Roses, Carnations, Orchids and Violets
**This is not a real floral shop. It is only for a fictional character in role playing environment with a fictional flower shop.**

Roses1 (40c) Roses2 (40c) Roses3 (50c) Roses4 (40c) Carnations1 (45c)
Orchid1 (50c) Orchid2 (50c) Orchid3 (50c) Orchid4 (50c) Orchid (50c)
Orchid6 (50c) Violet1 (40c) Violet2 (40c) Violet3 (40c) Violet4 (40c)

Floor Plants and Bonsai

Floor Plant1 (80c) Floor Plant2 (80c) Floor Plant 3 (80c) Floor Plant4 (80c) Floor Plant5 (80c)
Floor Plant6 (80c) Floor Plant7 (80c) Bonsai1 80c) Bonsai2 (80c)

Plants and Tulips

Plant Palm1 (40c) Plant Azalea2 (30c) Plant Tulips3 (30c) Plant Campanula  (30c) Plant Campanula 5 (30c)
Plant Gardenia6 (30c) Plant Gerber Daisy7 (35c) Plant Gerber Daisy8 (35c) Plant9 (40c) Plant Hawaiian10 (35c)
Plant Hibiscus11 (35c) Plant Hydrangea12 (35c) Plant Jasmine13 (35c) Plant Primrose14 (35c) Plant Peace15 (35c)
Blooming Assort16 (100c) Plant Violet17 (40c) Tulips1 (35c) Tulips2 (30c) Tulips3 (30c)

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