Lisette McTiel Frasier


Butterflies fluttered as sweet notes of songbirds lilted while emerging from summer fields full of wild flowers drenched in soft sunlight. An aura so strong it seems to cast a haze around her with the spill of golden hair over creamy bared shoulders. Deep blue eyes glistened over fathomless depths, her countenance of flowing grace ~ a rhapsody in blue. Courtly grace had been well honed and suited for a profession that came more naturally for her. Muted rose tinted lips easily flow into a smile. Shades of blue silken materials usually chosen caressed the finely sculptured contours of her flesh. A freak of accident had killed her guardians, throwing her out into the world, venturing forth onto unknown realms and lands. She held her head high willing to face all challenges.

She discovered the lands of Heathfield and made herself a home there. She had befriended King Chadrick as well as a few of his brothers. As Ballicastle, the sister castle of Heathfield, emerged she was offered to become his Seneschal, an honored position which she had accepted. He knew of her skills and said she would be an asset to both Ballicastle and Heathfield in this position. It gave her a new direction and she took it with confidence and with revived enthusiasm but Fate had her own ideas which lead her back to Eire to resolve a few family disputes. Once these matters were seen to, her travels would bring her back. A friend she had met in diplomatic courts, Birdie he was called, offered to escort her when the time came. He had been a good friend as each had helped each other out and kept her informed of the lands she missed. She started up her Floral Shop again.

Lisette's Floral Shop
(This is a fantasy roleplaying profile and flower shop - Not Real)

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The Fox and the Peacock -- Fox, Birdie and Lisette

A carriage rumbled along in an easy pace through the forest north of Ballicastle lands. It was ornate enough to set it apart from the common in that it had a crest, coat of arms with the letter M in the middle, elaborately painted on each door. Curtains covered the windows where the two passengers sat in a light conversation about the lands they were heading to and how they have changed. Mostly the new people that had come. Burgous Northam, Birdie, was tying to catch Lisette up on such general changes. There were none major that he was aware of. Not that he was from the lands but had kept tabs and visited to learn all he could. Lisette would need to make an inquiry for a place of her own to stay as before she was granted a room. For her decisions all these suggestions were offered by Birdie. The footman kept the two stallions in tow as they moved through a narrowed but well worn path in a denser part of the forest. Ronald had never liked this part of the journey although no mishap was seen personally by him, he had heard rumors. Rumors that were passed on only to Birdie in case any problems arose, he would not upset the Lady they were bringing safely back to the lands. Ronald always wore a sword and a few daggers tucked away for he had seen a few battles in his days.

So much had changed since Lisette last set foot in Heathfield, which was her destination this night in what she considered home. Memories of her family and all that transpired were fresh in her mind but now they would become part of her past. She was starting a new life, one that no longer had shadows hanging over her. In this aspect she was pleased and would smile readily as Birdie carried on and on in conversation. He was talkative but the sound of his voice helped to keep her calm. She had been nervous about this return but more of an excited kind. She wondered how well she would fit in. When last here she kept mostly to herself. She was attired as a Lady even if she was known to wear riding outfits consisting of britches. A deep blue gown of velvet was worn beneath a black, fur lined cloak. A small hat to match was angled in the upsweep of blond hair. Cheeks held a rosy hue for the crisp bite of air this late but otherwise she was warm and blue eyes bright in that anticipation. The excitement held that tightening coil in her stomach whenever her mind would wander back to whom she would remember, who would remember her and the new people she would meet.

The Fox was moving through the woods, keeping with the coach.  "This one, Cavalier, will have a fat purse."  He patted the horse's neck before urging him forward, along the road to where it forked.  Dismounting, the horse was sent into the protection of the trees while he drew his flintlocks.  It was aimed at the driver of the nearing coach, the masked man behind it remaining unmoving.   He cocked the hammer, eyes of dark green narrowed.  In all the time he had been working this area of the forest, he had one try to run him down and he was confident this one would not be the first.

He was wrong as Ronald gave a whistle and the well bred stallions lunged forward into a gallop. He could not turn them around and he was sworn to the McTiel family to give his life if necessary. It jerked the coach forward throwing its occupants backwards. Birdie had been made aware if that whistle was sounded to be prepared. Birdie barely heard the whistle when he was thrown forward into the seat across where Lisette sat. Agile enough a hand jerked out to catch the side and angled where it would keep her from being thrown into the side she sat closest to. Once the initial thrust was over, one arm went around his friend while the other fell to the hilt of his dagger.

