--Two Sides, Two Lockets, to Make One--

The ranger emerged from the woods and headed in the direction of the tavern. Though a cloak was worn, one fold was tossed over a shoulder to free one arm as it swung at her side. Upon reaching the tavern's stairs each was taken with a light gait, then she paused on the porch long enough to reposition both quiver and bow over her shoulder. It was a brisk night, not that the elf would ever notice. It was simply one night among so many others.

 He watched the ladies enter as he glanced back down the street, then back again. "Err...I'll wait." Answering the question of one if he was coming in too. Heh....he didn't feel like sparring words all night and being outnumbered. Keera distracting him now. "Evening Keera." Maybe it was the witching hour! Mumbled under his breath as he waited for Keera to respond....she seemed distracted. "Everything alright Keera?

Keera watched as the ladies made their way inside before she turned to Mike with a trace of a smile. "'Quel undome." There was a slight shake of her head since she had forgotten not to use his common language. "Eventide, my friend. Everything is.. well." Joining him by the rail, she took a lean against the wooden slat and stretched both legs until they crossed at the ankle. "Still drawn to the forest?"

This would be key. Should it be stronger, she'd know her suspicion was correct.But, then again, she was well aware what she assumed was fact. It had to be.

"Quel undome." Smile traced more as he liked the sound of it, almost could sing it! "Err..." Glancing out that way again and back. "Forest, mountains, lakes...seems." But that had him curious too. "Most are that become trackers, you can see all those little broken twigs most don't notice or the misplacement of a stone. The disturbing of the forest floor." "That...and plus I can move pretty darn fast for a human. Always could outrun all the other lads growing up." Being a more scrawny kid when young....he well ran like the wind so he wasn't pounded into the ground by some bullies. Except, later on he found he could fight well, knock them unconscious instead.

A hand lifted to touch the pendant she wore around her neck, fingers curled to trace every engraved design. "Did I tell you my father has returned?" There was something about his words that caused a slight twitch to her mouth but she said nothing.

"That you did, you were going to find a time he could see me about the locket."

"Find time on the morrow, my friend. If you wish information on the locket, you shall receive it by the person who would know the most." Of course, it sounded as if she was referring to her own father since she had already mentioned he might possibly know more.

The smile that came with her words, pleased him no end. She could see it there and in the light of hope in his eyes. "It will be kind of strange to finally find out who your parents were, where they had been from. If you have any brother's or sisters." Brothers or sisters that had his brows up with that thought. "I could have a big huge family out there."

"Is that what you wish? To have a large family?" Arms crossed in front of her chest as she was comfortable in that lean against the rail. Clad in colors of the forest, every shade of brown complimented a sashling of beige and the cloak of deep green.

"Not particularly, I'd be happy just to know even if none of them are living anymore." He really didn't have his hopes that high but he needed to realize it could be one end of the scale to the other.

"My father is eager to meet you. I've spoken highly of you, Brandon and Blake." In truth she spoke of them often in hopes her father's opinion on humans would change; now more than ever she needed to see that remedied.

Meekel was high up sitting on the edge of a ledge. The castle in the distance could be seen from this vantage point. Eyes of blue saw well into the night as with each breath he breathed in the life around him. The moon to silhouette his form as he pin pointed the street where flickers of lights could be seen in some of the windows. He was drawn there enough to just watch but he didn't go down. No, not tonight.

Her gaze turned over a shoulder to regard their surroundings with a keen eye; she would not likely ever be distracted but tonight she was.. to simply choose her words and share information wisely.

"I have been eager to meet.." His own dark gaze followed hers. There was that feel again. "There is something out there, like that other night. Feels the same." Hell if he knew what it was! Distracted from the talk of her father then back. "Heard a night bird the other evening too. Maybe there is such a thing as a real spirit night."

It would be a difficult task to safe guard not only her words but her thoughts as well; as Mike sensed it so did Keera but for different reasons. She was full-blooded elf, and as such, she could feel the stirring of another should she choose to. But it was Mike her gaze finally rested upon.

