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This is a start to keep track of castle-owned characters. Their ages, any children and marital status. If there are any discrepancies in names ages, or ones missing, please contact me with said information. Names in
Brown are NPC (non played characters).

Barrett Royal Family of Heathfield Castle

Aaron Barrett: 62, Single.

Lahoneee Barrett von Rundstedt: 48. Children: Andrew James MacNeil: 29, Married Noirin Morgane, son: Valandil Fionn, 2, single.  Leoric McLarkin: 27, Single. Gaiden McLarkin: 27, Single. Lah Barrett Suex: 26, Married to Collin McAndrews. Children: Myles Andrew: 8  Single. Laoise Marie: 8,  Single. Henna Barrett Suex: 26, Single. Solarina Riktafir: 16, Single. Tykir Riktafir: 15, Single. Carlton von Rundstedt: 7, Single. Lydia Atessa von Rundstedt: 4, Single.

Amberlette Barrett: 46, Divorced.  Single. Atessa DeBurgh: 28, Single. Sean DeBurgh: 27, Single.

Kingsmen Under the Black Giffon (Karl von Rundestedt)

Garath Lyons 42, Single, Vincent Matthieu Arnaud De Beauvais 36, Married to Julia Traugott, twin daughters, Marie Traugott and Juliann Sara, 2 years, single. Lazare Carno 36, Single, Jean Donatien de Vimeure 35, Single, Trevor Phillipe Jacques Cairns 34, Divorced, son Trevor Garath 3.

McAndrews Royal Clan of Ballicastle

Chadrick McAndrews I: Deceased, died heroically in battle.
Mary Anne McAndrews: 60, Former Queen of Ballicastle, stepped down to let her son rule once their father had died and he of age.
Chadrick McAndrews II: 41, Married to Danielle Douglas. Children:
Chad(rick) III: <Rick>, 20, Single.  Trevellyn Scott: <Trevel> 19, Single. Douglas: 18, Single. Bryan Michael: 16, Single. Charles Robert: 16, Single. Rory Edward: 16, Single. Cory Joseph, 14, Single. Collin Patrick, 12, Single. Damien Allan, 10, Single.  Darthanian Jon, 8, Single.
Seamus McAndrews: 40, Single- Divorced (Roslia). Children: Riley: 21. Mary Colleen, 18.  Marissa Jewel, 18.
Liam McAndrews: 38, Single.
Joseph McAndrews: 37, Single.
Edward McAndrews: 36, Single.
Jon McAndrews: 35, Single.
Brian McAndrews: 34, Married to Moncha McKenna. Daughter:
Elizabeth Ann: 8, Single. Briana Moncha, 5, Single, Brian Edward, 3, Single.
Michael McAndrews: 33, Single. Daughter: Lei Nori: 12, (mother: Kia Nori).
Patrick McAndrews: 32, Married to Megan MacGregor. Daughter:
Erin Brittney: 10, Single. Sean Robert: 9, Single.
Collin McAndrews: 31, Married to Lah. Children: Myles: 8, single. Laoise: 8, single.

Douglas Royal Clan of Tyremoor Keep

Trevellyn Douglas: 62, Widowed (Tara) * Tara Douglas: Deceased.
Malcolm Alexander Douglas: 34, Divorced (Gene), Son, Alexander Malcolm, 10, single, dark hair, dark blue eyes, inquisitive nature - gifted. Daughter, Ailish Tara, 10, single, curly dark hair, dark blue eyes, gifted rapport with nature and animals. Remarried: Georgette O'Shay.
Sean Robert Douglas: Deceased.
Stephen Nicholas Douglas: 32, Married to Teri MacKenzie. Daughter:
Heather Irene, 10, single. Nicholas Steven, 7, single. Sean Alexander, 5, single.
Thomas Keegan Douglas: 31, Married to Serafina Lorenzo. Daughter: Tara Rose, 0, single.
Keifer Douglas: 29, Single
Quinten Sloan Douglas: 28, Married to Patricia.
Patricia Douglas: 26, Married to Quinten.
Danielle Douglas McAndrews: 27, Married to Chadrick McAndrews. Children:
Chad(rick) III: <Rick>, 1 8, Single.  Trevellyn Scott: <Treve> 17, Single. Douglas: 15, Single. Bryan Michael: 13, Single. Charles Robert: 13, Single. Rory Edward: 13, Single. Cory Joseph, 11, Single. Collin Patrick, 9, Single. Damien Allan, 7, Single.  Darthanian Jon, 6, Single.

