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Heathfield Attendant Services Request Form

(This is a role-playing fantasy service - Not Real. Nothing Sexual in Nature. To refresh this page for any changes, hold down the control key while using the refresh icon on your bar)

Name of Attendant Requested:
Type of Scenario Requested:
Buyer/Winner: (your full email address):
Certificate - List Event/Date Won:
Recipient (full email address):
Recipient Character's Name:
If a Gift, any note within proper guidelines:
I hereby attest I am not in a relationship, sign::

Fill out that which applies Above

OOC: The idea behind this service is for ones to have fun that are unattached. Any that volunteer that become attached will opt out from this service as not to cause any conflicts. Time allotted for these accompaniments is approximately two hours, give or take a half hour. Those taking advantage of this service must be unattached too. The Attendant volunteers will alternate every so often. More than one date can be rendered as time allows for players of the characters in this service. This service is not to set up characters with others, that is to be made clear. It does not bind any of them to ones they accompany nor will they be compromised into any situation untoward during that time. The Attendant will not compromise anyone in untoward actions either. If a problem arises on the rare occasion of incapability, the service will end and the money refunded or partially refunded according to time spent. Player situations will reasonably be taken into consideration such as unforeseen problems, connection, RL, and so forth. These services are offered to those not Heathfield members for it becomes redundant otherwise.

This is NOT a real Service but a Fictional Roleplaying one.