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Boxing Match
Hercules vs The Scrapper

No one would know snow fell heavily outside the warehouse, inches accumulating under darken skies. The lights from street lamps had flakes glistening like diamonds falling from heaven. Few people were out tonight that weren't already in the basement of this warehouse owned by D & R Brothers Inc. Mostly hay and feed for animals all packaged and crated. Many to be exported by ship or over the borders to the Outlanders, as they were referred to. Down in the bowels of the warehouse it had been cleared to set up a boxing ring of what was considered regulation size. Derry and Roth had a liking for the thrill of boxing. One of the more dangerous sports and that in itself held the appeal. Over the years they had weeded out boxers they set up as their own. If someone came along that stood out, they would do their best to recruit them. Incentives that would be hard to pass up.
The best of their boxers was one called Hercules and he strove, by all kinds of devious means unbeknownst to the Brothers, to keep his position and title. He was paid very well and a had become a symbol in the community. It would be hard to tell which was headier to the oversize man in achieving. It was becoming noticed that some very good boxers disappeared. At first it was assumed they continued on their way when they had not beaten Hercules. Good enough they would have been taken on to train and a likelihood they might actually be a real contender for the man. Hercules had a good amount of money and had a few paid-for-friends that did his dirty work for him. So far they went undetected even when one of the boxers, from two month's ago, body washed up on shore down at the port. The port was a distance away and everyone knew bad things happened there. The brothers didn't know that bad things were happening here under their nose. This night's match had been first postponed to the present and Hercules had gotten a few more men hired up to see to the one called the Scrapper after the match.
Too many of the crowd were starting to favor the efficient and quieter boxer. He came in, he fought hard and well and had taken down Harry first then Stone Face who were not quite as good as Hercules which was why they survived under the Brothers' lineup. Derry and Roth decided to skip over the next two boxers they had and go right to the top. That alone was a sign they were watching the Scrapper with a keen eye and would be offering him a position. This part was unknown to Liam as he got ready for the match in a small room he was given. Harry had actually come in and wished him well, in fact mumbled something about laying out that egotistical bastard for him. That thought had lingered as the man took his leave and the sound of the crowd gathering out in the basement was growing. The layers of smoke thickening while the transferring of money in bets had many shouting in getting everyone interested.

Hercules was in the room that was set aside for him, laughing and boasting as was his usual way. He was bigger than the kid he was about to face and had no doubt he could take him down. He hadn't even bothered to watch the fights the Scrapper had been in. Like a king holding court, he sat among the men and a few woman who constantly fed his ego. And why not, he paid them well enough. He even planned to take the upstart out in two rounds and then he'd see that the Scrapper went the route of the others. Up river.

Ciarán had watched his brother fight before but the atmosphere was nothing like here. Not only were there ones from the old city but a few from the new. He checked under his cloak for his knives, then flashed Evan a quick grin.  This was more like it! And there was bound to be another fight after. "Is this better than fighting off the metal beasties?" And as an afterthought, "how's your head?"

Excitement thrummed through the crowd one could almost feel it in their bones, and it helped rouse Evan from his mood (and lingering hangover). Having dropped Liam off in his room the other two had gone to gauge the temper of the crowd. There was plenty of loud conversation, laughter, and tankards of drink circulating through the place but Evan didn't engage in conversation with anyone... not even the pretty girls! All the better to stay anonymous. "Much better than that," he answered Ciaran, sort of grumbling as he glanced around the place. Ciaran's question though brought his eyes back to the lad and he smirked a bit. "Still not as big as yours." A joke between them as his dour expression vanished for a quick grin. Already the place was packed with a sweaty crowd and Evan had heard the "Scrapper's" name a few times. Many seemed eager to see his opponent, the famous Hercules, get pummeled... though it was clear Hercules' prowess was legendary and some doubted his winning streak would ever be broken.

