Age: 20
Height: 5'6"
Bright blue eyes, long dark hair streaked with red highlights

In a poor village in Wales, she was born with a skill that few possessed: the ability to touch living things and make them flourish beneath her fingers, even to bring what was dead back to life. As with everything there was a dark side to it as well, for with that same touch she could cause vibrant life to wither away. Maggie learned early on to never exercise these talents. She was sheltered from the magic-paranoid eyes of the village by her family and especially by her brother Richard. When she was thirteen, something happened to make the villagers begin to suspect something... when Maggie bent over the lifeless body of a small girl who had fallen from a tree, the girl suddenly opened her eyes. Rather than celebrate the villagers recoiled with dread and Maggie knew they would always be suspicious, and could even victimize her family for her skills. So without her parents' knowledge she decided to leave home to protect them. Richard discovered her plan and went with her.

Together they traveled from town to town, working as maid and farmer, stableboy and kitchen girl, whatever jobs they could get. Eventually they found work in a castle, the home of a Lord and Lady, a family that was haughty but seemed kind enough at heart. The family took favor of the siblings and Maggie eventually became a Lady's maid to the noble daughter, while Richard became a Squire. Though it was not their own family, it was a better life than either might have expected to lead and for five years, they were content there.

That is, until Maggie became involved with the youngest son of the Lord and Lady. The young couple constantly snuck off together, and Maggie began to fall for him, but when he asked her to go 'all the way' she refused... not knowing whether she might lose control of her powers in that state, and moreover hesitant as any young girl might be of that act which meant so much. The boy was furious, and to appease his hurt pride told his parents that Maggie had stolen from them. He even planted the stolen item in her room, somewhere it was certain to be found. Richard and Maggie were thrown out of the castle.

They set to wandering again... Maggie never telling Richard what had really happened, letting him believe that she was entirely innocent and wrongly accused. They missed the comforts of the castle but were used to being on the road. They would have gotten along fine, together had Maggie not fallen ill. At first it was only an occasional headache but they became more persistent, would strike suddenly with agonizing pangs or linger with days of aching. Neither could understand the cause but as she grew worse, they sought haven at a tavern in a rather seedy town. Richard went to fetch medicines or a healer, whatever could be found, one moonless and rainy night. The hours passed and Maggie waited up for him... but Richard never returned.

Maggie went in search of him, but none had heard or seen a trace of her brother. She stayed in that town for several days hoping he would miraculously turn up. Then one day while sitting in the tavern, she was struck with a pain in the head so bad, sparks flew from her fingertips. Remembering that horrified look in the Welsh villagers' eyes years ago, she left the very next morning. Maggie has settled in Heathfield for now, hoping that somehow Richard is alive and will find her... and coping with her own demons, the headaches, whose cause is still a mystery.

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