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Use of Bolt in the Room

With so much porn coming in and out of rooms, plus those that just want to harass and disrupt a room, there are times the bolt should be used to eject such disturbances. A member should have the bolt unless by chance the one ending up with it is known and will honor the request of a member to use it.

1. One with the bolt should have their IMs open. Be aware of the IM catcher of ones trying to IM you. If someone tries to harass for being ejected or for any reason use the block or ignore feature. Remember, you can let one back in that is accidentally ejected. The sn will be listed in the ejected list the bolt holder will have on his menu. One that opens the room and has the bolt should be actively aware (sans short afks as necessary). A room should not be open by one who is not going to be actively aware.

2. Sns without profiles, numbers/odd or ooc profiles, be ready to bolt if they are there to promote porn or such advertisements. Anyone coming in from another game is considered the same in trying recruit from our room whether they post a link or roleplay in a way to recruit those within the room (this includes visitors) to another room/game. If such person(s) try ooc in an IM of a Heathfield player, that player should alert the bolt holder to eject them and write a note to Lahoneee so all can be aware of this person to be put on ignore. Our rooms are not created to have other players of groups/games to come in to recruit from our rooms. Remember, some legit roleplaying sns are the oddity of numbers and such, why the bolt holder should check the profile first and not assume.

3. Disorderly conduct should be taken care of by the npc guards or Andrew's Wards, depending on the kind needed. The wards are more against use of magic. If one(s) are taken out by such they can be ignored but if they try to come back in or if they go ooc in insults then eject them. As with all things use discretion in how to handle each situation.

4. When leaving the room, and one should if they are going to be on an extended afk, close the room so another member can acquire the bolt.

5. If a non member has the bolt that is not in the room to adhere to our rules, then make a new room of the same and link those of the members and visitors to that room.

Public Room vs Private Room
Guidelines to using one or the other.

In consideration of the use of our public rooms (and something pointed out to me by another in suggestion and I agree). I am going to set a standard of their usage officially. Not to imply they have not been followed by most or mostly but a reminder of considerate play and an official guideline to gauge it by. Considering HF is extremely storyline-based, this standard of room operation can help newcomers adjust without worry of interruption, and HF characters expand their story without fear of jeopardizing the flow of writing.

It is not expected that everyone or anyone drop any ongoing conversation to rush to the door to greet someone and then only converse with them in full focus -- that is unrealistic. (Anyone walking into an unknown bar by themselves IRL are not going to get that without promoting interaction.) They can greet/welcome but any further interaction is at their discretion (it is your time here and paid for) according to the type of character being played and the type of character that comes in. If an unknown player/character coming in is expecting that, that is their own illogical thinking process and need for attention.

1. If a conversation/interaction becomes too focus between two or more members, it should be moved to a PR room (or even just started and held there if you know it will be). Rule of thumb should be if something develops while there in general and is going to last more than 15-20 minutes, needing total concentrated, to the exclusion of all others in the room it should go to a PR. (otherwise it defeats the word public). There is always the 'back lounge' of the Thistle, have them go there (PR room) then come back when finished.

2. Another thing to avoid is being in a public room and not really being there where anyone else can't approach them realistically, such as in an office or upstairs in their room the full time (using the Thistle as an example). This does not mean one can't start out there or go there then come back. It is good to use such if going afk instead of being at the bar with others and comatose. If one member punts and not right back, other members can state they stepped outside for some fresh air (for example)....cover for them and let them know if/when they come back.

3. There should be no rooms made public that are not. These are the kinds that realistically no one else can just walk into. ie: Guards at the door that are not going to let a stranger in an office/cave/dungeon/etc. They should be PR, not that I wish to see everyone now go PR (although far better than seemingly public and are not) but there should be times they do if called for. If needed you can then link anyone who can enter such a room.

So the rule of thumb to follow is when interaction becomes not public anymore but private to use a room accordingly. Put yourself in a newcomer's shoes....can roleplay be gained here or all closed off and the npc tender the only one left, leaving me to watch the others write while I basically talk to myself?

Would you stay? I know I have had characters leave rooms under such circumstances no matter how good the writing was. It was not really a public room.