Liam liked going to the end of the fourth round before taking the other boxer out for the count. The reason being the crowd had gotten enough for the violence of hits so they didn't feel they were cheated when the match didn't end too quickly.  Not too many rounds to wear himself out that if there was trouble afterwards he was already physically shot. Too many times that held true for the stranger that seemed to clean up the ring and the money.  There were exceptions to this rule and he knew he'd need to take out Hercules in the second or third round. The first was more a dance and exchange of punches. There were no gloves worn, it was bare fists. There were no real set number of rounds, it was until one man couldn't get up. Although there were some rules, not many, one was not to actively try and kill the other but pretty much anything goes. It was still more street fighting than regulated. Hercules was called up first being the champion as a good portion of the crowd rose in cheers. Once he was in the ring and his showing off done, he was directed to a corner. Next the challenger was called out as the announcer promoted his skills as a newcomer. There were various reactions, as was typical from the crowd; jeers and cheers mingled. Liam entered the ring with little aplomb. He was the unknown. The few instructions given and the two asked to politely acknowledge each other before they would begin. Liam gave a nod as dark eyes locked on the man taller than him by a few inches. The taller they were, the harder they would fall but fall they had, even bigger and taller than Hercules he so titled himself after the demigod.

Hercules moved into the ring with all the confidence of a man who had won nearly ever fight fought. He touched hands with some he passed, kissed a few women on the cheek or lips and raised his hands as he stood in the center. He sized Liam up as he was announced, then grinned at his cronies, letting him know that this would be another easy win. And he'd make sure the Scrapper remembered who was the best.

Ciar had bet a good bit of coin on his brother and was looking forward to collecting his winnings. He blinked when he saw Hercules, giving a shake of his head. "This is going to be quite a show, Evan." He nudged Evan with his elbow and pointed toward a pretty lass. "That one keeps eyeing you. And you still got the biggest head, hangover or not. I can't catch up with your ego." In spite of his seemingly careless attitude, Ciar was watching the crowd, especially taking note of the ones who had followed Hercules out of the room and were seated close to the ring.

Evan had placed several bets here and there on The Scrapper, to the surprise of some and the glee of others, all of whom believed they'd be winning big on Evan's foolishness. Too bad they didn't know Liam the way he did. Evan eyed Hercules as he entered the ring, noting his size but refusing to be impressed. "He looks like a puffed-up toad," he smirked, but was soon distracted by Ciaran's claim. Lifting his eyes he cast about the crowd until spotting the pretty lass Ciaran had mentioned. A lovely blonde who received a polite nod of greeting, paired with a bright grin from Evan. Too busy looking at her he almost didn't catch Ciaran's jibe and gave the younger man a light shove.

It was a different Liam with his shirt off. He was well proportioned and very muscular. There was another strength about him that only another fighter could smell, larger or not than himself. There was an intensity in dark eyes that held fast to stare down an opponent. Silent dark look one felt like they were being hunted by something far more ancient and deadly. He wore loose fitted pants tied off, feet bared in the sawdust and dirt beneath them. Toes dug in as if he derived strength from the ground up. The Bell went off with a loud DING as all eyes were plastered to the ring and the two fighters within. Liam was swift on his feet as he circled this Hercules. Fists were kept close in a way they would shoot to block or launch a punch. He knew not to let this man land any well placed shots. All his senses were alive in a way that anyone watching him could feel it like an electrical current in the air. He would wait for the man to throw punches that he would dodge enough, wear him out some first. The crowd would want physical contact so would only put up with so many swings of Hercules missing the other. All kinds of comments would be yelled out about pussy footing and worse.

Hercules was a man with very little fat on his body though perhaps he was starting to show some around his middle. He offered Liam a cold smile, showing that one tooth was missing. Keeping his eyes on Liam's, the grin changed to a snarl, one that would disappear as soon as that bell rang. He feigned a punch, then led in with his left, aiming for Liam's face. Below the belt would come next, even if he missed. He knew the crowd would want blood and he meant to give it to them before he knocked the man out in the second round.

