Druid Shaman

MADouglas, earned for his fierceness in battle during the siege of Rath.
Born eldest son of Trevellyn and Tara Douglas.

One with the Great White Spirit Bear

Six Foot Seven, muscular build, body of a honed warrior sporting a few scars.
Midnight blue eyes, so dark they seem black unless close, complimenting dark hair.
Skin holds the healthy sun bronze tones.
His loves, twins Alexander Malcolm and Ailish Tara. Their mother deserted them, a divorce was granted.
Many years later he found one with a pure heart, true in her love for him so he married Georgette O'Shay

Presently residing at Barrach Manor, Tyremoor. Allies of Heathfield. Full title: Marquis Malcolm Alexander Douglas, Lord Barrach of Tyremoor. Married once, now single again. Betrayed. One scar upon his heart took longer to heal than any physically gained in battle. Druid Shaman ways utilized in a cleansing ritual. Never say never. "Keeps me searching for a heart of gold." -Neil Young, Harvest. He found that heart of gold many years later in Georgette. 

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