Lisette's Floral Shop
Located in the Heathfield Commons
**This is not a real floral shop. It is only for a fictional character in a role playing environment with a fictional flower shop.**


Arrangement1 (50c) Arrangement2 (50c) Arrangement3 (50c) Arrangement4 (50c) Arrangement5 (50c)
Arrangement6 (50c) Arrangement7 (50c) Arrangement8 (50c) Arrangement9 (50c) Arrangement10 (50c)

Arrangement11 (50c) Arrangement12 (50c) Arrangement13 (50c) Arrangement14 (50c) Arrangement15 (50c)


Bouquet1 (50c) Bouquet2 (50c) Bouquet3 (50c) Bouquet4 (50c) Bouquet5 (50c)

Dish Gardens

Dish Garden2 (30c) Dish Garden3 (40c) Dish Garden4 (50c) Dish Garden5 (40c)

Novelty and Lillies

Amaryllis (35c) Cactus (35c) Fichus Plant (40c) Ivy Clock (80c) Terrarium (60c)
Shamrock (40c) Oxalis Pot o' Gold (40c) Easter Lilly (35c) Lilly of the Valley (35c) Tiger Lilly (35c)

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