Ciar laughed as he took a step from the push then he turned his attention to the ring. The crowd was starting their calls even before the bell was rung and when it was, they became louder. He was caught up in the action, shouting out for his brother and pretty much ignoring if any gave him dirty looks or tried to out shout him. Though it seemed like he wasn't aware, he was, and knew how close Hercules' men were. They wouldn't stop anyone from shouting but they'd likely take note who was.

Evan took a somewhat different approach. While he watched the action avidly, he didn't shout and holler as Ciaran did. He joined in the clapping when Liam dodged a particularly hard shot but otherwise didn't draw attention to himself. That way, if he needed to come to Ciaran's OR Liam's aid later he would seem to come out of nowhere, unexpected by Hercules' cronies.

A man next to Evan jostled him with an elbow and gave Evan a bloodthirsty grin. "I think the bear is playin' with his food," said the wiry old man, clearly referring to Hercules as the bear.

Evan just smirked some, a private sort of smile to himself as he nodded agreement to the man. All the while knowing that it was the other way around. Liam was as good an entertainer as he was a fighter, and always seemed to know how to conduct the fight to the crowd's maximum satisfaction.

A few punches missed the quick moving man but then a few that should have been solid, skimmed instead. The one that shot off Liam's shoulder was followed by a quick well placed jab into Hercules' ribs before he was out of his personal space that would allow the man to get a better shot in. Sweat was starting to coat his skin that would make it harder on both's part to land solid hits unless they were absolutely accurate. As he moved back, Hercules charged, shoving at Liam to get him to the ground. It had him looking like he lost balance to go down but he was playing along. Hercules would dive as Liam angled his body just so, boxed his ears as he came down while he hooked his legs to send Hercules back over his head and onto his back as he jumped up, turning with a slam of his foot into his right shoulder blade, enough to separate the bone and make it hard for his right punch to land any good hits. All this in a blur of a moment before he stepped back. If it had been Hercules, he would have gone in to try and finish him off instead of giving the other the respect of a good fight.

When he charged, Hercules let out a roar that near shook the rafters, and within seconds found himself on his back. He had missed shots that he shouldn't have because his opponent was faster than expected, his ears were ringing and he was starting to see red. Not from blood but from anger. He was back up, shaking his head to clear it. A step into Liam and he gave him a sliding blow to his head, followed by a left to his ribs. Now that he had landed a blow he was feeling a little better but this man was more skilled then expected.

Ciar let out a shot when Liam took Hercules down, grabbing Evan's arm and pointing. He let out another shout as the giant got up, then winced when he got a good hit in. "C'mon! You can take 'im!" He yelled out, much to the delight of the lass near them who was rewarded with a bright grin.

There was a universal intake of breath and chorus of groans when Liam unexpectedly struck a series of hard blows to the bigger man. There was cheering when Hercules got up again, but some of the cheers were for the Scrapper and for the first real blows of the night. There was a palpable heat in the crowded basement, both from the mass of bodies present there and from their bloodthirsty attitudes. Evan watched just as closely as Ciaran did, grimacing when Liam got a nice wallop to the head. "I'm gonna get closer," he shouted to Ciaran over the din, and started the laborious process of pushing his way through the crowd in order to stand closer to the ring itself.

He had taken worse but it opened up the cut barely healed over his eye from a week ago. Blood was flowing making it look worse than it was. This was where one of his lesser known skills was used. He shook his head to clear it then sped around coming up into a roundhouse kick to the man's stomach. His lower leg snapping out in contact then back in so fast it would never be grabbed. The impact should put Hercules into the ropes behind him if not on the ground. Problem was, the DING sounded ending the round as soon as his kick landed. It didn't feel like the usual amount of time. He was over to his corner to splash water on his face to clear his head the rest of the way. A drink of water to wash his mouth out as he spitted out blood into the second bucket.