O'Neill Royal Clan of Innis Daingneach

James O'Neill: 58, Widowed (Elaina). * Elaina O'Neill: Deceased.
Peter James O'Neill:
37, Single.
Jerome O'Neill: 30, Single.

Elaina Trent O'Neill:
25, Single.
Connor Kavanaugh:
35, Single. Close friend of Peter and family.

Cara Thompson: 25, Single. Lady in Waiting under Elaina * Norma Fitzgerald: 24, Single. Lady in Waiting under Elaina * Nycole Nolan: 24, Single. Lady in Waiting under Elaina * Emily A Stewart: 21, single, lady in waiting under Elaina

MacShire Clan of Heathfield

Draven MacShire: 42, Divorced (Evi) - Married Tara Shawnesey. Son Gerrard: 24, Single. Daughter Autumn: 23, Single.
Garath MacShire:
38, Single.
Velvet MacShire:
32, Single.

McDonough Clan of Heathfield

Maurice McDonough:  42, Single-Widowed (Shay Delany). Rory: 25, Married Kiana Monahan, son - Maurice Robert 2.  Sarah Irene: 22, Single.
Alexander McDonough:  39, Single.
Joseph McDonough:
37, Single-Divorced (Molly). Joshua: 17, Single. Tamara Rose: 12, Single.
Juniper McDonough:
  32, Single.

Shawnesey Clan of Heathfield

Rhett Shawnesey: 41, Married to Maggie O'Brien. Stephanie Rhea: 21, Single. Douglas: 20, Single. Rhett Jr: 19, Single. Shaun Isaac: 18, Single. Maureen Ann: 16.
Tara Shawnesey:
32, Married Draven MacShire.

Frasier Clan of Ballicastle

Alisdair Frasier: Deceased. * Maureen Frasier: Deceased. Children:

Neale Frasier: 34, Divorced (Sarina). Son: Alisdair, 8, single. Married to Kathleen Cleary, daughter Trinity Noel, 4, single. Son: Neale Aengus 1, single.
Daniel Frasier: 32, Married to Shiloh Hahl. Son: Cahir Daniel, 6, Single. Daughter Ciara Rose, 4, Single. Son: William Keith, 1, single.
Leora Frasier Royce: Deceased. Husband: Channing Royce, 34. Daughter: Ellyn, 11, Single.
Robert Frasier: 30, Married to Lisette McTiel. Son: Bryan Robert, 2, single. Daughter: Lisette Leora, 1, single.
Patrick Frasier: 28, Single-divorced. Son:
Cian Patrick, 5, single.
Hannah Frasier: 26, Married to Lochlan Kearney. Son:
Lochlan Alisdair, 8, Single. Daughter: Sioban Colleen 6, Single. Daughter: Cailean Rose 5, Single. Daughter Emma Marie, 3, Single. Son: Travis Saran, 1, single.

Allan Fox Frasier: Deceased, brother of Alisdair sons:
Brogan Frasier:
28, Single.

David Frasier:
25, Single. Stepbrother.

Samuel Frasier: Deceased, brother of Alisdair sons:
Adrian Frasier:
30, Single
Kyle Frasier:
28 Single

Gavin Frasier: 26, Single
Keriann Frasier:
23, Married to Michael Saxton, Twins: Son:
Samuel Michael, 1, single. Daughter: Carolyn Ann, 1, single.

Edward Frasier: 47, brother of Alisdair, children
Graham Frasier:
26, Single
Fearghus Frasier:
25, Single
Abigail Frasier:
24, Single.

Kearney Clan of Ballicastle

Saran Kearney: 30, Single.
Lochlan Kearney: 29, Married to Hannah Frasier. Son:
Lochlan Alisdair, 9, Single. Daughter: Sioban Colleen, 6, Single. Daughter Emma Marie, 4, Single.
Anya Kearney: 25, Single.

McCormick Clan of Heathfield

Ian McCormick: 46, Single-Divorced (Lara). Children: Mariah, 26, Single. Christopher, 24, Single. Carisa, 23, Single. Scott, 22, Single.

Alterians -MacNeils- of Heathfield

Note: The Alterians are from another plane of existence, parallel universe that was destroyed. They took on the surname of MacNeils when coming to this new world to fit in. They are not blood related. In their world there had been no need of surnames. In their history, aging was halted during the change when their world became a Utopia. No disease and no propagation needed. This lasted for 1000 years. Once upon the Earth, their aging process started up where it had been left off, so in essence they are 1000 years plus their physical age. For now, because there are a few Alterians, only married ones will be listed with their physical age instead of chronological.