Right in the middle of saying something all was lost to the gasp that followed. The hat that had been secured in place now hung down the side as she was thrown hard back against the seat. A small shriek escaped for the surprise and then Birdie was up far too close for her liking. She liked the man but not this close! "What's going on?" As she swallowed the lump in her throat and the hat that hung was pulled off undoing the styled hair so neatly done before. She reached to draw back the curtain but found her hand caught up and drawn away along with being told to stay quiet so that Birdie could listen. She was quick to do so as she now listened too.

Fox let out a curse as the horses lunged forward.  He rolled out of the way and whistled for Cavalier.  The coach had to be stopped before it reached the second fork in the road. Catching the saddle, he jumped up onto the back of the horse and set after the coach.  Fox hadn't killed anyone yet, and didn't plan on it.  Cavalier had the advantage to of not being slowed down by a coach and soon was catching up.   A deep breath taken, and Fox was jumping for the back of the coach and climbing up. A bump nearly sent him flying off, and he shook his head, suddenly thinking of .. a book.  Climbing on top, the gun was drawn again and he made his way toward the front.

There was a gamble taken when one charged stallions over a not well known road and at night. That bump came with a crack of wood in the wheel that was pulled over it, causing the coach to first lunge precariously to one side then leveled again. Ronald was very good in handling horses along with being very alert to certain sounds. He did not know of the man that was now atop the coach when he reined in the horses to a dead stop. He felt bad for his two passengers but the situation warranted a few bruises. The stallions still shifted against the reins rocking the coach some as Ronald leaped down from the buckboard seat. Cape was shoved aside as his sword was drawn. Meanwhile inside Birdie was doing his best in being a buffer for Lisette in taking the brunt of being tossed around. Once the carriage stopped he gave her orders to stay within being it had not fallen to its side. The door flung open as he vacated the coach all in his finery of a yellow gold cape. Black pants and a bright red vest over a ruffled shirt beneath, Birdie almost looked like the sun rising at night. His dagger was hidden under the ruffle of his shirt sleeve as he approached Ronald to scan the area before seeing to the damage of the wheel.

She muffled the gasps and near screams as best she could with being thrown about. Thrown about with Birdie, no less. She could feel an elbow go into his side and her head whack into his shoulder. Finally it all ended as he vacated the coach and a deep breath taken. Her hands were shaking from the ordeal as the moment became surreal. She had a dagger on her somewhere, purse, muff.? She started to search as she heard Birdie's command to stay within the coach.

Now wasn't that a pretty peacock.  Fox watched them a moment before jumping down behind the brightly clad man and the coachman.  Birdie would feel the touch of cold metal to his temple. "Easy, gents."  The brogue was heavy as Fox spoke. "I would suggest any weapons be tossed nicely on the ground." Green eyes raised to the coachman.  "Or his brains be sent everywhere, and we'll ruin his fine clothes." He knew there was a lass in there after hearing the shriek but he'd call her out after he had the men under control.

Brow lifted in surprise but Birdie was undaunted by the action. He quickly went into his ruse with an insufferable edged to the tone. "Now if you're wanting my snuff its in the right pocket of my vest old chap. I must say I love your accent, so very manly sounding. I was wondering if you might teach me how." Birdie had taken voice lessons and the deeper brogue was rich enough to learn. More, it was to throw the man off than anything else giving him the hint he was very close to a man that might well like men. Would a hand slip to grab his crotch? Such thoughts might well enter the man's mind.

Lisette abandoned her search as she peeked out through the curtain hearing first silence then the command. She saw Ronald toss down his sword as well as Birdie being accosted. She let go of the curtain near as quick as if her fingers were burnt. Birdie's words flying through her mind as she quickly went back in search of her dagger. She could escape out the other side of the coach and take the man by surprise. She finally found it tucked in a concealed section of the new purse that was made to match the outfit she was talked into wearing. Birdie had this idea of fashion, one drawback doing business with him. He always insisted she dressed up.