The sight of blood was enough to cause Hercules to grin and it made him overly confident though he didn't expect what happened next. He felt the impact into his chest and grunted loudly. A moment later his arms were hanging over the ropes, and he was almost slouching. Shaking his head, he rubbed his chest as he stood, then spit. "Pansy kick." As if the insult made up for the blow. He wouldn't admit it bloody well hurt. He was over to his corner where his cronies talked him up, while he took a drink of water and whiskey.

Closer? Good idea though he decided to take a stand a short distance away. He was doing less watching of the fight and more watching of the crowd, having a feeling there were going to be a lot of unhappy people around. "Doing good, Scrapper!" He didn't use his brother's name.  Let him keep that mystery about him.

Head wounds tended to bleed profusely so Evan wasn't overly concerned, nonetheless, he made his way through the crowd till he reached Liam's corner. A towel pulled from his vest and shoved through the ropes for Liam to use to mop up the cut. Blood in the eyes wasn't good for fighting either. He shoved his hand in his pockets then so fewer people might notice the exchange. "Aye Scrapper. He knows your mettle now, keep him scared."  Said that only loud enough so Liam would hear it before he was stepping back and clapping along with the rest as they awaited the next bell.
He took the towel to mop over his face, pressing the cloth into the cut to stop the bleeding enough it would not be a nuisance. Barely done and the bell went off. He was up tossing the towel aside with the red stain against white as he came out into the ring refreshed. This time he was the aggressor, moving quickly inside Hercules personal space to administer a barrage of punches, most cutting into the man's ribs while he took account of scars and old bruised areas where the skin remained darker. He would suffer some hits back but he got in one shot to Hercules' right eye to have it swelling up fast with a nice cut above. Half way through the first round, Roth Higgins had wheeled in his brother and partner, Derry. Two men in their fifties that had sons in the crowd betting and watching. There were a few more of their secret service men, or so such hired that worked for them and brought in here tonight.

Hercules expected the man to step up his attacks. They usually did. He kept his hands up, trying to avoid as many of the blows as he could but the smaller man was quick. He felt a cut re-open as he threw a few wild punches, then that one caught him right in the eye. It would make it harder for him to see and he tried grabbing the man into a headlock. Maybe he could get a few blows into that pretty face.

The crowd was getting louder now as there was more to this fight then any other. It could go either way but when Liam landed that blow to the eye, Ciar let out a war whoop that would have done their family back home proud. He even caused a few blokes to step back from him!

Evan couldn't help but snicker as he heard Ciaran's whoop over the noises of the others between them. He felt like cheering himself but restricted himself to some non-specific shouts every once in awhile. He was watching the fight with interest but also looked around occasionally, sizing up the men who were clearly Hercules' entourage. There was a shift in the crowd when Liam began to show his true skills, lots of muttering, some angry, some excited. And some looking like they were starting to regret their bets.

Roth and Derry spoke low in conversation as they watched from the back. Their presence would get Hercules' henchmen nervous and more if they knew of the secret service men they had hired that mingled in the crowd. They were dressed as ordinary working men from the docks of which many were that came here. There was blood on both men at this point. The sweat more profuse as Liam's mind set on one thing only, that ancient call of survival that lent strength when it seemed all was lost. The two went at it again, only leaving more blood on each other, more cuts to bleed, bruises forming. Liam's handsome face was not taking the brunt of it like Hercules would hope, although he got in a good head shot right into the man's left ear that should have a sharp pain shoot through the man's head. He would know and feel it but the crowd would not see any damage. The DING sounded of the bell already as Liam headed back for his corner for more of the water and towel to wipe his face with.

Hercules roared like a wounded bull as he waded into the fight. Blows falling on both men though the ones hitting him were doing more damage. He was becoming more and more infuriated. He let out another roar when the bell rang, shaking his head as he made his way back to the corner. Blood and sweat mingled to run down and obscure his vision as he took the water and dumped it over his head. His swollen eye didn't do anything for his appearance except make him look less dangerous.

