Merc for Hire
Six Foot Two Muscular Build
Hazel Green Eyes
Twenty-Three and Single
Blood Brother to Liam and Ciaran Quinn

Evan Conrad Hunt was born in between Liam and Ciarán.  His family had started the small village, which was called Hunt's Landing on the Ohio River.  His father opened a mercantile and made a decent living selling supplies, seed and feed to the settlers, explorers and others who wandered through.  Evan was the third child of his parents, the third that lived.  His mother had delivered a total of six all told before Evan, and before him, only a brother and sister had survived. Though his parents were of good solid, English-German stock, they had married late in life. Another sister and brother followed Evan and then there were no more.

Because they were close in age, Evan became friends with the Quinn brothers, often accompanying them into the woods or to visit their Mother's people.  Evan followed Liam to school, much to his dismay but his father insisted all his children receive an education.  He was satisfied to have the boy work as a trapper for a time but expected him to pick out a vocation.   Evan was with the brothers when they journeyed to Williamsburg and came back to find his parents and his eldest brother dead, the mercantile burned to the ground.  His oldest sister had moved to Williamsburg.  Luckily the two youngest were visiting her and were spared.  He dug up the box of coins from where his father had re-buried it each day after playing the days' earnings and headed to Williamsburg after seeing to the burials in the village.  Half the gold was given to his sister for the care of his siblings and then he joined the brothers, first in looking for Fawn, then in their various occupations.

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Blood Brothers: Liam David Quinn and Ciaran Riordan Quinn

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