Six Foot Six * Russet Curling Hair * Ice Blue Eyes
Tone Muscular Build * Twenty Summers
Son of Maurice and Shay Delany McDonough. Sister Sarah.
Married Kiana Monahan ~ Forever as One

McDonough Cattle Ranch of Heathfield. He looked much like his father did at his age, thinner and no beard. Ice blue eyes held the intensity of youth and that determination to make his own mark on the world. He was once shy and easy to blush but now things had changed. He was his father's son and yet himself. He usually wore an off white cotton shirt tucked into buckskin pants with chaps over them. Wide brim hat usually worn.

He liked doing a lot hunting and fishing. Skilled for his age with weapons, he still had a lot to learn. He was good with animals, especially horses. As he got over the Stables were handed over to him, something he had inherited from his mother.


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Falkirk Downs

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**RP character. OCC limited. No rp in IMs. Will ignore immature gaming. Photos used are of Tim Roth to represent how Rory would look. No claims made. Fantasy Medieval Based.**


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