Hercules was beginning to look like a bloat fish, no wonder he had to pay the women to be around him!

He calmed a bit as the fight became more intense, with no more war whoops or taunts. He knew it was nearing the end of the fight, could almost sense it and this would be when the crowd would get ugly if they were of a mind to take their losing out of Liam's hide. He glanced around for Evan, then gave Liam a thumbs up, then he started to study some of the angrier patrons.

Meanwhile the lovely blonde from earlier had sniffed Evan out and sidled up to his side, attempting to engage him in conversation. Evan gave her a somewhat distracted smile but his usually-deadly charms were disengaged at the moment, as he concentrated on the fight. But the girl wouldn't be dissuaded and continued her attentions, running a hand along his arm, purring queries into his ear. Evan didn't put his usual effort into it but he didn't exactly discourage her either... hey, he was still a guy. So between glancing at her, and glancing up into the ring he didn't catch Ciaran's eye.

Evan was going to earn the nickname of Casanova! DING went the bell. Liam knew it was now or never to take Hercules down. He wanted it more a knock out then wear out as the favor would be in Hercules corner. He thought of his lost little sister and somehow that fueled him in a way that few had to grip onto and use the power of emotion it elicit. Dark eyes were seeing red and not from any blood oozing into them. No playing around and that could be seen by anyone watching the Scrapper in the height of his glory. He moved fast and precise. The shoulder first hit harder that he somewhat separated before. The rib with the small scar was hit right over it that anyone close enough to the ring could hear the crack. He knew Hercules would retaliate by slamming his head into his so in that moment that he had the opportunity he stepped back instead of staying (as would be expected) to land punches to the man's kidneys. As Hercules' head snapped down, it was met with a forceful upper right cut into his jaw instead of its intended target. A hit that had the man's teeth snap and crack, sweat flew off his hair and face in a spray as it straightened the man up with the force. Liam stepped back two paces and waited to see the result of his measured hits.

Hercules managed to dance forward, still seeming ready to continue and he was! Until those blows began, faster than the big man could stop. He was in a lot of pain from the first two hits and so angry now he couldn't even hear the roar of the crowd. As he tried to slam his head into his opponent's, that next blow landed. Once he straightened, he stood there for a long time. The crowd fell silent as they watched and then ... Hercules' eyes rolled up into his head and he fell face forward with a poof of dust and sand to rise up as his body hit the platform. Those watching just stared in amazement then the warehouse erupted with shouts. Even those who had bet for Hercules were yelling for Liam though they'd be cursing him later. Especially those whose wives were expected their paychecks.

Ciar was actually wincing for the big man as Liam landed blow after blow. He blinked in confusion when Liam stepped back and Hercules just stood there! But when he fell face forward, Ciar let out another whoop. He grabbed a woman near him by the waist and spun her around, having her laughing as he released her. Now he sought out Evan. They'd have some good coin but they would need to back up their brother once he left the warehouse.

Abandoning the neutral persona, Evan started hollering along with everyone else! It had been an excellent fight and Liam left unscathed in comparison to the felled giant. The blonde next to him suddenly gave him a celebratory kiss, then spun off, leaving him with a rather satisfied grin. That was enough of that though, as he started moving around and collecting on his bets. He went quickly, wanting to meet Ciaran and then Liam at the door as soon as he could to avoid any trouble.

