King of Kildare
Ruling wit
h his identical twin brother Gaidan
Serving Kildare and her sister Castles
Second born son of Queen Lahoneee of Heathfield

Six Foot Four
Golden streaked light brown hair
Steel Blue Eyes
Druid Training in the Mystics and Mysteries of Life
Irish, Sylvan Elf, Grugrach Heritage
27 Years of Age

Leoric's Background

He and his brother both wear one of the 100 Swords of Heathfield. Four Knighted under him wear the swords as well. Each individual and different as the one whose hand it is set to.

Knights Under Leoric and Gaidan

Taming of Kildare    Kildare Saga

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+Here to play not waste my time in drama nonsense. Ignoring such ones come easily. No claims made to photo used in depicting how Leoric would look.+

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