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I have learned there is an sn of Lahonee (only 2 'e') on a game called Second Life. This is not me in case anyone comes across this character. It is possible they have infringe on copyrights by using that name. Something I will look into. I do have two sn of Lahonee (only 2 'e') on WoW, Turalyon and Moon Guard realms if you come across them.

(January 28, 2014)

I have had some people from the past contact me that wish to roleplay again. There may well be a revival of Heathfield as I am going to give it a try. Certainly things have changed in the last year as many of the other castles faded away but I find I'm not quite ready to let go. If I do finally close Heathfield (as I have not yet although not as active), it will be for the reasons of not enough interest in this kind of roleplay. I have done such on WoW and although interesting, it is not the same as to what we had here. I think that can be had again. It might start off slow as we have decided on Thursday night starting between 8:30 and 9:00 pm est as a better time for those presently involved. I or the two others (so far) may open a room other days/times if so inclined.

Where are you Patrick?

(October 8, 2013)

It has been approximately two and a half years ago since I changed Heathfield to a private game with open public rooms if we had time. It seems that a couple of players here at the time of this decision took it as a personal affront by our decision (the mutual decision of the three of us core players: Myself, Cat and Patrick) than the fact it was #1 about our limited time for RL. Eh, too bad such ones were so self centered. One player would have been asked to leave anyway had we remained an open game for harassing Patrick (whining and complaining, wanting more of his time and trying to get him into a private game of her own - as a starter attempting to recruit a member here broke our rules. He came to me about it.)

Inclusive in the RL situation over the course of the past 2.5 years, I have lost an Aunt, two Uncles and lastly my mother. My one sister and I had been helping my father over those past 3 years with my mother. Aside my immediate family, this past year had too many deaths of people I knew. Starting with the nice lady next door, the little girl across the street, my husband's cousin the same age as him to a few HS classmates and the list goes on. Hopefully the trend has ended for now and for some time to come in spite of the fact death is inevitable and the longer you live, more of those you know will pass.

Patrick (which is not his real name but the one he goes by here and no, I don't know his real name) has not been seen nor heard from for the past 9 months and counting. I have no way to contact him other than an email which have not been answered. He has disappeared before for many months at a time due to real life situations in the past but this is the longest. I don't think he is not coming back for he said he'd not disappear without word again like last time. I can hope I'm wrong too. Anyway - he is not here for anyone hoping to find him. It is only Cat and myself at this point and possibly one other lady. Cat has been sick off and on for at least the past year due to medications she needs to take. I am always in contact with her. She still wishes to roleplay although we have not really in some time. Too long.

All in all, I have missed writing and writing with others. There were many good stories that were shared. There was more positive in play than negative. The negative need not come back. The positive is very much welcome. There are a few players out there that I consider an online friend that may well be interested in writing again. RL situations took some of them away too. Please contact me or show up when we have a room open - you know who you are for we talk in chat now and then. It seems that rp itself has died here on aol. The end of an Era as The Castle of the Moors put it. The MT is gone and has been long before I semi closed down HF. Someone (or ones) moved it to a private environment but it is still not the same. Many of the other castles are gone or will be leaving.

I came to the decision that I'm not really ready to completely take down Heathfield. I'm not really ready to quit roleplaying and that there might just still be a few players out there that feel the same. I do know one that is around again and will be joining us as she can. So there might be others too. It may not be the same as the olden days here but it can be just as memorable - if not better. Cat and I still have some SLs that can be done with others in time but we plan to start off slow and see how it goes. We plan to start by opening a HF room Wednesday nights between 8 and 9 EST barring RL situations that come up. Both of us have children, grandchildren and are needed at times not on any schedule.


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