Here are some examples to clarify. If you still have any questions in need of further clarification please contact me. There are always exceptions to the rules.

Characters- John, Jane and Jack of HF, Newcomers - Outgoing and Wallflower. Extras: McAndrews men.

Scenario One:
John and Jack are talking about general events while having a drink. Jane, a friend of both, comes in all flustered and upset. Her brother got into a lot of trouble and in a predicament she doesn't know how to help him. She goes to her two friends, who are now concern and the conversation switches as Jane starts telling them about the events that took place. Something one can tell is going to take some time, then the suggestions to toss back and forth.

Outgoing finds this new tavern and makes her way in for a drink only to find the only three here in deep conversation of a kind it would be rude to interrupt. They look up with a nod and John even welcomes her here directing her to the tender who will see to a drink or food before going back to this obviously private and serious conversation. There is no one else in the room.

-- In this situation as soon as Jane came in and started to disclose her troubles it should have been suggested to go into the back lounge (PR) to discuss it for the content and one that was going to take well over even twenty minutes.

Take the same above situation but with the McAndrews men added to the room in general bantering. There is someone else Jane can interact with so the trio need not leave but might still consider it. The McAndrews men players should take up the slack as they are not occupied in anything serious as such.

Scenario Two:
John and Jack are talking about general events while having a drink. Jane, a friend of both of theirs, comes in all flustered over the pricing of some merchandise in the marketplace. The bantering starts with her two friends becoming even humorous.

Outgoing finds this new tavern and makes her way in for a drink only to find the only three here in conversation but of a kind that she is finding amusing. John, Jane and Jack note the woman in greeting adding an introduction and information on drink and food served by Alex. Jane joins in the conversation with a few humorous comments and soon all four are talking with her being welcome to join them. John, who she has noticed during the conversation to be quite attractive and humorous has to leave. Instead of leaving because he did, she stays on in the conversation with Jack and Jane in continuation, enjoying the banter.

--the newcomer finds interaction and the trio get added play for theirs. This is the ideal situation. Now, instead of Outgoing coming in....

Wallflower finds this new tavern and makes her way in for a drink only to find the only three here in conversation but of a kind that she is finding amusing. John, Jane and Jack note the woman in greeting adding an introduction and information on drink and food served by Alex. But...Wallflower is too shy, her cheeks go pink especially looking towards John. She hesitates at the door away from them as her gaze falls to the floor and her soft voice comes in a return greeting but barely audible sans her name in return. She is nervous and moves to a table away from the three but if John wants to know her name, he could come over and probably learn it.

--ah...NO! This is rude of the newcomer to expect her target of the night (John) to leave his buddies, instead of her joining in with them using shy as an excuse, and pay full, exclusive, attention to her. One seen like this is respectfully left alone to not make her feel more uncomfortable. If John attempted, more than likely she will barely say anything and John would have to constantly try and coax a conversation from her... the suck-you-dry kind of rp. Who in their right mind wants to spend their time here doing that? John has to leave and as soon as he goes.. Wallflower doesn't exit in writing but just leaves the room. Confirms her real intention coming into the room at all. If anything John would want to run from the room being made to feel uncomfortable in the way it is done. This is based on a situation that recently transpired in the room.

There was another one where one male was in the room and one came in, not quite outgoing or wallflower. The male initiated conversation and npc'ed the tender. The woman, instead of engaging the man in conversation, wanted the player to npc the tender in a conversation, asking Alex all kinds of questions that would force the player to play the tender completely which is not to be done that way. This is based on one that happened. In this the newcomer player was rude for the other player stated he wasn't going to continue npc'ing the tender it was only initial before she started the barrage of questions on the tender and ignored the played sn. The player left the room, I highly doubt the woman remained.

Scenario Three:
John and Jack are in their office behind a locked door in a serious legal matter. This office is down the corridor where only members are allowed and guards to stop anyone from wandering there.

--This should never have been in the public room to start but a Private one.. unless...

There are others in the main bar area socially out and the legal matter discussion is only going to last a short time before leaving the office for a drink and joining anyone else in the main room.