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The concept of Druids here are those with gifts given by the Source of All Creation. God. Master of the Universe -- Title/Label doesn't matter only in that there is a center Source, a conscious Mind that herald creation. These gifts are used for the betterment and progression of mankind. They are not flaunted like some magical show but are used in the background as needed. They are not used for personal gain but can be used for protection of themselves and others. Energy is within all things and how it appears is just the arrangement of these molecules. The concept is that all is a part of the whole, all is life/energy. Air, Earth, Fire and Water are not looked upon as gods, and that which is associated with them, but as energy sources that are subdivisions of the Main Source. In this light they are respected no matter what title they are given.

There is a balance to be maintained of the Universe and of Mother Nature. The balance within mankind subsequently. They understand that with the gift of free choice there are matters they can directly intervene with, others they can only help in guidance and some they cannot touch at all. The wisdom is knowing the difference. The reasoning behind this way of conduct practiced by the Druids here is that life is a conscious evolvement of lessons that need to be learn in the progression of Soul and Mind. An analogy is a child taking their first steps is at first encouraged by the parent walking them while holding them, then a guide by a hand and lastly without any aid. It is one of the hardest things to do - to stand by on the sideline and watch.

-- this is a start. I will continue to work on it as needed.

Four Elements

Rulers: Sylphs, Zephyrs and Fairies who inhabit the world of trees, flowers, winds, breezes, mountains.
King: Paralda.
Attracted by: oils and incenses.
Color & Direction: red or yellow; East.
Magical Tools: wand, incense, creative visualization.
Symbols: sky, wind, breezes, clouds, breath, vibrations, plants, herbs, flowers, trees.
Ritual Work: dawn, sunrise, Spring, knowledge, inspiration, hearing, harmony, herbal knowledge, plant growth, intellect, thought, ideas, travel, freedom, revealing the truth, finding lost things, movement, psychic abilities.

Rulers: Gnomes, Dwarfs and Trolls who inhabit the interior of the Earth and are the consciousness of precious gems, minerals and the Earth herself.
King: Ghob, Gob or Ghom
Attracted by: salts and powders
Color & Direction: black or green; North
Magical Tools: pentagram, salt, images, stones, gems, trees, cord magic.
Symbols: rocks and gemstones, mountains, plains, fields, soil, caves and mines.
Ritual Work: night, midnight, Winter, riches, treasures, surrendering self-will, touch, empathing, incorporation, business, prosperity, employment, stability, success, fertility, money.

Rulers: Salamanders, Firedrakes, the consciousness of flames.
King: Djin
Attracted by: candles, lamps, incense, fire.
Color & Direction: white or red; South
Magical Tools: dagger, lamp or candles, censer, burned herbs or requests on paper.
Symbols: lightning, volcanoes, rainbow, Sun, stars.
Ritual Work: Summer, noon, freedom, change, sight, perception, vision, illumination, learning, love, will, passion, sexuality, energy, authority, healing, destruction, purification.

Rulers: Nymphs, Undines, Mermaids and Mermen who live in the sea, lakes, steams and springs, and Fairies of the lakes, ponds and streams.
King: Niksa or Necksa.
Attracted by: water, washes, solutions
Color & Direction: gray or blue; West
Symbols: oceans, lakes, rivers, wells, springs, pools, rain, mist, fog.
Ritual Work: Fall, sunset, plants, healing, emotions, taste, smell, absorbing, communion with the spiritual, purification, the subconscious mind, love, pleasure, friendships, marriage, fertility, happiness, sleep, dreams, the psychic.

-- taken from the book Celtic Magic by D.J. Conway.

Fifth Element

Although Spirit is the fifth Element it is seldom used, if at all, in magic. It is rare that this Element is held in a powerful state, though those who can harness its strength control all elements surrounding it. It is represented by the center of the circle of the color brilliant white. It has no rulers or beings other than the Goddess and the God. Ritual work with the Element of Spirit can include enlightenment, seeking the life's path, understanding karma, and the unveiling of the ancient spiritual Mysteries.