Merc for Hire

Dark golden brown eyes
Curly brown hair
Height of six foot and three, toned muscles and sun bronzed skin.
Twenty-four years and Single.

Honed skills: sword, knives and boxing-fighting with bare fists

(No claims made to the pictures used to represent Liam)

He was first born and heir. A weight of those so privileged (and that debatable by some) to bear. It was looked upon them to continue the linage. To inherit any wealth and to expand upon that wealth. To marry wealthy. Luckily in his case they were no longer in Europe where being the firstborn meant more than being the first one born into a family and helping with brothers and sisters that followed. The first to earn monies to help the family. It was when he was nineteen and his brother seventeen that they headed to Williamsburg to sell the furs they had collected. Both had become good hunters and easy for where they lived in the wilds. The return home would forever change the course of their lives. All had been destroyed and their Father dead.

Michael Murphy Quinn had left Barbados twenty years prior  and gone deep into the wild lands of the new world. Here he found his wife Turtle Dove. She bore him two sons and a daughter. The last upon which she died in giving birth. The daughter was named Oisin or Fawn.  She had gone missing at the age of thirteen after the Raid that left most dead. Evan, his closest friend had also lost his family so the three set out together to fine Fawn and a new life. While they traveled they became -somewhat- Mercenaries for Hire. Somewhat because they were picky on what jobs they took on. Liam lived by the code of doing nothing one could not live with doing.

In another means of making money, Liam became known as the Scrapper for his Boxing skills. In the first few matches he had struggled but learned quickly. He had been young at sixteen to be fighting the ones he got matched up with and won. His mind like quicksilver as he would assess his opponent, learning of his strengths and weaknesses; of prior injuries or quirks to be used against him in the fight. Most he let drag on enough rounds no one suspected his superior advantage, brains and brawn, a deadly mixture. He had a fearless attitude, quick wit and assessment that went hand in hand with his quick punches. The purses from the fights help them along as the three were as the Musketeers, Liam, Evan and Ciaran.

It was when they ended up on the island of Barbados, birthplace of their father, that they were coerced into a new adventure that would alter the course of their lives again.


When in the Colonies in an old church, a Will was found left by Michael Murphy Quinn. There was a deed of lands that were his to be divided equally between all three sons and his daughter if they wished them. If not, they could sell and divide the monies. There were three rings, one would go to his firstborn, Liam, to signify his status as head of the family. Each of the others as a reminder of his love for them all. A necklace for Oisin, that he had given her mother but would safe keep it here with the other rings. Descriptions of each of the rings and who they would go to was written with the will of his lands.

Ring left for Liam Ring left for Ciaran Ring left for Evan Necklace left for Oisin

Brother:  Ciaran Riordan Quinn and Blood Brother:  Evan Hunt

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