Descendant of Lugh of the Long Arm
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Six feet two inches * Russet eyes * Mahogany hair * Human mixed Faery bloodline

Warrior on his own mission in search of ancient artifacts and answers. One he wield as he possessed the enchanted sword called 'The Answerer'. He was one of the changelings, stolen from his cradle as an infant by the Faery People of Usnach. A great hill that King Nuada use to hold his meetings on. They lived beneath and laid claim to the infant as their own to train as Lugh had been. When Padriach reached the age of nineteen he was given a pale silver gray stallion with a dark mane and tail. He named him Stardust in honor of the Milky Way Constellation. Faery mail was worn under a well made tunic that saved his life more than once in the many battles he fought. A man without a home or lands to claim as his own, he wandered as a mercenary. Sword for hire or tournaments to win giving him a purse that would last until the next event or employment.

Emir had whispered in his ear near seven years ago upon his leave of the Faery People. "Seek the delightful land beyond all dreams. Beyond what seems to us most fair, rich fruits abound the bright year round and flowers are found of hues most rare." In these years of wandering he had not found such lands she spoke on. His heart had become homesick for that which he once knew.

He had made friends along the way, few and far between, but all had been left behind as a new mission took him away. The cry of battle and the clash of steel still rang in his ears as well the blood coated blades to drip. The sound of last breaths taken would haunt his dreams. Most killings held no purpose even if his skill had him walking away from each battlefield whether it was won or not. He had survived wounds most men could not. The hardest was making friends only to see life's light fade from their eyes. The losses became more than he could bare so in solitude he would spend most of his days. The sun rose and set each day as it seemed his path held no end. Discouragement had set in but still he continued. "The star at the end of the darken trail will dim to near not seen. Never give up that which calls to you to follow, Padriach." Emir's words would be recalled and give him heart once more


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*No claims are made on the pictures used; they are solely for an idea of how this fictional character would look.*

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