"It kind of went like this." And he imitated that note with a whistled one. It wasn't quite pure but it was very close. Obviously he liked the way that bird's note sounded. There and gone before he spoke. "Err....kind of like that."

Her heart clenched as every assumption was indeed turned to fact by the very whistle. Gazing back to where she had watched only moments ago, a light smile touched upon her lips. He had to have heard it. He just had to.

In the still of the night, a familiar note did slide, breaking that silence as Meekel leaped up and back in a blur, standing now on the ledge. His breath was drawn fast. "Impossible." None had been taught his skill since he left. It would have been left to him to teach his own, or others that held the ability within their clan. He was hearing things. It wasn't quite true to the note. He relaxed some but emotions were stirring.

"I heard the same." It was a very good thing Keera was not one for words else Mike would be suspicious as to why she remained so quiet. Her gaze was stilled on the distance, intent and very much vibrant.

He wanted to go down to investigate but he knew it was proper to wait. He needed to see Argan first before he even thought about going out amongst the Humans. He would not breach such not even with the draw of whatever it was down in that commons. Tomorrow he was told and tomorrow he would find out. Where he had stood had become a small swirling dust devil of leaves to dance over the edge and spill to the valley below. Meekel was gone in a wisp of a breeze to traverse the forest that edged the commons. He could get closer and thus link in more. He could feel Keera about and sent that musical greeting. "Aaye" whispered upon the winds as he moved closer still, still within those unseen boundaries.

Her gaze, however, kept drifting between the small group and the surroundings; she would be able to watch every word and guard every thought.. until a familiar voice carried on the autumn breeze. "Cormamin lindua ele lle.." It was a very soft whisper to the winds as she stood to face the path she had taken earlier. Hands braced on the rail, her gaze darted along the tree line of the woods.

"Vanimle sila tiri" Whispered back upon the breeze that now stirred to the forest's edge. Keera shown like a star as many of their people did to each other. It made him realize just how long he had been gone. How long it had been to speak his own language.

"Err....I look better in the dark?" Spoken in response to one as it was mentioned he looked different. There was glint in those dark brown eyes but the hairs on the back of his neck were prickling too like he was being watched by unseen eyes. He also heard Keera. "Who are you talking to?" It didn't seem to be him even if she spoke in that language of hers. He did like it, just didn't understand it.

He was close, much closer than where he had been. No doubt now he had heard the familiar tune being whistled and was curious about it. Who wouldn't be? A smile touched her mouth as she let her gaze linger on the start of the forest. "One of my people in the woods." It was not an Elvin trait to lie, nor would she ever especially to people she considered friends. Her attention slowly drifted back to regard Mike, calm and almost emotionless for there was still a hint of a smile catching the corners of her mouth.

A hand lifted as fingers touched into the air as if it were solid. He felt the awkwardness and the reality of it. She was amongst Humans that might not understand her speaking to what seemed the shadows and no one there. He would not compromise her amongst her friends. Parting words drifted in a low musical way this time. "Lissenen ar' maska'lalaith tenna' lye omentuva au' " With those words to flow upon the night's breeze, so was he gone in another wisp of one back to her home where he stayed for now.

"Tenna' ento lye omenta, mellonamin.." Whispered as she turned her face to where the woods started, so soft it would have seemed she merely sighed. But the elf would have heard them along the soft breeze that fluttered in and around some bare tree limbs. She pushed away from the rail and quickly repositioned the weapons over her shoulder. She then turned to Mike. "I need to return to the camp. I shall meet you tomorrow at my father's quarters. Just tell one of the guards, he'll direct you."

"I will see you tomorrow then. Pleasant the night be for you Keera. Thank you."

"Tenna' san'.."  She nodded once to him then looked down to where the other sat with a quick smile. "Eventide."  And then she followed the path until she disappeared in the woods; the same place she had been looking to from the porch.

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