Michael Isaac McAndrews
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The Guardian

Mary McAndrews cried out in pain as she was delivering yet another son. Michael the Archangel touched upon her consciousness in her near death experience as she came close to its edge with this one: "Name this son after me for he will be one of my Guardians". The wail of a healthy child soon came after Michael's words as Mary seemed to regain her health almost miraculously. Being the stout Catholic she was, she honored Michael's request.

Michael grew up loved equally amongst his brothers. It was not an easy task to be in a sibling competition with 9 others constantly and the McAndrews were a strong-of-character lot. Strong vibrant personalities as each had to vie for their own spot. Michael turned out to be the most fierce, astute in the skills of a warrior, he was the "Guardian" His fierceness was tempered with a deep rooted kindness he seemed to hold for not only mankind but everything alive around him, which included things most didn't even consider - such as the Earth itself.

He was not the type looking for trouble or a fight but more the one that fought for the righteous, what was fair and just. He possessed the saving grace of the wit of the McAndrews, so a smile or a good hearty laugh was a welcome change to his otherwise serious visage. Deep blue eyes held a brightness, a glowing gleam to them not of this realm, the only difference from his brothers - a trademark of the McAndrews line along with the blond hair of various shades. The color of his hair was of a deeper cast of blond that curled past his shoulders.

He stood tall like his brothers at 6' 6", dressed usually in the clan's kilt and tartan. He was all of 28 years and had spent most of his time training stringently. He tackled all his projects with the fierceness he held, the turbulent passions of this one's soul still to unfold, as if an extension of Michael the Archangel himself. He knew little of women and found himself quiet and shy in their presence. As experience grew in this area those would change eventually until one day one would discover the strong passions hidden within. He gained experiences over time becoming far from shy if he was so inclined. He still use lofty ways to fend off certain kinds of others. 

The Past

One now a memory had touched upon his life for a duration. Some assumed he was the archangel himself and so criticized him under their own judgments of what and angel was.

Assumptions for some came as easily as each breath they took. Considering he never proclaimed himself an angel, he found their lack of logic and accusations amusing. He befriended an oriental geisha. Rumors spread of the malicious sort for his association with her. She turned out to be far more a lady than those that would slander. Ironic. As more than a years passed they fell in love. Her own past a turbulence that would eventually rue the day for them.

Michael had decided to ask the Lady to marry him. He knew she loved him as he loved her. It all came to one night such was expressed physically, little did either know it would be the last they ever saw of each other. There were some things even one so gifted was kept from seeing. She disappeared back to her lands and eventually believed not to have survived. A woman close to her one day found her way to Ballicastle, a woman Michael had met before through the other. It was there that day she presented him with his daughter. The product of a night shared in love between the two.

The woman would not stay nor divulge where the mother was located. She hurried off saying that Kia wished for him to raise their daughter where she knew she would be safe. It was obvious the infant's life would be in danger otherwise. Of course Michael took in his daughter to raise the best he could offer her. As the years passed it proved little Lei to grow into an exotic beauty, Oriental and Irish combined. Although she took after her mother a lot in looks she had her father's blue eyes and dimples.

Eight years passed from that time. Time to heal all wounds of the heart. The knowledge that certain things were not meant to be while others were aid in this healing after a time. Lei was meant to be but Michael and Kia were not meant to be together other than the time they had to share. Luckily in these lands, Lei's differences would not stand out but easily accepted. Lands that looked upon the individual rather than their appearance on the whole. Michael had his interludes with others he'd met but he remained more into his studies. 


He took up the vineyards that spread over many acres in Heathfield and the wines produced were of excellent quality. Ones that became coveted by other lands. He worked with Darren McCullen, hand in hand, to see to fulfilling larger orders made.

He debated that this point, however, if he wished to remain in the wine industry. In a way, Michael had yet to find his true niche. His writings and visions always called to him more but they were of the ethereal than physical. He needed to survive in both.


Ballicastle sat upon its own lands. The home of the McAndrews ruling family. Ten sons born to Mary and Chadrick I, that each held their own place with their gifts in making the lands prosper. Near destroyed during the Black Reign of Rath, it was rebuilt after the man met his demise. Relations with Heathfield once more established as it had been before the war.

Michael could be found sitting on the thick ledge that was part of one particular window that overlooked the lands. Here he would relax with board propped against the bend of his legs as he wrote. Inspiration came from nature itself that which made a Spirit closer to the Creator of All. His gifts were of the ethereal yet his own unique ways. He had a way with words in drawing through them the imagery he saw. This was his way of communication between that which called his Spirit and that which found him in this physical world.

From mountain peaks clad still in white to the valleys that dipped below. Ribbons of lakes sparkled in blue offset by the deep green of the forests. The melodies of songbirds completed the scene as quill seemed to move on its own upon the parchment tacked to the board as Michael soaked all in.

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