The intimidating man standing near Roth was spoken to, not that anyone could hear as the man nodded then disappeared. Roth then wheeled out his brother through another door as the man delegating the fight moved over to Liam to raise his arm, announcing him the winner and handing him the hefty pouch. One that contained 1500 pounds. This was a lot bigger match than any of the others. It was a mixed crowd in the response, hard to say who had the edge, the new Scrapper whose name was being shouted or the long time king of the ring, Hercules. The question of a rematch already taunted as Liam thanked them all in his quiet way then moved out of the ring with a guard escorting him quickly to his room. He notice Evan followed him to the door as a means of protection too. A house guard and the one that escorted him then stationed to keep anyone from following the man within. Any there that had a notion of robbing Liam, or attempting it, knew it would have to be once he left the building.
On orders the house guard then stepped within to exchange a few words with Liam and a key. A means to thwart anyone with ideas by using a locked side door he could gain from his room. It could be a setup, but Liam didn't think so as he asked the guard to find the two men with him which he precisely described to have them come to his room. The guard motioned to another guard and which men were pointed out, so both Ciaran and Evan would have a man approaching them and pointing to where the other guard was to the room Liam was in. In the meantime, the crowd was getting more unruly as a few other fights broke out over the winner and the loser, ones to either side that had been exchanging words, fighting words. Hercules was removed by the one delegating the match along with two of his helpers. He would be brought to his room and a doctor to see to him in bringing him around. Hercules' men didn't stay around, no, they had already left the building to station themselves in a shadowed alley that most likely Liam would be taking for they had watched the route he'd taken after the last match.

By the time Ciar had collected his bets, the man sent to find him, had. With his pockets filled and his mood good, Ciar followed the guard to the door. He was sure if Evan was around, he'd be joining them. Once he stepped inside, he was over to carefully clap a hand to his brother's shoulder. "I've never seen the like, Liam. You did an amazing job. We're going to have to be careful though. Lot of unhappy people out there." And now that he could check his brother's face, he grimaced. "You look like you've been in three fights."

Evan finished up his final 'transaction' and then followed the guard into the back. He glanced around once more but didn't see any of Hercules' henchmen still around... not surprising. Then he ducked into Liam's room and once the door shut behind him, stepped up to his blood-brothers, grinning broadly. "Good show Liam! That ugly giant won't forget you any time soon," if only he knew that his words were prophetic! But his tone was light. He became more serious as he went on. "Hercules' toadies are already gone, probably waiting outside to give you their regards." He poured some water on a fresh towel then tossed it towards Liam so he could clean himself up some before they went.

"Just some cuts and bruises," knowing well he would mend in a week or two. "No broken bones nor nose. I get to keep my looks for another match." Although it would hurt to grin for the reopened split in his lip. That too was bleeding. "I can hear, even disgruntled they got a match they could only dream of happening." He knew Hercules' reputation. Pulling his jacket on and putting the money well hidden on his person. "You'll need to guard well the coins you won tonight as well possibly your lives. I think the owners of this warehouse and ring decided there is something afoot," as he showed the key mostly in Evan's direction for his words. "Another way out, could be a trap but I suspect not. I do suspect they figured there would be some disgruntled." Which was an understatement. With those words he started them off through a back hall that led to door on the other side of the warehouse from where the usual entry was. The key unlocked it which he left inside on a ledge like the man asked. Once they were outside, it would lock behind them. They still needed to go down the usual alleyway as he pulled down his cap and flipped up the collar of his cloak. They could hear the various groups lingering out in the snowy night just around the corner where the main doors were. Most of the regular folk had already headed home.

Ciarán became more solemn with Liam's words. "Aye, I've taken care of that." He had hidden his money as well. He adjusted his cloak, then gave a nod. He was ready as he could be. Outside, his eyes were moving constantly, watching the shadows, and even above to the roof of the buildings. He knew well enough how this could go. There were a few still yelling at one another, but so far no one was swinging fists. Of course, that could change with the drop of a hat.

Evan had his money well hidden too, not in an inner pocket or beneath his shirt, but somewhere only the ladies might find IF he got that lucky. He doubted that was the sort of attention he'd get tonight though. He nodded to Liam's words, pulled on his coat and headed out into the night with them. It was bitter cold but he kept his hands out of his pockets, swinging freely just in case he needed a quick fist. The moment they were out he was on his guard, flanking Liam's other side to keep him between himself and Ciaran.

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