Fox frowned beneath the mask and grabbed hold of the back of Birdie's neck. He was slammed into the coach and held there by a strong arm. "I'm not in the mood for games.  Now, all I want is your purse and any valuables you have, and I'll leave you alive."  He knew there was a lass in there from the scream earlier but after the experience he had a few weeks earlier, he didn't call her out.  His mistake.

"We're not so dumb to carry much on us but you can have what is in my right pocket. The coachman has nothing." Not mentioning the woman inside the coach as he would rather leave her out. He could hope the man would be appeased by the small gain, something Birdie could easily win back in a poker hand. "I still like the cologne you are wearing. What's it called?" If he kept talking and in turn distracted he might well just take the purse and leave.

She was careful to ease the door of the coach open that faced the other side. Kid boots were of a stylish cut but she made sure they were well fitted and useful too. They hid under the skirt of the gown worn so she could get away with some infractions. Another was not wearing a corset, that she would not be caught dead in. She also didn't wear the extra petticoats most women wore and luckily it aided her in movement as silent steps took her around and behind the man as he had Birdie against the coach and an eye on the other. The mask man would feel that end of the blade against his side. "You better let the man go right now." Counter attack but it was then she realized that what she thought was a blade was a silver comb with a handle. Well, what would the man know? He couldn't see it.

"Just be quiet."  The words were growled though in truth, Fox was amused by the man.  He reached in for the pouch, curling fingers around it just as he felt what he thought was a knife against his side. "Now lass, do you think that's a good idea when I've got me finger on the trigger?"  Suddenly it seemed that letting the coach go would have been a good idea, but it was too late to back down now.  He turned to look at the woman, full on with those green eyes, perhaps a start of recognition there that was quickly gone.  "So, you might get a good stab in on me, but your boyfriend would be dead."

Birdie stiffened more for the fact Lisette got out the coach and worse, was trying to take the man on. He growled for the first time under his breath and in a way it was not the pompous fop. Of course Ronald was on the move as soon as the man was distracted to Lis. His sword grabbed up as now he approached to point the end into the man's side as he spoke up. "You might kill one of us but you will be dead in turn. Throwing down your weapon would be the smartest thing and be left alive unless you don't value your own life."

She was about to say something that the man meant nothing to her. "He is just a hired.." Words halted with Ronald's approach as she backed off leaving him to take over. She had seen the green eyes that close up and it drew the delicate furrow of her brows. She remembered eyes like them before but wasn't quite sure. "I think your game is up." Slipping what she had realized was only a comb back into the pocket of her cloak.

The purse was in his hand, the lass had backed up and he had a sword in his side.  Fox just grinned and let out a whistle. "Now what say you to that, Mr. Fancypants? Do you want to be the one dead?"  The words were no sooner out of his mouth when Cavalier galloped out of the forest, bowling Ronald over.  In a quick motion, Fox had the peacock twirling and sent him toward the woman. He was in the saddle with a single leap, in spite of the neat slice of tunic and cloak.  The hat was off and over his heart as he bowed to Lisette. "My lady. Another time I'll relieve you of your jewels."  And with that, he was turning the horse down the road and back the way they had come.

Birdie's reply to the remark was to grab the man's crotch. He almost had that hold which would have been like a vice clamp sending him to double over had it not been for the unexpected rush of a horse and the man turning away. Ronald was sent side stepping as his sword followed, slicing as it went but how much would be unknown to them. Birdie ended up stumbling towards Lisette as he turned a heel to not knock her over but an arm would slide around her to stop both their momentum. He could hope she had good balance. The man got away before any of them could go after him. "Best let him go." Ronald spoke up as he sheathed his sword. "There is a wheel to be mended so we can get the Lady to her destination." Birdie agreed as he would stand guard in case the lunatic decided to come back for more.

Hands went out as Birdie came flying her way then around into a twirl as his arm slid around her instead. This was not her idea of dancing but as all settled she went thoughtful as Ronald fixed the wheel and she stood near Birdie while he stood guard. Those green eyes were imprinted on her mind.

He rode far enough down the road that he was out of sight before moving into the wood again. Dismounting, the Fox checked his side with a hiss of breath. "Extra oats for you, my lad." He patted Cavalier then moved down to make sure the trio were not in any real danger.  A grin appeared before he slid back and away. The purse was small, but added to his earlier collections and it would buy warm clothes for a particular family.

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