Proprietor of
Falkirk Downs Race Tracks
Frasier Stables
28 summers
Standing six foot three
Green eyes
Dark curling hair.

The Thorn in Neale's Side

He was around the same height as his brothers. Something that ran in the genes giving them all those Frasier green eyes and dark, near black hair. Father Alisdair had raised them all since the death of their mother, being both father and mother to his sons and daughter Hannah. He was closest in age with her and such was the rapport that bound them close over the years of growing up. She was their Sprite.

They had come to Heathfield lands and in time built their own manor, aptly named Falkirk, on Ballicastle lands granted them. The whole family together here gave them a security once more they had longed for.

Once married, a son born, Cian Patrick who stays with him.

Patrick Frasier
Falkirk Downs
Frasier Stables

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(This is a Fictional Roleplayed Character. Not a real person. Older player/player with no tolerance for immature gaming nor ooc. No IM RP. No recruiting or solicitation. RPL#1. Actor used to represent how Patrick Frasier would look, only, is Hugh Jackman. No claims made.)

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