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Six Foot Three * Dark Hair and Topaz Eyes * Lean Muscular Build * Twenty-Five * Single

Noble born of a few prominent families in the lands of Bordeaux, France, near the bay of Biscay. Dark brown hair and hazel brown eyes that held that edge of shrewdness to them. He stood near six feet tall and usually wore black cowhide pants and jacket, tunic or shirt beneath depending on the weather.

A black cloak worn, hid the weapons he carried discreetly. He was especially good with the knife. A smooth talker with enough charm to gain his own agenda. Still, he could easily fluctuate between two extreme personality traits, the one a disguise for the other. He had come to these lands on a personal mission.

That mission was completed but far from what was expected. A woman named Rachel helped to change his life around. A woman he then asked to marry. She accepted. Except fate had other plans as the woman left like a thief in the night, no word nor explanation. Later he discovered she was exactly that and a well known liar, never a truth to come from her lips but only words to gain in her agenda.

--No tolerance for childish gaming and even less for such ooc. Fantasy Medieval Based. He would look like Ben Affleck, no claims made of photos.--


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