went from heaven to hell. That faithful day Lucas von Traugott spoke out against the heretic Claude in loyalty to his brother, the Black Griffon, she lost not only her beloved father but both her brothers. A decade later she and her mother were finally rescued by those very brothers, one they had believed dead.

**Mature attitude ooc and ic is expected or ignored. No IM play, RPL#1. Medieval Character**


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No claims are made to any of the pictures shown. The actor is Nicole Kidman, only used to give an idea of how this fictional character would look. These pictures are not found on the internet and have been enhanced. Do not steal from this profile.
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