Owner of the Blue Rhapsody Theater
Six foot two, tone muscular build
Dark brown hair that semi curls
Bright hazel green eyes
Twenty-eight * Single

Raul 28, Demian 27, Veronica 25, Pedro 24, Dalila 23, and Brigidia 21

The sound of his name would lend one the feel he was someone of importance, but Raul fell short of anything near that ideal in his mind. Oldest of six he felt responsible for his siblings when their father passed away. He had been the brooding quiet one, going through life unheard and unnoticed. As they grew, he drew more within himself. This all changed when he became Don Valdez. It weighed heavily upon his shoulders.

It was soon after their mother's death he started to dabble in writing setting to paper all the feelings he had bottled up inside. They were never shown to anyone for they would expose his heart and soul. Instead they were stashed away in a leather folder that was gradually swelled with all the pieces of paper. The skill of his writing improved over time if one read all he wrote starting from those preteen years. Eventually he expanded his writing on each of his siblings along with the trials their family faced. He became skilled at just about anything he tried. Intelligent and quick to learn making him more a Jack of all trades. Raul had the skills to survive on his own without the need of others, except in that he desired more of his family. Now he was responsible for them to see they were kept safe.

During the warmer months, enactments are done outside in the square. The Balcony used for the Romeo and Juliet Scene, Raul so favors.


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-No tolerance for immature gaming nor such players. Image used is Carlos Pounce, no claims made, character would only look like him as a reference. Created 02-21-07

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